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Umm...about that iPhone App. Its should be rolling out as we speak:
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How about an international release for your android app?
Looking forward to it! (It doesn't show up yet in app store on my iphone) 
We'll work on dedicated tablet support in the future :)
I am using iPad2. When I click the link, it takes me to the app store but i get the message "Your request could not be completed". Same is the case with my Android Phone. What can be the problem?
You can always download it in iTunes and then go into the Not on this Phone in the App Store on your iOS device and download it that way if it's not showing up in the App Store on the device itself
Tried installing on iPad and receive message that it's not compatible with the device.
Its an iPhone app (for now)
+Brad Thompson I had it crash on the first camera use too. But it's been working wonderfully since then. Awesome!
Give it time to propagate. Use the appstore link in my post till then..
Why no support for iOS5 or iPad??
Thanks +Punit Soni it is so awesome that you guys are paying attention. Just for that, this platform will succeed.
+Hamid Abdullah Sofi It may not yet be available in your geographic location. In the meantime you can use the web app, we're working to roll out as many places as possible.
So how does one share or re-share with iPhone app? What am I missing?
Exactly what +brad thompson said. I saw your post about having a circle only stream in Android devices but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Regardless, you're doing great work and im proud that its 'apna banda' 
@Punit Soni quick question - no landscape capability when creating a post or commenting?
It is a real shame Google did not release the Android app to everyone,people should not be reduced to grabbing apks from dropbox or XDA (no offence intended Andrew).
Why is the link you posted not a link when viewing the comment page in the Android app??

+Peter Sinnott - we're working with our lawyercats to extend as many places as possible, some locales take longer than others.
The link issue is bug we're working to fix :)
The second comment is about the iTunes link. That probably wasn't at all clear. Sorry about that.

It could be localisation but probably not. It was not available in Ireland at launch and we pretend to speak English.
Great stuff. App is outstanding I'm my opinion. Now, just waiting for the iPad version. Any ETA by any chance?
+Robin Norvell Good stuff, any chance you could change it so mute actually mutes instead of hiding the post :-)
very curious why no ipod support? not all of us use the camera.... is there some technical reason?
this is absolutely weird that it doesn't support the ipod, please give us some reasons
Is it posibble to allow the screen to rotate on the iPhone app?
+Punit Soni: Will Google+ for iPhone eventually support sharing? It doesn't appear to support that feature right now, unless I'm missing it.
Not working for me. Hung on 'signing in' since upgrading to this latest version.
UPDATE: after rebooting iPhone it is now working (at least signing in)
Took me forever to find it. I finally did by searching for "huddle google" - I looked for unique words in the online description.
I'm gonna bet blackberry doesn't get it. Or at least for a long while... iOS and Android are becoming the only phone operating systems out there.
Downloaded Google+ app on iPod touch using link provided by +Punit Soni . Can't install it tough as device not supported. Comeon, please don't make this wait longer than we have already waited for iOS support for G+.
Why doesnt it work on the iPod Touch 4g ?
When will it be available in other countries' app store? Thanks!
+Andrew Gilmore thanks a lot. Got G+ on my android phone finally. 
I cannot not login to G+ on iPhone 4, It says my "device appears to be offline", but with the same connection I downloaded G+ from App Store and I can access the web, such as Is the login still somehow limited to the U.S. or something?
Not available in te Philippines. So sad... :(
@Ar-Jay Matira: You know that if you can get the app in Canada, you can create a Canadian account for free in the Itunes App Store, and just use that to get it... ;) If you want more specifics let me know...
@Hillel Fuld: iOS5 is not a released OS... It's only for developers or people who have gotten it to work. 
"Can't use it without an invite. I just don't understand why google did this this way." Why would that kid complain about an app he shouldn't be using? He must not be used to knowing about things in beta or invite only I suppose
+Gilbert Palau specifics will certainly help. otherwise, general answer is that every product has it's bugs :)
Oh I forgot to say... Its going to ask you for an address in canada... so just google some business in canada and use that address =)
Does Apple send paper bills to "that" address?
I can't install on my iPad
+Ar-Jay Matira No. You don't have to use your real name either. I have an email to and I use it for my canada account... ;)
Seems like this iphone app has only been a major pain in the aas so far..
I still can't find the App in the Appstore (Europe - Slovakia). Google doesn't like Slovakia? :(
Please make it available for my Abacus. I can't seem to load the Internet at all on it.
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