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Step 1 of rollout. Dev editions, other carrier versions rolling out in days.
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I understand why, but I just wish you guys could be a little more specific on which carries will be available when. I'm waiting no matter what, but it would be nice to know how long I would have to. #TMobile
Days ought to be better than weeks or months. :)
Could someone please make this into a boot animation?

In all seriousness, my Razr HD is doing just fine so I'm not rushing to buy the X. Yet. 
I like the sound of "days".  Especially if those dev editions are available via Moto Maker.  I'd be mashing F5 waiting for the order button to go live.... Anything you have to share regarding 4.3 for the X, DROIDs, or previous models?  I'm sure you're pushing it as hard as you can, and the push API is so perfect for Active Display you're probably rewriting most of that system, but I'd be much happier buying with even a rough estimate.  I'm going to buy anyway, but I'm going for maximum purchasing satisfaction, and that would put it waaaaay over the top :-)
+Nicholas Orsini I think Moto have said that the Moto X will not be available in Europe. Later devices in a related family of devices will be.
Great to finally see the X rolling out.
+Punit Soni Do you mean Moto Maker is coming to other carriers in days? Or do you mean developer editions are coming in days? Or just the Moto X in general w/o Moto Maker is coming in days?
Waiting on the Sprint version to come soon the anticipation is killing me :( +Punit Soni 
Waiting to see what the T-Mobile version is going to look like. The word is that I'd have to buy directly from Motorola to start, but does that mean I can use the T-mobile payment plan thing like with their other phones?
Still do not know how this phone can compete at 500 + unsubsidized. Thank Goodness for the Nexus 4...
Does the X support MHL seeing there is no micro HDMI?
seriously? this is how motorola announces things? on the random, personal g+ account of an employee and with the utmost ambiguity of available for carriers in days. might as well not have said anything. i probably sound bitter but this is getting ridiculous. learn how to communicate with your customers.
Will Cricket Wireless carry it?
Will the 32GB version be available on other carriers specifically Verizon?
+Punit Soni will the other carriers offer motox via Moto Maker in "days" as well? say yes, say yes, say yes ...... 
Does this include Dev Edition of the Droid ultra /maxx/mini? 
+Rossen Petrov I agree that the communication on this launch has been spotty at best, but this particular instance isn't an announcement so much as a tease.  They are likely trying to ride the wave of interest of the AT&T launch, and ensuring that it won't end up like the HTC One, which was released Verizon 4 months after other carriers.  I'm getting really impatient though, and so is my wife.
How about the Sprint prepaid carriers like Virgin Mobile USA, Ting and FreedomPop.?  Can I purchase an off contract model from these carriers?  Please hurry.
+Punit Soni I have three phones to purchase this week, I really hope the developer versions of the phone are going to be reasonably priced in comparison with the Nexus 4.
played with one in store today. felt great in hand. too bad you cant customize with Verizon at launch. will probably wait for Nexus 5 now. 
Thanks for your feedback +Rion Johnston 
Its a way of building devices that has not been tried before, and we will be rolling out very broadly over time. We will get there.. with your support.
I'd like to support Moto. If I were to buy when Verizon releases will there be an option/promo later in the year to trade in for a custom model once available to Verizon?
I stopped in an AT&T store today to play with one and it was fantastic.  I honestly considered the possibility of jumping carriers because of it.  (I've been waiting 6 months to upgrade)

The Droid lineup at Verizon unfortunately felt like garbage in my hand.  The Mini was probably the best one there.  The Ultra was way too thin/light/big to feel like anything more than a toy in my hand.  And the Maxx was OK... but, I couldn't get over the contextual buttons and the large screen just isn't as nice as the Moto X.

The Moto X form factor and software buttons are perfect.  Can't wait for the 32gb model to come to Verizon!

