After much deliberation, I've decided to place Deus ex Historica (M&M) up as pay-what-you want. 

Deus Ex Historica was a product that was kickstarted by 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. When I took over 4WFG, I inherited the responsibility for completing the kickstarter but not the funds from the kickstarter. This was known to me at the time. It came to me with the art (paid) and the writing (unpaid).

The book turned out to be 376 page long. The writers have been paid, the kickstarter rewards have been sent and its been out in PDF for quite a while now. 

But its not moving. My additional costs on this product (rewards, paying writers, some additional art) amounted to just over $5K. It has brought in $450. So its definitely a terrible red smear in my ledger. 

We have tried sales including a deep discount one of at d20pfsrd and it didn't amount to anything.

I'm very pleased with the authors work. I'm very pleased with the work of the artists who contributed. I'm very pleased with the final product.

So even if I never break even on it, I want people to see it an enjoy it. 

So as of right now you can download it for nothing if you want. Download it, read it, enjoy it. There is nothing worse than a product that is not seen.
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