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Ok guys..let the tinkering begin :)  Special message from our team here at Moto below:

Moto X Developer Editions are here. With 32GB of storage, a look all its own and an unlockable bootloader, get ready to customize and tap into Android’s full potential.

Moto X Developer Edition for Verizon is available online today. A GSM version, which works on both AT&T and T-Mobile, will be available online on Friday. On Sprint? Moto X already comes equipped with an unlockable bootloader.

These new dev editions come in a special color combination - black on front and woven white on back along with a stamp of approval that claims your developer status. 

Also, DROID MAXX by Motorola Developer Editions are also available online today.

Key links below:
Verizon version:

GSM Version:

Droid Version:
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Do they support Google Wallet?  One of the most depressing things I found out is that my T-Mo Moto X doesn't support Google Wallet Tap-to-pay
I have been saying i will only buy unlocked devices for a long time.
Now I'm impatiently waiting to have it shipped.
Too little, too late.  Already moved on from the Moto X.  Would have been all over this a month ago.
I am on the brink of ordering my Dev Edition Moto X and I have questions. If I were to receive the device and it has a defect, how would I go about getting that fixed? Does that cost something? I am pretty much just wondering about the warranty of the Moto X, before unlocking the bootloader. Any info would be great, thanks! 
Just noticed the Verizon Branding, that's disappointing. Wonder if Goof Off will take that off
Will this be available to order through Verizon or just on the Motorola website? 
Still waiting for +Punit Soni to give one of his cryptic "not much longer" hints about Moto Maker for Verizon. :P
Joking. It will come soon.
I am my 14th day of having my moto x if I can return it and get the developer edition though Verizon I would in a heart beat if not I guess I will stick with the utterly amazing phone I hold in my hand.
+Navarr Barnier Ah, very true. Only the Sprint and US Cellular versions have that capability. I wouldn't expect that to change due to ISIS unfortunately (just a guess).
Do these come with at&t/Verizon bloatware? Do NFC Google wallet payments work? Are updates straight from Motorola?

For those who don't like the color, the T-Mobile version works on at&t and is carrier-bloat free and unlockable.
I'm little disappointed  with the price, because Droid Maxx developer addition was just released with the same $649.99 price and it comes with  a lot bigger battery.  Looks like I will getting the Nexus 5.
Will the gsm version have access to TMOs AWS 3g?
So let me get this straight - this is waay more expensive than any other carrier (ATT $579) flavor of Moto X but there are no customization option? Less software work for Motorola compared to carrier testing but more price for consumer and shafting us too without the customization option?  +Punit Soni Way to re-instill customer confidence in Motorola.
+Manny Brum I guess I should have said "devices with unlocked bootloaders". Yes I do know the difference, just a misstatement. We know you can't have unlocked devices on verizon. Just look at the N7 LTE.
+Ananya Gupta 579 for 16 gigs, this is 32. Moto doesn't put carrier software on the phones (that's the carriers job). You're spot on about the customization aspect.
+Punit Soni

