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assignment help, academic writing , dissertation help online, programming help
assignment help, academic writing , dissertation help online, programming help

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New Post Oracle / database assignment help posted

Part A: Step 1 (25 marks) Create a logical (relational) data model (e.g. Database or ER diagram). Use J Developer or Visio to create this diagram.
Use appropriate naming conventions while naming tables, attributes, relationships, etc. Also use appropriate data-types, data-sizes, etc. in the diagram and ensure to flag PKs, FKs, etc. There should be two business rules for each relationship (association) shown on diagram. State these business rules very clearly under a separate section (in your report). Similarly, state your reasonable assumptions (this helps us better evaluate your design) under a separate section. Examine each table’s (entity’s) attributes for dependencies and apply the rules of normalisation discussed in Chapter 6 of the textbook. You are required to show the detailed normalisation process e.g. how you move from lower normal form (e.g. 1NF) to the next (e.g. 2NF) in the submitted work. Use dependency diagrams for depicting all the relationships among a table’s attributes. Normalise tables up to the highest possible NF.
Part A: Step 2 (9 marks) Generate physical model based on the logical model created in the Step 1. To create the required set of tables, relationships, constraints, etc. write SQL scripts using a text editor (e.g. Notepad). Use SQL Developer for initial checking / debugging and running of the code. Keep improving your code until you are happy with the design. Check carefully the DDL code in your script file and make sure that all the attribute definitions (e.g. names, data types, data sizes, domain values including defaults, etc.), table constraints (entity integrity, referential integrity, etc.), etc. are specified correctly
Validate your work by ensuring that query transactions (a) – (p) listed towards the end of the case study are supported by your design. Make sure that the physical design is a robust one and meets the requirements of a good design and remember normalisation alone does not produce a good design. In the end, ensure that both logical and physical designs are consistent with each other. Run your final scripts to generate the database (i.e. physical model). Use your Group Oracle a/c to implement the final code.
Part A: Step 3 (6 marks) Now create appropriate test data to populate the tables you created in Step2. You can use SQL Developer to run a script file that contains SQL INSERT statements or directly enter data. There should be reasonably sufficient number of rows of test data across all the tables but no table should contain less than five rows. Make sure your test data appropriately and sufficiently reflects (this could sometimes mean adding more than 5 rows in some tables) and does not violate any of the constraints declared while creating the database. Set up all the tables and their constraints in the correct order before you load any data into the database.

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New Post Medical IOS developement posted

TrackMyMeds Lite: medication tracker and reminder
We provide high quality IOS / Iphone application development assignment help for international students and companies. please upload your project requirement here 
This project aims to develop a software product for the tracking and reminding of medication intake. The product will be made available through a mobile app. The user should have seamless access to their data across devices, allowing a user to make actions on medications (set reminders, snooze them, track medications, etc.) one device they are signed in on without need to repeat operations on a different device.
The application should be intuitive and ease to use, and visually appealing. The product should be fully deployed (on a cloud server and/or an app marketplace) by the end of the project and adequately tested.
The team also needs to develop a business planwhich identifies avenues for the design and development of advanced functionalities that could be retailed to the public within a paid “pro” version of the product.

Minimum functionalities:

login using a google account (Integrate the authentication APIs offered by Google)


User information page


function to insert medication name, shape and color of medication (Figure 1), dosage, repetitions, time taken.


function to select a medication from a list of past medications taken, or from a predefined list of available medications, with search capabilities to find medications


function to schedule the administration of medication (set a reminder)


function that reminds the user to take a medication (include

snooze button to defer)

function to report all the time a medication has been taken


function to find when next to take medications


function to display which medication should be taken: today (morning, noon, evening and bed), tomorrow, in a given time range (can be displayed and designed as a Pillbox Figure 2)


function to display recorded resultand feedback from user (Figure 3 record result)


function to request for weekly/monthly report where it will show medication history

** – function to track the medication of multiple users. Caregiverscan send reminders to the patients (family, relatives and etc.) to take their meds and also has the feature where caregivers will receive notification whenever patientshave already taken their meds. (Figure 4 Multi Users)
ios application development

all relevant functions need to have a (safe) erase counterpart


acquire a complete list of medications for Australia, including vitamins supplements, e.g. Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) (You can obtain this by researching how to access and use the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) dataset.)


use of a database to maintain user and medication information, including choice and installation of an existing tool to manage the database through a GUI (e.g. phpmyadmin)

Samples attached

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New Post Need fairly detailed questionnaire assignment help services posted

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New Post Create a simple website with one index.html (assignment help latest project ) posted

Create a simple website with one index.html base page and at least 2 linked

159352 Tutorial – Week 3

In this exercise you will be implementing a basic HTTP server. You can use the code below (available on Stream) as a starting point, or use any other

language, which supports raw TCP/IP sockets such as Java.