+Rion Johnston  I was wondering the same thing!  Really hope this is the case.
Not trying to be negative but the option to trade it in for a custom version is not going to happen. I mean sure you can buy one at full price but you're not gonna trade...there is no money in that. That's what is screwed up. If you really wanted this phone why would you want a black or white when you can customize for free but rumor has it, it will be November before Verizon has that option and I have already decided I will never buy a phone that has already been on the market for 2 month before I buy it...just not gonna happen ...and I know I'm not alone
+Chris Wood i hear ya. it's a total long shot for a company to offer a promo such as the one i'm suggesting. just hoping for an incentive to customers whom have to wait for customization. 
+Chris Wood No, that's a pretty realistic view. The /only/ reason I keep any shred of hope is that that's what AT&T is doing. You buy your phone, you get a loaner and a card to go customize your own, then you return it when you get your custom phone. I imagine they'll use the loaner phones as replacements down the line. Anyway, you're right, it probably won't happen on Verizon, but I don't think anything is definite at this point.
Waiting for Motorola to extend a serious apology for how they abandoned us Atrix users and offer us something to make up for that. Should I stop holding my breath?
For a phone Motorola wants everybody to have they really are making it difficult for everybody to get. I don't like Apple products, but at least when they're announced you know when they'll be available, and it's usually across carriers at the same time. The exclusives and lack of info about off-contact pricing is going to kill this phone by keeping it out of the hands of the people who most influence others' phone selections. 
Moto X would go from good to great if it were available just like the Nexus 4: SIM-unlocked, contract-free.
+Punit Soni I love what you are doing with Motorola these days.
Feedback: Can you make the Skip available for the new DROIDs?
Also, is there any word of a DROID MAXX developer edition?
I'll raise you one:  Make a Moto X that's got the 3500 mAh battery from the MAXX.  As long as it's sold SIM-unlocked and contract-free...  What would be even better is if the battery were removable and it had a MicroSD slot.
Can we please just have a definitive date for when the Moto X will be coming to the other carriers? This keeping us in the dark really isn't doing any good. I am not even concerned over the customization options. I am just due for an upgrade and trying to figure out exactly how much longer I am stuck with my junk phone. I understand you have released the phone to the public. We all know that it is coming, we all know it exists. It is just a matter of when. Personally I believe these exclusivity contracts between manufacturers and carriers do nothing but upset the consumers who are looking into possibly purchasing a device. Just because the device is available on one network "days" before it is introduced to the other network is not going to make someone abandon ship with their current carrier, so please if you may, just let us know what day we can expect to see this phone out on the market. Thanks again though for making such an excellent phone
happy launch day! now get some rest!
+Anton Wahlman the removable battery is irrelevant if it's 3500mah. Trust me. I don't need sd card support either.
Motorola just needs to make phones with a viable amount of storage. A 64 GB option would be perfect.
When in the world outside the USA? We are the 94% :-}
This launch certainly leaves something to be desired.  It does not make sense that the phone has officially been launched, yet I am still here wondering basic questions like "when is it coming out on other carriers?", "when will the dev edition be made available and how much will it cost?"  These are questions that should have been answered when the phone was announced.  
Then of course there is the issue of limiting customization to only one carrier, and options not being available that were announced initially (custom message on the back, etc).  All in all, Motorola definitely isn't doing themselves any favors with this launch.  They seem to take the customer for granted, as if they just know that we will just sit around and wait for it's eventual release, having no prior information to go on.  They seem to think they we will not purchase other phones that are available now, or that may come available while we are waiting on this unknown release date.  Motorola really needs to do better, and realize their customer is the most important part of their business.  Don't take us for granted, because we may not always be here.
International release dates at all?
Its should a criminal offense when mentioned days and it passes 7 days and becomes a week... If mentioned weeks, if it passes month , and when month if it passes 3 months
I don't understand the limited release. I had designed a Moto X and the site told me to go to the AT&T store and get a card. I'm an AT&T prepaid GoPhone customer and when I drove all the way out to the store, ready to pay full price for the phone, I was told tough luck. You can buy a white or black version, but the customized are for AT&T post paid customers upgrading and/or signing a new contract. Wow! Realy?!?! How annoying. If the Dev edition doesn't release by next Friday, I'll buy a HTC One and wait for the Nexus 5. Thanks Moto for limiting my choice.
We are sorry about this issue. We are resolving this specific issue very soon. Please send me a ping off the thread and we will follow up. 
Didn't mean to offend it just my droid eris is pathetic...

I have only owned Motorola with other phone as transitional ...

And in wait for better phones I have had OK phones in between

V3i [Nokia 5800] Droid RAZR [eris] hope fully motox 
+Punit Soni I sent you a message on hangouts. I think you have to add me back to chat or you can email me at housry23 at gmail dot com 
Thx. Expect someone to ping u soon. Sorry for ur troubles.
I am a paying ATT Customer. Spent hours between yesterday and today at various stores in attempts to pay FULL RETAIL PRICE on the phone. (Sorry I don't quality for your 2 year upgrade AT&T)

After all this time I got nothing. Apparently the MOTOMAKER cards can only be issued (due to a glitch) to new/2 year contracts. And all the stores had low inventory and refused to sell me a device. Even Best Buy's 700 dollar price tag.

There are few things I wouldn't do to try and get this phone in my hands by end of next week. I am starting on a new project super soon and would like to just have my phone be MINE phone before I start that.

