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Ok this is the 6th group of kids who swung by..i am digging deep into reserves now. Totally underestimated the amount of candy i needed :(
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I over estimated... I already ate a whole bag of Twix by myself...
You do realise that your address is bound to your posts eh? There's gonna be some MOTOrazzis poking at your door wanting ice cream sammich treats... :) /goodnaturedTroll
I can't, I don't work for Google [Android] and am not living in Mountain View.

Yet. /isWorkingOnIt
I think gave way too much the first time a group came :))) 
give out apples, you'll get some eggs in return and dentists will hate you. You are still doing a good thing, also word spreads and you'll work lots less ;-)
Last year I ran out of candy and resorted to raiding my pantry. I gave out Balance bars and Goldfish. Then turned out the lights in shame. This year I have about 50 lbs. of candy. God help me.
I did that one year-- after several years of not getting more than a few kids, I started giving out a handful to each kid... and then they just kept coming. After I ran out, they started getting my granola bars. 
Its intense.. had to make a candy run. But they keep coming.. so awesome. Love it.. 
Start handing out tubes of toothpaste instead.
I used to have 75-100 kids a year but most of them have grown up.  Seems to run around thirty each year now but I still buy enough candy for fifty. 
When they open the wrappers, is there a half a candy bar with a coupon for 1.00$ off a 5.00$ candy bar? 
I think we went thru about 8 big bags of candy, which was about 40-50 lbs! I didn't even have any for me afterwards!
No kids again this year. All the candy for me! Living way back in the woods has its advantages. ;)
Our friendly neighbors warned us of the onslaught so we packed in 400+ candies. And I still had to make a quick trip to the store for replenishments. Our first Halloween here was awesome!
Ha, sounds like you had fun though! Although, probably felt like work having all the "kids" coming up wanting to know where their android candy is...... real kids can be cute, big kids on the other hand.....
Ya gots to do it for the babies. This will probably make their childhood. Memories that they will carry with them forever. I would be very proud 
Probably gave out a bunch of old stale gingerbread cookies instead of jellybeans
There is lots of gingerbread left, the children really like jellybeans at this moment!
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