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Perhaps this got missed in the launch hullabaloo ...

Moto X on the Sprint, US Cellular, Rogers and T-Mobile networks will have an unlockable bootloader, and in addition, we will be offering a Verizon Wireless Developer Edition and a general North American Developer Edition.

Hope that clarifies some of the questions out there.

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I hope we can have Moto Maker available on Sprint by the end of the year.  Btw, did you had a launch presentation?  is it going to be online? 
+Punit Soni  That is very good news about the Verizon version.  Does that mean it will not have the Verizon software embedded?  Will I buy it from the Play Store?
Is "general North American Developer Edition" going to be the same thing as Google Play edition?
Punit Soni
We will announce plans regarding playstore soon.
Yes on certain carriers..
+Punit Soni I know it's impolite to ask for etas, but any timeframe on the Verizon developer edition?

And on that note, will any developer editions eventually get the customization options or will it be black/white? 
I'm so excited about the #motox. +Punit Soni your extra bits of info just keep making it better. Thank you for the updates.
I expect customization to keep expanding across channels in due time. Its just a start..
Price +Punit Soni ? These newer editions really mean nothing if they are in the upper $3-400 range!

the object is to break free of the carrier!! 
+Punit Soni What happens if I'm on Telus. Can I buy the phone outright and use it on Telus? 
What about customizations for Rogers?
Wait for it..... Its going to be legendary ;)
BTW that was a reference to a pop show (how I met your mother)... Whether it is or not is depends on your opinions..:)
Good to hear +Punit Soni. Hopefully you can work out a better off-contract price than what we are hearing.
I'd argue it's not a customizable phone until I can elect to put a physical keyboard on it, +Punit Soni 
I'm still using a DROID 4, cuz nothing better exists. :(
The off-contract price is the key for Verizon customers with unlimited data plans.  Don't make the developer edition phone prohibitively expensive. And please, keep the bloatware off of it.
+Anthony fox "Moto X on the Sprint, US Cellular, Rogers and T-Mobile networks will have an unlockable bootloader," AT&T is not listed, thus not unlockable. You're on your own.
+Punit Soni Thank you for letting us know about the bootloader. Need to know more about the Dev editions and play editions! Can't wait. You guys should have been more open about this yesterday. Lots upset over the launch and all these secrets
+Bill Ballantyne I'm amazed at the expense people are willing to spend to keep a plan that doesn't even include tethering, and doesn't save you money between multiple devices.
That is exactly right about the Verizon unlimited plans. Since a lot of us are now faced with having to pay full price, a nexus 4 price is doable, but $600 is not. Unfortunately, the Nexus 4 is not available on Verizon.
With my 5 line family plan and associated usage, If I upgrade with a discount, my monthly costs actually go up, and far more than the upgrade discount I'm getting on the new phone(s) (at least that was the case when VZW first introduced Share Everything plan).  I seldom use tethering or hotspots, and when I do, it only costs me $1/day for the period of time during which I activate the feature.
+Jake Weisz Because they may not have multiple devices, are rooted, and use lots of data...If rooted, with a simple hack there is no extra cost for tether ;)
+Jake Weisz I have unlimited on 2 phones and getting ready to buy 2 more Smartphone, if I go with the family plan and let my unlimited go on the 2 phones it will cost me 50 dollars more a month then if I just add the 2 Smartphone under my old plan and I have no use for tethering so you can't make comments on a subject if you don't have all the facts!!
Will the VZW Dev Edition get MotoMaker access upon exclusivity breaking?
I have two smart phones and one feature phone with unlimited data for the smartphones. If I switch my cost actually goes up a few bucks with the lowest 2gb data plan. I travel often and use my phone for streaming music, podcast, navigation, etc. I am only 8 days into my billing cycle and already have used nearly one GB. So yeah keeping unlimited data is important.
+Punit Soni I know you're trying to help, but this really doesn't clarify anything at all until we have a firm date and pricing.  I'm sorry, but "some other variants that we don't really know the details of are coming at some date in the kinda sort of near future for some amount of money that may or may not match up to AT&T's pricing--we really aren't sure"  doesn't really cut it at this point.  You guys really gotta get this together and figure stuff out and not let the carriers own you.  I really want you guys to succeed, but this is not the way to do it.  Great product, horrible execution (so far).
Hope the unlocked version comes very soon. I really want to customize one with MotoMaker.
It will be interesting to see how they provide api access to the two DSP like cores.
+Tyler Fox I would like to believe we are more transparent than most. No one owns us but there are market realities and they are not going to change day 1. Also it is common practice to release such details later. Remember we just announced the product, the release is end of Aug/early sep. You will know everything you need to know to make good decisions by then.
+Punit Soni Understandable, I guess it's hard to imagine it was "announced" yesterday only officially. Whereas people have known about it only due to leaks. Which I'm sure you guys aren't happy about.

