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Software update promises to "make your Moto X work even better" US Cellular's Moto X has that big update everyone wants ready, and Motorola has posted the full change log and installation instructions. It's the same update we've already seen for T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T, and while the camera improvements take center stage there's a little more at play...
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+Punit Soni you're doing a great job.. I know you probably hear more complaints than compliments but I wanted to give kudos to you and the Motorola team.

Some things I'm sure are out of your control, but it's great that you are sharing the information. 
Being in queue for this fix was one of the reasons I returned my Moto X. It is hard wait for a fix that is just held up by a telco. I think when Motorola produces Nexus products it will have some truly great phones. 
+Punit Soni can you answer a question for me and a friend? The Moto X supports BLE and 4.0 out of box, but is the OS using the rewritten bluetooth stack that is in 4.3?  Or is it the older one?  Side question if its not using the newer bluetooth stack from 4.3, will the Moto X see 4.3 anytime soonish?
+Punit Soni I am a Verizon customer and find myself spending way too much time checking in to see if moto maker is available so I can finally order the moto x. I went as far as consider the maxx (found out the buttons are not software so not going that route, especially for Google now swipe up). Is it possible for you to be a little more open about the release time tables for each carrier so we can all have a good estimate of what to expect? It would be awesome to not have to check in everyday (sometimes multiple per day) to check on the status of this phone. Thanks for listening :-) 
+Punit recently bought the Dev Edition for Verizon and I'm truly loving it. I think it's of the quality that some of my Apple fanboy friends can appreciate...but..I'm considering returning it to get the rumored Nexus 5 when it comes out...The only reason is that I know that as a Nexus, I will get OS updates as they happen.. is there any expected support timeline for the Moto X? Can I get at least 2 years of supported OS upgrades (ignoring that I can unlock the bootloader and load whatever I want)?  I think this is still an important gap between an iPhone and any given Android phone.

I should note that for my previous phone, I held out for months to get the amazing Droid Bionic...and while it has served it's has been bitterly disappointing at the same time to see little to no love.
OS upgrades will be there for 24 months. 
+Punit Soni, I just thought of this question. Since I own a developer edition, is it possible to get updates directly from Motorola somehow? I already unlocked the bootloader on the device, and voided my warranty, so there wouldn't be any issues there. I bought the phone from Motorola, not verizon. Also, I did not sign a new contract, as I simply activated the phone onto my line. Any chance you could look into this possibility?

Edit: to clarify, it would be similar to unlocking the bootloader. I'd be installing the update at my own risk, so to speak
Thanks +Punit Soni, hope to see the Verizon update soon.  Had my first call quality issue today, glad to see it's already resolved pending the patch.  The camera update looks amazing by all accounts, also.  Other than that, I feel like the Moto X is the just-right phone you were aiming for and I'm glad to see the efficient support.  I genuinely hope that it's simply more difficult to adjust things on Verizon's network, and it's not Verizon's sloth holding this update back.
Can someone explain why my $650 Moto X Developer Edition cannot use "Tap to Pay" in Google Wallet but my $250 Nexus 4 can?   Apparently Sprint and US Cellular X phones can use it, why can't a unsubsidized GSM X do it?  Punit?    
Will the Droid series get it at the same time? I have the Maxx and very satisfied with it.
I'm somewhat torn between the Moto X and the Nexus 5. The lack of speedy updates is the dealbreaker for the X and the probably lack of handsfree voice search is a dealbreaker for the Nexus. I'm leaning toward the Nexus though but if the final announcement is too far from the rumors I may get the X.
+Manny Brum Two things you will miss with the X.  Google Wallet (nfc payments feature) and Qi charging.  Everything else is five stars.  
+Robert Hicks I think by the time Google Wallet is widely used where I live (I think only one place in 10 miles supports it) it will be time for a new phone again. The wireless charging is a big plus though, but with the higher up-front cost of the Nexus 5 I don't know if I'll ever get around to getting it. I'm the type of person who never gets around to buying accessories if I don't get them in the first week.

If the rumors hold true I'd be looking at the 32GB Nexus 5 particularly because it is supposed to have a battery that boasts +700mAh over the 16GB. Doesn't look like batteries will be swappable.
+Punit Soni Will the Moto X ever come in an unlocked version and stay up to date with the Nexus program? Not talking about the developer version.
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