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We have a new version of the Google+ iOS app (v. that features resharing posts! Grab the update from the App Store as soon as it’s available (this can take a little time so please be patient):

Resharing is easy. Simply tap on a post (like you would to +1 it). At the bottom near the comment box, you’ll see a small arrow. Click it and you’ll see the option to “Share this post”. Just choose your audience, add a comment if you like, and hit “Post”.

You can find more info about this update in our release notes:

As always, thanks for your feedback on the apps. We’ll keep working to make the Google+ experience awesome no matter what device you’re on.

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Yay! Glad to see this!
Can't wait. Been trying to switch to desktop safari version to share then back to App version to read and +1.
Where can we see a list of all Google + updates?
Almost as good....I can now mute posts...Good work folks, on to iPad!
Works fine - but still no "tap top bar to scroll to head of stream"...
Thank you Anish, you guys are really helpfull
Is links not showing up in the app a known and reported problem?
Excellent! This was sorely missing from the mobile app...
Sorry +Punit Soni , 2 seconds in and I have a bug!

Your post about this update isn't showing in my Stream. My share of it is, but none of this thread is showing up! All the other posts in my stream from the desktop are showing, just not this one!
When will the app be available to other countries?(like Turkiye)
Does it work on the ipod touch yet?
IPAD enhanced version please.. Get a jump on facebook that has an iPhone only version too.. Also Android tablet too if you get around to it.. iPhone apps on iPads are an annoyance to use.. How much more work would it take ? Not very much..
+Punit Soni Great job ! What can I do to convince you to publish an iPad app ? Please !!!
Thanks for the sharing function. Big help, I can't get the + mentions working though. 
It's out! Nice job. Getting hard to keep up with you guys.
Thanks! Sorry that the ability to edit a post or comment isn't there yet or the issues with +Mentions but I'm sure you're working on it. 
+Andrew Prockter that's the behavior on Android too actually, though not on your computer. A lot of folks are sensitive about keeping their streams uncluttered, especially on their phones. If you want to see comments on Punit's post, just tap his name and then '[#] comments.' Would you prefer to have both the original post and your re-share both appear in your mobile stream?
Excellent. I reshared one of my own posts to try it out. It felt like I was hugging myself. :)
@ Keith Lavender on iPhone you can only + mention people you who's gmail email address you have in Google contacts.
Finally! This is the one mobile feature I was asking for from the beginning. Thank you +Punit Soni and the rest of the team for actually listening and delivering what we want. :)
Great to hear! Next, I hope, is the ability to add a URL ala the desktop version. I end up having to post something and then having to wait until I'm able to use a desktop to edit the post to add the URL as a URL.
Hate to complain, but any chance we could get the ability to +1 comments on the app too? And perhaps add links to posts? ^_^
Why not? Just give us time... :)
I'm patient, know you are all working hard on this :)
+Punit Soni Where can I send feature requests for future builds?
I would really like it if when I removed a suggested person they were removed permanently. Just an fyi.
It just crashes and takes me back to the home screen.
+Punit Soni , any chance that we will get + mentions of people NOT in our address book? Even if this feature is restricted to + mentions of users in the comment stream, for example +Sarah McGee above me here, would be useful. As it stands, it is impossible for me to do this in the iOS app because I cannot use the copy/paste function either.

Thanks for the hard work!
I'm excited to update my iOS on my phone. Too bad there is now power at my house. The remnants of Lee dropped +12" of rain!
Tony, yes fix coming soon
+Anish Acharya The App just woudn't open. It would start to launch and then crash and take me back to the home screen of my iPhone. I deleted it and reinstalled it and that seemed to fix the problem. Should have done that before posting.
You guys at Google use the craziest version numbering.

Awesome update. Thanks for the hard work. Works perfect on my iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.3. (updated G+ app from older version).
how about a touchpad app so hangouts will work? Writing this from the hp touchpad btw.
Thanks a lot and yes, ipad app and comments +1 would be much appreciated
I really hope to see an iOS API for G+ soon. The iPad app, is shamefully deficient. It feels like you all have some kind of "web page" model of the iOS app that you are translating, so that there is not code in place to do if ( idiom == IPAD ) tests to manage simple things so that we could actually have a full width screen with non-hacked up font renderings. The iPhone x2 business is just not demonstrating any form of "we understand our users needs" for me.
Been waiting for this!
+Punit Soni Is the refresh of the bottom notification bar fixed?
Thanks anyway for the update...
Was this released the same time as the android app and it just took Apple a long time to accept it?
how come the app is available in all middle eastern countries except Saudi Arabia?
Any plans to add sparks to the iOS version? Would be great way to read and share news. 
+Punit Soni Hi, is there any plan for a Google+ app for BlackBerry in the near future?
Updated the app. And tested successfully by resharing this post.
+Punit Soni, firstly, thanks for the update. It's working well and I can definitely see improvements in various places - speedier (asynchronous) loading of photos and comments in posts not being the least of them.

I'm curious though: is the feedback form within the iPhone app the preferred way to give feedback / report issues for the app. There's an awful lot of static questions which I tend to leave blank (I've already answered them before) and only fill in the 'optional' comment box at the bottom. Since the box is marked optional it seems more of a survey rather than a feedback form. Are these comments passed on as bug/feature requests?

Thanks again.
We really need a BlackBerry app or a mobile web app that can post pictures. I can post photos via Picasa email and then comment the photo but this is painful.
+Punit Soni +Anish Acharya Thanks for the update guys! I'm curious to know if there are any plans for adding landscape support for the IOS platform. I've seen the question asked in several places, however, I haven't seen any responses.
We are tracking the issue..
+Punit Soni I've just come across a small bug in the android version - I noticed comments that have cross out text ( like this ) doesn't get displayed as crossed out. I don't know if this is also true of the main body text as I haven't an example to try it with.
Can links be shortened within the app? Or do I need to use bitly?

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