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Do check out our Upgrade page for news on our plans here. We will keep updating it as things firm up across our devices.
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Ha, was opening it would have a date estimate :) Though that's probably a pretty unreasonable hope!

Excited for 4.4 on my MotoX DE :D
Question is "When?" We knew the Moto X would get it, but months later will be frustrating.
The official end of the line for the Bionic.  It was a great run (3 sig upgrades!).  Thanks, +Punit Soni !!!
Hopefully soon for the Verizon model! I'm loving the phone, and was very impressed with the speed you got an update out on Verizon's network once. Here's to hoping it happens again soon!
+Punit Soni big question. Are you guys going to skip 4.3 then? And is there an eta as to when we will see this?
+Punit Soni I know this is an unrelated question, but is there any chance we could see boot loader unlocking on the AT&T Moto X?  
The X featureset and Kitkat featureset compliment each other pretty nicely 
What's going to happen with the RAZR i? I understand we have to wait for Intel to catch up, but will we ever see a future Android release.
+Punit Soni and by the way the reason that i ask is that I am having Bluetooth disconnect problems (similar problems I had on nexus 4 4.2.2? Prior to 4.3 update).
+Punit Soni does the new listening feature in 4.4 ease the framework development needed for the moto x? Assuming it does, updates should be much faster. Oh and stock Bluetooth looks comparable to the X!
+Dominic Powell 
We are moving directly to 4.4. I dont like to discuss timing. It just puts a lot of stress on the team, and there is always a chance we find something which delays us a bit.
Rest assured, we are on it. You have seen the speed with which we are moving as a Google company, that shall continue.
So how 'bout a little rebate action for Bionic owners who won't be getting KitKat? Pretty Please?
Very excited to look forward to see what +Motorola Mobility and your team, +Punit Soni, has in store for us Moto X users! Phenomenal idea to put Motorola Camera in the Play Store. 

Also, Punit, is there a way, any way at all, for Motorola to host the OTA update on their website, once your team has finished creating it? Like, not to the public, but for those who have a Motorola account? Similar to the bootloader unlocking process. There could be a whole warning process, and a page that says you can't hold Motorola liable if you screw up. For those of us with Developer Editions, reasons like these are why we bought that specific model in the first place.

Is this possible to be an option in the future? Because I'm sure you've realized that Verizon likes to hold on to the update for long periods of time :(
Absolutely love the way +Punit Soni interacts with us!  Thanks for the update and I understand not putting dates out there, just hoping sooner than later. I can't express my excitement enough about the strides Motorola has taken here lately!  The Camera app transition for faster updates, the features of the Moto X... So excited for the future!
Yes, the speed at which the VZW will get KitKat, or the other carriers in general, will really help me decide between the X, or the Nexus 5. Given the price, and how many I have to buy (3), I'm leaning toward the Nexus, but I really want the X.
+Punit Soni I'm assuming the MINI, ULTRA, and MAXX will also be skipping Android 4.3 and going directly to Android 4.4. like the Moto X. 
+Punit Soni is there anyone on the team with whom I can touch base and relay my suggestion to?
+Ryan Saldana go to the updates website .. it should either have the info or we are still finalizing.