What suggestions do you have for someone like myself?

Also, your phone looks, and feels amazing. Your team did a incredible job and if I wasn't as frustrated with Brick stores I would be able to sing your high praises due to my own experience. Sooner or later though, can't wait. I just don't want to wait until January to switch phones.
Apologies William. Trust me..we are working with our partners and clearing up these glitches. I am very very sure you will have a device in your hand by end of next week. Ping me around Wed if you don't things working out. Thank you for ur support and apologies for the inconvenience. 
Dude. Amazing customer service. My highest of hopes that I won't need to reach out. But my deepest respect for you.
Great phone, looking forward to getting my own. That being said, it's not 2007 and this is not the iPhone. There are plenty of fantastic options out there, so any obstacles to getting a phone seems foolish. I don't understand why the launch of the Moto X and the customization is limited to such a horrible carrier, even if it's just for a short while. (I would love to understand the business case for this, even a quick and dirty version.) I had a pretty crappy experience today: I went into an AT&T store because I was considering purchasing a Moto X. I wanted to take a look at the black version. I'm an AT&T customer, not on contract and eligible for a new phone. I've purchased phones outright for the past three years or so and have been on the fence about a GPE S4 because it's only available in white. As my luck would have it, AT&T only had the white Moto X on display and told me that I would have to look at pictures of the black one online. The best part? If I purchased the black phone (which I wasn't allowed to see) and didn't like it, I would have had to pay a $35 restocking fee. Ridiculous. Needless to say I walked out. This was an AT&T corporate store in San Francisco, on Union between Webster and FIllmore. For the record, the attendant was very nice and helpful but was stopped by his manager when he asked to open a box to show me the black version. My advice? Avoid carrier dependency. You have a great device and can call the shots. That being said, I hope your Play edition isn't available in just white. I can only speak for myself, but I have a hunch that people buying their phone outright from the Play store are more spec-conscious. You've lost your differentiation (IMHO) if you're not offering customizable versions on the Play store. (Price being equal, of course.) Best of luck to you and your team.
+Punit Soni, if you're truly proud over the production, previews, blog reports & the current release schedule of this phone may I suggest you spend an afternoon getting some electro-shock just to get you back on track.
It appears to me that the handling of this product has been a disaster from the very beginning. Let's start with how everyone was reporting that this phone would sell for $299 carrier free & how Motorola didn't dispute this rumor at all or Motorola's failure to do an on stage release which would have allowed the CEO to hammer home the features / benefits of this phone & defend the middle of the road hardware. Finally, your failure to release this phone via the 'Play Store" on the "announcement day"  for the reported $299 to $349 was your biggest failure & proves your short sightedness. As was done previously with the 'Nexus 4" you could have already offered the Moto X to AT&T & T-Mobile for $349 so that they could then offer it subsided, in the very basic colors. Forcing people to pay $199 & be a slave to a 2 year contract goes against everything your earlier company statements promised & as others have reported it has & will cost you sales, especially if your carrier free model sells in the $500+ range. Obviously, you're partly to blame & I'm honestly surprised that you're still employed. I sure wouldn't put this  failed release on my resume. With better marketing, announcement day release on "Play" & better pricing this phone could have been a huge success, now it appears that Motorola will be lucky to produce sufficient profits to cover their R&D / advertising expenses. 
+Punit Soni I bought the phone Friday. Its terrific!! Now, will I be able to buy the Dev edition and still have time to return my original order within 14 days?
+Punit Soni Thanks for the update.  I am looking forward to buying the developer edition from Motorola when it becomes available.
Will there be a DROID Maxx developer edition???? 
+Punit Soni When exactly can we expect to see this coming to sprint?
Hoping this isn't an AT&T exclusive dev edition! Hopefully you can add support for Google Play/Developer Edition/Nexus devices for Verizon's LTE in the future.
Hey,  +Punit Soni I still haven't found a store that will just sell me the Moto X just outright. You said very very very sure to get it in my hands by end of this week.
I saw that the Moto Maker got opened up (congrats!) and if that is what you meant there is still a 5 day turn around time for the phone. Is that what you meant?
Hopefully not, otherwise I'll have to hold off on the phone until about November. :(

If it is though, I totally understand and I think your team did an incredible job clearing up that fiasco in such a fashion. I just need to be ON the phone before I start this new project because switching half way though is pretty much impossible. :/

Looking forward to your response!!
Send me a private message. Where are u based? 
Tried to send you a Hangout. Don't think it worked.

Seattle, WA
Copy that, Thanks!

