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Good morning from Chicago! :)

We are starting to test KitKat for Moto X USC users. Expect it to rollout to users in phases. 
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+Punit Soni now we just need the same post for the Droid line that just came out!!! :-)
Still.. Kinda surprised that +Sprint hasn't rolled out 4.4 yet.
+Punit Soni working on Sprint or the Droid line of phones? crossing fingers and hoping hard
Of course.. we intend to push KitKat as fast as we can
+Punit Soni is there any truth to a rumour I read that the kit kat rollout for Brazilian carriers' moto X would be rolling out this week?? 
And on a side note, I love this phone so much that I bought one for my fiancée this black Friday.... :-)
Keep up the good work! 
never comment on rumors :)
Welcome to Chicago! It's like 50 degrees today which is nuts so you picked the right time!
What about the rest of the PAC 12? 😜

+Punit Soni really looking forward to 4.4 on moto x Fido/Rogers. I've heard it brings further improvements to the camera. 
+Punit Soni Will the business search in the dialer be coming? It's in the other KitKat dialers on the Nexus devices and the Google Play Editions but it's not on any Moto X 4.4 builds. 
+Joey Bielski Calm down man. Kit Kat will be coming for your device. Also, Why would you switch to samsung when they don't have the update either?
+Joey Bielski You want to switch to Samsung so your device isn't forgotten about? Boy aint that the truth.. ATT just rolled out 4.3 for the s4, what, 2 weeks ago? 
What is USC? What about Sprint?
+Cameron W. US Celluar - another cell phone carrier.  He said that they are working on the 
Sprint 4.4 version still.  
+Punit Soni Is there a place we can make general questions for you or Motorola? Currently, we're limited to comments on your posts which, as you can see, always results in a lot of questions that are not related to the actual topic. I think people would direct these questions properly, if the avenue was well defined.
I should create a community to talk...will follow up.
+Punit Soni I love the idea of a community to talk; and that Sprint is coming soon! :)  
Yeah... Wonder I didn't think about it before..
+Punit Soni what about our Brazilian retail version that is same version as AT&T? No news? So shame this! You guys only do support to US and forgget the rest of the world.
Relax... Its all coming my friend.
+Punit Soni im really trying to and thanks again for your kinda attention! I understand that Motorola focus is on US, off course should be, but we here in Brazil just saw thing going out there and nothing to us, we really need more from you guys!
+Punit Soni Sure, i understand Moto X is intend for that! But remember, you have users in Brazil, by the way, oficial ones! Best regards! Thanks for your kinda attention! I really appreciate your time and effort!
I don't commit unless I can guarantee..
Fell in love with the moto x as soon as I turned it on 
Yeah my droid is hungry and she'll only eat kitkats.she says she can't handle anymore jelly beans
+Punit Soni Any news for Brazilian Moto X?

By the way, this phone have a great chance on being the best seller in our country, you should just focus more on us.
How long will I have to wait! 
+Joey Bielski no its not. The true inside of a moto x is home to 8 cores. Maxx doesn't compare. 
+Jake Bates The Moto x and the Droid maxx have the same internals. The maxx and ultra are pretty much a moto x with a bigger screen and battery and shaped a bit different.
+Jake Bates They have the same snapdragon and krait processors with the same Motorola x8 computing. So before you go knocking on our droid's do a little research first. I'm not knocking the moto x at all its a great phone but it only wishes it had the battery of the maxx 
+Joey Bielski yes the moto x and ultra/maxx have the same internals just different screen and battery sizes.
+Punit Soni I'm always interested in trying out the new updates. I'm really interested in the new dialer and ART. Sign me up for Sprint soak test, please! I give good feedback. :-) 
You should be getting it any moment if you haven't already
I bought a Xoom 2 and with the complete lack of support for this device have decided I would never buy another Motorola device of any kind
+dave Elliott you might want to re-consider. They are updating their devices almost as fast as the Nexus line now.
I'd just like to get more support for the Xoom 2, it's currently stuck on ics
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