+Alex Kumar my team already is on the thread and has the suggestion.
Great news! Hopefully you guys can put a bit more pressure on Verizon to release the update faster when it's completed.
You guys totally rock! Thanks for restoring my faith in your company. I've been a long time Moto loyalist and it's paying off!
From an outside perspective, it's been an amazing transformation for Motorola.  Fast OTAs, aggressive iteration, community awareness - I'm sure it's hard trying to rebuild a somewhat-tarnished reputation, but you guys have done so much in a short time.  I hope it's as much fun on your end as it is for your customers +Punit Soni
We have a long long way to go though.. Just the start.
+Punit Soni Whats the deal with the Motorola Droid Razr HD MAXX?  It does not say it is getting 4.4 yet the Razr HD developer version says it is?  Can we just get a clear answer as to the future of this device?  Seems you guys are able to make quick decisions about the Moto X and the new Droids...why not the rest of the product line? :)
Can't wait to rock this out on my moto x, this phone is awesome!
+Punit Soni so is that a yes the Droid Razr HD MAXX is getting 4.4 and the site has not been updated yet? OR is that a yes you will be updating the site with update decisions? :P
We will update the site with our plans.
+Punit Soni Ok ty for the reply.  I am holding out hope though the Droid Razr HD MAXX will get 4.4 since the Razr HD Development version says it is.  :)  The only thing that excites me about 4.4 is with how tap to pay has been changed with NFC payments...that means i might finally be able to use Google Wallet on Verizon!
:) there is a lot to be excited about. Android team has done well here!
Just wanted to say that you guys rock! I'm loving my moto x, it's my first Motorola device, I'm currently a recovering Samsung fanboy. If you guys push out 4.4 as quickly as it sounds, then you got a Motorola supporter for life. The moto x has rekindled the for that was one felt when I first adopted android back in 2010...

+Punit Soni you guys keep up the fantastic work, I feel that this is just the beginning of an amazing run of industry changing inspiration and innovation!
This is true..However thats the main thing i was excited about.  I have been screwed over by Verizon now for a while regarding Google Wallet... :)
Most of us honestly don't mind not knowing a release date.  We are more interested in simply a yes or a no for certain devices.  RAZR M?  Atrix?  All of these meet or exceed the 4.4 spec requirements.  Heck, the RAZR M has a very similar CPU to the X (albeit different GPU and RAM amount). 

Having the website say Future Plan coming soon is like hearing a woman say "I'll think about it."  It usually means no.
You are dating the wrong kind of women :P (Just kidding)
+Punit Soni I hope Motorola become the leader of mobile related innovation and release some phone/ devices that blows past the competition (considering motox as per with current flagship)
+Punit Soni HA, well played my friend.  However, you see my (and others) perspective?  Oodles of people will be refreshing the moto page 45 times per hour and then... it will say Not Supported when Moto probably knew all along.
Sorry we dont work like that. If we knew all along, we would say so immediately.
That's actually really interesting to know. Even more interesting is the power of google + today. Thank you for chatting and being amazing. 

And I'll selfishly hope the RAZR m make the cut. 
+Punit Soni you guys are doing a great job! These timely updates, incredibly awesome features, and beautiful hardware builds are doing great for your image. I also think pushing some of your apps to the play store was a terrific idea. I gladly recommend your services and products because you care about your consumers and I appreciate that the Moto X is assembled in the US!
+Punit Soni What a pleasure to have you here on G+. You are doing great things for the reputation of Google and Motorola. Even Big Red seems to be jumping on the wagon. Thank You!
Glad to see the great work being done at Motorola, and hope to see it continue in the future!
I saw this ! We can finally get native emolgi support !
If RAZR HD does not see the update, this is the last Motorola product that I buy.
What?? Are you kidding me? What about Razr HD? (xt925) if you guys don't update this i'll be really upset, is the second strongest smartphone from Motorola, only Moto X is in front of it!
+Punit Soni It is great that you are on G+. I love how you keep us informed and what you are doing for Moto. Thank you and I am really excited for 4.4 on my Moto X.
Hi, I've got a question, my moto X is named xt1058, and there's no such model listed for me to find out if there'll be an update or not...
I'm in Brazil and my mobile operator is vivo...
Thank you very much. 
The razr is not quite a year old and you've already forgotten about it! Great job Motorola and +Punit Soni I think it's time to jump ship, and go with someone that'll keep their phones up to date and not forget them six months later. 
+Punit Soni Hi, my name is Gustavo and I live in Brazil and I have a Razr HD. I would love to know if motorola will update it and if yes then when?. My congratulations for the great job
How about for us droid RAZR HDs!!!
You can find your IMEI number in Settings-> About phone-> Status
+Punit Soni no, I mean is, when I call att customers service, they check and said my imei number is not found on their database 
+Punit Soni how about Motorola Razr D1 & D3, mid-range cell phones in LATAM & Brazil with "guaranteed upgrade"? is it going to be kit kat version? or only JB?
Love this phone and Motorola! The interaction is great! 
+Punit Soni  is any chance of updating ATRIX HD AND RAZR I OR Making False Promise Like ATRIX4G?
+Punit Soni and the Razr HD in Brasil? It will get update to 4.4
I guess there's no love for the Atrix  HD. I wish companies would at least support phones for the time they are sold by carriers plus 2 years for contract time so we don't constantly feel left behind.

