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Fellow BSers we have uncovered a real issue in regards to our gaming... None of us it seems really knows what evil is within the context of an RPG.

Note: I am not stating what evil is with this post; merely giving jumping off points for discussion.

For the purposes of this discussion we will stick with D&D style RPG's as I feel this genre is the "muddiest" regarding this topic... Even with an alignment system.

Ok... Deep breath... What classifies a being as Evil in D&D? (and no not the space filled out next to alignment!)

Well it's not killing alone. Every person and their dog kills in a sword and sorcery setting.

Technicaly, justification does not separate "Good" killing from "Evil" killing either. The justification that the slain was Chaotic Evil does not always denote a "good" kill.

It does if the character dispatches an evil creature in defence of a child... But it does not when the character stumbles across the home of some evil creatures, they had no previous knowledge of, and that character decides to enter "their" home and releave them of "their" property and heads.

So, in your opinion, what is an "Evil" kill?

The other Gray area is ritual and "forces" association. While it seems straight forward that a necromancer is an "Evil" driven being, the truth is that many "good" clerics and magic users are considered evil by a competing or differing faith or school.

In your opinion, what makes a truly evil faith, school or belief?

What about specific taboos that are (should be considered) evil?

Rape? Torture? Sacrifice? Genocide? Cannibalism?

I have heard many players depict their "Evil" adventures and campaigns. They talk about breaking laws, stealing, manipulating, cheating and even killing... But I don't believe I have heard anyone really describe an evil game. Bad, unlawful?.. Sure, but evil?

Given that evil has not been clearly defined in the context of our games, could it be argued that none of those players have really played an evil campaign?

Sure, they may have been selfish, power driven and even committed criminal acts, but without enacting the "Evil" taboos, are they really playing an evil campaign or just a neutral (lack of care for laws) or anti-hero campaign?

So what really is evil in D&D?

Has anyone actually played a truly "Evil" campaign?
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