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Its been a few days since we launched the Assist update and it was awesome to see its ratings rise on the Playstore. You guys are amazing for supporting us so much.

Perhaps we need to launch a few more things then... Cant wait for next week.

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Can't wait for the taste of 4.4.2 :p 
You gotta show some cheek sometimes... :)
Now I can't wait for next week either. BTW you and your team have created a loyal #Motorolan here. 
Can't wait to see what's next +Punit Soni Hope it's 4.4.2 and Google Play services updates! Loving my X! It has displaced my iPhone 5 as my daily driver. 
I can't wait for the next version of the Moto X. It will definitely be my phone!!
Don Dudas
+Punit Soni to turn your quote right back on you and the whole team "You guys are amazing for supporting us so much!" You have set the bar so f'n high for the other OEMs that they'll never catch up. 
+Punit Soni I greatly appreciate the quick and content filled updates, you guys are great! So glad I decided to switch. Keeping my fingers crossed that assist will learn my cars Bluetooth and/or you will add the ability to manually designate a Bluetooth device as your cars, so that the great feature will work all the time for me instead of so sporadically.
Me too. Thanks to you and your Moto Team 😀
Moto X is the best handset to date, so good my dad snatched it from me and started using it!!! If only I could afford two of them...
+eldo baby Motorola Finance if you qualify FTW. No interest and $25 a month. Motorola got every corner covered for us.
+Punit Soni thanks for setting the new bar so high. The way your team is handling things, it makes me proud to own a moto x! 
+Kevin Rieber have you tried to uninstall the update and load it again? Just thinking of a fix here. Mine had been flawless at kicking in the second I start the car. 
+Punit Soni A motorola/google smart watch done right... i'm sure we'll be all over it like white on rice
+Punit Soni I'm hopeful for a Moto X update that fixes our battery woes. Keep up the great work.
I wound't mind hearing about the launch of the Droid Maxx [2/S/2014] Developer Edition.  I'm thinking maybe standard spec upgrades for a 2nd gen device (3 or 4GB of RAM, 4000+MaH battery, maybe a 64bit processor, etc)...  Plus add in a microSD card slot (even though Google isn't really fond of them), water & dust resistances, and most importantly....  Let us use MotoMaker on it...  

I'm almost tempted to grab the current Maxx's Dev Edition, but I know (hope) it's only going to be a few short months (or less, please say less) till the 2nd gen is out...  My Galaxy S4 is a great phone, but as soon as the new Maxx is announced...  Sorry Samsung, it's been nice knowing ya... 
I just recently cleared all data from contextual services and assist and uninstalled and re updated both to give it a clean slate, but haven't been in the car since and I'd imagine it will take some time to learn. If yours is starting right when you start car my guess is you have Bluetooth and it's learned it. My problem is that I am afraid that because driving mode doesn't actually kick in so frequently, but I'm still connected to the car via BT, that it will never recognize that the Bluetooth is my car because of how often it's paired but as far as the phone is concerned, not driving. +Don Dudas
Moto Australia site was updated with the Moto G around an hour ago. Hoping that Moto X appears shortly as well.
+Punit Soni you guys at +Motorola Mobilitybhave been nothing but awesomeness! I was worried when switching from the nexus 5 that there wouldn't be much support for this phone but you guys have been on top of your game. I'm so happy with my Moto×
+Joshua Talley we are basically here to serve you. What we are doing is not extraordinary.. Its what you deserve for spending money on our product.

This should be the only way to do things. Hopefully we can live up to it and you have patience with us if we slip up sometime.
Interesting, I can't wait for next week ^o^ 
I'm so ready to go back to Motorola. Last Moto device was under the old regime, but you guys are constantly impressing me now. Can't wait to see what's in store this year! 
Hello +Punit Soni .Motorola assist is "over everyrhing else" too usefull! ... But... Could you change the meeting mode (or adding an option) to read inside calendar the BUSY / AVAILABLE value to enable meeting mode only if now there is an event marked as BUSY?

