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Check me out in my movie. It's called Creedmoria and it's coming out in 2014.
Check out +Pan Hot in her trailer behind the scenes on the Creedmoria set.

+Ron Watson & Pan are headed off the City again early in the am. Pretty cool...

"Being a movie star is hard work, but there are lots of cookies."
~ +Pan Hot

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Check Me Out in My Movie
 Starring me, my boyfriend, +Loren Feldman and His puppet pal...
It's pretty awesome. You can get your own copy @ #SoMe   #dogs

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Hot, right +Loren Feldman 

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Hey, did you guys see my new video? It was pretty awesome!
I do my own stuntwork. 

ahem... +Loren Feldman... :-)

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Check out Me & my BF, +Loren Feldman at +Pawsitive Vybe.

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Filmwork is Fun!
Me working with my boyfriend +Loren Feldman on +SoMe - A Film About Social Media. 

I want to get statistics about my page at +CircleCount with this key:
!!2sr24k6nbmxhz53u25a!! #CircleCountAuthPage
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