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I saw this article today:

In our 4.4.3 update (rolling out currently), we have a user setting under the network settings that lets the user disable the network name in status bar.
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Good guy moto! Also, any date for AT&T rollout?
Awesome, we'll do a follow-up story. Though I have to say, it'd be better if it flashed the carrier name briefly like it does on other phones, which would serve the purpose of telling you what network you're on (or roaming on) without bugging you to no end.

Either way, this is so much better.

+Punit Soni When my Nexus 4 finally dies on me, I'm pretty sure I'll be going for a Motorola then. You guys have done some amazing stuff over the last couple of years!
Nice! Does this do anything for the gross half-height VZW 4G logo on the connection status side? At least on the dev edition...
+Tony Hoffman If you read the thread linked in the post, Motorola's support staff sayid it was working as intended. There was no indication a setting would actually show up in 4.4.3 and someone was still working on it. 
The moment Motorola comes out with a high end phone with an excellent camera I am getting on board. It's about time that use my +T-Mobile JUMP option. 
Let's hope another carrier like AT&T , Verizon ,etc also roll out the 4.4.3 Update as soon as possible
This is what an OEM should look like. No one comes close to Motorola's commitment to their phones.
Funny that I would love to get carrier name on notification bar, but on my Droid Maxx and Razr HD Maxx, I don't see this. 
Thanks, +Punit Soni. Now I don't have the update yet (EU-DE), but it sounds like with the new setting, the carrier won't be shown at all. 
Any way to go to a shorter string the carriers might use? ("" -> "T-D1", "T-Mobile" etc.). 

Anyway this is great!
Marco Ramos
The dimensions of this screenshot is very interesting +Punit Soni why? Only because my Moto X dimensions are 720 not 1080! 😜
Why would one like to see the carrier up there?

You can (have to) see it, when you pull down the notification shade.
I've never seen a carrier up there. Not with my Moto Defy, nor my Nexus4, nor my Nexus5, nor any other Android smartphone I had in my hands.

(Nexus5, Germany, child "carrier" of t-mobile, best network here)
Why, +Casey Artner? I don't want a 1080 screen that sucks power and isn't resolvable by human eyes at workable distance. 
I know, but I'd still like to be able to wholeheartedly recommend a device to people asking (which means it must be so good I'd like to use it myself).
+Vincent Jan Latzko The DPI increase is still meaningful for certain fonts/sizes. And I would normally agree about battery, but screen, battery, and processor technology are always improving. Until Moto came in, hardware manufacturers were increasing the specs faster than the power consumption dropped. With the Moto X they slowed that outpacing down a bit and let the technology catch up. Now they can afford to bump up the specs a bit without losing the great longevity we've come to expect from the Moto X. Or this is my hope at least.
Edit: (Anecdotal) Another reason it seems obvious is that mobile sales people still really care about specs, and winning over the guys on the ground is the biggest thing you can do to ship more units.
Should I buy a 32GB Moto X now (on sale for $100 off), or hold off until the X+1 (rumored for end of Sept)? :-D #firstworldproblem
Awesome. This totally fixes the issue as far as I'm concerned. No need for the carrier ID in the status bar at all, in my opinion. The ID in the pull-down shade is just fine. 
James M
I just hope this support continues when Google and Lenovo exchange hands.
+Torben Buck when you are roaming and get automatically hooked to another carrier, it helps to know which one you are using since calling rates differ based on carrier partnerships. So, if you are using active display then you pick up the phone and swipe down to unlock it and you can see the lock screen for barely half a second. The carrier name is there but the screen changes to your home screen immediately after that. After that if you want to find the carrier you would have to turn the screen off and on to see the carrier from the lock screen. Perhaps they could provide a widget to display the carrier.
+Casey Artner ugh no. If your eye can't physically resolve the pixels, fonts don't matter. Well I'll leave everyone to their own judgement but it's still mainly a marketing thing.
Unfortunately, battery technology hasn't improved. The SoCs did (in terms of power consumption), fortunately, but but not on the scale needed to drive (at no additional cost) a 1080p display, which is unnecessary in the first place.

Let's see wat Moto comes up with. I trust they don't blindly follow the spec whores (because they didn't with the X)
What is this all about +Android Police : At least on the Moto E the setting to show the network name is present even in 4.4.2.
Atualização do Assist ficou bem melhor... Corram! corram! corram!
Can someone clarify for me? Will this ability to hide the network name be added to the Moto X too? Rogers customers too? +Punit Soni? 
Screenshot resolution is 1080p. Are you using the Moto X+1?
+Punit Soni Nice. Wait it go +Motorola Mobility. I'm on AT&T so it really doesn't bother me, but I feel for those with extremely long carrier names. It's great to see that +Motorola Mobility has put a setting in the latest update that rolled out to the Dev Editions yesterday. Can't wait for the carrier update. Hope AT&T isn't last this time.
It's one of my OCD things. I cannot stand the carrier text in the notification bar like ATT does it and many other carriers do it.
I think you accidentally revealed that the next Moto will have a 1080p screen ;)
+Vincent Jan Latzko Your eyes can resolve much higher resolutions than this, most of the time up to 2400dpi. But you don't need such high resolution for everything – images look nice already at ~360 dpi (Apple Retina or the Moto G display), while Text strains your eyes extremely if it's printed with less than 1200dpi (that's also the reason why you'll print text always with at least 1200dpi).

