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Want feedback on the Nearby view in Stream on the mobile apps: We made some tweaks to make it richer and fresher (more coming soon).

How is it working out for you? Better? Or not?

+Victor Starenky +Joanne McKinley
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It seems a little Better, Keep up the good work :)
Can't tell. Doesn't work on iPod Touch.
It wasn't really working for the first few days of G+, but now I've got tons of people nearby to me. Much better now!
To me, it needs to be sortable by time. It drives me nuts to see updates from 4 days ago mixed in with updates from 4 minutes ago. :)
I get an error saying "Unknown Address"; I've had it since I downloaded the app (for android). No idea why, My GPS is turned on etc!
I found this for the first time last night. Great feature! opens up some very interesting social possibilities! i live near Houston Intercontinental Airport, so its fun to read...
For me it just shows the same people over and over, as though some of them are "promoted" because they post more.
Nothing there, I live in the middle of nowhere. :( Haha.
It reports on people who are 25 to 30 miles away. Is that still considered nearby?
+Punit Soni There are definetly posts near me; not sure if there might be closer ones that are not appearing there.

By the way: the location in the browser is quite buggy.
I would like to be able to view the stream by timeline though PLEASE
+Punit Soni can you build in the ability for us to manually set out location? My cell, Samsung Galaxy S has a notoriously crappy GPS and the other means of location determination suck as badly. Would be nice to have some better control there.
(I just watched these comments pop up but in a weird random order--they didn't pop up from the bottom and push up, but rather there was one that popped up at the top, then one pushed from the bottom, then two popped in in between those, and then a few more randomly interspersed between them. they seem to be populating normally again now.)
Its working much much better for me in Bombay, India than yesterday. Many more latest posts and yes no more stale posts in the Nearby stream.
Looks better to me, but it might just be because more people are starting to use it too. It used to be stale and had the same posts all the time. Now I see some new people and posts with a few of the older ones interspersed.
For everyone who says it doesn't work for ipod, I have used it multiple times in the app and on the mobile site. Keep up the GREAT work
I have yet to get this to work on my Nexus S. Always says it can't communicate with Google's servers.
it puts me a few streets down the road which is good, Im not sure I want the world to know where i live and that im 'headin to burger king'
Pretty cool- got a "LOST DOG ALERT".... This could be useful.
Working fine here, though I had not tried it before (not used location services). What's with the CBC news google+ id gone?
Plusers, if you spam his request for feedback, they will stop asking and start telling you what you want.

Just ran it from my place in downtown San Francisco. In 10 seconds I learned there was a Soundgarden concert tonight, saw some interesting local photos, and found some new people to circle.

Cool stuff! I haven't been using Nearby too much yet, but I'll be using more often now.
I never crossed the signin page ! It says <i>The Internet connexion seems to be down</i> but it's not the case. Iphone 4 w IOS4.
Im sad is only release for the US store... .
I noticed a LOT more activity when I popped in earlier today, but I assumed it was because of the growth of the service in the last week. I am in the NYC metropolitan area, and had been surprised at how little I was seeing. I also noticed it was much fresher. Last week there sometimes seemed to be little rhyme or reason to which posts showed up where in the stream. Today there are plenty and they make chronological sense.

