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Visiting Googlers in Singapore~

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The media and Correct-The-Record by the Clinton Campaign are saying that the WikiLeaks hacked emails (Clinton private server, Democratic-National-Committee emails) are just Russian forgeries

One of those 'fake' emails had a John Podesta real email-password

Some trolls on /POL/ remote-wiped his iPad and posted to his Twitter account

#USA #ClintonEmails #DNC

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Yay school n__n 

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I was using Chrome-Developer-Preview - and it had material design for a bit - and then dissappeared - but I found that you can re-enable it - There are really subtle changes - but I love them~

Type into the URL omnibox:

Look for
"Material Design in the browser's top chrome"
Set it to Material. Relaunch.

Chrome 51 - Alternatively - you can Ctrl+f and search for 'Material' - and materialise the whole of Chrome~ 

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I made a #HouseOfCards #poster - #photo by 11 year old /u/type_your_name_here 's daughter~

Reddit submission -

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Fountain pens and calligraphy megathread album n__n

#fountainpen #calligraphy #ink

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Two years ago I was inspired by my sister to re-ignite my childhood love for fountain pens and calligraphy

This time adding drawing into the mix~

#fountainpen #noodlers #doodle 

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Link and peach !!!
Final 2014 Mini Animania Cosplay Interview

#Anime #Otaku #Sydney
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