Who has the system signing keys for the Moto X Verizon Developer Edition? Is it Motorola?
Should have known ... just bought a HTC one yesterday.
+Brian Dillinger We all know how much 16 GB costs. It's to beef up profits. But to shaft the developer community that is making a bigger commitment to your product is just biting that hand that feeds you. I've bought 5 Nexus 4 phones for extended family in the time it took Moto to reveal any details about the Moto X developer version because I/they couldn't wait a month. This is just screwing your strongest supporters front and back.
Just ordered mine!  I have the same question as +Darren Silinski though: will updates come through the carrier or straight from Motorola?  I assume it is the former, but would be great to get confirmation either way.
+Punit Soni Just curious, what's the lead time on this? Ordered mine today (edit: 3:10EST order time), In Stock with 2 day shipping. Math wise, I think that means Friday arrival. But if we're dealing with 6/7 day ship times like whichever carrier was launched last (I can't honestly remember) Friday won't be happening.
Hey +Punit Soni  could us non-developers take this at all as a precursor to the 32GB non-dev edition MotoX being released on Verizon anytime soon? 
So when do the rest of the world get some moto goodness (even if it isn't the X)? Here's hoping there is a moto nexus 4 2013 announced along with the nexus 5! +Punit Soni 
Would've bought one instantly for the $450 it should have cost unlocked.
As for Google Wallet: Tap to Pay support, I feel like the Moto X may be stuck with ISIS instead of Google Wallet... which is unfortunate, if true.
Root, tinker, get wallet. Who buys a dev device (or any Android for that matter) that can't figure out how to get wallet working if they really want it? 
It's a shame that the GSM version doesn't have 3G T-Mobile bands, it's your typical Quadband phone, not Pentaband. Luckily in LA, T-Mobile's refarmed 1900MHz towers are pretty common and their LTE is expanding here.
+Punit Soni Just ordered mine. Can't wait! I am curious as to whether my updates will come through Verizon or from Moto direct. We all know how terribly slow Verizon updates are. Still excited though!
Woohoo !  Took 4 tries to get the site to take my order- all you other's were blocking it up. :) 
+Jerry Hildenbrand Right, T-Mobile's 3G band is the 1700MHz which this does not support. The AWS/1900MHz band is the AT&T towers that T-Mobile purchased and refarmed to work with T-Mobile.
Damn that Verizon branding on the back. Going to let my 4yo delete that bloatware with one of her stickers :)
Ordered as soon as I read this 
Unless the Google Play version happens to have Nexus like pricing, I will be passing on the Moto X in favor of the Nexus 5 to replace my Nexus 4.
Will we be seeing 4.2.2 for my Droid RAZR Maxx HD anytime soon? 
1377.98 in Credit hold charges..  0 - orders placed..  not a good day for me and the moto website..heh
There won't be a "nexus priced" version. I'm guessing everyone is forgetting who owns Motorola: Google and they are not in the business of losing money. Let me explain:

Nexus 4 was built by who? LG, so who absorbed the manufacturing cost? LG. So they could afford to sell the phone to Google at cost. Why do you think there was issues with stock? Because it was not top priority and LG didn't have to do any type of engineering on the phone. That's all done by Google. So less people to pay on LG's part which makes it affordable to go cheap for Google.

If Motorola made a "Nexus priced" phone, Google would only make $50-100 per phone in profit AND eat manufacturing cost. Now tell me, would you be OK with that as a business owner? Probably not. 
+Brian Dillinger hope you get it by Friday but that seems way faster than usual

Thanks for the support guys. Its was a few more days, but its still out fast enough!
So, who's getting one and willing to contribute towards the purchase of two Dev Moto X devices for TeamOSE? Community search MotoMob and find the post after getting accepted then we'll add you to the campaign hangout. 
+Punit Soni No worries, I bought a VZW Moto X I'm giving to my brother when this version comes :). It'd be awesome if we had a rubber case similar to the N4 one. Just a giant rubber band type thing to protect the edges...
Nate W
+Brian Dillinger Verizon can't keep their hands off anything! I also hope it comes off
+Punit Soni Congrats on getting these Dev Edition devices out - reading more and more positive feedback everyday about the Moto X and really look forward to getting mine on Friday.
Zach G.
I freaking love the moto X, but I can't justify buying one when the nexus comes out soon and may be on Verizon 
On chrome on ubuntu linux the pull down for quantity did not work when trying to buy verizon developer edition.  I used firefox though and bought 2 now, one verizon developer edition and one t-mobile version.
I was all set to purchase this baby then I saw the price and said what - being assemble right down the road from me keeping my XT925 Rogers Motorola looking forward to the N5 -still hoping price will drop if we ever see unlocked on play store
The day that I can get a moto x on sprint with 32gb of internal storage, is the day I buy the phone
would this phone work in Canada? On Telus?
This phone is amazing
+Punit Soni so many have asked about the update process for these Dev editions.... Can we get an answer? Curious over here too. 
+Guy Kawasaki +Punit Soni Instead of voiding a warranty, how about you have people send it their phones and charge them 50 to 100 to reflash their phone to factory settings.
I can fix any mistake I make while flashing on my phone.
I can't fix it if the screen stops working, or the power button falls out.