Create a simple website with one index.html base page and at least 2 linked

images. Place the web objects in the same directory as your web server program.

This is becomes your document root. Extend the web server code such that it is

able to respond to client requests, and provide the requested resources. It should

be able to do basic error handling such as HTTP 404 – Not Found.

Optional exercise – Make your server multithreaded so that it can handle

multiple requests.

Submit your server code on Stream.

#Here is a skeleton code you may use as a starting point.

#This is a very basic HTTP server which listens on port 8080,

#and serves the same response messages regardless of the browser’s request.

#It runs on python v3

#Usage: execute this program, open your browser (preferably chrome) and type


#e.g. if and browser are running on the same machine, then use http://localhost:8080

# Import the required libraries

from socket import *

# Listening port for the server

serverPort = 8080

# Create the server socket object

serverSocket = socket(AF_INET,SOCK_STREAM)

# Bind the server socket to the port


# Start listening for new connections


print(‘The server is ready to receive messages’)

while 1:

# Accept a connection from a client

connectionSocket, addr = serverSocket.accept()

## Retrieve the message sent by the client

request = connectionSocket.recv(1024)

#create HTTP response

response = “HTTP /1.1 200 OK

Welcome to my home page”

#send HTTP response back to the client


# Close the connection

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New Post Matlab code for determine frames from my bin video file posted

First of all , i need to determine frames from my bin video file .And i need to write a code for stop and wait automatic repeat request for the determined video this transmission policy , frames bit are transmitted with awgn noise and if receiver doesnot obtain exact bit as transmitted then retransmit the same frame bit. The maximum loop can be iterated 3 times .If in the fourth time also if reciever doesnot receives exact fram bit then leave and go for next frame. Video bin file data are arranged in the sequential order. So it will be easy to determine video frame from the bin file.
First of all ..need to bring this file to matlab ..and video bit are arranged in sequential order ..VPS,SPS,PPS ,Slice . These slice are frames which are I ,B and P frame . The length of VPS is 29 ,length of PPS is 52 , Length of SPS is 11. Need to implement Automatic repeat request transmission technique for the slice i.e frames.

Your The structure of video is VPS SPS PPS SLICE SLICE SLICE There is one vps pps sps and one I slice then sequence will be 3B slice followed by 1P slice . This continues till the end . VPS – 0001-next 0001 length is 29 SPS – 0001-0001 length is 52 PPS – 0001-001 length is 11 I slice – 001 to 0001 B slice-0001 to next 0001 P slice 0001-0001 After I slice there are 3 B slice and 1 P slice in sequence till the end

Automatic repeat request is a transmission techinque where sender sends the data or packet and receiver receives the sent data . If reciever doesnot receive the sent data then it sends acknowledgment to resend the data or packet . In this project individual frames data is separated into individual packet or block and sent with addition of awgn and at reciever it should recieve same packet sent by sender. XOR can be used at the reciever for comparing sent and recieved packet. AWGN should be addeAWGN should be added to the input frame packet or block . An AWGN channel adds white Gaussian noise to the signal that passes through it.
You can create an AWGN channel in a model using the comm.AWGNChannel System object, the AWGN Channel block, or the awgn function.d to the input frame packet or block . An AWGN channel adds white Gaussian noise to the signal that passes through it. You can create an AWGN channel in a model using the comm.AWGNChannel System object, the AWGN Channel block, or the awgn function. Simple stop and wait ARQ transmission can be used .

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New Post Mosel Programming posted

Mosel Programming Assignment help/ Xpress Programming help/ Linear programming expert help

The newest release 2005A of Xpress-MP adds a number of enhancements to an already impressive suite of search engine optimization and modeling software. As its inception, Xpress-MP has distinguished itself for satisfying the efficient implementation of algorithms to solve thready and mixed integer development (MIP) problems. Every period has continued to broaden the state-of-the-art for numerical programming commercial solvers. The solvers implemented in the Xpress-Optimizer — a central component of the Xpress-MP suite — benefit from many search-accelerating techniques like presolve algorithms, use of global variables, advanced slicing planes strategies, heuristics, and customizable node and changing selection strategies. The newest release has speed improvements to the algorithms, plus it has added parallel MIP for multi-processing machines. Experience with time-critical applications, with considerable linear programs and with tough integer problems has earned Xpress-Optimizer a reputation among practitioners and academicians if you are second to none of them in conditions of acceleration and reliability.

