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We teach products to communicate with customers
We teach products to communicate with customers

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When you choose a product, would you prefer a product whose manufacturer provides more useful and accurate information than other manufacturers of identical products?
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TrustThisProduct represents Wines catalog from around the world.

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How can you better communicate with customers about your products?

Manufacturers have long faced the problem: "How do you communicate effectively about your products to prospective buyers? How do you distinguish your product from similar products?”

Customers have endless options, but all of these options can be overwhelming and leave the customer with superficial and limited information – making the decision even more difficult. For example, according to sociological research conducted by PVCode LLC, 19% of respondents indicate that among several groups of goods, they don't have enough information about the wine/liquor selections in stores. As well, 39% of respondents reported branded clothing, 19% - perfumes, 15% - jewelry. Yet, customers make most of their decisions about buying goods when they are in the store or other retail outlets. (This study was conducted during the period of February 6-May 20, 2015 basically among residents of the Russian Federation. The sample consisted of 1,200 respondents:

This study shows yet again the general trend that a significant portion of buyers simply do not have complete information about the products that they want to buy. This trend is not unique to Russia, Eastern Europe and other emerging markets, but instead this problem is found in all countries across the world. It is also worth noting that the overwhelming number of respondents (95%) said they would give preference to manufacturers who sought to convey the clearest information about their product (

We have created a simple and easily accessible online marketing service called TrustThisProduct™ to address this problem. 

With TrustThisProduct™ manufacturers can convey complete and accurate information about their products to consumers, thus improving customer loyalty and increasing brand competitiveness in the marketplace. 

Using our product is simple: The manufacturer enters all of the information about their product, its detailed description and recommendations on storage and use (consumption) into the site at Through their server, TrustThisProduct™ disseminates the product's information throughout the internet. The service offers to put QR codes on the physical product so customers with smartphones and QR reader software can access this information directly in store. TrustThisProduct™ comes standard with functions that manage product information, generate the labels on models with embedded QR codes, and can track a consumer's marketing (sex, age, language) and geographic data, thus determining the appropriate language to display to the customer.

We are confident that the services of TrustThisProduct™ will help both producers and consumers; producers can improve the consumer's brand perception of their products, and consumers can make a more informed purchasing decision. More information is available on these websites: and

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What is a QR code?
What is better: dynamic or static codes?

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What’s the point of your dedicated services when your customers aren’t sure about what they really are? For any organization to flourish it’s extremely essential for the general public to fully understand what the organization or a single product actually offers and why would it be beneficial for them to choose that particular product over any other. 

Why is it important?
When the customers have a more complete and clear idea of your product, the trust and reliability factors increase greatly. With an effective communication, you can ensure a better dealing with customers. Moreover, the number of customers approaching you increases rapidly. This is because they would understand how important or helpful your product is for them. In the long run, this trust from the customers will increase your sales incredibly and bring about a remarkable increase in your profits. 

What is to be done?
In order to ensure a convincing communication, we offer you the most effective mode of displaying your message. According to researches, the number of smartphones reached 2 billion in April 2014. Considering this and the fact that mobile internet is widely available is the reason that we assist you in using this mode; mobile internet. As this is the most common way of communication, your message approaches a larger number of people, hence making more people aware of your services. Additionally, more attractive and appealing ways of presenting a simple idea can be used through this medium. 
Considering these benefits, we allow you to create unique web pages on the server for each product and print links to these webpages on your products. When a buyer sees the link at the store, he follows the link on a mobile browser and gets quick and easy and access to all the details about your product.

What do we aim for?
As stated earlier, there are numerous benefits of effective communication with the customers. We, in short, aim to provide the customers with complete information about your product, increasing their trust in you. We promote your branded products on social networks, increasing their competitiveness in the market. We also obtain information about the outlets where your products are sold, along with important information about your customers. Ultimately, we aim to make your products stand out amongst all others. 

How do we achieve our aims?
Basically, we add the details of your products on a database that customers trust the most. The management of these details, along with any alteration in them, is done online. We also help you to generate and track dynamic QR codes of your products for free; this is how the customer basically links to you. Since customer feedback is one of the key elements that make your services better, we provide accessible ways for your customers to express their opinions about your products.


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You can create a colorful QR codes for yourself, friends and pets. Free dynamic QR codes with scans tracking.

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TrustThisProduct - We teach products to communicate with customers.

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