This is blatant robbery.

For trying to be an "American" company, you guys sure have some crap policies
Anyone have a promo code for the device? :)
+Punit Soni You really sold out of Developer Editions already? After working all afternoon to clean up the mess your website made of my bank account.. it's Currently Unavailable.. nice.
+Scott DePetro same thing happened to me! entered different billing address, which caused it to not process correctly, then added 2 charges at 700 each (after I attempted to fix the problem, but messed it up again), zeroed out my checking account and hit my daily spending limit so I can't do anything until midnight on that account. Called moto support, they said the 2 charges will automatically go away and my account will be credited with the theoretical money, but after 5 business days 

love the moto x and all but this has been a stressful night. and then on top of it, they sold out =/

+Punit Soni, any word when Moto will have more stock?
+Alex Kumar I feel your stress sir.. certainly wouldn't call this my favorite purchasing experience. I've been waiting to give them money. .but I'd prefer merchandise in return..
I'm so close to this amazing device i can taste it lol.... my refresh button is going to be well-used as I eagerly await more to come in stock :D
+Punit Soni is it possible to get an international non-developer version of the Moto X as originally made by Motorolla? If so, where?
Thank you Punit, I appreciate that :)

And guys, you do realize that coming on Punit's page and rudely telling him to fix a problem that he alone is unable to fix won't solve anything right? Acting rude and condescending in general in a situation like this isn't a good thing to do either, referring to the comment about warranties
Anyone who ordered the VZW dev edition this morning have their order ship? Was hoping mine would ship by EOD to arrive on Friday, but that's looking unlikely now :(
Got my Verizon carrier version on Tuesday, after waiting a month for an announcement of the dev edition. Dev edition is released without any sort of heads up or warning, on a day where I'm heads down, only to finally surface and find that it's now sold out, with no info on restocking or even the ability to reserve or backorder. Since I'm lucky enough to be within the 14 day return window, I'll be returning my carrier version, but I'd love some guarantee that it won't take another month to get these back in stock. My 2-year-old Droid Charge with Gingerbread is killing me.
It should be back in hours ... Will check tomorrow.
Lin Lai
I want use moto maker on it,please.
+Punit Soni this is bad its just get sold off in small time ? how much did you kept for Dev Editon ? 50 devices?
lisa k
just to be clear, the GSM dev. version is carrier unlocked, is this correct?
Can I please order one?? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking into stock issues
+Munir Moon and others interested...I ordered mine at 4pm EST Sept 18.  Current status is "Not shipped".
+Punit Soni Also seems like a bug in the ecomm site.  The email receipt has a shipping price, but total doesn't include it.  The website receipt shows that the shipping is free.
Can anyone confirm this phone works on t-mobile 3g band 1700?
+Punit Soni  Will the Dev edition make it to motomaker?  For a company touting customization there doesn't seem to be much offered.  If and when it is offered you may have missed your first mover advantage.  The Iphone is now out with the Nexus 5 around the corner.  
GSM Version? When? I was so excited and then let down. :-(
+Munir Moon I ordered mine a little after 3PM EST yesterday, said in stock then, but has yet to ship.
GSM version is coming tomorrow. 
+Martine B +Brian Dillinger yeah, i received my order confirmation email around 2:27p Eastern, but it doesn't appear to have shipped yet. guess i won't have a new toy to plan with this weekend...
+David Crow yes, but I can not order because it is "Out of Stock". My question was basically, when will it be back in I can order it
Update very soon. Sorry for the trouble
Ordered mine around noon mountain time and it still hasn't shipped. The case I ordered after the phone shipped yesterday though. Can't beat Amazon service though.
No trouble...just want to make sure to give you my money...that's all!!

