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Night is a metaphor for things unseen and unknown. At PureNyx, we illuminate that darkness, forging your brand into a guiding light for your customers.
Night is a metaphor for things unseen and unknown. At PureNyx, we illuminate that darkness, forging your brand into a guiding light for your customers.

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For PureNyx, February has closed with a bit of a bang. We finished a 6 month project to build 4 sites for the largest company we’ve ever served, participated in a rebrand for one of our very first clients, and found a way to accomplish two of our most difficult security goals with a research project designed to merely investigate only one. Those were just the high points, so it was definitely a busy month!

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November is a hectic month for business. We all have to deal with early shopping weekends disrupted by ice storms, outright riots at Black Friday sales, and the ever-tricky art of convincing your clients to deliver your word of mouth advertisements during holiday dinner. For PureNyx Design, it’s also the anniversary of our biggest technology rollouts - branded multi-site networks, SSL encryption, and eCommerce support. Our work this November has focused on three areas: Google's "Mobile Friendly" tag, Social Sharing With Monarch, and Security Updates And Appalling Statistics.

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October is always a busy month for PureNyx. It’s the end of football season (we’re parents of involved kids… not sports fans) and the beginning of holidays sales. We've been huddling from the wind on crowded bleachers, producing pitch books for software startups, preparing product listings for Black Friday specials, and a myriad tasks in between. That’s given us time for three topics in this month’s Miscellany: Gravity Forms & Zapier, Landing Pages, and POODLE Patching.

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It seems like most of our posts nowadays are talking about security issues. It’s not the most exciting thing to read about, or deal with for that matter, but it’s important for technology firms to address how they respond to these things.

Today’s issue is a vulnerability in an older encryption standard – SSL 3.0. It was announced by researchers at Google, who gave it the acronym POODLE. Like the last two vulnerabilities we’ve written about, Heartbleed and ShellShock, POODLE could affect a good portion of the webservers in the world. Unlike those, however, ours was among them.

The operative word there is “was”.

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The internet is abuzz today about discovery of a major security vulnerability now being called ShellShock.  It affects a mysterious something called Bash, a bit of software more formally called the GNU Bourne Again Shell.  Bash is a keypart of every major Unix or Linux based operating system in the world… so it’s inside of Apple’s OS X for the Mac and every important web server or network appliance on the planet.  Since the bug behind ShellShock can allow people to install viruses or malware on affected machines, this is a pretty serious problem.

Except at PureNyx.

Just like we did with the Heartbleed SSL vulnerability, our careful choice of technology partners and regular scrutiny of security issues means that we dodged this bullet too.  Although our networks are run on Linux-based webservers, our technology partner (WP Engine) already had the capabilities affected by ShellShock disabled by default.  Additionally, they use the AppArmor toolset to ensure that problems like this wouldn’t touch your sites even if the server could be attacked.

So… it’s all good.  More or less.  The rest of the internet might stagger a bit, but your sites will keep running like clockwork.

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PureNyx Design creates affordable sites for businesses that need simple, robust solutions. Our clients don’t reinvent the wheel unless they absolutely have to. We don’t either. That means I spend most of my time as a developer humbly replacing all of my unique ideas with common solutions, but our clients get better results for it.

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Excited to announce that our most recent website design included multilingual translation on some of the pages.

If you have a site that you'd like to have available in more than one language, why don't you take a look and see if this could work for you. :)

Happy birthday +Brittany Constable! ^_^

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Website designing isn't all about graphics. We often have to change underlying code to get the site to look and function how we want.

And sometimes that means spending time learning things about code that we haven't had the opportunity to learn yet. :)

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Much of our winter has been spent in front of a keyboard, improving the PureNyx network. Some of these improvements have been small and hard to notice, like increased stability and faster load times, but others have introduced entirely new features or allowed us to construct new types of site.

Continue reading to find out about some of our most recent updates!
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