I just need to stop buying Moto phones from ATT

(No Verizon coverage in area)
You better update the razr i, its still your flagship in many countries, also remember the 18 months of support motorola REMEMBER, you promise ;_;
I ordered 2 Moto X yesterday. Have been a Nexus user all along.
so let's say 4.4 came to MotoX, when is it going to come to VERIZON MotoX?
Since I have had issues with the Droid Razr Maxx since Jelly Bean (and the list is fairly well known and longer than it should be), it may be my last Motorola. I understand prioritizing. I just do not like it. I would replace it with a Nexus, but it isn't on Verizon.
Hi, I'm from Chile using Moto X XT1058, normally my carrier tales ver y long time to publish updates, will be posible to get the update from Motorola?
I love my maxx, but then Verizon ruins it by putting all their bloatware in. Wish I could root to get ride of it. Maybe Moto can help?
Let's see.
Nexus devices official ETA <2 weeks.
HTC One official ETA <90 days.
Come on Moto, if HTC can give a date, so can you.
Actions are better than words
I want to believe he meant something like we are not just empty promises, just wait and see
Come on, every manufacturer have own strategy to give update to their products , it also depends on Soc 
Will it ruin my touchless controls even more than the last update already did? I barely use that thing anymore, and it was my favorite feature :(
the "flagship" Razr HD (XT926/XT925) needs an update! :(
I think they will upgrade razr HD (xt925/xt926). I suspect not doing will put a serious dent in customer-loyalty and reputation, these models being very recent top-models. Forcing people to look elsewhere next time they shop mobile phone is just not very good business strategy. Hence, I think they will do the upgade, keep people happy, and make us gladly return to Motorola next time again.

Btw. Thank you for providing info here via Google+. Its a great and 'personal' way to get super fresh info. It's a cool platform really! 
Since the original Droid release form in the U.S. I have chosen and stuck with Motorola phones, I loved my droid 2, was sad and lack of updates with my x and x-2, got the RAZR HD and Maxx HD for Verizon which only came with software issues that needed to be repaired. Nothing was worst then the last update being focused on sealing the boot loader. As Motorola Mobility was purchased by Google I was hoping that with a high end device sporting decent hardware and promised with updates since they were "flagship" phones. Now I have the money to by a moto x hell I could buy 10 of them but I won't because instead of providing quality support t quality phones Motorola just pushes out new models of the same phone with slightly better features, and forgetting about the last for a quick buck. I understand developing software takes time because of all hardware on different devices, but perhaps the problem is TOO MANY DIFFERENT DEVICES. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Plus the Android update schedule page needs a update page to let us know when the page is updated. I love Motorola and Google so please try and make my commitment to both companies worth it
Moto , and frankly all OEMS, need to do updates for 12 months AFTER the device is EOL'ed (end of lifed).

Razrs and Droid 4 are not supported, but you could go into a store 6 months ago and buy it, not realizing you were buying a device that was already abandoned. (4.3 JB was released 14 months after the droid 4, will it ever see it?)