Someone eloped in NYC today - it was fun to find that in my Nearby stream! :)
It works ok in the Tampa Bay area.
nnm rht
There's a lot more activity the last 24 hrs. I wonder if I should see my own posts or not. Sometimes I see my own posts (with location), but usually not and not all. PS: setting a range (neighbourhood, city, region) would be great.
It is not working for me on the iPhone 4 in the Chicago suburbs. Foursquare works, so it isn't a connection issue.
Yeah It's definitely pulling a lot more and a lot closer results for me.
I've love it if the "nearby" radius was slightly bigger. Parts of Bombay are too far flung to catch any decent gossip from where I am :(
I would like to someday see a setting for Nearby to adjust what Nearby means. It would probably mean something different to my rural sister, for whom 100 miles might be a good setting, than it does for me here near Gotham.
What is the mile radius used for Nearby? Some of the people showing up in my Nearby are over an hour away. That's not Nearby if you ask me.
I've seen a lot more activity in the last 24hours. It was almost relegated to two users now I see a number of people that are closer too. I almost wondered where the chatter was from anyone in the Kirkland Google office...and now there it is.
i agree you should be able to define the range
Wow! Vast improvement. I've been seeing the same post about some guy's Vibram Five Fingers, and now I have a stream there!
Chiming in on the "bunch more posts" tip. There's a ton of new stuff on there since last night after having virtually the same set of posts for several days
also would like to see an option in the browser to determine my location based on my logged in cell phone in my pocket. this applies to all google services actually not just +
The people showing up are more accurately close to me. There are lots more people showing up!
+Punit Soni I see much more activity now that the iOS app has been released but the same issue I had on the mobile site I have on the app. The order of which the posts appear are too random. Previously on the mobile site I kept seeing the same post from the week before at the top position. Now with the app I can't tell if the posts are in order as to my location (near to far) or by some time algorithm (My top 3 posts display the following time: 1 day old, 18 hours old, 2 days old).
We can do more with the ranking. But I want to see things stabilize first.
New tweaks looks good, I agree with +Ken Lombard on the sorting of the time. It seems that it is a new comment to an old post that bumps it to the top of the stream and it drives me crazy.
+Mihir Pathare Even I can see entries from as far as Chembur, New Bombay, thats about 50 km from me.
Better, feels like there are more updates although it gets slightly confusing when someone who I know is not nearby but reshares a post from someone who is, and appears in the nearby stream...
Much better, but I would pay top dollar for the ability to view chronologically, both mobile AND desktop. Now that there is a lot of traffic in my stream it's become very easy to miss posts.
Feels quite better, +Punit Soni. Now I have more results and sort of a faster updating in my Nearby Stream. Cool. =)
worse now. Right now I see listed first a posting from 20 hrs ago and then the next one was 4 hrs ago and mine from 8 hrs ago is listed lower. I just dont get this nearby feature, I was hoping it was better.
In my opinion there is still one massive flaw to the way the app works which makes nearby sadly close to useless. When you make a new post in the app, please make it so it does not acquire location or sharing setting automatically. At least make it default to "Your circles".

I am seeing a lot of spam in nearby where people are posting crap like "just ate my dinner LOL!" to public. I think a lot of this is down to the app defaults for new posts...

If you change this, then a person would actively have to set their location and share to public out of a conscious choice. This would massively reduce the amount of spam and free up nearby for informative things like others have mentioned here.

Please default to "no location" and "your circles".
Nearby content seems to refresh quite a bit faster now. I was in Vegas when I first used the app and there wasn't much content nearby, then again at that time there was <10m users but I would have expected that being at CiscoLive would have meant a higher weighted number of users using the app
Chronological order, that would be awesome
Works fine for me, good responsiveness (can't tell how many people are posting though).
I guess one thing that would be nice is to be able to configure the distance of 'nearby'?
iPhone 3GS current iOS, G+
It seems not to be ordered by the distance, the peaople are away from me. Some people that are distance of 30km-50km away are in the list above those that live next to me. I would expect distance order.
suddenly ich see much more postings. but like +Fred Lechuga said, the timeline ist not correct.
the nearby radius is to large for me. when more people post there messages i will see all the postings of other towns, that is to much to handle.
Ted, that doesn't mean it isn't an issue.
Need to be able to change circles you can view. 
Doesn't seem to work for me at all
+1 +Fred Lechuga and +Torsten Unbekannt... More results, faster updates but the timeline is not correct. Most recent submission/check-in should be always at the top of the list.
+1 for chronological order. Would like to see 'nearby' be implemented on desktop with option to (A) manually input area code or location (B) Query your mobile's GPS similar to communication between Market and or Chrome-to-phone.
It does seen improved using the android app on galaxy tab, good to see some updates. Relatively recent ones at that.
I was born in Chembur +Kiran Pal so happy about that.
others..the default posting audience is My Circles or whatever Circle you decided to make it last time you posted. Public posts you see in nearby are conscious choices of folks.
+Punit Soni About 25% of posts in my Nearby stream are from places as far as 50 to 70 Kms away. Closest one from a user in about 2 km range. I am seeing much more posts than ever before and even older posts are just about latest (2 to 7 hrs old).
Thanks for the feedback..we will keep an eye on this.
Working much better now Punit thanks!
+Kiran Pal - +Punit Soni I have noticed this also. I live 15-20miles from NYC, and the Majority of my nearby updates come from there. Maybe about 1 of 10 is from anywhere closer.
I'm seeing many more post in the stream than I was before. Before it seemed like it would never update.
+Punit Soni, if it's possible to put the most recent submissions at the top of the list in our "Nearby" streams, it would be so much better...

