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"Battery storage will be economic for households with rooftop solar by 2017"

If this is the case, don't get left behind and get trained to install these systems. We offer an approved course for the Victron HUB 4 system, and are looking to expand our offering to cover other systems and points, such as sales and marketing.  Don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Call the office on +44 (0) 1473 237970 or email

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If your company is looking for an APPROVED Victron Energy HUB 4 Energy Storage System training course, then come to PV KITS DIRECT.

With our own industry expert, who has over 20 years experience of Victron's products, we can offer you Victron approved courses on specifying, programming and installation of the Hub 1, 2 and 4 systems.

It won't be long before the public and commercial operations are seeking out qualified installers of these systems, so they can maximise the self consumption of their solar or wind produced energy.

We have courses running every month and have just added a new date for February due to excessive demand.

Get in touch today! +44 (0) 1473 237970 or

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We will be at EcoBuild 2016 this year, so come and see us and our latest product offerings at Excel.

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Energy Storage Roadshow!

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Join The Energy Storage Revolution

The Victron Energy Storage Hub offers the solution, and several additional benefits

With tens of thousands of grid independent and grid interactive systems installed worldwide, we have the experience and the products to design the optimal system.

• Battery The core of the Hub consists of the battery, which is charged in case of excess solar/wind power and discharged when consumption exceeds production. Tubular plate OPzS and OPzV lead acid batteries have proven to perform very well in grid interactive as well as off-grid systems. Alternatively, a Li-ion battery will be the preferred solution when high charge/discharge efficiency, small size and low weight are important.

• Grid friendly The Hub can be used to reduce peak demand from the grid (by discharging the battery) as well as peak supply back to the grid (by recharging the battery).

• Ride through a power outage Energy stored in the battery can be used to provide power to essential equipment during a power outage.

• Grid independence With sufficient battery capacity and if needed a micro-CHP or back-up genset, complete independence from the grid can be achieved.

• Flexible We do not offer one Hub, but three alternative configurations, each of which can be tailored to specific requirements.

• Field upgradable Additional solar/wind power and battery storage can be connected at a later stage. 

We offer a fully comprehensive training program at PV KITS Direct to give you the confidence to sell and install the systems we offer.

For more information and to order, contact the sales team on +44 (0) 1473 237970 or

Reduced Rate on Energy Saving Materials
Submitted by Ian Marrow on Fri, 31/07/2015 - 15:37

Currently UK VAT legislation enables the supply and installation of relevant energy saving materials into a person’s home to be charged at the reduced rate (5%).

The EU Commission took infraction proceedings against HM Revenue & Customs on the basis that the reduced rate was applied too widely. The European court agreed with the EU Commission and most supplies made to the reduced rate are incorrect.

HM Revenue & Customs have issued a brief (13/2015) which says that they are “considering the implications” of the decision and that any changes to the VAT liability will not be implemented before the Finance Act 2016, and any changes will not apply to supplies already made.

Therefore, supplies currently made at the reduced rate will not be challenged but a change in the VAT liability of likely to be announced in the new year.

Beat the rush!! Get over to PV Kits Direct now to order your PV materials

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15% Reduction on Voltec Panels!
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