+Punit Soni I wish you guys are planning this year flag ship releases with the same time frame as US to the rest of the world. You know rest of the world do not want to have a device that is older compared to its successor in US :D.
Having Trusted Wifi networks in addition to trusted devices would be freaking amazing, agree with +Michael Gomez . Would be a nice addition to the Play Store :)
Thank you +Punit Soni +Mark Rose and the entire team at +Motorola Mobility for showing everyone in the industry how it should be done with beautiful and innovative and exciting devices and the most accessible and responsive public relations campaign I have ever experienced.
Ok so 4.4.2 is coming. But what does it bring...
They have been beating everyone to the punch with updates thus far, so I am not sure what you mean by "finally going to update to 4.4.2" but that was a great commercial. My first Motorola was much later than that Flip Phone...a v265 triband on VZW.
A little slow on the uptake...apologies! 😴
How about a new Motorola Tablet? As close to stock Android as possible. But with Moto flavored icing.
Moto X tablet. I'll buy one immediately.
Yeah, I have to agree having owned the original Xoom, still running, and the N10 which has been a pretty major dissapointment, a really well featured and well designed successor to the Xoom would really fill out your stable of offerings and continue the string of achievements that have been reestablishing Motorola's reputation.
I just ordered a Moto G after losing my GS3. Motorola is the manufacturer the Android world has been waiting for :)
+Punit Soni what are the chances of being able to toggle the driving assist mode on when you are working in your office or shop where it would be nice to have the total hands free experience? 
Interesting ideas.. I think the phone should automatically learn what you like and do it. Some ways to go before we get there though...
Launch X in Hong Kong and you get even more support. Ha. Thanks
The new assist hasn't fixed driving detection for me which has been broken since the Motorola contextual services update. Its still a crap shoot if it's going to actually work. 
+Matt Toly +Punit Soni a good compromise in the mean time would be the following command: ok Google now, read text message. Seems like it would be an easy addition since it can already do this when driving. 
Is driving mode supposed to disable active display? It seems like sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't, and I'd definitely prefer to have it off in the car.

Also, the conditional activation of meeting mode based on the busy/free setting is something I was going to suggest myself.
+Dan Strong Have you done a factory reset?  This last Assist update, the "Launch/Play music app" function stopped working entirely.  I did a factory reset, and poof it works.  Sometimes old files left in a cache can have a very negative affect on an app, especially one as complex as TC and Contextual Services (which updated the same time as the Assist app did).
+Punit Soni Your comment on serving the customer is the absolute best thing I have ever heard from an OEM.  Period.  Well done!
+Justtyn Hutcheson I'm actually using an entirely different Moto X now.  I gave my GF my woven black and I got a Bamboo one.  Same problem.  It can detect when I'm driving but it's super random.  Sometimes I'll be cruising on the highway at 65mph with nothing and others I'll be driving 10mph away from my house and it detects it just fine...
Bring it on!!! Assist is amazing! I keep trying to think of more things to suggest but at this point I have only one.  Touchless Controls needs some more love.  It should be able to dial number not in your phone book by using Google Now to find a phone number to a local store.  Right now If I say.

"Ok Google Now, Call Target" - It basically pulls a random person form my phonebook.
If I say "Ok Google Now, Number to Target" - It will pull up the phone numbers through Google Now for Target locations nearby. (This is helpful, but the behavior is inconsistent with the Google Now native query.  I think if Touchless Cant work with Google Now to perform this function just have it display that it can't call numbers not in your phonebook.

The Second suggestion and this one is a bit more important.  Conversational Search.

When I ask something using ok Google Now example.
"Ok Google Now, WHo is the President of the United States" 
Google Now: "Barack Obama is the President of the US."

In conversational through Google Now I can just say "Ok Google, How old is he old is he? and I will get the follow answer.

With Touchless, We lose this functionality unless we tap the microphone.  Now this is a small concession for an otherwise amazing feature.  But it would be terrific if Touchless didn't take away from the native functionality of Google Search.   

