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Hi, everyone!
This is Pupuru Wi-Fi :)
When you visit Japan, we would like you to experience one thing!
That is…【 TRY ❁KIMONO❁! 】
As you know, Kimono is Japanese traditional costume.
Even though it’s still in Japanese, it’s no problem to make sense to overseas, isn’t it?! ;)
Its bright colors and delicate pattern made people fascinated!
Nowadays people seldom wear Kimono in daily life because it is hard to wear it by oneself.
But they wear it for special events such as wedding ceremony etc. :)
There are many Kimono rental stores which has various kinds of colors and patterns in Kyoto and so on.
Why don’t you try Kimono and walk around the town with it?! :)
There is no doubt that you will want to take a lot of pictures rather than usual! ;) ;)
Let’s look for a Kimono rental store with Pupuru Wi-Fi!
And post your gorgeous shots on your SNS!
Of course, welcome to send us your Kimono shots ;)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask us!
Enjoy Japan with Pupuru Wi-Fi!
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【 Shabu Shabu 】
Hi, everyone!
This is Pupuru Wi-Fi :)
Christmas is over and it’s already the end of the year. It’s been so fast!
Some people has already decorated a sacred rope instead of Christmas lease at the entrance of their houses.
How was this year for you?
By the way, what do you want to eat in winter?
Today we’ll introduce Japanese hot pot, it makes your body become warm from inside!
The thing is…【Shabu Shabu】 ;) ;)
This dish is very popular among foreigners so that it can be understood as “Shabu Shabu” in Japanese even in oversea!
Have you ever tried it?
“Shabu Shabu” is soaking raw and sliced beef in boiling water pot for a short time and it is ready to eat as soon as its color changes.
It is popular that eat them with Goma dare (sesame sauce) or Ponzu (soy sauce mixed with citrus vinegar) as you like.
In addition, you can also put vegetables and Tofu (bean curd) in the pot and enjoy as well!
Nowadays, pork, chicken and fresh seafood are also becoming popular Shabu Shabu ingredients.
There are various Shabu Shabu restaurants everywhere in Japan, such as “Chicken Shabu” in Nagoya, “Berkshire Pork Shabu” in Kagoshima and more!
Needless to say, you can enjoy Shabu Shabu with your favorite ingredients by yourself at home ;)
Incidentally, my personal recommendation is “Mille-Feuille Shabu Shabu”!
It is a simple pot that just overlays Chinese cabbage and pork libs ;)
Try it!
Find your favorite Shabu Shabu or research how to make Shabu Shabu with Pupuru Wi-Fi ;)
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
Enjoy Shabu Shabu and Have a Pleasant Winter :)
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Hello, everyone!
Today I’ll show you one of Japanese traditional clothes, ❁ CRESTED GOWN ❁!
Perhaps someone’s already noticed it is as the first prize of Pupuru photo contest 2016 ;)
❁ CRESTED GOWN ❁ is one of “Haori Coats”.
“Haori” is a knee-length garment worn over the KIMONO on formal occasions.
Originally, it was regarded as a men’s apparel.
Wearing it was a kind of a status symbol!
Particularly printed a family emblem among them, is called ❁ CRESTED GOWN ❁ :) :)
Even now, some people wear it such as at coming-of-age ceremony, graduation ceremony and wedding!
It’s FANCY Japanese traditional formal clothing ;)
We’ve prepared each different patterns of ❁ CRESTED GOWN ❁ for Pupuru Photo Contest Award!
Why don’t you post your best shots?
It’s worth to challenging!!!
▼ Enjoy Japan with Pupuru Wi-Fi!
Let’s share your best shots in Japan on Instagram or Twitter!!!
Luxury prizes☆ are waiting for you;) Don’t miss it!
When you post, don’t forget to put the following four “# (HASH TAG)” of this event!
■□■ ‪#‎pupuruwifi‬ ‪#‎japantastic16‬ ‪#‎food‬ ‪#‎scenery‬ ■□■
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Hi, everyone!
MIDSUMMER has come☆
Do you enjoy your summer~? :) :)
Have you already hung out at the sea? ;)
It’s suddenly but…
■ Question! ■
The ANSWER is…
Did you get it?
MARINE DAY is one of national holidays in Japan!
It was established as a national holiday in 1996, for grateful to the benefit of the sea and hope the prosperity of the maritime nation Japan :)
Why is established today as MARINE DAY?
There are some reasons.
・At this time of the year, the rainy season has almost finished.
In addition, the average temperature in July is suitable to hang out at the sea☆
・Japanese national holidays are not many compared with overseas.
From the first, it was enacted on July 20 regardless of day of the week.
When “Law on National Holidays” was revised in 2003, it was also changed on the third Monday in July every year☆
Since the above background, MARINE DAY of this year is on July 18!