Hello +Punit Soni , thank you for all of your help.  I eagerly placed my order for a VZW Developer Edition yesterday morning with the 2-day shipping.  I did notice that as of this afternoon, the device had not yet shipped.  Could you possibly comment on the current projected ship times for these devices.  Thank you sir!
I tested out support chat to see if they know more about status.  All they told me was that it usually ships 4-5 business days after the order :/  Hope that's not true and it's simply because they are disconnected from the process.
+Martine B yeah, 4 days is the timeline in which they're aiming to ship custom Moto Maker orders. I would think that 'in stock' dev units, with no customization options, would ship quicker than that. let's hope the support folks just arent in the loop in this area.
patiently waiting for the GSM ordering to go live...
Still says Coming Soon :-(
I ordered the T Mobile one on Tuesday. (And the developer one on wed). When I ordered it said it takes one to two days to process but it still hasn't shipped. I called Motorola and they said there's a delay and I will receive it in 7 to 10 days. You really should tell your customers upfront or as soon as you realize that there will be a delay. I own an online retailer and most customers don't mind a small delay, but they like to be kept in the loop. Online buyers in the last 2 years have higher expectations about shipping times and how things like this are handled than they did a few years ago.
I agree with that. I will pass that feedback over.
Went from 4-5 days ship time yesterday up to 7-10 today... Kinda wish there was at least the option to NOT pay for 2 day shipping on a device sitting somewhere NOT being shipped. 
So was the VZW version actually back in stock for about an hour this morning and I just missed it again, or is the site just erroneously letting me add one to my cart, but then not purchase it?
Yeah, on the landing page for vzw Dev edition it let's me add it to the cart but after that it still says unavailable
This is turning out to be like the Nexus 4 launch all over again!!
Seems google companies can deliver software and search results, but when it comes to hardware they need some guidance!!
Doesn't look likely the GSM unit will be coming today either :'( Looks like I may go with an alternative at this rate...
At least you guys didn't pay $700 to have your order floating somewhere in limbo. Upsetting.
at least you were able to order :(
Will it arrive within business hours or are we talking about it arriving before midnight?
lisa k
GSM will come today??  really?  when today?
+Punit Soni How about a waiting list for those of us with the money, and the desire to buy one? I would love to have the free time to check your site every 30 mins., but I don't .
Order update pt.2: Purchased VZW Dev Edition (In Stock) with 2 day shipping Sept 18 ~4pm EST.  2 days later, today Sept 20 6PM EST, no Moto X and order status online says "Not Shipped".  I just want the right expectations.  Now I'm wondering if my order ever processed.
lisa k
this is such an exercise in frustration.  i'm not sure why we are all so eager to play this waiting game but it is no longer fun by any stretch of the imagination.
It's not coming today is it??
Neither is a waiting list for us who have checked frequently on the website for the status change...
It's just like the 2 day delivery, pay and expedite fee, but still wait a week...
Frustration soon becomes disappointment 
I wish this had worked out. I was intensely interested in a 32 GB, carrier unlocked Moto X. After seeing all the broken promises (released in a few days, GSM Developer Edition being released today, etc.), and the AT&T exclusives, I just can't go with this company. What makes me think this phone will get support in a timely manner in the future?  

Mr. Soni, I love that you are here helping as many want-to-be customers and actual customers as you can.  It is admirable.  But it seems your company (not you) cannot live up to its promises the way a reliable company should be able to.  Your personal attempts are a breath of fresh air, but Motorola has failed its customers over the last month.

The Razr M I have now seems like it may be the last Motorola phone I get, unless and until Motorola shows it can have a reasonable plan for its products and live up to the promises it makes to its customers.  Good luck. I hope the rest of Motorola gets your sense of customer service before it's too late.  Thank you.  
I was worried, but Motorola came through for me today... just ordered my GSM DEV Edition - can't wait :-)
+Martine B You are right to be worried. While customer service told me 7-10 business days, Matt the forums manager told me that my order had never actually registered in the system. It had no problem taking my money, but apparently it couldn't generate an internal order number. If we hadn't caught it, it could have been bad.
lisa k
so apparently the gsm dev. edition is now available, but i'm in full agreement with +John McGrath in that my faith in the company and its ability to fulfill its promises or take care of its customers is pretty much shattered. (not to be so dramatic, but it is what it is).  i guess i'll wait for the nexus 5.
I hate to be a Fanboy, but I have to say:

Google/Motorola did a phenomenal job with the phone, the software and working with multiple carriers very quickly to put the Moto X out there. They kicked off the innovative motomaker, opened a new US-based factory, and then proceeded to wrangle the legal aspects and what-not of a dev edition to put it out in relatively short order.

