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Happy birthday to Cindy Allen, James Collins, Vincent Costantino, Robert Rosen and Robert Tallmadge!

Happy birthday to Linda Kelaher and Barbara Pulsifer!

Happy birthday to Michael Connors, Joseph Harnden, Samuel Hinkle, Thomas Jamieson and Elizabeth Liebold!

Happy birthday to Gale Brady and Cherie Fieldman!

Happy birthday to Sharon Clausen, Darleen Cors, Linda Curran, Margo DeSchryver, Linda Dworkin, Daniel Monaco and Colleen Reesor!

Happy birthday to John Barney, Arlene Cheek, Barbara Gurega, Bonnie Morley, Terry Sullivan and John White!

Happy birthday to John Cook and Maribeth Laydon Mahon!

Happy birthday to Joseph Brick, Helen Giometti and Linda Serotta!

Happy birthday to Rosemary Blankley, Joette Cook, Jacqueline Drinkwater, William Flowers and Thomas Redmond!

Happy birthday to Walter Chesney, Peter Lavoy and Trishia Stites!
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