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Forget GANs, I give you GUNs

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Lovely. I thoroughly enjoy this channel

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Just the kind of history I enjoy. Pithy, brutal and funny.

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How can linkedin, a company of 5000 engineers be so bad at deduping their home feed. It is littered with duplicate stories and articles I have already left. My mailbox always has two unread messages even after I sort it, and it notifies me of the same unread message 3 times.

Iowa, we hardly know each other, but please don't screw this up tonight.

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We put clocks in our mobile phones, so we didn't need to look at watches. Now we put mobile phones in our watches so we don't need to look at our mobile phones.

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Wow, how did that happen ? This looks very good

TIL - "NAI" means yes in Greek. No wonder those guys are confused.
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