It's just felt like forever already just to hear anything about it and now we are told to wait again which is a bit unfortunate to the consumer.
+Punit Soni thank you for the reply.  That small detail in your response makes a world of difference. Before the late August-early September launch is much more helpful than "soon." While of course this isn't your fault, soon has grown to be such a vague word in the industry, and I think most were assuming months before we knew anything.  I hope in that release window, you also plan to specify when the AT&T exclusivity ends if you can (still am salty about that decision, I'll be honest).  Like I said, I really am rooting for you guys. I just hope everything gets straightened out before the LG G2 launches--It will inevitably take the spotlight in the press world.
Hopefully the Verizon Developer Edition won't be the lesser 16 GB version.  What kept me from previous Developer Editions is that they did not come in the MAXX "flavor".  Those seeking a truly unlocked phone like the OG Droid are likely enthusiasts as myself and want the best specs, lots of space (32GB+ as apps increase in size), although I will certainly miss the expansion slot.  With Google Play pricing, full customization, and the option to select upgrades, there is probably a decently sized market for those like myself.  I chew through bandwidth with streaming, want to keep my unlimited data, despise superfluous space and resource hogging Verizon bloatware, and am tired of waiting for Verizon to allow timely updates.  

Thanks for the chance to be heard!
We intend to expand to other channels in due time
+Punit Soni its "legen....wait for it...dary"  :)  Either calming down from earlier yesterdays news and I am now waiting on the Verizon developer phone price.  And when you said "on certain carriers" in reply to someone else that means "Not on Verizon".  I have no idea why +Verizon Wireless +Verizon Wireless Customer Support  are such tools of a company to not allow +Google Wallet  on their phones but they are.
Thank you +Punit Soni for the start of something good. Thank you for not wasting money to please a small group of people who are all about specs. If you want specs get a nexus. If you want a functional phone that does stuff you can use daily get the Moto X! 
I would, J.L., if the Nexus was Motorola know, industry leading signal strength since cell phones have been around, best battery performance, and solid durable construction.  

However, the Moto X is no slouch from what I am reading.  The X8 distributed processing makes up for any "assumed" deficiency from not being quad core to the less informed.  I am excited about this phone.  I have been using Motorolas since the StarTac.
Try it! You will be surprised.
Well put +Bryan Shipp I'm digging the Moto X so far. I prefer a phone optimized for greatness over a phone just about specs that kill the battery 
+Punit Soni in your opinion should I put down my n4 for this? (This could be nice while I wait for whatever the n4.1 is) 
So, +Punit Soni , by "try" you mean I can sign out one of those demo units?

Haha, j/k. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
Unfortunately all the hypebeasting of this phone ruined it for me. I was really hoping for n4 pricing, and android 4.3, sad face. 
Well if this phone is 500+ on playstore idk....I'd probably just wait for the n4.1, but who knows if it will really even happen or what they want to do with the n4
I think Moto X is pretty high end and justify a high price.
I want an unlocked bootloader and the ability to use my Google Wallet on VZW please :)
+Punit Soni  will there be an option to customize the phone which comes on google play store?
Is developer addition the same as Google play addition? 
Never mind; figured out for myself 
+Punit Soni I would live to ask them that, and also why they don't adjust rates to people who are not taking a subsidized phone. Either way, I'm sold on this phone and will be getting the Play Edition when available. That is of course unless you can say there will be the equivalent of a Droid 5 coming soon since I really do like my physical keyboard :)
You are doing a great job +Punit Soni. Motorola hasn't completely won me over yet, but this is a great beginning!
+Motorola Mobility +Punit Soni it seems to me you guys are not interested in the international market. Since the days of the Flip RAZR I've not seen any high-end Motorola phone here. Moto X from the look of things will never get to Africa. That'll be a shame.
Thank you +Punit Soni !
I can't believe how some people feel entitled to a cheap as chips device from Motorola just because they read some rumors on the Internet! And how some people have the nerve to tell Motorola how to run their business!
I'm just amazed at how such a high level executive such as you take time to respond to us! I don't see any other manufacturers doing that.
I'd have been in line to buy it off contract if not for my Nexus 4. Congrats on launching such a great device! :-) 
+Punit Soni you keep mentioning baby steps and that you are just getting started, which makes sense. But doesn't that sort of undermine your existing product by saying that, while this one may be good, what is coming will actually be much better? People are either going to commit themselves to a phone for the next two years, or pay $600 for this phone and not be able to invest that much again for a very long time. Are you saying that we should wait a while and see what comes next?
+Punit Soni On the Motorola website, it says CDMA is available on the CDMA edition (Verizon). It doesn't say the same about GSM. Does the CDMA edition also have GSM/HSPA?
+Punit Soni ah, I see. That is good because I am just torn about whether to buy this phone at full price. At a nexus 4 price, it would have been an easy choice. But at nearly $600 it is in the same range as the HTC One, which has some distinct advantages. Knowing that this will be THE X phone for a while helps. 
+Vance McAlister based on some of the things I am reading..I am beginning to think that +Motorola Mobility may be making the #nexus5