I know that KK will not backport to older devices (older SOCS are not supported by the SOC makers) but the fact that no matter how powerful or feature filled a phone is, you can't use if well 18 months AFTER release (not purchase) due to the lack of OS updates and the forward movement of apps and API levels.
+Punit Soni Is the plan to include the new Android 4.4 launcher in the Moto X 4.4 update?  It appears AOSP sources didn't include the new launcher that Google introduced.
+Vasken Kamiksisian sure, in the past, yes. But today, they're already on 4.3, and promised 4.4 in <90 days. Vs Moto, who is still on 4.2.2, with no ETA on 4.4...
Things like this make me glad I just ordered the Nexus 5
+Antony Williams 4.2.2 on the Moto X is still a great phone.  The 4.x releases aren't huge improvements over each other.  With Motorola having knowledge that 4.4 was coming, perhaps they are just skipping 4.3?  At least I would hope.  Why waste the time updating to 4.3 now?
Yeah because Motorola's upgrade page is trustworthy... ghost of promises past...
+Brian Kirby Punit said in the replies to this post that they are skipping 4.3 and going to 4.4
+Brian Kirby "4.2.2 on the Moto X is still a great phone" 
Are you saying that 4.3 was minor, and didn't warrant Moto releasing a timely update? Because HTC and Samsung would disagree.
With both the Galaxy S4, and the Note 3, Samsung released their hardware VERY shortly after a new Android release (4.2.2 and 4.3 respectively), and it shipped with the latest version. It can definitely be done if it's prioritized.
+Uthkarsha Rajshekar Hold tight...we will clarify things for other devices soon ..we are planning out the support plan for the rest of the portfolio. 
+Antony Williams I have said this before. 4.3 was announced in the middle of our launch push. We are moving to 4.4 directly.
+Antony Williams , yes, I am saying that.  I don't believe that 4.3 was a huge jump from 4.2.2.  I had 4.3 on my One, and I use 4.2.2 on my  Moto X.  I can't tell the difference in how the OS behaves, and I'd have to go back and read what makes 4.3 so different just to remember what changed.   I think we'd all like to see upgrades quickly, but I believe Android has matured to the point where a phone on 4.2.2 is still very usable and compares to a phone on 4.3.  That wasn't the case back when we had phones on 2.3 and others on 4.1.2.  
I sure hope my Razr HD doesn't turn out to be the same as when I had my Bionic.. just tossed behind. But I have faith in Moto now, ever since joining Google. Good luck!
Can't wait until this shows up on my Moto X! I even went and bought two cases of Android KitKat bars to give out to the startups at the Geekdom SF accelerator where I'm a mentor. Yay KitKat! Why do I have the feeling this is headed to Glass as well... the 512K footprint would work great there... 
+Punit Soni  haaaa i see many people are still afraid that they would end up in the atrix 4g list... :D :D takes more time for people to forget that one..including me incident made every one question their trust... :) 
Please update Motorola RAZR HD which is XT925 version to KitKat. It's so hard to get your phones in Russia, at least support older models like your mother company Google with Nexuses do. PLZ
i got the razr i in February I should be safe in asuming that they will think about updating it soon right?
+Punit Soni  I know this may be a bit much to ask for. But out of curiosity, both concerning support for our devices (Razr HD) but also an interest in the mobile phone business, Motorola and Android more broadly: Can you say anything about the decision foundation for the upgrade plans? Is it a decision primarily at Motorola/Google, or do you rely on partners on this issue? Do you e.g. depend on Qualcomm/Verizon for support or is it a purely internal strategic (resource/business) decision? In any case, thank you for enlighten us customers with fresh info straight from the source.
ok lol
is the motorola razr I getting an update
+Punit Soni, is there any plan to extend the jelly bean trade up program to the UK? Or do you have details for the right person to contact? Would love to upgrade to a phone from the new motorola.
If the moto g comes to the uk before the RAZR I gets an update I might get that 
I`m hoping that the razr hd xt925 gets an far its been upgraded to 4.1.2 but there are a couple of bugs that you could fix...this is why I`ve held off unlocking the bootloader...

If you guys can add active notifications (amoled screen supports it, see NOKIA), that would be awesome, I unlock my phone 500 times a day...