You have no idea how infuriating it is to walk into a store that is supposed to sell you things and you cannot buy anything.
Stock wasn't the problem.
My money wasn't the problem.
Why is it so difficult to obtain the product. You know?
Verizon started selling the Moto X at 12AM EST. Still waiting on the VZW Dev Edition :)
+Punit Soni Purchasing the VZW Developer Edition as well, as soon as it goes live. Would just like some sort of "hint" that dev edition for vzw will go live soon as I only have a couple day window to make something happen. Also, big fan of the utilization of AOSP android on your devices. Finally gives us developer types something nice to enjoy without having to jump carriers for nexus devices.
And for what its worth, I think you guys are doing an awesome job with the device. People don't realize, its not like you're selling a dozen phones here....there's (hopefully) millions. There's a lot of preparation that goes into it. And people don't guys are having to deal with the carriers too, which no one is even slightly jealous of that feat, haha.
Keep up the good work!
Let me know if that didn't work out right.
T-Mobile customer here who would love to get my hands on the phone but I must admit that the staggered roll out is rather annoying. Especially when you couple that with the bad decision to give AT&T exclusive rights to use motomaker. This phone could be amazing but making customers look across the aisle at AT&T who get to truly make the phone their own sucks. I can't even find a straight answer on when it will be rolled out to EVERYONE. Please show us a little love and at least tell us when the Dev and T-Mobile editions will be available, can we at least get that?
Great job on the phone. It looks incredible. Verizon said the MotoMaker would be available by year's end. It'd be great to have a more definitive. Any idea when they will be announcing that? I want the customized version but it'd be nice to know if it's going to be a 4 months to get it in which case I'd just buy a black one now. 
Coming soon. I posted a website to track this earlier... Coming real soon.
Dont forget about us on Sprint either!!!!
I thought you said days?? Still no word on Sprint.... What is the matter?
I thought you said days?? Still no word on Sprint.... What is the matter?
The dev edition still hasn't come out either though!
This way this whole launch has been handled is mind-blowing. First you produce a product and service that can only be fully utilized by AT&T. Then you have this ridiculous staggered launch plan that gives consumers no real insight on expectations. I really wanted this phone but I am so tired on Android phones being released with 100 million variations scattered throughout different carriers. For ONCE can we get a solid rollout of a phone where all variations are available on each carrier. Geez man, as much as I don't want an iPhone at least they can successfully launch a product. By the time we can get our hands on this phone we might as well just wait on the new Nexus.
Can we have the Sprint version this week? Please!!!!
+Punit Soni we're approaching 2 weeks for anything regarding +T-Mobile ;-)
Just sayin'! I'd love to walk in a store and buy this thing outright. If I was more impatient, I might even just buy an AT&T version and pay $5 for a SIM unlock code...
Speaking of which, are the radios for the AT&T and other US GSM carrier variants any different or are they all the same?
How many days until it's available???
That's a shame AT&T version is not unlockable, I purchased this one being tired of waiting dayS, but I'm French and have a French sim card, each time I'm back in France I'll be unable to use my Moto X, that sucks!!!
+Hans Hong pay $5 for a SIM unlock code... Now you're talking! Wouldn't that prevent you from updating your phone though? Where would you find such a code?
It's been not days but weeks. Where's that DEV edition you were promising?
me thinks it will perpetually be days away
Apple only kept the entire phone exclusive for couple of years :) we love it that you love what we built and hope to get it to you with all options soon. Part of phasing this out is that customized phones is a new process which needed ramping up. 
I think we are ramping up inventory and needed to kickstart various carrier channels which is where (whether we like it or not) most folks buy devices. Dev phones are coming real soon. We know its key to give developers their versions asap and we are committed to it.
Wow you guys are harsh! haha Like I totally get that it is the worst, having to wait for your respective desired versions, esp when no specific release dates were provided and "days" for release was mentioned..  I myself have been furiously refreshing to see when / how I can get my hands on the Dev Edition!!!   But you have to remember that Moto essentially re-invented itself and for the US Moto X (not CA one), shifted manufacturing from Asia to Fort Worth TX.  It will take time to ramp up as +Punit Soni says.. As it is a newly re-instated facility, I daresay they must be very careful how quickly production is ramped up, to avoid the danger that quality control may be affected if Moto ramps too quickly.  I doubt Fort Worth will ever be able to scale up to Asian production volumes in the near future.. So as hard as it is, please try keep the faith and support Moto.. the rollout hasn't been smooth, and release dates info has been scarce, but it will get better!  It has only been a month and a half since official announcement!  btw.. I suspect that the Dev Edition release has been affected by the production issues with the laser engraving... 
Whoever chose the color combo for the dev edition should be fired, there is nothing special whatsoever about having a black front and a white back. I would never chose an ugly combo like that. Should have kept the dev edition all black or allow the customer to choose their own build.
Holy crap the amount of complaining on here is ridiculous.  "The color is wrong", "This should be sold at a loss so we can have it for nothing", etc, etc.  Both the color and the price have been well known for weeks now, so I have no idea why all the complainers are so shocked now.  I, for one, was happy to purchase my Verizon Dev Edition to replace my aging GNexus.  Is it my ideal color combo?  Not really.  But as a rational adult without some ridiculous sense of entitlement, I'll get over it.  Still don't like it?  Then go buy another product, and stop lambasting this poor guy's social feeds with your displeasure.
+Nuna Bizz Yep, Moto lost me back with the way they handled the VZW XOOM and Bionic devices. I so wanted to believe in Motorola again and have a nicely built device with a non bloated version of Android. I wanted to get the DEV version so I could put CyanogenMOD if the CM team supported the device, in case Moto/VZW wanted to take their sweet time providing a timely update cause they want to bloat the crap out of a device or make it slower than what it should be cause VZW would prefer you to buy a device they think you should own.

