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As if this week didn't have enough news, we just pushed a Gallery update that makes it even more beautiful and fast. Check it out!

And the week isn't over yet :)
New Motorola Gallery update on Play Store!

We listened to your feedback: Gallery now remembers if you prefer Albums and the notification bar is back on Droids.

We've also added some great new features. Blast through your camera roll by grabbing the blue scroll bar or see more of your pictures in the beautiful new Timeline.
View and share your photos and videos in an immersive, full-screen experien...
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"Remembers if you prefer albums" Thanks for listening.
First time in my Android experience, I have liked any gallery app except Quickpic. Great design. The timeline view looks great. Kudos!
I really want some more camera improvement and new features ^_^
BTW I can't use Google now on Moto G. Tried resetting but didn't work. 
+Punit Soni +Beñ Lee  the nav bar should also hide to allow full immersive mode.  similiar to how you're hiding the editing/sharing bar.
I'd like Moto to stick with Google+ Photos. 
Looks good, I miss the ALL CAPS titles though...
The the slide in menu slides in (at the end) it kinds of blocks shortly and then the icons disappear on the toolbar. 

Would be nice if it wasn't blocking and if the icons were faded in/out instead of abruply appearing/disappearing.

No Chromecast support yet - would really love that.
+Punit Soni I don't like the visual of the fast scroll so much... it feels a bit weird. Also humans can only due smooth eye pursue movements at a rate around 10deg/s on a phone (100deg/s in general but the phone is hold close to the eye). What is very important is that the movement animation is smooth (constant framerate) and it might make sense to take advantage of motion blur which is the brains way of dealing with movements faster than trackable.
Jimmy C
More to comè? Nice!
+M. Khera +Mitchell Eve You can access the notification bar from Gallery by swiping down from the top edge of the screen
I preferred the old Timeline view as it displayed all photos in one long stream.
Hey, big fan of the product and currently, an employee for Motorola. Is there anyway, that the official Motorola camera, could be installed on other Nexus devices thru the Play Store?? It's some awesome software could be beneficial for all. 
Wish i could use this on my Nexus 5 !
+Beñ Lee but the nav bar (back home recents) never hides.  I'd like to see that hidden as well so you can look at a picture using the whole screen.
+Beñ Lee did the new update fixed when somepeople want to check the detail the picture from bluetooth picture folder ? because on previous update,when i try it,it always force close
+Rohan Blake I know you have this app on your Nexus 5, which you prefer between this and the Google Photos app?
+Rohan Blake  stock? I thought Google Photos now was the stock gallary app on the Nexus thus replacing the old AOSP Gallery app.
+Brian Hardy We restored the navigation bar on Droids because they do not support the swipe down navigation bar available on Moto X and Moto G. We want to make sure you don't miss anything while you're enjoying your memories in Gallery.
+Deviantartjr Henz This should be fixed now. Please let us know if you encounter any further issues with the feature.
+Beñ Lee Still having issues setting wallpaper from gallery. The image will be centerd in gallery but when the wallpaper is set the image is shifted to the far left. 
+Beñ Lee Ok I will try it on my Moto X in the Morning, I will tell you if there's an problem 
Thanks for the update. I would love to be able to do this with my phone tough...

"OK Google Now, turn on Wi-Fi" "OK Google Now, turn on Bluetooth" "OK Google Now, Turn on GPS. "OK Google now, turn on GPS and navigate to...."
Thanks for incorporating user feedback into updates.  It really improves the app experience and instills customer loyalty to Motorola. 
+Beñ Lee the blue color for the scroll bar is so out of place.. It needs to be white please to go with the system colors.
+Beñ Lee just check on my Moto X and try open image detail on Bluetooth folder, and it's safe, no more force close, Thx 
+Elison Niven yeah that's what I thought... I don't know ..the bar could be white if its possible...Anyway still a great gallery
+Shumon M Been using it on my N5 ever since it was released to the play store. Just download the apk and sideload it.
Uhhmmm just tiny tiny voice asking respectfully when the kitkat update for the razr m and HD will be pushing out? The devices are top notch, though  I wish some features from my moto G be available on these two devices :D :)
+Punit Soni sir, great work by Motorola. One suggestion- kindly change the icon. Since it's an app from motorola it would be better to have a refreshing icon. At least Motorola should be different from other Indian brands.
I would like to make a couple of suggestion for a future update:

Just got a Droid Mini which is a great phone, however very disappointed with the screen colour calibration; there's too much red and blue.  Photos viewed on the screen are unnatural, light coloured skin is always too red and dark coloured skin is  overtanned/redish; lips either too pink or too red, etc. 
Galaxy S4, for example,  comes with the ability to choose screen mode presets ( adapt display, dynamic, standard, professional photo, movie) which adjust screen colours accordingly. Would  it possible to include a similar option to change screen colour calibration for droid mini(all moto line) with a future update?

Also please improve the camera processing (photos lack fine detail,iso at night is too high, front camera leaves faces looking as if they had a smooth filter applied, etc)

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