Oh and I didnt buy a moto X because you stripped the sd card, and very little difference in specs.... hope next gen flagship will be like a nexus 5 or better 

So far I`m very satisfied with my RAZR HD keep up the good work!
how about photon 4G
Wow... You're seriously going to update ONE SINGLE PHONE MODEL? Every other model either remains on the same version or has to wait for Motorola's "future plan" - which, from what we've learned in the past means: "Nope. We don't care about it."
What about the rest of us out here still using their - now officially end of life (though still ... let's say "working") phones? From my point of view it's more like: "well, thanks for buying our stuff. Hope you'll come back in 6 months and buy a new one from us, as it will be waaaaaay better with better its 50Mhz faster CPU, got its RAM doubled, has a fixed/glued battery, no longer a slot for SDcards, but a ridiculous larger screen - just like apple(R). Oh, it also has the new Android version, which your old phone will NEVER EVER get officially." Am I the only one feeling like some cheap hooker?
You've already promised us updates for our phones TWO TIMES, then postponed them and later on FORGET ABOUT THEM. Is that the usual Motorola kind of customer service?! We still have to accept this, even though you're a Google company now?!?
How about you stop developing your so-called custom branded software and let some real devs handle it? e.g. unlock bootlader, open up about custom roms and/or grant us insight about internal phone specs and drivers? (NVIDIA, anyone?)

KitKat now has a lower memory footprint? For whom? People that then have to buy new phones, which aren't available yet? New phone models that still have to be made, built, engineered or developed?!? You've gotta be kidding. This is nothing more than an April's fool...
+John Jay Rockin' man calm down and have a Snickers while you wait on Kit Kat :)  I too wonder about updates and have a hard time understanding why Motorola can so quickly say "yep we are updating Moto X and new Droids to 4.4" but still have "future plan coming soon" on the generation just prior (ie. Droid Razr HD series).  However it could be could say "This device will remain on Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)" for the Droid Razr HD.  I will give you this though...the definition of  "soon" sadly is relative to the person/company who typed it.  I would like to see it updated to 4.4 then Motorola sunsets the device for future new OS releases (excluding patches for security exploits in 4.4). 

I too was distrusting of the "new" Motorola but i have seen +Punit Soni and company make some really good being the fact he responds right here.  I no longer think its the same ol' Motorola as before even though I stated they were earlier in the year :)  Give them time..I think this is a new Motorola and this new Motorola is a good one.
We merely said we will update a few devices to 4.4 and are sorting our plans for the rest. I don't think anyone said we will update only these devices to 4.4 and nothing else.
I read that as: New product line will receive 4.4. Other products (with details still uncertain and no commitments made) will be upgraded, but not to 4.4. It does makes sense not to disincentivize people to buy a new products (featuring 4.4).

But why not try to capitalize on the demand on updates at some point?

I wish the mobile business would rethink itself: Rather than pursuing increasingly short product cycles (in hardware), why not change or experiment with new sources of revenue. E.g why. not try to capitalize on the demand for new updates? Accept a slowdown in hardware cycles and then charge a payment for major software updates. In the long run I think the current trend is unsustainable and risk suffer the same fate as the desktop/laptop business (industry maturity). It is obvious that hardware innovation (with real usage impact!) has begun a slowdown in recent years. 
Put +Punit Soni and his team in center with software as a central revenue generating position. This is where product innovation happens and is likely to continue as industry matures. Eventually people is likely to recognize that hardware made a few years back are actually perfectly 'technical' functional, just as computers made years back are. The environment would love slower hardware cycles btw. There will be an initial outcry at first of cause, charging people money for something they used to get for free. Also shareholders will have cry out having to get used to slightly lower rates. However, the point is I think in the long run they will have to anyway. It is better to rearrange than imitate the experience of conservative laptop/desktop producers. These having not recognizing falling demand due to ‘a very natural’ maturity. 
A second option, not following the radical approach above, could be to release all source material (for low level drivers and everything). As least for 'developer editions'. Simply letting the community do the coding than letting manufactures bear the cost. This, however, I doubt is possible with critical software ownership probably not only in the hands of Google/Motorola only.

