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Kevlar is cool... :)) check out the video.

On a different note, Verizon users... You know that SW update is coming soon...

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+Punit Soni this video was talking about a Droid model line not the Moto-x. Does this mean that the Droid Maxx will have customer color choices, or something else? 
It just means Kevlar is cool that's all. :)
+Punit Soni so is the moto x going to be the first non-nexus with 4.4? HTC got 4.3 out first and theyre not even owned by Google ;) 
Punit Soni
Come on..I can have some fun too ;)
I agree with that. I'm torn on what model I should upgrade to. I'm just waiting to see if Verizon will have any other models being released for the Christmas season. 
Mayhaps kevlar for Moto X2? ;) Keep on having fun, +Punit Soni and get back to the laughing Avi!
Thanks for the heads up on the software update
Have to change my profile pic.. Its is a bit bleak I agree.
Battery life has worryingly taken a back seat as of late in smartphones over here - the RAZR MAXX changed that. I was wondering, will a MAXX style Motorola be appearing in the UK and Europe again? Or is it Verizon only???
Thanks, that was an interesting little tidbit on how it is made, now I've got to decide which one I'm going to get.
Loving the Moto X, it's build quality & materials. However, every time I see that TV spot I can't help but think how cool it would be if the X was made with kevlar. Ahh, maybe saving that for the mysterious "Moto G"?
+Punit Soni Moto X is a great and easy to remember brand/product name. I'd suggest keeping all as is, simply increasing the customization options with MotoMaker over time with improvements in the baseline product. This is coming from an old time Nexus convert (Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and yes from that last one with 4.3 to Moto X.) 
How about Asia? Motorola going to let Samsung owns the android market here?
I love my Razr maxx with its kevlar. Can't wait to upgrade to the droid maxx in a few months (when I can afford the cost). +Punit Soni if you need some great photos done, let me know. I'm a photographer and live not too far from Google hq in California. :-) 
Kevlar is awesome - just as long as the finish on it doesn't make it a fingerprint magnet. I would love to see more Moto phones with Kevlar and big batteries. 
Have you seen increased visits from Bruce Wayne in your factory? I just have this hunch that he is hiding something.
+Jeffrey T Apczynski I think that +Punit Soni  was referring to the software update and not the color customization. It would be nice if they would skip 4.3 and go straight to 4.4 of course including the camera SW update that the Moto X got.
+Tomas Hernandez I believe that you are correct and I'm hoping that the update will be 4.4 with the camera update too. I'm a Bionic owner and I don't want to purchase another phone that does not get timely updates. 
+Jeffrey T Apczynski +Punit Soni To be fair my Bionic received 3 OTA updates between Sept 2011 & June 2013. The last update brought it to 4.1.2. Not great by any stretch but I was surprised it was updated to that level.

I just upgraded to the Moto X VZW Dev-Edition from the Bionic. Its a night & day comparison. I really like the approach Google & Motorola have taken with the Moto X & would like to see them continue to head in this direction.

Unfortunately concern with regards to OTA updates seems to be business as usual for android phones. Especially on Verizon.

What really irks me is that Apple seems to be able to update their phones/OS across all carriers at their discretion. I can find no valid reason why Google can't do the same.

My real fear is that something as fundamental as this will eventually force me to defect to Apple & iOS. I shudder to think...
Is this a bug fix or are you guys giving us 4.3
I don't mean to be overly critical, but why are the Droid updates lagging behind the Moto X update in the first place?  Isn't the software almost exactly the same?  Is this how we should expect future updates to roll out, too?
I know you can't say but l just had to ask lol. I'm suprised the new droids and moto x didn't ship with 4.3
The timing was off at the point we were in launch mode.
Well maybe you guy's will skip 4.3 and go straight to 4.4 for the new droids and moto x :-)
I really must commend you on the quality, performance, value and price of the DROID MAXX...I debated for a long time over which phone to upgrade to from my RAZR MAXX HD...and now that I've had the new MAXX, I wonder why I was even wavering. This phone has restored my faith in Motorola products and I can't wait for the SW update to make it even better!
Awesome to know +Punit Soni thanks for the info. I'm loving my DROID Mini. Looking forward to the update.
Loved my Motorola Photon, and my Droid Maxx is everything I wanted it to be! 
Any chance that new update will include Motorola Skip functionality?
So the HTC one has 4.3 and the s4 is getting it. Surely moto isn't going to let them drag our droid's and moto x's through the mud. Now that moto is a Google company this just seems like a crime. :-)

In the update department that is.
+punit Soni Hey man, I want to ask if the issue of the square card reader not being supported will be addressed with the software update? I use my phone for business a week as for play. I shelled out $750.00 for this when it came out and i can't use it because there's no support for Square Card Reader. Not all of us are kids who just want a phone to watch YouTube videos and listen to music. We use them and rely on them for our business as well.
Can you tell Matt Jones that all of us ultra/ maxx user's over at the MFN are ready to get in the dunking booth and start another round of fight club :-)
I am really interested in the Maxx, but I would like to see the update come in.  I was stung by the s-l-o-w Bionic updates and new phones that came out within weeks; so I am still pretty skeptical about moto/verizon ability to do timely updates.  I would also like to see moto phones in something other than black.  When I am in the car my phone really heats up due to the black finish. It has shutdown several times due to overheating.   It is either the maxx or over to ATT and a lighter colored phone like Samsung or LG.  I don't care if they are white I think black is a poor design choice. 
No update on my question. Thanks for trying to help Mr Soni and sorry for hijacking your thread. I just wanted some answers. Aside from a vague "it's in our radar" response a few months back on the Motorola forums we haven't heard a word. There's a new update coming and if it doesn't address the problem it's sadly going to be the end of my 12+ year relationship with Motorola.
Um Carlos did you not see that he asked moto production management to look into the square issue.
Yes I did. That's why I thanked him but the person he asked gave no answer. I wanted an update on this issue.
Time these things do take young padawon. Patients you must have.
Agh... All the plastic hate makes me so sad. There are thousands of kinds of plastic - they don't have to feel cheap or looked on as inferior.

Case and point, Kevlar fibers 100% a type of plastic.
How's the Droid OTA coming along?  I saw that the soak test invites went out, but no word after that.
+Punit Soni 
Welcome to my country!!!
How r u?
Everyone is talking about the Kitkat 4.4 
I would like to know if the RAZR HD will update to Kitkat 4.4??
+PunitSoni just read the change log on the Motorola site. I'm very happy to see the problem has been fixed! :)
Happy to see the update is out for the Droid Maxx, 
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