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The +1 button helps people around the web get recommendations from their friends, and we want to make sure you can make recommendations on the go. To help, we’ve made the +1 button available on the mobile web. Now you can tap to +1 directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

The button will automatically be visible to anyone on Android 2.1+ and iOS 4.0+ browsers. When you +1 something, it will be displayed publicly across the Web as an annotation on the content you +1’d.

Learn more about +1’s if they’re new to you:

Happy +1’ing from your mobile browser!
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I'm not seeing it...
Can the +1 button allow instant post of the link of the page to our circles?
Works fine on the +1 buttons on my own sites!
No sharing to circles yet, but I'm patient. :)
Social. Local. Mobile. \(*o * /)

Some thoughts on the power of the +1 button:

Android and Chrome users +1 awesome stuff (often Google's own products); Google uses these +1's in their search algorithm to rank websites.

Websites that have the +1 button will tend to outperform those that don't in search rankings; those websites without the button will rush to include it so their sites have a chance.

Chrome and Android users [most of which are Google fanboys (of which I am one)] have the power to organize the web based on their tastes (which favors Google properties); all the users who don't use Chrome or Android will need to download Chrome and/or get an Android phone in order to have their voice heard in the search rankings.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE .... or at least to the Google people.

For now.

+Punit Soni, are these thoughts fair? accurate?
It's very useful. I could check out which site people wanted to use.
+Chris Ruhs that's actually likely yet quite depressing. We don't need another 'lock in' where people are forced to use all Google products not to be left behind, just like Facebook is doing.
This is a small step but the start of bigger things to come. Expect a lot more from the team..and keep giving us feedback. We track and follow up on as much of it as we can! +Francis Ma
Hey +Punit Soni how will google rank the websites based on +1's?? My question directly goes to how google will know when a +1 was done by a user or a spammer or a Bot?
+Punit Soni Would fine not to show all sites which I have +1 in the profile tab. Only that I would recommend public or to circles. Because I often +1 a side in the web or a search result, but I don't want to overload my profile area or show all my interesset collected. At the moment I hide my +1's tab as many others, for this reason.
(And thanx a lot for listining all the feedback of us) should available on mobile web through various devices...

Gonzalo..we work hard to ensure spam doesnt pollute these signals. So rest assured and keep +1ing!

Gerhard, thanks for your feedback :)
+philippe schlossberg I think most sites use WP plugins that mobilizefy their sites. So it would be up to the maintainer of those plugins to update them.
I'm a bit helpless - can't see it anywhere (iPhone, iOS 4.3.5, Safari), neither on mobile nor desktop versions of any web site I cross-checked until now. But would really appreciate to have it.
I'm assuming it's still rolling out. Haven't seen it on iPhone 4 (safari mobile) yet...
I can't see it.I cleared the cache but still don't see anything anywhere... I'm running a 2.2 defy in the rollout geo based?
It would be great if the Google+ iPhone app would keep me signed into my google account. Clicked on that link and tried to +1 and had to sign into my Google account while in the iPhone app...
+Punit Soni not sure if this is intentional but on Chrome I am seeing the counts displayed differently to mobile Safari. Chrome is '1.9k' and Mobile Safari on my iPhone is '1901'.
+Charley Campbell : that's strange. Did not ask me to login from inside the iOS app! Worked as expected! Some corner case scenario that escaped sqa I guess ;-)
+Ramprakash R when I clicked on +Punit Soni's link, it opened the web browser within the G+ iPhone app and I needed to sign into my Google account to get access to the +1 functionality.
Google+ Check-in Issue on my iPhone 4:

When I would like to use Google+ Check-in on my iPhone using Google+ for iOS it shows "Unable to determine your location" but Google Latitude for iOS & Google+ web app for iOS works fine.

I'm using iOS 4.3.3. Are you facing the same problem??? Is there any solution????

Experts please help......
OK... Not impressed yet. Can't "+" from My ATT HTC Inspire using the Android Google+ app. Get that going and I'll be more likely to be impressed....
So I don't get it will this be a competitor to the button? I read slot of news articles via the news/weather app on android. I have yet to see any +1 buttons, I do however, see the like button.
It would be great if G+ would stop ignoring BB Users. Include us in the list of 'new features'.

Great feature! Now if only msia have the app..
+Punit Soni Is there any schedule for other mobile os? I just tried with a Windows Phone 7 and the +1 is not visible. will it be for ever?
this may sound like a dumb question, but i'm supposed to see the +1 on the top bar of the android default browser? or where?
Its not pointless...:) its a step on a longer roadmap :)
+1 to that, I don't think I ever saw a product develop so fast, improve so much and with such a great starting point. plus, it's the web I visit the most and the app I use most often on my Defy...even if I still can't see that damn +1 on mobile sites
+1 for post is there... or are u talking about a different +1?
+Leonardo Benveniste thanks for your feedback. We'll look into why you are not seeing it on your Defy. (It works for Android 2.1+) Also if you can share, which country are you in? And which language do you have set on your Defy?
I'm not seeing the button on my iphone running iOS 5 . Oh and this page doesn't load on there too.
I'm also unable to see +1 button in Galaxy Note 2.3.6.
button and size config work, but setting annotation='none' doesn't work on either iOS nor Android :(
Tested on iOS5.1 running safari on iPhone and iPad and it doesn't work. Console trows undefined.
Further tests revealed that by clearing the browser cache and cookies (even if is the first time that the device visits the webpage) the +1 button WORKS on iPhone and iPad (iOS 4 and 5). Now ... should we do some browser sniffing and display a warning for site visitors using iDevices :)
+Andreas Lustig i'm using ( data-annotation="inline" ) and works fine. +Marco Almeida so do I ... just clear you browser cache and it should work .... for you!
It still can't show +1 buton on iOS 4.3.3. But iOS5 is ok.
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