Beyond the Xpress-Optimizer, the Xpress-MP suite is made up of an progressive modeling tool in the form of the Xpress-Mosel component. Mosel is conceived as a programming environment for both modeling and solving search engine optimization problems. Consequently, the Mosel language are at the same time an algebraic building language and also a true high-level programming dialect. This is in comparison with other algebraic modeling dialects like AMPL [Fourer et. al. (1993)] and OPL [Van Hentenryck (1998)], which count on scripting to perform functions around the model specification.
In Mosel, it is normal to varied modeling and solving assertions to program specialized solution algorithms or any software that is centered within an optimization model. And because the architecture of Xpress-Mosel was created to be open and flip, the syntax of the Mosel language can be naturally extended. Mosel has a native interface that is identified as  public, allowing anyone to enrich the features of the language by creating new modules. Pertaining to instance, calls to exterior functions and procedures of existing specialized solvers and other programs can be converted into simple Mosel assertions. This characteristic makes Xpress-Mosel an exilerating and practically unlimited environment for optimization-centered applications.
Mosel models are typically developed within the visual user interface Xpress-IVE. This kind of visual environment has many facilities for model debugging, solution analysis and solution display that bolster the productivity of the development effort. Each Mosel model has been built and tested in Xpress-IVE, it can be accessed and executed from other applications through Mosel libraries. The latest release of Xpress-MP adds a. NET library to the present C/C++, Java, and VB libraries. The Mosel your local library provide a simple and efficient device for an organization to integrate advanced optimization models with the rest of its information systems.
The Mosel Terminology

Coding in Mosel is easy enough if you incorporate some experience with other high-level programming dialects. The statements that designate a model’s variables and constraints closely resemble the usual notation to illustrate optimization models. The associated lines (see box) provide an sort of Mosel code.
Sample Question
1)  A textile company makes two types of cloth: light duty and heavy duty. The unit profits are €p1 and €p2 in respectively. Each metre of light cloth requires five metres of raw cotton and five hours of processing time. Each metre of heavy cloth requires three hours of processing time and eleven metres of raw cotton. There are 550 metres of raw cotton available and 300 hours of processing time. The sales department estimate demand for heavy duty cloth is at most 40 metres. a)  Formulate an LP model to determine the quantities of cloth that maximise profit and satisfy the constraints. b)  Explain the model and its components. State clearly any assumptions. c)  Explain the graphical solution method. You may use pseudocode and should give some insight to how and why the method works d)  Applythegraphicalsolutionmethodtodeterminetheoptimalsolutiontoyourmodel. You can complete the graphical solution using pen and paper. Scan your work and include it in your report. Alternatively, you can use your favourite drawing tool and include the image(s) in your report, noting the software package used. e)  Interpret your solution fully and make a recommendation to the company. f)  Implement a fully commented Mosel model to confirm the optimal solution obtained by the graphical approach. g)  Write a short note comparing the approaches in parts d) and f) above. 2)  A craft brewer makes three types of cider:golden glow,autumn fresh and sparkling light. Profits per cask are €7,500, €8,200 and €9,500 respectively. The brewery orchard has yielded 17 tonnes of apples with which the cider is made. Each cask of Golden glow uses 0.2 tonnes of apples, while autumn fresh uses 0.24 and sparkling light uses 0.18. The brewery has 2,500 hours of production capacity and can store at most 80 casks. Each cask of golden glow requires 11 hours to produce, while autumn fresh requires 8 hours and sparkling light requires 16 hours. Demand for sparkling light will be no more than half of the sales of the other two types of cider combined. How many casks of each type should be made in order to maximise revenue? a) Formulate and solve an LP for the brewer problem in Mosel. Your Mosel model should be fully commented and explicitly demonstrate the use of: i)  a constant; ii)  a real variable; iii)  a string variable; iv)  a decision variable; v)  thesumlanguageconstruct; vi)  the forall language construct; You may hard code the data in your Mosel implementation. You must include an interpretation of the optimal LP solution in your report. You do not need to give a full description of the Mosel model in your report. The comments in your Mosel model serve to explain your implementation. TASK REQUIREMENT : you must answer all the questions above and Implement and upload the Mosel models as indicated.

