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Quartz Scheduler Manager and Monitor
Quartz Scheduler Manager and Monitor
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We are excited to announce the release of QuartzDesk 2.8.0 that is packed with a bunch of interesting new features, such as:

* Trigger misfire views where users can get information on misfired triggers and their re-fire status.

* Execution type column in all Execution History and Currently Executing Jobs grids that indicates how each job execution was initiated (e.g. normal trigger, job chain, Quartz JAX-WS web-service, manual execution etc.).

* Three slots for custom images that are displayed at the top of QuartzDesk GUI. Users can use these images to easily distinguish their QuartzDesk GUI deployments in different environments (e.g. dev, test, staging, prod etc.). The slots can also be used to display company/customer logos etc.

* Support for sending SMS notifications through five popular public SMS gateway services: Clickatell, Clockwork, Nexmo, SMS Global and Twilio.

* Support for sending notifications to HipChat rooms and Slack channels.

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We are pleased to announce the release of our free and open-source QuartzDesk Executor (QE) application which is now available on GitHub.
QE can be used as a replacement of legacy job scheduling systems built on top of Unix/Linux Cron or any other job scheduling system. QE can schedule execution of:

* Local and remote executable files and scripts.

* Arbitrary SQL queries and DB commands over JDBC.

* HTTP(S) POST requests.

* Externalized Quartz jobs that can be updated and replaced at runtime without redeploying/restarting the QE application. This feature even allows you to run multiple versions of the same job (i.e. multiple versions of the same Quartz job implementation class) at the same time. This is particularly useful during various system & application migrations and transitions.

With QE and our QuartzDesk job management and monitoring platform, you will get a very nice GUI, persistent execution history and statistics for your jobs, job chaining features, notifications and more.

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Released QuartzDesk 2.7.0 with these new features:

* Next Fire Time column in the Jobs grid displaying the jobs' next fire time computed across all respective triggers.

* New Scheduler Info tab with extended scheduler runtime information such as the scheduler's uptime and downtime, number of managed jobs and triggers, scheduler class loader information etc. There are also new diagnostic indicators to aid troubleshooting QuartzDesk Public API and QuartzDesk JVM Agent installation issues.

* New JavaScript API functions to help users correlate multiple independent job executions in job chain expressions.

Besides these changes, there are lots of other platform improvements and fixes.
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Released QuartzDesk 2.6.1 that, besides various improvements and fixes, introduces the following new features:

* CSV export of execution history data in all Execution History grids.

* Exposed new JavaScript scripting objects to access execution history and statistics data in job chain and notification rule conditions.

* Support for JBoss EAP 7.0.x.

* Support for Quartz 2.2.3.

* Auto-exporting of Quartz scheduler MBeans. Now there is no need to modify in your application anymore.

Note: Shortly after 2.6.1 we released 2.6.2 with two minor bug fixes so be sure to get 2.6.2 which is currently the latest available release.

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Released QuartzDesk 2.5.0 with these new features:

* Multi-scheduler actions for starting, pausing and stopping all schedulers in a folder and optionally all its sub-folders.

* Explanatory tool-tips in all grids. For example, now you can finally see what all those Quartz trigger states mean etc.

* New Planned Job Executions tab allowing you to see the list of jobs scheduled to execute within the entered time period. Now when you plan your down-times, you can easily obtain the list of all potentially affected jobs.

* Viewing of next fire times for existing as well as new (unsaved) triggers so that you can verify your triggers are properly set up.

* New QuartzExecNotificationRuleService and QuartzJobChainRuleService JAX-WS web-services to programmatically manage execution notification rules and job chains.

* Support for Tomcat 9.

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Released QuartzDesk 2.4.0 with JBoss EAP 6.4 support, new fixes and platform improvements.

For details, please refer to the release notes.

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Very good read on fighting Quartz scheduler performance & locking issues.

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Released QuartzDesk 2.2.0 with various bug fixes and these new features:

* Automatic discovery of all available job implementation classes on the Quartz scheduler's class path. When adding or editing a job, you no longer have to enter the fully qualified job implementation class name and you can conveniently select the desired class in a combo box.

* Support for intercepting of log messages produced by worker threads spawned from job execution threads.

* Custom (external) links now have the L&F of other navigation links. These links can optionally open inside tabs in the GUI thus allowing for tight integration of custom views and extensions.
For further details, please refer to the release notes.

Happy Christmas!
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QuartzDesk 2.1.0 released!

This release comes with various bug fixes as well as brand new features such as:

* Support for WildFly AS 8.x, 9.x and 10.x.
* Support for Tomcat 8.x.
* Configurable timestamp formats in the GUI.
* Tooltips for all tabs in the GUI.
* Two new columns in the Jobs grid to reflect the @ConcurrentExecutionDisallowed and @PersistJobDataAfterExecuting job class annotations.
* etc.

For details, please refer to the release notes.
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QuartzDesk 2.0.0 is out!

This new major release brings the long-awaited job chaining engine allowing users to easily orchestrate the execution of their jobs while completely externalizing all job dependencies and inter-job communication from the application code. Job orchestration works seamlessly across local and remote schedulers. How cool is that?!

We have also added a couple of other goodies such as job and trigger execution health indicators that allow users to quickly spot job / trigger execution issues.

There is a new custom tab support that enables users to add new tabs and link hierarchies to the navigation panel in GUI.

For other details, please refer to the release notes.
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