I agree that there were some mishaps and nothing ever goes exactly as planned, and I guess Mr. Punit Soni, just like many of us was excited and had the best expectations when he made his comments. I too was checking multiple times a day for when the Dev would be released. I even bought a non-dev version and ended up returning it, not because I didn't like it, but because I could see the possibilities that this phone brings to the table... Especially with an unlocked bootloader.

But... Motorola never officially promised dates and quickly resolved a myriad of issues to execute a successful launch.

As far as I'm concerned, the Moto X is a game changer for Google, and I'm sure many lessons were learned and the next release will be even better in all respects.

I'm proud of Google, Motorola and Mr. Punit Soni.

It's not a perfect phone, and it wasn't the perfect launch, but It's a great phone, and a great promise for the future.

+Punit Soni I guess I am confused because if I had ordered a Moto X using Moto Maker on AT&T on a Wednesday I would have gotten the phone Saturday or Monday.  The phone would have been custom built and shipped out and in my hands in 4 business days.  

So instead, I ordered a Moto X Dev Ed. phone that was already built and in stock and after 4 days it still has not shipped.  I am sorry but WTF Motorola?   How is it possible to have something in stock and you promise two day shipping, but can not even get the item shipped in 4 business days?  

I really am rooting for Google and Motorola but this is very disappointing and I am presently an unhappy customer :( 
Prioritization of the carrier contract over direct sales to the people that make android a great platform for google.
+Brian Dillinger lucky. i placed my order within 30 minutes of the VZW dev edition being available and I'm yet to receive a shipping notification.

Moto Support hasn't exactly been helpful. When I pinged them today, they said, "You will be receiving the device within 4 to 5 business days from the date of purchase." When I told them that today would be the 4th business day and if it hasnt been shipped yet, i won't be receiving in in that window, they said, "Rest assured that we'll ship the device as soon as possible." Hahaha, oh well.
+Munir Moon  Hahaha...I find it amusing that we have to disclose the time of day we ordered because it probably makes a difference.  I too ordered Wednesday and given the same canned response.  Anyway, I'm playing the game...I'm on business day #4 if I count the day I ordered...smh...No shipping confirmation yet.
+Matt Jones just wanted to follow-up and confirm you received my email yesterday. Please let me know if you need anything else from me to assist with this issue. Appreciate the help. 
I did, and just responded. It really helped that you included the order number. If anyone does contact me, that information is vital. Thanks.
+Matt Jones any word on refunds for two day shipping? At least give people the option for standard ground shipping from here on out
Woo hoo...VZW Dev Edition delivered this morning 930am EST since ordering last Wednesday afternoon.  Thanks to +Matt Jones  who sent me an email yesterday with a status update.  I got the ordering system email soon after his response.
Just got the vzw edition. Really disappointed it came with all the Verizon crapware and branding. I'm guessing the gsm version doesn't? It would of been nice to know that before I ordered it. Now I have to break the warranty to get rid of it. 
+Brian Dillinger try killing them without unlocking. I heard that they can be killed directly...even without root. Even root can be had on this device without bootloader unlock.
+Martine B you can disable but not fully remove. Also, the Motorola page says nothing about having to pay for the mobile hotspot feature yet Verizon's great software makes you.... Looks like I'll be rooting this weekend! Kind of false advertisement there
How y buy this on Belgium . . .  I am alone ! ;-)
Does Google Wallet tap to pay work on the GSM dev edition?   If I can't pay via NFC then to me, it doesn't work.
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