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Instagram tests shoppable photo tags

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The transition of a site from a HTTP to HTTPS version offers a plethora of benefits to the website besides the obvious security appeal. However, effectively using force HTTPS techniques to force your visitors to the HTTPS version is a bit of a hassle in the world of efficient web design.

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Let’s Encrypt is a New Certificate Authority that Aims to Encrypt the Entire Web, Free of Charge.

An automated, open source and best of all; Free SSL Certificate provider brought to you by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) founded by Josh Aas of Mozilla who serves as the group's executive director and board chair. The ISRG is a joint EFF-Mozilla-Linux Foundation project that has enabled anyone to obtain a Free SSL certificate in minutes and install and configure it so that visitors on their Websites will be shielded from surveillance and snooping activities.

On 12th of April the group announced that The Let’s Encrypt Initiative has officially left Betawith support from new sponsors such as Cisco, Akamai and many other gold status members.
As of current status, Let’s Encrypt has been accepted by all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and is universally supported and backed by industry leaders from all aspects of the web.

What Makes Let's Encrypt Special?

The Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority provides a host of features such as:
Automatic - Lets encrypt is easy to install and does not require any further installations, configuration and renewals after the beta
Free & Open - The HTTPS certifications and renewal procedures are open source and can be installed free of cost by all website owners and net denizens
Transparent - Let’s Encrypt publicizes the records of all certificates online and ensures complete transparency of the initiative
Secure - An obvious feature of SSL and TLS is heightened Security, besides that, Lets Encrypt ensures complete reliability and a bounty for any detected vulnerability
Insured – Let’s Encrypt is backed by a multi-stakeholder not-for-profit organization that actually believes in Net Neutrality and the Open-Web

FREE HTTPS Certificates for Everyone!

Hooray!! You just got something for free that otherwise costs a significant amount.

Let’s Encrypt gives away free SSL/TLS Certificates to ensure a safer and more reliable internet.

Support the makers and the team behind Lets Encrypt achieve their objective; tell a friend or a co-worker now, become a part of the initiative.

For more details on how to install #FreeSSL certificate on your website:

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WebGL 2.0: The Future of Browser Based Software Development

WebGL is a JS API that renders graphics intense, interactive 3D computer animations and 2D graphics within a compatible web browser without using any plug-ins or third party render software. WebGL example usage is included in this article. WebGL, nowadays is an integral component of the modern browser. It allows accelerated usage of physics effects and image processing features of the GPU to manipulate vectors in the HTML5 Canvas component of a webpage. Elements of WebGL can be mixed with other parts of the HTML webpage to create immersive backgrounds and highly responsive, real-time graphics that captivate the visitor’s attention. WebGL Software Development programs comprise of a control code written in JS and Shader code that is executed on a client’s GPU. Currently, WebGL is designed and maintained by the Khronos Group; an American non-profit member-funded industry consortium based in Beaverton, Oregon.

In fact, initial concept evolved as a spin-off from the Canvas 3D experiments started by Vladimir Vukicevic at the Mozilla Corporation. However, the official WebGL Working Group was initiated by the Khronos Group in 2009 with participation from browser giants like Google, Apple, Opera and Mozilla. Since 2012 the chair of the working group is KenRussell.

Structure and Usage:
Structurally, the WebGL 1.0 (introduced in March 2011) was based on the OpenGL ES 2.0 and uses the DOM interfaces to access the HTML Canvas element. WebGL expresses Shaders directly in GLSL and does not have fixed-function APIs (discontinued since OpenGL 3.0). However, this functionality can be provided manually in the JS.
The WebGL API is most effectively used in conjunction with some utility libraries that handle different graphics functions. Loading scene graphs and most popular 3D objects arenot included in the standard libraries. However, they can be added to implement market standard functionalities.

Support from Game Engines:
As well as a support from game engines such as Unreal Engine4 and Unity 5. The Stage3D/Flash-based Away3D high-level library also has a port to WebGL via Type Script. Another honorable mention is Sylvester.js, a light library that provides vector and math utilities for shaders used in conjunction with WebGL specific extension glUtils.js.

WebGL also has some 2D libraries like Cocos 2d-x or Pixi.js, which were implemented this way for performance reasons. The WebGL based 2D libraries fall back to HTML5 canvas when WebGL is not available.

Using WebGL removes the rendering bottleneck by giving almost direct access to the GPU Performance limitations in the JS implementations. Creating content for WebGL scenes means using a regular 3D content creation tool and exported to a browser readable format using Autodesk Maya or Blender etc. Mozilla Firefox also offers built-in WebGL tools (since its version 27), that allow editing vertex and fragment shades.

