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Resharing my own post to ensure you guys see it. We should have enough in stock now for what has been an unprecedented demand.
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If only I had $599.99 to buy one and replace my Galaxy Nexus. Heres hoping the Nexus 5 is slightly cheaper.
Does Moto have any results on the sales numbers for each version? Like, what percent of devices bought were the dev edition, or the VZW regular edition, or Sprint version, etc? I think it would be interesting to see
ordered mine immediately after they went back up for sale. +Punit Soni any idea on approximate shipping dates? Thank you again for all your and your teams hard work.
do you plan to sell them oversea.. like hongkong, sir?
+Jeff Stewart here's my experience. Ordered on a Wednesday on the initial release. Received the device the following Wednesday.
+Punit Soni Wanted to let you know that even though my original Motomaker order fell through and I never  got the device after 2 weeks, I went ahead and bought the black model from AT&T. It's a very nice device. Wish the Motomaker version would have worked out for me. Kinda disappointing since I was and am an EAGER adopter of Moto!
+Maison Pulaski thanks for the info. Hopefully they have worked out most of the supply and shipping issues and u can get it earlier. That would be great!
+Jeff Stewart hopefully. But I wouldn't get your hopes up to high. They say, two days to process the order. Then two day shipping. Which actually takes 3 days. FedEx gets the package on a Monday, Tuesday would be Next Day delivery. So Wednesday is 2 Day Delivery. But you can hope.
+Punit Soni I have one sitting in my shopping cart but I really want a custom Verizon one. I know Moto maker is coming for Vz is it sooner or later. I know it hard to say but just tell me would you wait?
Does this mean mine will ship finally? Ordered over a week ago when GSM was first in stock and it still is marked as not shipped.
+Corey Downing I didn't get my shipping notice until my device was in my hand. So unfortunately that may not help you much. I registered for FedEx Deliver Manager and got my shipping info that way (free in case you are wondering).
Pls kindly give the price technical specs send to my in box thank you .
It should also be clearly stated that when ordering the Verizon version you get the Verizon software on it. It's not just CDMA vs GSM which is what the site makes it look like the differences are. My biggest complaint about the phone. I'm now required to root it to remove this (I know that's why you get a dev edition but like the peace of mind of a warranty for the first few months).

Can anyone confirm if the AT&T|T-Mobile version has carrier software baked in? I'm curious about the wi-fi hot spot feature. 

It would have been great to know this software was on there. I voiced my concerns via email as well but support quit responding to me....
Well i have the at&t version and i can say that there isn't any bloatware on this at all, except for visual voicemail, which is very helpful at times. Hope this helps.
+Andrew Karam That does. Thanks. Not much I can do, but at least my suspicions were right. +Punit Soni You should update the text that this is included prior to purchase. It'd be helpful for those yet to order!
That's great +Punit Soni if only customer service reps would actually be of any help when there's an issue. Twice now +Nate Talbert has tried to order a Verizon Dev and didn't get an order number but his card was charged and when calling he just keeps getting the run around between reps and department transfers. 
+Brian Dillinger That was my thought - but it was being referred to as the "AT&T version" rather than GSM which threw me. You're certainly correct that dev versions wouldn't include carrier apps.
Well if its not accurate, please feel free to show me where at&t address book is? Its not a separate app, and its not part of the People app. 
I might have disabled them. You can thankfully do that. 
+Punit Soni please push the camera update to the America Movil model. Its driving me nuts!!!!
+Punit Soni Waiting on my Dev Edition to ship. Has the software update been made available to the DE yet? I opted for the DE largely because I assumed we would get updates first without having to wait for carrier testing. 
The GSM Dev ED ships with the latest software update, out of the box.
Just received my VZW dev edition today. What an amazing device!
customer service needs to be improved. if a customer receives a defective device there should be an option for a swap instead of either just a repair (which leaves the customer without a phone while they're waiting) or refund. google does it with their nexus devices. 
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