1. A.
x1*p1 + x2*p2 –> max (where is p1 and p2 is unit profits)
x1*5 + x2*11
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New Post Best Magazine Cover Design Assignment Help Sample posted

Best Photoshop Assignment help service / Magazine cover sample
Photoshop for beginners is a fun but to make it professional it need skill and creativity. Our experts provide very selective designs and ideas to implement in design . here we provided magazine cover design sample to illustrate the skill. This    was the assignment sample submitted and it scored great score.
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We also uses Adobe illustration and Photoshop to do the work. It all depends upon the client requirement. Sometimes student guidelines are very strict. So we will follow that . We can also provide explanation of what is provided so that  it is easy to understand.

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New Post Autocad Sample posted

Autocad Assignment Help

H (1)


A major road widening project requires constructing nine link roads. The design traffic flows were obtained from revised forecast traffic produced by a traffic consultant. The forecast traffic flow was based on the Average Annual Daily Traffic  in  2015  with  percentage  of  Heavy  Goods  Vehicles  (HGV). The geotechnical report confirmed that subgrade material is expected to be “chalk” and in situ CBR testing indicated that CBR, would be adequate  for  design.  The  design  options  are  expected  to  reflect  adequate consideration  on  sustainability  to  meet  key  policies  on  sustainable  infrastructure development.
The design traffic is the commercial vehicle loading over the design period expressed as the number of equivalent standard (80kN) axles.
Its  calculated using the commercial vehicle flow F, traffic growth G and wear factors W, design period Y (generally adopted 40 years) and Percentage of vehicles in the heaviest loaded lane P.
To determine the design traffic, the AADF of commercial vehicles per day (cv/d) in one direction, at scheme opening (or for existing road schemes, the current flow) and the proportion in the OGV2 category shall be used.
With %HGV and AADT we estimate  HGV,  using figure 2.1 we estimate OGV2, the different beetwen HGV and OGV2 will be OGV1 + PSV.
According to clause 3.13 and 3.14 if a 40 year future design is chosen as it has been proven more economical for structural maitanance and therefore reducing total life cost
With the figure 2.3 and table 2.3 we obtain Growth Factor G and Wear Factor F for a new road.



Design Manual for Roads and Bridges: Volume 7 Pavement Design and Maintenance.


Volume 7 pavement design and maintenance section 2 pavement design and construction.


Interim advice note 73/06 revision 1 (2009) design guidance for road pavement foundations (draft hd25).


Volume 7 pavement design and maintenance section 2 pavement design and construction.


Series 800 road pavements – (11/04) unbound, cement and other hydraulically bound mixtures.


Series 900 road pavements- bituminous bound materials


Series 1000


Highway construction details b series.

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New Post Siemens NX designing samples posted

NX 11 carries you new apparatuses with the ability to radically enhance the way you create items. Take your outline, building and assembling procedures to the following level with NX CAD, CAM and Simcenter 3D.
NX for Design related project help 
NX for Design is an incorporated item outline arrangement that streamlines and quickens the item improvement handle for specialists who need to convey creative items in a community oriented environment.
Not at all like CAD-just arrangements and shut venture arrangements, NX for Design offers the most abnormal amount of coordination between advancement teaches in an open, shared environment.
The expanding multifaceted nature of items, improvement procedures and configuration groups provokes you to discover new devices and techniques to convey more prominent advancement and higher quality at lower cost. NX 3D item plan programming from Siemens PLM Software conveys power, productivity and cost reserve funds that reach out past the outline procedure to all periods of item improvement.
3D CAD Modeling
NX mechanical outline programming conveys exhaustive displaying, empowering you to utilize the most beneficial demonstrating approaches reciprocally – from unequivocal strong and surface demonstrating to parametric and coordinate displaying

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Siemens NX designing samples -
Siemens NX designing samples -
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New Post 3D NX sample posted

3D-NX assignment help question

Complete 1 (1)

Different formats and image samples of 3D NX files

Challenge  your  skill with design, creativeness and manufacturing abilities to the imaginary level with NX CAD, CAM and Simcenter 3D.
NX for Design is an integrated product design solution that streamlines and accelerates the product development process for engineers who need to deliver innovative products in a collaborative environment.
Unlike CAD-only solutions and closed enterprise solutions, NX for Design offers the highest level of integration between development disciplines in an open, collaborative environment.
Please click here to download  the solution file 3D NX9.0 (1)
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3D NX sample -
3D NX sample -
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