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I had a rubiks cube, cleopetra, viking, a character from flake (?), zombie, a star wars dude, an angel and pregnant boy land up at my house! Gave out tons of candy..
Response: ' this house was totally worth it. Good we came!'

Nothing better than validation from children. So awesome. Love halloween.
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you will definitely get some surprises !!! 
Can you request a photo of the character in exchange for candy?  A blog with all these photos would be really cute.  Or would you be seen as weird for taking these photos?  We don't get hordes of unknown costumed kids at our door in Australia, so I'm not really sure what the social perspective on that is.

I actually rhought of that and was not sure.. taking pics of kids seems to be frowned upon ;)
Pregnant boy is a good idea... I just put a shoe on my head, wore a pink jacket and said I was chewed gum on your foot. 
"an angel and pregnant boy"?! Are these children or adults?
wow. certainly this couldn't have been the kids' idea? i guess the parents thought it was funny? geeez...
:)) those kids felt like tweens.. so maybe not 
If I have an Atrix as the Halloween gift, someone will throw it away at once.  Hahahaa
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