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Pro Tips for Web Developers

#WebDevelopment is not an easy career to get into as website developers and website designer are required to constantly top up on their knowledge and be able to demonstrate their skills, languages, technologies, tools and coding methods. For a decent #WebDesign    web designers and web developers are required to know in depth languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP. Also, they are required to know of technologies such as responsive design, AJAX, WordPress theme development, API integration, modular Java Scripting, pre-processor, build tool, or method of version control. In web development, learning and practicing the above languages and technologies can be an overwhelming task causing fear, stress, panic and loss of confidence and information overload. Not only this but spending many hours after work or over time at work can affect your personal life too and in result it can affect your passion for your chosen career. 

We have come up with the following tips to assist website developers and website designers to assist you in overcoming the case of information overload:

• Web developers should learn #WebDesign   or get better at it in order to assist your fellow web designers and to get a better idea of the client’s objectives.

• Stick to learning a few languages and technologies and become an expert at it unless your work place requires or a new project requires you to learn something new. 

• Although web developers are required to learn and vast amount of information can be gained from articles, videos, blogs and Google, it is Important to filter relevant information by prioritizing topics of most importance and then spending 30 minutes to one hour learning about these after work. You can also spend another 30 minutes to one hour practicing what you have learnt by way of demos or side projects. 

• To be a good #WebsiteDeveloper  and website designer, do not stop learning as gaining knowledge and tips by way of blogs, videos, google etc. will keep your knowledge topped up. 

• Always remember to take a break! You can do this by not doing any work one day of the week after work or by not working on weekends. This will help you refresh your mind and maintain the passion toward your career. 

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Landing Page Redirects: What to Avoid and What Not to Do?

Avoiding Landing Page Redirects is a major aspect of the website speed optimization guideline for #TechnicalSEO   provided by the Google Developers Network. It is a well known fact that #Google takes all possible precautions to enhance user experience. This includes optimizing any speed issues, broken redirects that trade a visitor like a commodity and URLs that produce a 404 error. This behavior stems from Google’s desire to enhance user interface. Discern the sites with actual value from the sites that actually try to trade their traffics.

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Let Us Deal with Your Website Speed Optimization

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Social Media Marketing Tips (#8)

Employ minions like Hootsuite, to streamline the grunt work and keep an ear to the ground.

There are a lot of great tools on the web that can help you manage multiple social media accounts and reduce the collaboration effort required in #SocialMedia campaigning. Similarly, such tools can help you listen to the word on the street about your brand, use analytics to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign across both social media websites and apps. Similarly, a great social media campaign consists of effective communication. To ensure that your SMM strategy is getting results; you can get in depth analysis and penetration reports generated that help you determine the efficiency of your SMM, determine the most appropriate method to engage people through social media and tailor specific content delivery schedules that deliver content to the right people at the right time.

Find More #SocialMediaTips :

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Data Visualization with d3.js: The Internet’s Best kept Secret

#DataDrivenDocuments or the D3.js v2.0 came out in the year 2011. It is a #JavaScript library with great potential to aid dynamic and interactive data visualizations in web browsers. It makes use of the widely implemented CSS, SVG and HTML5 standards to manipulate the documents in a web browser using JS. But ever since its inception, there has been little to no justifiable lime light for such a revolutionary JavaScript library. However, despite the lack of mainstream lime light, it has prospered. You might have seen a multitude of modern and awwward winning Data visualization sites that sport powerful graphics and reactive data members. There is about a 60% probability that one of them came bundled with a d3.js library.

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Social Media Marketing Tips (#5)

If you do not believe in the effectiveness of your product, you cannot effectively market it. In reality though, you can, but the user won’t buy it. What gave you away was that smirk which crept up your face while discussing its various features. The subconscious mind has a way of expressing suppressed ideas; through body language, in verbal or even in the written form. If you sincerely believe in what you are selling, it shows. When visitors decide to become customers, they get quite sensitive in observing data. 

Even the slightest sign of danger can dissuade them from choosing your service. It is an established fact that if your product is desirable it will sell itself. Similarly, when influencing people to check out that brand new vendor, it helps to use natural language that reflects your own emotions. Use joy to provoke excitement and complexity to invoke sophistication.

More #SocialMediaTips

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New Twitter Timeline and First View Updates ‪#‎RIPTwitter‬

Twitter is changing drastically; these changes can be attributed to the shift in paradigms of social media marketing or a gradual chrysalis of the general users, people who are moving on to more interactive, less textual mediums of communication (Snapchat, Tindr etc). In fact, a lot of people might say that there already is too much content out there now. Every year, behemoth #SocialMediaMarketing campaigns publish Gigabytes of useless tweets that add little to the endless database of everyday rants. Twitter has taken a step in the right direction, trying to streamline the clutter by introduce a new Twitter Timeline Update.

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