So you won't be able to see a direct difference, but your eyes will be strained less and it will feel just smoother. I compared the screens of Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 and even though you can only see the difference while looking closely, the screen of the nexus 5 just feels more smooth, the text is easier to read and it just strains the eyes less.

But you're right, screens with more than 360dpi are not necessary, they just provide minor improvements.

But then again you could also walk around all day in T-Shirt and shorts, but you'd still buy a suit in real life.
+Punit Soni  this, again, is amazing customer service from Motorola. Proud to be on my second Motorola phone.

BTW, a couple of my friends are buying Motos (G or X) when their current contracts are up.
Everybody caught the resolution now. Something awesome is coming soon! 😍😜😀
O.o dat screenshot size.
Great! Now please also provide the dual Sim versions an ability to remove unused sim icon from the top bar.....we want uncluttered status bars!
1080p.. Hmm I see what u did there bro
Now can we have the option to make the charging icon visible on the Ultra/Maxx? 
Awesome +Punit Soni.. Now please add a setting to hide the second Sim icon in dual Sim phones if we are using only one Sim!!! It's an eye soar to see the unnecessary x.. This will help ppl without root as they won't have a xposed module to do this..
Moto X as well as Moto G? I really dislike having the AT&T name in my status bar.
I hope we've also got rid of this:

It shows up as a persistent notification after every time I disconnect my OTG pen drive. It should not be a persistent one, there's some mistake here. Please look into it too +Punit Soni. Because the only way to clear it is restart the phone. #MotoX
+Kirk Stromberg wow.. I didn't realize who I was talking to.. Just checked your profile.. :) hats off to u guys for the amazing customer centered work.. Just one last thing.. I'm not sure if you can help us out but the Indian moto g models starting with imei 3533 is still not yet sorted out.. And no new stock to get it exchanged.. Comment please..
+Kirk Stromberg also one last doubt.. Will the second sim icon get hidden only if there is no second Sim or even if I deactivate or switch off second Sim? 
+Vishal Khedkar when do you see this USB storage removal notification and what device are you using ? and how did you theme the TSB buttons ? 
+Kirk Stromberg  as u know we have same issues with our Droid Series handsets also :) but fixed by you thanks Sir
+Kirk Stromberg can I show the carrier name on dual Sim ? Or only works on single Sim ?thx
And do you mind to ask the product manager when will the 4.4.3 for att moto x?😜
I think it's absolutely fine under drop down like all the mobiles show in India. Roaming is shown by R above network bar sign. I really like it that way.
+Olivier Meirhaeghe the notification appears when I detach a pen drive from my Moto X (you the know those new pendrives? They have a micro USB port too to directly connect phones through USB-OTG).

I did use the hashtag #MotoX to tell which device it is. I have rooted my phone and customized it in many ways. The navigation bar buttons are made by me and applied using an app called SoftKeyz.
+Punit SoniAre there any memory management optimizations in 4.4.3 for the moto g? It's a little bit too aggressive about closing apps out, even when I have plenty of free ram. 
That image is 1080p. Aren't the Moto X and G 720p?
+Miguel Valentin it was taking up like 2 cm of space in Status Bar so people cud not see notification icons , completely defeating the purpose of status bar
1080p , nice.  Please make the x+1 a 5" display with bezels smaller than the nexus 5.
Plz plz plz tell me wen d moto x will be launched.....! :(
+Punit Soni hope we get a way to hide the "no second Sim" icon from the status bar in the Indian version with this update.
+Harsit Sahu yes its confirmed..... We are getting an option to remove unused The second Sim icon👍
Good to hear directly from Moto VP Puneet himself! Puneet, when can we expect the 4.4.3 update to arrive in India? I know in India it is not carrier specific and all the Moto devices(X, G & E) are unlocked versions, so I do expect the update to come faster. Any approx. timeline for India?
+Vincent Jan Latzko While the eye has a quite limited grey to grey resolution, the black/white resolution is much sharper. That's why images are enough in 360dpi – because they are just grey to grey contrasts.

But you can even see a single hair. Now calculate the dpi of seeing a hair in front of a white background 30cm away. See? The black on white contrast is much higher.

(I could also search for proper sources, but I think the hair example should be easier to understand).
Can't wait to get the update on my Moto G here in the Netherlands (i was planning on rooting it just to remove the carrier)
if i call somewhere , after a few minutes , it disconnects automatically. thn i hv to  off the switch to bring it in proper order. Sometimes the signal is restored by itself, sometimes it isn't. Plz do something...
Carriers -aircel, tata docomo +Kirk Stromberg
+Kirk Stromberg thats Such a great news ..I cannot wait for 4.4.3 now! Thank you to the entire team for the bug fixes
In India, its interesting to see the Moto G getting the update before its big brother and the flagship MotoX! Its kind of opposite for other smartphone makers!
Isn't the G also a newer phone (in terms of release)?
G and E are prolly the only non flagship phones that are being updated to Kitkat 4.4.3
It's doesn't work in a 4.4.3 20.10.2132 us retail in my moto G. I'm in Venezuela 
+Kirk Stromberg Sorry to bother you but any ETA for 4.4.3 in India....the network bug make me wishing for it everyday. It even make my phone unreachable at times too when the phone does not show any network and a reboot is required So potentially could be very problematic
+Punit Soni frequently I observed in My MOTO G is that's the phone screen goes like blurred for a while... Please suggest me to solve the problem 
It has been 6 weeks now ... and no information about any updates for the European Moto X.
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