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Next Q+ Hangout is on November 8th, 2 pm GMT.

As usual, if you are watching with a group and want to reserve a seat in the hangout then leave a comment. We also encourage individuals interested in active participation---which typically involves asking questions after the talk---to join the hangout. Otherwise you can watch on the livestream. Details follow.

Speaker: Miguel Navascues

Title: Entanglement and Nonlocality of 1D Macroscopic Systems

Abstract: We consider the problem of certifying entanglement and nonlocality in one-dimensional macroscopic systems when just averaged near-neighbor correlators are available. We map this question to the characterization of the set of all quantum states (distributions) which admit a separable (classical) Translation-Invariant (TI) extension to infinitely many sites. We advance the first problem by constructing a family of witnesses which can detect entanglement in infinite TI states from the nearest-neighbor reduced density matrix. Along the way, we identify a set of separable two-qubit states which only admit entangled TI extensions. For nonlocality detection, we show that the set of classical TI boxes forms a polytope and devise a general procedure to generate all Bell inequalities which characterize it. Through a Matrix Product State-based method, we show how some of them can be violated by distant parties conducting identical measurements on an infinite TI quantum state.

Livestream link:

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Vienna would like to participate (we can't have enough of Miguel!)
I'd like to participate but will cede my seat to a large group if need be. (And now I just have to figure out if daylight savings time will be over by then...)
Our group in Edinburgh and Paris, would also like to participate
I'd like to participate please.
+Ian Durham Good point :) In UK we change this weekend. Seat reserved.
I'd like to participate Q+ Please

+Elie Wolfe  seat reserved
+Petros Wallden ok please send me ( the two email addresses to which the invites should go
+ichou hamza +Shoaib Masood are you joining as individuals or as a group? Where are you based?
Hi, could I reserve a seat for Strathclyde? If that works, I will send you the details of the people to contact for the invitation. Thanks!

I am going to have to forfeit my seat as it turns out I have an appointment that I cannot change.

I am joining as an individual and I am from India and I am currently pursuing PhD. in theoretical physics from VNIT, Nagpur India
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