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Testing new coasts for +Fantastic Maps . They are working great, even for lakes! Very impressed so far with this tool.

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Can't wait for the Aperita Arcana supplement for Monsters & Magic!
So, we've been busy at Ebon Gryphon, getting things ready for Aperita Arcana.  We've started doing playtesting of some of our new classes, and we're planning on showing those to you guys here as well.

First, though, we'd like to re-post the links to the classes that we'd already shared here before.  They've all had updates and revisions, so we thought it would be a good idea to let people see them as they stand now.

So, without further ado, here's the Alchemist!  You'll see that it's now a sub-class of the "Wandering Sage", which we'll also be showing you later.
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+Sarah Newton +Travis Casey

Has anyone else been having problems with lack of single-class fighter viability in their games? With lots of "moves" normally only available to fighters in other games (move enemies, disarm, etc) being available through the Effects AND both Fighter subclasses essentially being just as "fighty" with better special effects/traits, why would anyone want to play a Fighter? The Fighter in my home campaign has been a little disinterested since the class seems so lackluster in comparison.

The best solution to the "boring Fighter" problem that I know of was when DCC created Mighty Deeds of Arms - this doesn't port over to M&M very well, though, since the Effects Engine lets everyone do those things automatically.  What do you guys do in your home games? Are we just doing something wrong? Thanks!
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