That's all I got for a suggestion +Punit Soni But I hope you guys will look at this in the future.
+Punit Soni Can you define 'few/couple weeks away'
we've been hearing the very same sentence since...'few/couple weeks'  and it would be nice to have some concrete data, such as Feb 1, 2014 or 4 weeks from now, or anything that is concrete, please 
also, the 'few/couple weeks away' is that for +Motorola Mobility to send the KitKat to +Rogers Communications 
or +Rogers Communications to release this to customers?
+Dan Strong do you sometimes not have cell service from your departing location. I've noticed it takes forever to detect when I leave from work - parking garage gets no cell service. Otherwise it detects driving just fine. 
In that case, I can't wait for next week either. The only improvement that I can think of at this time is for Active Listening to play music by genre. Other than that, I agree with others that trusted WiFi would be awesome. I love the idea of trusted Bluetooth, +Punit Soni any chance the +Motorola Mobility will create Bluetooth Smart tiles?
+Punit Soni Mr. Punit please add Bluetooth trigger to Assist drive mode, many of us dont use GPS. I believe in new version Bluetooth is only acting as a helper to GPS. 
+Punit Soni As others have requested, please allow the talk to me feature of Assist when not driving.  Thanks.
I would love to have Assist work when I am driving on my Moto G.  I realize it doesn't have the same motion sensors, but couldn't it start based on my connected to the bluetooth in my car?
I still haven't gotten the update. Is it KitKat only?
+Mark Rose on +Dan Strong issue
+Richard Hung on +Alban Gray comment and other feedback
+Lucas Wielgosz you have not heard that from me. I have consistently said soon then a few weeks and now a couple of weeks. No one is artificially holding back KK for will still get it before other device gets it in US and it will still be the fastest it was ever deployed in Canada. In fact 4.4.2 already got there for G. So it will happen.. Pls be a little more patient. The team works super hard on these things...I hate giving dates since it just puts extraordinary pressure on the team and we can very easily be wrong.

+Punit Soni I just can't wait to use all the amazing features +Motorola Mobility put in place for MotoX, which are not compatible with my version :-(
we are all geeks here and we just want to play and have fun with MotoX (wink wink nudge nudge... soak test invite for MotoX +Rogers Communications)
but any way, thanks for the update, which will have a positive impact on my battery, as I will stop manually checking 'System updates' menu :-D LOL
+Punit Soni thanks for actively engaging, taking feedback and working as hard as you guys are. Your messaging on when Canada will get the update has definitely been consistent. We're just eager to take full advantage of our Moto X here in Canada. 
I just wish Canadians could be part of the love fest with Motorola...but not getting 4.4 yet really hamstrings this device with certain 3rd party products that support the Moto X only if it is running KitKat.  All this "soon" stuff and zero answers from +Rogers Communications helps Canadians very little with the products that they have today that don't work properly with the Moto X.
I love the new feature that plays music automatically when I start driving! The feature I'd most like to have next: the ability to say "Ok Google Now...NEXT SONG". Sometimes you just want to skip songs on the current queue.
Wow, this isn't just about an awesome phone anymore, it's about the company behind it. I've never seen anything like this. Terrific +Punit Soni +Motorola Mobility The only option I would like to see with Assist is being able to keep text messages on also from Favorites during Sleep mode. I missed an emergency text the other night.
Moto x owners waiting for kit Kat, how would you like to be a Verizon galaxy nexus owner just finally being promised 4.3 some time this year? Waiting a few months is not bad in the scheme of things.
+Punit Soni any chance of a camera app update for Droid Maxx? It's better but still slow at snapping shots 
+Punit Soni I assume you'll just ignore my question again but...
Do you have any information about the 4.4 update for the Razr M/HD/MaxxHD? 
+Punit Soni I too would like to know about the 4.4 status of the Razr Maxx HD.  I ready for some KitKat! 
more importantly +Punit Soni to keep developers and modders happy for the 2012 phones please keep bootloader unlock codes (heck, my phones warranty expired anyways) valid, a simple way to root (remove bloat, greenify app) and dump the kernel/rom to devs so we can get better custom phone is ready for 4.4.2!
+Punit Soni looks good, just that i have a regular xt925, definitely this autumn for my upgrade i will shortlist a developer edition! a moto x2 with 5" 1080p RGB AMOLED, snapdragon805 or better, 64GB storage, 3GB RAM, 10mpx with OIS small sensor, fitness app and 3400mAh while keeping it small would be the beast!
+punit sir when you bring moto g in india i am eagerly waiting to experience this device
Just ordered my bamboo Moto X!!!  AWESOME!!!  Thanks Moto for keeping it fresh.  This loyal customer (for years and YEARS) is GLAD to be moving forward with you!
+Punit Soni Request: please remove any more holo blue from the UI and keep it all around 4.4 gray for the +Motorola Mobility  Droid maxx xt1080m in the next firmware update...and probably the rest of the verizon droids too...i dont find it very visually appealing...performance has been fine...