Thanks man! =)
Much better. It's actually showing new nearby posts now. Thanks!!
I liked the Nearby feature on my iPhone — I've found a couple interesting people posting publicly near me using it. I'm not sure what I'd change about it — maybe extending it to just finding people nearby if they want their profile to be found and not relying solely upon posts that are both public and use GPS coordinates. It would be useful in finding colleagues in my industry that work/post near me.
+Punit Soni It seems to have a lot of activity now! But what i would really love to be able to do is:
a. to define the approximate radius which would constitute "nearby" for my stream.
b. a way to organize my stream chronologically
No noticeable changes here. Toronto, Ontario.
Am seeing a lot more posts now, and closer to me. It's working a lot better!
It always says unknown location and seems to have a radically different idea of what nearby means. Nearby should be 2 or 3 k at most.
Oops, my posting from this morning was not there, it is the one from Jul13th and no recent comments on it either. 
i posted a comment into a posting in the nearby search, the person respondet but i dont got a notification about that.
It's radius is erratic...sometimes it is 10s of miles...sometimes much less. Plus the location is not GPS based. 
The radius is random at times but I don't have many people in my area posting it seems.
The timeline of the posts reminds me of the 'Top News' 'feature' in Facebook. Nearly everyone you ask DOESN'T WANT Facebook to decide which posts show up. They want the 'Most Recent' view.
It does not allows me to download it here in the Dominican Republic. :( and we have a LOT of people here waiting for it!
Most of my nearby posts are actually in Mountain View. Which is... not exactly nearby.
Never finds my location and nearby appears to be a 50 mile radius. Never shows anything truly nearby whereas Buzz does and checking in is a pain and manual whereas I'd hoped it was automatic.
Yeah, it doesn't seem to go by my current location. Which makes no sense for something via mobile.
"the default posting audience is My Circles or whatever Circle you decided to make it last time you posted. Public posts you see in nearby are conscious choices of folks."

+Punit Soni , are you certain it's working how you think it is working? Maybe I have misunderstood...but I just went to create a new post in the app and it defaulted to public and acquired my location. That was definitely not a conscious choice on my part to have a post show up in nearby. It just so happens that my last post was to public...but my next post shouldn't default to public too.
+Armand Salmon Nonetheless, the updated Nearby stream now looks much better than just yesterday.
Tried nearby yesterday, and tried it today, didn't notice any difference between
Much better for me. I was only getting results from 30-50 miles away and had decided I was the only person in my area on g+. Now there's people everywhere!
works better now but when will be the version for ipad ?
Definitely seems more accurate now. Good work. One of the most interesting features right now IMO
It would new nice to be able to set the search radius
much better: fresher and nearby is more closely. Living in a large town makes nearby much easier, but I also get updates from the other side of the town.
is there a nearby stream in the pc version?

Overall rating
+Punit Soni What I'd love to see is "400 meters away" in stead of the location name which I may not know the whereabouts of. Works magically on iPhone 4 though. Good stuff. I agree with Charles above.
Any chance for Lithuanian App Store? :/ sorry for repeating myself...
Still does not work for me on Nexus S (T-mobile). I get unable to communicate with Google's servers right now
+Punit Soni Not sure what changes I should be looking for as rarely use the nearby view myself. However I can say that it acquired my location very quickly (well returned unknown address). It populated the stream soon after and the ranking looked good. With the nearest and most recently posted/commented nearer the top.