Just look at how VZW treated the GNex.....

I am still looking at the Dev edition, it is just fugly and I don't try to physically bloat my phone down with a case just so it doesn't look like my 4 year did the color design on the phone.
+David Schleifstein The horrid color combo was known for weeks? Please provide the link showing this? I have no problem shelling out $650 for a phone I have done so many times this year already. And your opinion about being a rational adult without some ridiculous sense of entitlement is about as far off of being a rational adult with common sense and logical thinking. I am not going to say ohh well it may be ugly so shut up and take my money cause I am some Moto fan boi....
Who cares what color a DE is?
I bought it, if the color bugs me that much I'll sick a case on it.
I bet you'll be able to buy replacement backs off eBay soon.
+Steven Louzon Do you have this same thought process when it comes to buying other things like a vehicle or a house? Or does your hypocrisy stop at a certain dollar amount? I should not have to hide the ugliness of the phone in a case. I mean that would be like buying a nice steak at Ruth Chris and then drowning it in A1 sauce.....
+Jay G.  Correct me if I'm wrong but there is no one with a gun to your head making you buy this phone, get the DE Maxx, it's just like the one you can pick up at your local Verizon store.
If it's something I can't live with I don't buy it.

It's a DE phone intended for developers. I'm just guessing here, that most real developers could care less what color it is.
+Nuna Bizz Now I know "who cares" Nuna Bizz and Jay G. thanks guys for setting me straight.
+Steven Louzon You are right there is no gun to my head. There is also nobody holding a gun to your head to put in your $0.02 but you did so anyway and hey I don't mind, it is what makes conversations interesting!

If I wanted the DE Maxx I would go out and get that one. I want the Moto X but I would like to get it in a color scheme that is not ugly. Should I or any other person wanting a DE device have that choice? I can be considered a developer and I do care what color the device is. It is something I have to look at and I don't want to look at something ugly. I should not have to hide the ugly color scheme in a case.

One last thing, there are quite a number of people who don't like the color scheme but I guess since they did not say something on here where you are reading what Nuna and myself have said then you would not know about it. A little common sense goes a long ways.

But hey to each our own right? I am glad you are able to live with the color scheme if you purchased one along with +David Schleifstein . I just hope Motorola/VZW will give us other people a choice when it comes buying a VZW DE phone. Personally I would like an all black DE phone to purchase.
+Wade Christensen I completely missed that article on DL. Thanks for the link and wish I would have run across that link back in Aug as I would not have had a WTF moment tonight.
+Jay G. I think I had the same initial reaction to the color choice, but I guess I've had more time for it to grow on me.  At this point I think it's still different enough from the run-of-the-mill Moto X that other Verizon customers will be using that I'd be cool with it.  However, that price is probably not going to fly with the Mrs. So I'll probably be on the "Waiting for Moto Maker" bus with you, so I can get a subsidized 32gb model.
+Wade Christensen My initial reaction is still WTF on it, but hoping it will grow on me. I am tossing up this or the LGG2 for obvious reasons. The Mrs. is cool with me on this as I have a tech toy fund I use if life doesn't need it before a toy is purchased. But I am hoping that Moto Maker will be available for all flavors of the MotoX here soon so you can get dev or non-dev built in your own style that you like. Hopefully any of us will not need to wait long.
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