still love my #droidmaxx  anyways though...thank you
+bryan bailey that's a carrier requirement . other devices like X and G are all white.
What would have been nice is and Assist Update that actually did something. Car mode over Bluetooth still does not work which basically make receiving a message worthless since nothing plays. Sending a reply doesn't work at all. Telling it to reply just sends you too the home screen. This happens on the Moto X and the Droid Maxx on kitkat
+Punit Soni Google Experience Launcher fixes the color scheme for the most part, but if you could please let +Verizon Wireless know that there are plenty of other #droidmaxx users who think it just doesn't go together well with this like... Half 4.4 update...

Can't wait to see what else +Motorola Mobility comes out with this year! 
Marc E
I kind of hope some of those things is a camera update.
Yes. Its not and issue with the stereo being incompatible with voice to text either. I was using Hands free SMS before Assist which uses tts and it works fine. The head unit shows up as a device associated with driving. Ok Google Now works great so I don't understand how it couldn't work.
+Brian Sheehan there were a lot of changes in KitKat for Bluetooth. I'm 99% sure your issue will be fixed soon.
No offense but that's no excuse. When small third party developers can make this stuff work and Google's own people can't that means something is broken at the company. It's like the camera update for other people. Why are broken things being released?
Because our testing didn't show anything broken. And 99% of people are very happy with the update :)
We will work hard to diligence your specific issue and thank you for reporting it. +Mark Rose and +Kevin McDunn see if there is a larger issue here pls.
There is a major thread on this over at Android Central. Is not specific to me it in fact just one phone nor is it just one bt device. This happens on my X as well as my wife's Maxx. It does not work with the Alpine stereo in my truck or the UVO system in my car or the Parrot headset I have. It does work when Bluetooth is turned off 
Pls Send me the thread. We will take a look at it. 
+Mark Rose I have the same issue as +Dan Strong. Sometimes it will kick in within a few mile or so, other times not at all. When it acts up, I see GPS lock issues (constantly dropping fix and re-acquiring every 10 or 15 seconds) in Maps and other GPS apps as well. I have seen this since day one on KK. Very frustrating. 
And BTW, I have made no less than a dozen drives since the update, and my truck's Bluetooth receiver has yet to be shown in Assist's drive settings, even though it is always connected and streaming podcasts while I'm driving. How long should it take to learn? 
Brian O
Someone over on XDA is claiming they received and installed an update for 4.4.2 on his Verizon Moto X.  Some people think it might be bogus though.
+Mark Rose any luck we will get the option in Assist to not have all calendar entries trigger Assist? I'd want an option to only trigger Assist for events with a Busy status. Because of this I had to disable meetings. 
Hey, +Punit Soni I'm just curious about the update plan for the Moto X once new hardware comes out. Not something urgent, just wondering. Because Android updates is something to consider when comparing a Nexus device and a Moto.

