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Monday morning goodness.

Active Display is on Playstore! Please update since there are some important bug fixes.

Expect continual improvement from us. The team has some fun updates up its sleeve.
Motorola Active Display V1.00.01 is now on the Google Play Store and rolling out to users on Android 4.4, KitKat ® over the day. To directly download, please go to:

We’re excited to announce this update since it fixes the intermittent 1-2s black screen delay some users reported when unlocking from Active Display (Settings -> Security -> Screen lock ->  Slide).  We greatly appreciate your patience….Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more exciting releases from Motorola Active Display.
Knowledge is power, and Active Display gives you just that - at a glance. I...
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In the 2 minutes it took for you to post this and it to show up in my phone had already updated. once again +Punit Soni  You guys rock!!!
Will they always remain exclusive for Motorola devices or support for more devices is planned in future? 
Waiting for said updates very impatiently =). You can't keep doing these things without breeding impatience! +Punit Soni 
+Punit Soni Motorola looking like a champ again!! Thanks for everything!
+Mehmet Beyzade This would drain the battery on the MotoG if it was available as the MotoG doesn't have the same extra processor or an OLED display.
+Punit Soni it's for Motorola devices on kit Kat only cause I'm still on jelly bean and it's not compatible !
It's for the Moto X on 4.4 only.
Gnex has amoled why not make it avail for us?
Is there a way to select the notifications at the bottom of Active display?  
Use experience is pegged out! Coming from Droid BIONIC
+Randall Farrow Its for Kit Kat only, so basically the Moto X only at the moment, when you phone and the other DROID line phones are updated, you will be set. 
Already installed :) Thanks for the update +Punit Soni. The lag was a bit frustrating :)
+Punit Soni The holiday themed boot up animation was a nice surprise. Thanks for continually impressing me with this phone!
That's nice if and when the Droid Maxx gets off of 4.2.
Can't install it on my RAZR HD yet so keeping my fingers crossed for the 4.4 update.
+Punit Soni
you're killing me:-) I'm waiting on my Moto X to arrive hopefully later this week (delay due to storm) I was already excited now More So. Hope your factory is not without power. Need Patience! 
Still waiting for my Moto G to ship. I was just told by Moto Customer that now the shipping date is pushed out even further...smh
Moto's customer service is second to none.  Absolutely incredible.  Well done!
I feel like the nfc skip activates faster now with the new update pushed. Before it would take up to 1.5 seconds to unlock with the nfc skip
I hope you hit the Rogers update for six like Bryan Lara! +Punit Soni looking forward to it!
+Punit Soni i m hvg moto x brought frm ebay. I m using it in India. Honestly i am loving it a lot. Do u hv any idea when motox will get kit Kat update
+Punit Soni in loving what this company and this phone are doing so much I bought another MotoX (32gb) just to support the cause.
Never seen a such close interaction between user and software engineer.. Still awaiting my Kit Kat update for my Rogers Moto X.. #Hopefully #soon.. Really #CantWait +Punit Soni FYI, I am from Malaysia, I bought mine Moto X from an Ebay Canadian seller, although kinda pricey but its totally worth...
only for MOTO devices ;(  /cry
The approach that Motorola has taken with Android is something that all OEM's should take note of. It's not about gimmicks or features that will rarely be used. It's about useful additions, software optimization and making improvements where it counts for the user. There are those that are skeptical about Motorola's future. I am not a skeptic, seeing the direction that Motorola's management team is taking the company, with ideas like moving the core experience to the play store allowing for quicker iterations on the software experience is how it should be done. Now all you need to do is open up a beta group for each stand alone application for even faster testing. I myself do not own a Moto X, though the reasons for owning one become more compelling everyday. I just want to say, that i see a bright future for Motorola, and it will be moves like this, that once the average consumer realizes the benefits of moves like this, will put the hardware arms race to rest once and for all. I for one will never own a device that will not receive similar treatment that Motorola gives its customers. Keep it up guys/girls, this is what Android should be.
Awesome. Love seeing these updates coming out of the play store. Motorola is on a roll.
+Punit Soni are the AmericaMovil Moto X devices going to get KitKat soon? (Unbranded)
+Punit Soni  hope some of the updates up your sleeve is being able to toggle through different notifications and dismiss individual ones
+Punit Soni My Droid Maxx feels lonely punit . No kit Kat yet, no awesome holiday boot animation. No active display update in the playstore. I don't understand why the ultra/Maxx is the same phone as the moto x same guts just different screen and battery Size's. If I didn't need the huge battery I would sell it and get a moto x. I've got the I got the my droid maxx feels left out should a gotta motox cause it gets all the cool stuff first blues. :-(
+Brian Hardy Droid has a different SW mix because of Verizon enhancements. We are very sure its going to come out soon and are working hard on it, but it is a slightly different chunk of work.
Rest assured it will be updated real soon.
+Punit Soni Ok thank you I trust you my friend. You have already proven to be a man of your word. In the mean time I'll try and be patient and keep my socks on :-)
Dan C
+Punit Soni Hope to see the 4.4 on my Sprint MotoX!  Soat test is out there for others, so I am just waiting on it on my device!
+Punit Soni But I do want to say thank you for doing what you do. I don't see any apple crapple vp's in direct contact with they're customer's and loyal fan base. Whoever gave you your job new what they we're doing :-) thanks again
So then that's that. Wait for it.... 
Who has two thumbs and is a complete and total baller? +Punit Soni , that's who.
Its exclusive because we are serving Motorola customers :)
Motos following Google in releasing apps to the play store so they don't need to push an update or wait for the next version of android. Good job moto. Try to make it avalible to other with an oled display. 
Why do these people feel that their OLED devices are entitled to have active notifications?
Also, this update fixes lag from 4.4 involving Active Notifications. If you're not on a Moto X running 4.4 this is a bug fix, its not for you. 
+Raihan Ramadistra
Agreed, I am also trying to figure this out. It's a Moto feature. Why would Moto make it available to other Phones? That would make no sense for them to do that 
Well There goes the Epitome of being Open Sourced.. +Don Takahashi now I get what you said. Anyways </muting>
Waiting on my Moto X to arrive I feel like a kid again the week before Christmas... They said Friday, I can't remember the last time I was this antsy! Oh how I hope it's Friday :-) 
Anyway to add an option to disable the haptic feedback when unlocking via the active display?
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