Sounds strange and maybe unlikely but just rumors, mixed with things being said about great things ahead and not to worry "play" edition phones are coming...would they really release this phone in the play store next to the Nexus? unless of course its coming before the end of the month?! 
+Brad P I am still not convinced that Verizon will ever get another true Nexus phone. Some even argue that the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus was not a true Nexus phone because Verizon still had the control over the updates. As a Verizon customer, I really am in a quandary because I can't get Google Play editions, will be unlikely to get any future Nexus, but still want that pure Google experience. This moto X might be the closest I can get to that, but for $600, I really want a better screen and the speakers of the HTC One.
I can't remember or not what your situation was regarding #verizonwireless  ..Are you on a grandfathered plan? or just no other carrier has good service?

I am also in a toss up as I know Google has been pretty upset over how they treated the GNex...With that said, I think the chipset they use will cater to both frequencies, but will be sold directly from Google Play..Just like with the Nexus 4, Tmobile could sell it in their stores, and you could sign a contract but I believe it was still completely unlocked with updates from Google...

What I believe is that Motorola is heading up the Nexus phone this time around, and perhaps those are the Edition phones that are in the works!  I am probably wrong, but if you read what Punit Soni has been saying and how cool he has been about his answers it isnt that far fetched...
+Brad P I hope you are right, I really want a Google Experience on Verizon. I am stuck on Verizon because of a work phone plan, but I also have a grandfathered unlimited plan, which means I need to pay full price for the phone. My other option (besides the X) would be to buy the HTC One, and then put a stock ROM on it. But, more likely, without a Nexus 4 level price, I will just stay with my Galaxy Nexus for a while longer and see what happens.
Ahh so the job basically pays for the plan?
hard to walk away from something like that!

Yeah, so do I! I mean, I hate verizon, and they really screwed up the Nexus experience for a lot but the Nexus 4 would have sold out ALOT quicker had Verizon and Sprint had access to it...

If in fact it is Motorola it very well could see CDMA versions (through another customizable option) but I wonder if Verizon would allow it..I mean that would be a SLEW of Verizon customers with the ability to use Wallet..Something Verizon is strictly against...

It'd be nice if you could just hop over to Tmo, get a nexus 5 and pay $30 a month
+Brad P agree on all points. Even without a Nexus, I would be content with a Google Play edition phone on Verizon.
+Punit Soni First of all, I want to thank you for clarification. My question: Does the Moto X have wireless charging? I prefer wireless charging over USB cable..
This made me happy... Now my only concern is the battery...
+Punit Soni , what kind of hurdles and obstacles, and other things did Motorola have to do in order to obtain the product freedom that they have for the Moto X? I'm not taking any of it for granted, because it seems Apple is the only company to be able to completely bypass the carriers on their monstrosity  of an update system. But im just curious as to what that process is
Hey Punit, thanks making this clarification. I really, truly, and madly hope that there's Google Play Edition of this phone for Verizon. Preferably with a nice dark wood back. My body (and wallet!) are ready...
+Manpreet Saini the Moto X will not feature wireless charging. Given how the battery cell is uniquely shaped with the back of the phone, I'm not sure how they have had this feature in the first place.
When will this come to Singapore?
Punit, Latin America users will have unlockable bootloader like Razr HD ? MotoX seems to be a perfect upgrade for RazrHD.
+Punit Soni We are a day away from Moto X launch, and there is still 0 data/details about a developer edition for North American customers.
On a slightly related note, there is also 0 information on whether the new DROID line (ULTRA, MAXX, MINI) will have a developer edition as well.

I am buying my next phone outright and I am praying for a developer edition of the DROID MAXX. I want that battery in a Motorola phone that i can unlock the boot loader and flash whatever I want on it. On Verizon.
Will the Vzw developer edition be able to be ordered custom through motomaker?
+Chris Weber It says "we will be offering a Verizon Wireless Developer Edition and a general North American Developer Edition."
The question I want to know is if the North American Developer Edition will have all the radios for the big 4!?
+Punit Soni why is the Sprint Moto X bootloader not unlocking from the website?
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