Sorry for rambling!
Jesper I what you are saying but I have to disagree with you on the hardware part. Mobile hardware has not reached maturity yet. Think about it... Storage battery life and performance matter to a lot of people and that is what will iterate, in price and performance gains... Examples? Qualcomm started developing the snapdragon 800 in 2010, the year of the first galaxy s, they developed a soc with 5 times more processing power and 10 times the graphics power on 4x bigger resolution I know this year they will announce armv8 architecture socs and imagination powervr 6... Storage will get cheaper and faster that is to say tablets will have full ssd rather than flash and flagship may next year have 64gb of storage if they so wish. Broadcom in the wireless radio business, lte voice, even more lowered powered radios more talk time more Internet time on mobile devices faster and stronger signals... I could go on but you get my point. Even in software development it's still in its infancy in mobile... We're still in 1998 in the pc era, lots of room still as existing technologies /hardware gets cheaper, that is to say galaxy s4 specs in an entry level device in 2 years, so what will the flagship be like? 
+Punit Soni thanks for the update. I can't wait to get 4.4 on my +Verizon Wireless  #motox   

Although, I have to admit I have a bit of a hesitation that the VZ MotoX will get the update in a timly manner. And I doubt it would be anything on your end...most likely a delay on VZ's part, as usual...sad...

Is the Motorola Razr M getting the Android 4.4 update even though it doesn't have the 4.3 update?
Motorola (via Verizon) has historically been the worst for OS updates.  If the radios weren't so darned good and the things weren't built like a tank there'd be no reason to stay with them.  It would have been nice to have 4.3 once upon a time. 
+Punit Soni So when we go to 4.4 for my Droid Maxx I will be able to do tap to pay with NFC, correct??? This was what I thought I was going to be able to do when I bought my phone only to find out Verizon blocks it!!!
Everyone is talking about the Kitkat 4.4 
I would like to know if the RAZR HD will update to Kitkat 4.4??
We will update with our plans soon
good to know! the general consensus at xda forums has been that if motorola doesn't update, considering that its optimized for 512mb RAM, most will on the next upgrade look elsewhere...the only thing that bugs me is that its still unclear,
YES we will update, future date? OR NOT?
 that is the plan? it be best to just say it...
future plan leaves people wondering if you 'll just leave it at 4.3 or do an iPhone and limit features (I for one don't care about your skin, if its aosp based, i'm down with that, i know that the file system the launcher and circles are all baked, i do like smart dialing though =D and that may be the issue),
another is Qualcomm. if they don't update drivers for the SOc we are done, but I doubt it, so many phones were released with the MSM8960 including the GS3 which just got 4.3 who knows if Samsung will update that phone too...
Sony has just like moto announced that this years phones get kit kat but last years for now only get 4.3....

remember guys its just not slapping 4.4 on the device, everything must work, all radios and have a solid performance hence why it takes time to port and update the ROMs...

well see what you guys have in store...cheers
Thanks for the update . Eagerly waiting to get some news about the Electrify M
Not updating recent phones like the RAZR HD/M would be a pretty big FU move.  Moto/Google benefits from being able to blame the carrier.  Want to break that hold and stand up for real?  Publicly release updates putting the onus on the carrier to get them to customers.
+Michael Burns Have we said we will not update those phones? Curious to know what specifically is the issue so I can follow up.
+Punit Soni , I didn't mean to come off so gruff.  I'm sure these things aren't easy.  My RAZR MAXX HD has been a fantastic phone, as was my original Droid.  I very carefully select my phones for long term use.  I hope development continues and that the purported lower resource requirements of KitKat help decrease fragmentation and provide a more unified environment to both developers and consumers.  My frustration above comes from artificial constraints and "forced" upgrades, often by carriers.  Searching for KitKat updates outside of the Motorola website shows I'm not alone here.  No one would want a laptop they couldn't upgrade or install a new OS on.  This is what makes things like Project Ara so appealing; quite the opposite of Samsung and Apple requiring OEM adapters and such.  Motorola seems in a position where they're able to release an update that people know about, where the carrier can't point the finger back to the manufacturer.  We've been waiting for the big Motorola comeback that innovates AND keeps it's loyal customers happy.  Go Moto!
My point is that we are still planning. I share your frustration with Updates, and we are doing our best to speed it up as best as we can. The result is for you to see in the past one year. But we are not solely in control of the update pipeline. The supply chain stretches from Android, Chipset folks, OEMs and Carriers. Not pointing fingers, just saying that my team will do its best to make you happy. 
Most of us are aware of the many complications and don't envy having to navigate that playing field.  Good work and good luck!  We do sincerely appreciate you keeping communications open.  
+Punit Soni I have a request.. Can we get a battery percentage indicator on the right side of the notification bar? I loved this feature on my s4 and I don't want an ongoing notification of my battery % on the left like apps can currently do. 
Wish Motorola would come out with a new tablet. I still love my Xoom and XYBoard tablets but would like a tablet that can handle the new OS. 
+Punit Soni that's interesting about the update supply chain. Could you maybe give us a little more insight into what's involved in pushing out an Android update to devices? What are the roles of the chipset manufacturers? I've heard that is the reason the Galaxy Nexus won't be receiving Kit Kat. 
+Punit Soni you have to be the busiest man on Google+! Take all of these attacks with a grain of salt. I, as well as many others, appreciate how well you keep in touch with us on regular basis. Please know you are appreciated, and don't let the negativity from a few angry customers keep you from communicating with us. You guys are doing an awesome job, and the core of this community appreciates your contribution. THANK YOU!
Razr i and Razr HD are still the flagship phones for Europe (since X is not officially available here). They are sold right now!
So anything, but an update to the current Android-version would really mean Motorola affronts his European customers once and for all.