No complaints from me.
Seems like there is a location issue outside of nearby view. We have another fix coming for that..
You can't even scroll down on nearby section 
Number 1 issue for me the sorting by time issue. It is completely out of order all the time. Top of the list may be from 23 hours while a few posts down you'll see a post from 5 mins ago.

iPhone 4 - iOS 4.3.3
Posts that more recent and closer to your location should be at the top.
Also it would be nice to upload video and see videos posted in the stream on the iOS app.
iOS5 users - stop complaining your on a beta iOS. I'm pretty sure Apple has explained what that means to you.
Nearby is displaying more individuals and more posts.
Locations work seamlessly with Google maps on Android.

Timeline is kinda wonky
Locations extends 40+ miles

Will there eventually be filtering by time, extended circles and (my big wish ) common sparks?
I think the nearby stream should show latest posts first. Right now the ordering is weird and unintuitive.
Having the option to choose how close in location and in time the posts in the nearby stream show, would also be really great. If I could limit it for only posts made today in a 2km radius for example.
+9,000 for autosort by time posted and default all mobile posts to no location and my circles only. Yesterday I found myself staring at a very scantily clad young lady posting pics near me.

On second thought...It works great. Don't change a thing!
Please sort the results by time, like a stream, or give options to sort by distance or time.
Since distance is a factor in "nearby," please show approx. distance in header with the time and circles.
I noticed the stream came up before the location was acquired. When the location was acquired, the stream did not refresh automatically. Manual refresh worked.
enough with the sort by timeline request

"Punit Soni - We can do more with the ranking. But I want to see things stabilize first.
1:55 PM "
would like to see some distance related options though.. ie 'show within x miles of my location
I must echo the chronology issue, it is THE biggest issue as a user. You mention stability first, but since Nearby is broken due to lack of chronology I've barely used Nearby, not nearly enough to even run into stability issues. I think Nearby is a killer feature, our at least it can be. (Also note that chronology should occur across all local users, i.e.., one user should NOT have their own posts grouped together, as is often the case now.)
+Punit Soni The "Nearby Stream" is kind of a mystery to me.
The sorting appears roughly chronological (newest on top), but the locations?
I have a bunch of total strangers there, from up to 100 km away — and people I know living less than 30 km away don't show up there.

It would be nice if we could minimize posts & comments similar to folders in the Mac OS X Finder list view.
This would ease up navigation.

Oh, and the mobile web interface could do with a bit of tweaking, too. You should include the fantastic iCab mobile browser <> for the iPhone in your tests, it's just awesome!
it seems like there are a lot more posts now than there had been in the past. I hope this is paving the way for a photo sharing/exploring feature....
It works fine for me. However, Huddle is not working well and a lot of messages fail to be delivered (Android).
Much better indeed. Most locations are closer to my actual location than before and therefore more relevant. Keep up the good work, +Punit Soni.
The views on Android app reset to the top of the default stream page when you rotate the device from portrait / landscape, vice versa. The app should stay on the same post in the stream you were viewing before the rotation.
The location function usually puts me way off. This time it put me in Higashi-Osaka, which at least is in the right area of the country, if still the wrong city; at other times I've been located in the middle of the Pacific, or Naha on Okinawa or other bizarre places.

So no, it doesn't work any better than before, but it's not the fault of the G+ app.
+Mohd Nasslan It's available in Japan as well, at least, so it's not exclusive to US.
I just checked it out on my Android phone. It seems much better. For about a week it seemed like it always showed the same four or five people. Now, I'm seeing lots of people, all in my area. This is really great. I am most pleased that people are posting about the food at the OC Fair (two blocks from work). Now I know what I should and shouldn't try.

Thanks again Punit.
Any time frame on when we will be able to 'share' posts from the mobile app and edit our own posts? 2 VERY useful features that are missing. Using a Samsung Droid Charge on Verizon.
Not updating I now notice. The only posts are from a day or more ago. 
+1 to setting a search radius. No one near by has g+ yet.
Hey I finally found a bug in android google+. On my nook running cm7 I get 100. Percent force close when making a feed post. All else is great! 
Had to give up (for the time beeing) as the G+ app on my 3GS with iOS 5 b3 dies each and every time. Ops. I guess iOS 5 is not supported but this is a bit brutal. Any idea when the next refresh for iPhone hits the street? And will it be a bit more iOS-5 friendly? We have a short summertime in Norway so pls get moving :)
In all circles view how come posts 4days old appear b4 latest post?
location better but still off even though im connected to wifi at my house. also shows people pretty far away sometimes
I would really like to see the ability to click +names on the mobile app. An if you can well my Droid Incredible is not working properly.
Catches my position in the east bay every time. Seeing more hits by users here in east bay, but still get majority of hits for people in mountain view.

