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A wild T-shirt appeared ~ 
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yeeesh. I've got some work to do!!
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Pushka Gib'en

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Photos in comments~?

#googleplus #photos #google

+Google +Google Drive
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Follow the white rabbit
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Pushka Gib'en

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//update// Huawei is releasing a software fix for the issue at some point in the future after testing is complete ~

The +Nexus  #6P has its signal cut off completely when connecting to +Telstra 4G network - so don't use those two things together.

#nexus6p   #telstra  

Testing log:


Changed APN to ipv4/ipv6 instead of ipv4 - see if it does anything (from comments on ausdroid article) Data instantly stopped working

Restart phone - 4G is working and blazing fast

I think it works like this:

The issues still exists - but when the reception completely cuts out - the phone detects lack of internet, switches modes, and re-scans - thereby reconnecting to the 4G network.

So reception may go dead for random moments.. but you don't have to switch on/off airplane mode to reconnect..

..a dirty hack?~


There might be some telstra side stuff as seen in this article:


Update - I tried to upload some photos, and the dreaded full-reception icon with exclamation mark appeared - no data connection

After about 15 seconds when I tried to call the phone it switched to 3G exclamation signal, then working 4G

I have yet to call and try the step 2 procedure...


15:30 - I called and they were like: "how the hell do you know about our internal systems" - but they checked the settings, told me to restart my phone - (I un-did the hacking-fix from before) - and seems ok for now (switching from WiFi/ calls to data was ok)

The operator said they'd follow up later today and tomorrow to check if things are still ok ~ hopefully~~~


17:30 - Tried to load new emails - 4G icon, full bars/ full reception - not loading.

Open browser and try load a website - times out "page can not be displayed"

After a minute - reception bars blank out, then 4G logo comes back with exclamation mark and the internet is dead - just like when I got the phone.

I'll request a refund and send it back.

the end.


Just a note - today the signal completely died - Set to 4G with the hacky ipv4/ipv6 setting - and it is currently no-3G, no-4G - just calls/ sms mode - I tried airplane mode on/ off and it didn't help - it seems completely dead. (and my accelerometer isn't working) - so I'll send it back and figure something out in the future,,,,,, 
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+Jurgen Kusel Telstra may be deviating away from the standards and norms - trying to push technology with 4GX or something - 

I mean - they don't actually sell the 6P - I just wish that Google and Telstra figured this out sooner (they probably did) - and actually told people about it - so people wouldn't change to Optus, and so that Google wouldn't get a million refund requests,,, x___x
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Pushka Gib'en

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Thank you so much for the amazing painting and a glimpse into your process~ 

I'm honoured that you took on my dark brooding photo~@u@ 

>> RedditGetsDrawn no. 272 for u/pushka -

Pushka Gib'en

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Learning to be ugly
#poetry #feminism #beauty
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Pushka Gib'en

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If Chuck Norris had one deck of cards in each possible unique shuffled combination and then stacked up equal stacks of cards on every square millimetre of solid ground on the earth - the piles would go past the edge of the observable universe, and extend out 22,205,059,011,935,500,000,000 observable-universe-radiuses away

...and if all the cards were liquefied and poured onto the face of the earth - the liquid card goop would engulf the Milky Way Galaxy, and the nearest non-spiral galaxy, Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy, which orbits the Milky Way Galaxy.

I did the math (correctly I think..)

#science #space #math +Google Science Fair

Inspired by this reddit thread:
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Pushka Gib'en

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Well ~ November is over - which means that people are shaving their moustaches, gathering their final fund-raising-funds, and continuing their lives mo-free~

I shall celebrate by growing a moustache ~

Merry Christmas, young and old ~ #mo
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Pushka Gib'en

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Level complete ~ Zelda noise*

should I aim for hypothetical level 6?~
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you are epic +Pushka Gib'en
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Pushka Gib'en

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Japan and Mt. Fuji 2015 5 days with parents before EU/ Family Reunion-ness~
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Pushka Gib'en

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Reddit is amazing ~ and I have been drawing some redditors for a while, and decided to paste up my new display image, and received a waterfall of unbelievable breathtaking talent ~ I'll link to all the artists as soon as humanly possible 

#reddit   #art   #pushka  
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this is cool. you looks so kewl! +Pushka Gib'en
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