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Quaisha Thornton
Entrepreneur, Poet, Model, LadyBoss
Entrepreneur, Poet, Model, LadyBoss


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Welcome to my insanity! ~Last Updated 9/13/17~

The collections you'll find here are of topics I usually write about at several of my branded websites. At least with these boards, you can keep track of which brands or specific topics you like the most:

These are a list of all my brands:

+Delightful Critics Club​ +Cutie, The Triple D Gamer​ +Rich, Born and Became​ +Gamers First X​ +TGSETX​ ​​ +GameYourTherapy​ +Gameavation​ +Blaque & Blended Media​ +The Indienotic Saloon
+Soul Web Dev+Pay Your Price+Now That's A House
+Rejuvenate Your Income & +Ignited Sports Fans

The Collections:
My Poetry, My Soul: I bare my soul to you in poetry form.

My Gamer Friendz Does Things - sharing my gamer buddies new quality and specific content

Inspirational Ju-Ju - Daily quotes and stories to help you get through the day.

Places to Experience - I like to travel so I'll put places I eventually want to check out before I die.

Music - I'll only share my favorite tunes from my favorite genres - rock, metal, dance, pop, some rap, some R&B and more.

My Life is Like A Box Of - Documenting my human status and some experiences aka live journal.

Financial Freedom - Tips and strategies to achieve or learn about how you can become financial free and independent.

Entrepreneurship - I am an entrepreneur therefore I'll share entrepreneur-related content that benefits like-mindsets or learn how to become an entrepreneur

Technology - I like tech stuff

Insights - Sharing advice that you probably didn't ask for but need anyway.

Web Management - how to manage your web properties better. May include social media babble.

Gaming Art - because gaming is art, duh!

Movies and TV - I love watching movies and tv so i'll post news and reviews.

Spawnhellraiser the gamer - I am a big gamer so i'll share my current gameplay stuff.

Healthy Lifestyle - health and wellness topics

Anime - because, why the hell not?

Gaming Love - need to stay informed with the important gaming topics such as news and & reviews

Celebrity Obsessions - my fascination with some hot celeb stars.

All My Collections - A board of all my collections you can subscribe to

All My Communities - a board of all my google+ communities you can join and Facebook groups you can join

Brand-based Collections:

Rejuvenate Your Income - news, announcements of the upcoming project

Blaque & Blended Media News - news and announcement updates on the company and the brands

Blaque & Blended Media Brands - content updates on all brands in the empire

TGSETX Community - updates, events, contests and more on my TGSETX community

Delightful Critics Club - updates, news, events, contests and more about Delightful Critics brand

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Let's help fight this! The future of online businesses and equal opportunity to the internet depends on our will to fight.

The powerful only get powerful because we give it to them...

#NetNeutrality isn't dead yet. Congress can reverse the @FCC's action. Add your name now to protect our free, fair, and open internet:
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Follow +Blaque & Blended Media​To read more content coming up!

#poetry #poetrycommunity #writers #blackpoet
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Trailer: Avengers Infinity War

So the studio can make Thanos look like the comics but Fox studio couldn't make Apocalypse look like the comics in the last X-men movie? This is why Marvel /Disney need to have that license.

Anyway, the movie looks predictable for a Superhero movie honestly. Any another thing, how did people forget where Loki got his army from though? I mean, they should have known about the infinity stones already since Loki knows why Thanos wanted to come to the planet.

#AvengersInfinityWar #Avengers #Marvel #movies #trailer

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I'm watching Selling Yachts and they talked about a stock sharing program with companies with trying to purchase a yacht. Good info if you are in the market of purchasing or renting a yacht.

#sellingyachts #yachts #luxury #luxurylife #luxurylifestyle #yacht

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Did you know that there were more than 8 Presidents of the United States before George Washington?

#history #usconstitution #americanpresidents
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Remember Cyberpunk 2077 that was officially announced back in 2012?

Here's the latest update with a projected release in 2019 or 2020.

#cyberpunk2077 #cdprojektred #Gaming #videogames #YouTube #video #rpg
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Ok guys! We got some plot details about the upcoming and highly anticipated sci-fi movie The Predator.

Is The Predator reboot one of your highly anticipated movies of 2018?

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