A great smart-phone is not only good hardware (which Motorola definitely builds), but also good and up to date software - cause the later is what makes the phones "smart".

The commitment to this phones should come asap... and the update in a reasonable time-frame...
Cause currently I would advise against buying any of the current Motorola devices in Europe - since they all seem out of support already.

From a really committed company I would expect smartphone-updates for at least 2 years after the last device has been sold.
+Thorsten E. Gebuhr You made your point but you don't have to be snide about it. Punit and Moto have done a great job satisfying their customers, particularly with direct communication to us. If they can feasibly bring an update to those devices then I'm sure it will happen. 
+Bryan Swagerty didn't want to sound "snide" ... but yes - I'm disappointed.
Razr HD is the flagship phone from Motorola - a Google company - but has not received updates to 4.2 or 4.3 - now there is even discussion if it will stay on 4.1.2 forever
Which would mean the smartphone has then been sold as new flagship, but software-support already had been dropped with only one update shortly after release.

This is no kitchen-sink, which only needs cleaning once you bought it. This is a full blown computer-system connected to the "hostile Internet", which needs regular maintenance (e.g. to fix found security issues).
What's up with the status on the Droid RAZR m...will it be updated just got a mini update nothing big this phone hasn't been updated since November 2012 last year ( major update) what's going on Motorola? Keep your customers happy!
Thank you +Punit Soni !!

I am of cause referring to just updated Motorola update pages noting that us, the customers, buying your products last year will not be left out in the cold! That is Razr HD is getting updated to 4.4.

This is trully great news and from my perspective do demonstrate a prove of willingness from Moto to reward customers for loyalty. Faith restored in Motorola!

Btw. In my personal case I have perhaps potentially slightly stronger than average feelings towards this issue. As you do not (currently) sell recent Android phones in Scandinavia I have gone to extra lenght buying your product from a foreign country paying extra for this. I therefore appreciate that continue to support your products. BR.
if anyone is "desperate", xda has unofficial builds of 4.4; lots of bugs, front camera and radios being the biggest ones, at least its possible. remember warranty is void and you are removed from the OTA upgrade list... from what im seein its seems that 4.4 was tailored for the nexus 5, with the google launcher and everything.
there's no rush for me, just want a confirmation of the plan!
+Elias Vitaliano Vidaurre Davila I am also running an alpha build from XDA. It is super cool that devs have been able to produce 4.4 based ROMs so quick and i fully support their work. But as you say there are tons of bugs still. I am hoping that the official moto builds maybe can help devs produce rock-solid custom COMS. 
Waiting for Moto G arrival in India.....Time to get rid of chinese rebranded devices
waiting patiently for the update! thank you for updating the pages! kit kat here we go! excellent wok moto!
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