Assuming as more users adopt it here in EB, will probably see less Google HQ hits.
thank you! We have tons of plans..this is just the start. Great ideas.
I notice that Nearby can't figure out that I'm at home, even though Latitude knows where that is. Is the information sequestered from Plus?
can we remove the lag somehow, especially with those .gif's
Hi +Punit Soni, I seem to get some real delays grabbing a GPS fix (iPhone 3GS V 4.3.4) where other apps seem OK in the same location. Once it's locked on though it's great.
It does seem to be picking up more posts than used to. The initial location was quite inaccurate, but a pull-down refresh sorted that out.
The nearby feature is cool, but not enough people using G+ in Toronto. But I see a lot of potential for that (Like tips and reviews, ratings)
It's good. Location is way off... had me pinged wrong by a whole town. Usually Location is pretty accurate on my phone... Latitude is typically dead on. Gotta fix or tweak.
Oh, ... and,... It sucks on iPod touch.... Hint Hint ;)
Nearby often doesn't refresh my location. I can be in San Francisco but Nearby still thinks I'm in Palo Alto.
+Punit Soni, Not sure about other phones, but I'm running CM7 on a Thunderbolt which has issues with the network location. When viewing nearby streams I get "Unknown address" since it's attempting to use network location (at least that's my assumption since I don't see the GPS icon show up on my notification bar). With the G+ check-in, my location is accurate since it uses the GPS. Could the nearby streams be set to use GPS for location if it's enabled?
yes..we are iterating on this to figure out whats going on.
+Punit Soni I find it hard to believe that so few people "nearby" me at any given point are using G+. I also don't think that nearly everyone "nearby" me at any given point are only posting to their circles and not publicly. For some reason I am getting very few posts in my "nearby" stream and the stream doesn't seem to refresh automatically or in a chronological order so I get posts from as long ago as eight days at the top of list and more recent posts after it. Using HTC Inspire with Android.
Where are you based Kelli (approx. city is enough)
+Punit Soni I am usually in one of two places El Sobrante/San Pablo where I live or Campbell where I work. :) Thank you for responding.
My nearby stream (Android) seems to be rather unsorted. Some 2 day old messages appear between messages sent some hours ago. It would be very usefull if nearby could sort on time.
Yes, this is our next iteration work..
There is an issue that we are working on as we speak...should be resolved shortly. Its not app specific.
Ben Fon
Nearby stream doesn't seem to work for Google App accounts on iOS5 app. Other streams work fine.
Same here... Nearby shows my posts but no others are listed. iPhone 4 with iOS5. This is also on a Google Apps Account and not a gmail account. The gmail account works fine
same- gmail account nearby stream works fine on iPhone 4 iOS5, but not for non-gmail Apps account.
Fix is coming soon for nearby on apps accounts.
+Punit Soni Glad to hear a fix for nearby on apps accounts is coming soon...but would have been nice if you had informed apps admins of the problem to avoid an awful lot of people wondering if there had suddenly been a mass exodus from Google+!
+Punit Soni I think we'd love to see sorting options and nearby radius options. Personally I only care about the sorting option. I want it chronological, but I could see wanting distance to be a factor in some cases too. Ultimately, it's infuriating to switch to "nearby" and see the same 5 posts from 8 days ago every single day because 2 people are having a conversation in those threads. Maybe if I participated in one...but not being able to see new content means I don't even use this feature anymore.
+Kyle Stoner Not only that, some of those posts from days ago even stay there without having been updated at all. Definitely a bug, +Punit Soni please fix this, thanks in advance!
Great... it should be chronological now and much cleaner.
Awesome work! I love where this is going.
Wai Kin
how to ensure my post appear in the "nearby" stream? i had attached the location and share it to "public", but it just won't appear in the "nearby" stream? what else i had missed?
Are u in.the same.location u posted publicly from?
Add a comment...