There are a lot of way at the sea to enjoy summer in Japan!
Such as eating a shaved ice and Yakisoba (noodles grilled with vegetables and meat) at “Beach House”, riding a banana boat and more…! :) :) :)
Of course make sure to keep each beach rules!
▼ Enjoy your summer in Japan with Pupuru Wi-Fi ;)
Let’s share your best shots in Japan on Instagram or Twitter!!!
Luxury prizes☆ are waiting for you ;) Don’t miss it!
When you post, don’t forget to put the following four “♯ (HASH TAG)” of this event!
■□■ ‪#‎pupuruwifi‬ ‪#‎japantastic16‬ ‪#‎food‬ ‪#‎scenery‬ ■□■
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【 ❁❁❁ Happy New Year 2017!!! ❁❁❁ 】
Hi, everyone!
This is Pupuru Wi-Fi :)
Happy New Year~!!!!! Finally, 2017 has come!
Have you already gone “Hatsumoude” today?
On New Year’s Day (Today!), almost of all Japanese visit to shrines to pray for happiness and good health :)
This is called “Hatsumoude” in Japanese, it’s one of Japanese traditional events!
If you stay in Japan during this holiday, let’s go Hatsumoude with your precious persons :) :)
So, today we’ll introduce very very famous Hatsumoude spot in Japan!
This is… ❁Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine❁ in Kyoto!
Have you ever visited or heard it?
Perhaps some people have seen its popular a lot of red Toriis (a gateway to Shrine)! ;)
Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine is proud to have been awarded FIRST PRIZE by Trip Advisor in the category “2016 Japanese site popular with foreign tourists” for the third years in a row!!!
Why don’t you celebrate the coming year at Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine? :) :) :)
When you research how to go there or want to share your photos of Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine etc., Pupuru Wi-Fi supports strongly! Don’t forget to bring it ;)
We’ll continue to improve various our service including more stable Internet connection and to be a good partner of your trip in Japan!
We look forward to seeing you again this year!
We’d like to extend the best wishes from Pupuru Wi-Fi!
May the New Year bring only good things to all of you :)

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Hi, everyone!
Have you ever eaten ☆★GRELLED EEL★☆? :)
This is one of Japanese traditional foods, majority Japanese love it! ;)
Today I’ll introduce one of most traditional customs in Japan.
It is…
≪≪Japanese eat EEL on Midsummer Day of the Ox!≫≫
This custom was originated in Edo period (1603~1868)!
Why does Japanese eat EEL on this day?
It is said to because of a sales strategy of eel restaurants ;)
Essentially, best season of eel is winter,
and it was hard to keep stable sales profit in summer compared with its winter.
To break this situation,
eel restaurants come up with the following strategic PR☆
“Don’t eat ELL or BE DEFEATED summer”
Finally, this PR has succeeded and still persists today :) :) :)
Midsummer Day of the Ox of this year is on July 30!
Why don’t you try it?!
EEL contains abundant nutrition :)
Let’s eat ELL and enjoy your summer energetically!!!
▼ Enjoy your summer in Japan with Pupuru Wi-Fi ;)
Let’s share your best shots in Japan on Instagram or Twitter!!!
Luxury prizes☆ are waiting for you ;) Don’t miss it!
When you post, don’t forget to put the following four “# (HASH TAG)” of this event!
■□■ ‪#‎pupuruwifi‬ ‪#‎japantastic16‬ ‪#‎food‬ ‪#‎scenery‬ ■□■
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【How to enjoy SOBA (buckwheat noodle) :) :) :) 】
It’s time to end of the rainy season, a delightful summer is coming soooon☆
Today I’ll introduce how to enjoy better “SOBA (buckwheat noodle)”!
It is one of summer standard foods in Japan.
Now, let me see the following 4 POINTS ;)
■ POINT 1:Need not to wait for your partner.
In proportion as time, SOBA will lose its flavor.
Without waiting, let’s eat immediately☆
■ POINT 2:Wasabi cannot be dissolved into a SOBA soup.
It is because of avoiding an off taste of Wasabi.
A bit Wasabi to chopsticks and pick SOBA with it!
■ POINT 3:Do not dip SOBA all into a SOBA soup.
This soup has a strong flavor, so it’s better to dip the lower half of SOBA!
■ POINT 4:After eating SOBA, don’t miss tasting “SOBA-YU (SOBA cooking water)” ;)
Sometimes you may provide like white hot water, “SOBA-YU (SOBA cooking water)”.
It’s filled in the nutrition of SOBA! Why don’t you try it? ;)
Of course the above points are not forced, only keep it as a reference :)
Hope to find out your favorite way!
▼Enjoy your trip in Japan with Pupuru Wi-Fi☆ Details from here!
Let’s share your best shots in Japan!!!
Luxury prizes are waiting for you ;) Don’t pass over!
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