qCraft: Quantum Physics In Minecraft

We built the Quantum A.I. Lab to explore the potential of quantum computing, and figure out what questions we should be asking. One question is clear: Where will future quantum computer scientists come from? 

Our best guess: Minecraft. 

Millions of kids are spending a whole lot of hours in Minecraft, not just digging caves and fighting monsters, but building assembly lines, space shuttles, and programmable computers, all in the name of experimentation and discovery. 

So how do we get these smart, creative kids excited about quantum physics? 

We talked to our friends at MinecraftEdu and Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter and came up with a fun idea: a Minecraft modpack called qCraft. It lets players experiment with quantum behaviors inside Minecraft’s world, with new blocks that exhibit quantum entanglement, superposition, and observer dependency. 

Of course, qCraft isn’t a perfect scientific simulation, but it’s a fun way for players to experience a few parts of quantum mechanics outside of thought experiments or dense textbook examples.

We don’t even know the full potential of what you can make with qCraft, but we’re excited to see what Minecraft’s players can discover. 

You can download qCraft now as part of the Tekkit, Hexxit, or Feed The Beast Unleashed modpacks, and find out more at www.qCraft.org. 

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Eric Liu
Google makes Minecraft became a cutting-edge game.Casual but top science for everyone! Great job
Ryan Dean
"totally not a trap" Love it, they should tell you that when you're born:) 
You guys should do levels based on Bell's Theorem, AdS/CFT, E8 Lie, Higher Dimensions, etc...
I thought it was just a mod! It was made by scientists exiteded about teaching players about quantum mechanics? This makes qcraft 20% cooler!
Hmmm... that has potential... Maybe we could try to build a quantum computer in Minecraft? We should have much fewer problems with decoherence, than in real life.
I think the idea is ingenious, just wish the video showed more than some disappearing/reappearing objects - there's so much more you can do with this
What is minecraft?
Btw never used a computer until I was 8, 12 yrs ago
Very cool.

Just too bad Minecraft never realized it's true potential as FOSS.
So it's not Minecraft made in Qt? :-C
Sounds cool, not that heat can be listened to. 
This mod cotains magic, and magic is what Google does best
Really cool! But it's not for the recent version of minecraft!?
Good ol' Dan200 making this.
+Chris Camel I'm from SA very few people know about it. I'm assuming hardcore gamers know about it where I'm from.

But I don't know about it
Quin, 9, "OK, this defines awesomeness. Mom! You have to help me. How can I play this mod?" 
I saw a quantum physics version of bohemian rhapsody the other day, was it quantum rhapsody, great fun.
+Tristan Boland You can download it using Forge, there are some video tutorials on it. Its a great mod.
Downloaded using Qcraft site instructions and Tekkit. Loving it. Quin loves Qtonium.
Yes, but were there creepers?
okey ill download it with forge.
ps. i know how forge works :D
Hmm- i dont see that a game will help but google seam to push minecraft a lot but i never played it so cant say much- mapping problems to quantum models is the key once these are fixed i think that quantum computing will come to age But the age where you and i can buy this Google will be distance fact of one once engines and micrsoft will all so not be there as
Think having a implant in your brain talking to your quantum computer you would never need the two companys as the search resaults would be far faster and better Now Gogle are so rich that they could tap in to this But with trends come and go  they need to work on there people skills in search- for those small time web masters
fountain of all knowledge is in our minds the quantum state needs to be full maped   x = (y+x) / squre root (2) and for the other part y = (y-x) = the same Binary is the only real code  i have read alot and keep my eyes in but i dont understand it all but i think it will have the answers to so much more when it is able to think and react to dif Binary- and this will in turn be able to  run our world and then - a quantum computer would be able to run the world better then any human could and thats Fact as it wont lie
it is just to stimulate child, how asome quantum mechanics can be, and whit a game it is easy, so it is an investation for new workers at quantum fisics
I saw DireWolf20's spotlight of this. I get the feeling this would help greatly with my attempts to reconstruct the game Antichamber in Minecraft.
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