Thanks for the awesome work guys, and my next phone will be a Moto for sure.
+Sahil Chaturvedi as in will Moto continue to deliver awesome updates after another device comes out? Yes. Their support will continue for as long as possible. It's what makes them unique. Hope that helps 
+Brian Sheehan again, thanks for reporting this.  As you can tell from the engagement on boards like this we take our product very seriously and our focus is on creating amazing software and experiences. 
Hi +Scottin Pollock - it takes about 10+ drives and 3 hours of learning to make that association.  This is also a new learning model and we're making refinements as we learn more.  
Hi +Ramon McNally yes, stay tuned for this one.  It's high on the list of coming improvements.
Thanks +Mark Rose. It be nice if we could just add a device (much like what we can with trusted devices). Currently it seems more complicated than need be. 
+Sahil Chaturvedi if we go by how they are handling their last flagship (RAZR HD) I would suggest you to sit tight because I have some bad news for you...
Would love for Assist to turn my bluetooth on when I start to drive.
+Diego Scheuermann RAZR HD was subject to Verizon control due to exclusivity... MotoX is not exclusive to any single carrier.. Wrong comparison to make...
+Don Dudas The Razr HD a.k.a. XT925 can be bought unlocked all around the world and has no carrier exclusivity (and never had). The comparison with the Moto X is fair, that being said I think the Moto X's future is more bright even if Motorola releases a new flagship but only time will tell.
All devices built after Motorola was acquired will get all the support regardless of our future plans. We intend to do our best to support even devices built before the acquisition but I know there are some gaps there.
+Punit Soni Thanks, I know you can do so much and the new direction regarding software and updates has been ace, it's just that more than 12 months have passed without updates and I'm a little disappointed after all the announcements back in sep' 2012.
+Mark, I dont even know. I would have to think about it. Maybe something for people into fitness/gym. I really dont know, but the people at Motorola are great so I'm sure that they will or probably have already thought about something.:-) ive been SO IMPRESSES with this phone.
You could make it disable WiFi or enable certain things when leaving an home or work
update of software is good? but how about of update Droids 2012? sorry for my english
+Ramon McNally So basically I'm getting people want Smart Actions back. I do miss the slew of functional uses for them, but I also get that the downside is more consumption due to always looking for location based events to be happening. Kind of a trade off....
+Mark Rose, +Corey Greaves Perhaps all the functionality of the Tasker app would be too complex for Assist, but whatever steps you can take to ensure that they play nice together would be greatly appreciated! Thanx for all you've already provided.
+Richard Jones this is something we're looking into.  The moto g has different hardware then the Moto x.  Stay tuned!
+Mark Rose no worries. Dont get me wrong, the Moto G is an awsome phone, and glad I purchased it. However my previous lumia 520 could do this out of the box, and the 520 is less spec'd than the Moto G ;)! (when paired with my bluetooth stereo with built in mic, id be told a text message was recieved and do i want to listen to it, and after id heard it do i want to reply or continue playing music )
+Punit Soni Still waiting on this "Perhaps we need to launch a few more things then... Cant wait for next week." to come true :D
Launched new version of Migrate ..what more do u want ;)
Lol well that was not exciting to me. I'm already a loyal android user ;) I'd take android 4.4.2 on my X :p , a cool tweaking app, or something so kick butt that I didn't even know I needed but want. You guys created a beast in me since you set the bar so high over the competition :)
+Punit Soni
I'm also excited to see what's coming as I know you weren't just talking about migrate... Keep up the great work! 
All of those still waiting for 4.4 you should really try unlocking the bootloader and flash the official rom .. I did that and have been enjoying kk since...... 
+Emmanuel Torres know of a way to unlock a boot loader on a non Dev phone?  Many people face that...there is no known way to unlock a bootloader on a non dev Moto X phone that does not get directly unlocked from Motorola...lots of carriers block that.
I don't care really about 4.4.2. I just have SNS (shiny new *hit) syndrome. :). I more so want unique new apps.
+Punit Soni +Mark Rose a cool couple things to add to touchless controls would be a custom trigger phrase. Example I could say "hello moto" and it answered. Also maybe let you record the phrase 3 different times. Reason for that is usage 1. You are asking it something so you tend to say ok Google now in a calm voice as you did when you set it up. Usage 2. Lost your phone in your house... You normally start yelling for ok Google now and when you are yelling your voice is at a higher pitch and not calm. Not exactly how you said it when you recorded it so the phone ignores you.
+Mark Rose thank you for the reply. I have zero faith in lenovo and I am afraid they won't give you the innovative freedom that Google gave. I cannot believe Google did this.
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