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Welcome to the new Motorola.
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Where are the live tweets? I'm dying here, lol.
And I'm choosing the wood grain as well. It's a delightful way to make hi-tech seem more earthy and organic.
After the Atrix 4G debacle, I WANT TO BELIEVE. But it's going to take some time.
32GB is an AT&T exclusive. really? aww shucks. ::puts credit card away::
Is this price accurate? $400 for an off contract model????
Motorola home page:

Sorry we can't find that page. Please try searching our site
You guys should of done better than this. This is an immediate fail. Too high price. Low specs. Carrier exclusives. Locked bootloader.. Have you guys at Motorola been paying attention the last few years??? Smh
Sounds like the old Motorola to me.
And the site is down... Can't wait to see the new changes. 
How can they say "we can choose our storage" when there's no SD card slot?

I guess "customization" means you take what we give you and like it. 
+Bill Ballantyne the 32GB is not ATT exclusive.  The option to customize your phone colors is exclusive to ATT...  For Moto's first real Google phone, I have to say extremely disappointed in the specs. 
Everything I've read says both 32GB and the customizations are AT&T exclusives. This is a huge FAIL, if true.
the 32gb version is ATT exclusive...And its locked!

The specs are of no concern to me..They are decent enough for a strong mid-range...My issue is the price...This was meant to be on par with the Nexus 4, which is also a mid-range device packing higher specs!

This was a fail in my opinion....
+Punit Soni this page has a huge typo it says MB instead of GB several times... "Play Goldilocks and choose the right size for you: 16 or 32 MB"
Not interested in getting stuck with contracts, when are you going to sell them off contract?
Hmmm. The Motorola home page appears to be 404ing at the moment.
Methinks the avoidance of mentioning off-contract prices means we are in for a shock. I sure hope not, given the other anticipointments today.
Off-contract pricing better be $300 or less.
Over-hyped. Hope this is just the start.
199$ on contract lol, carrier lock lol.  Make a Google Play Edition ASAP for under 400$
Google had the opportunity to take the torch and launch Motorola into a generation ahead of its competition and they instead decided to play bridge with the others during afternoon tea.
+Jon Lambert But what if I want 64 GBs? I can get that with the S3 or S4, but not with the MotoX which touts customization.
More like a game of Old Maid with AT&T while everybody else presses their noses up against the window watching from the outside.
+Punit Soni possible that something wrong? On nexus 7 here on the main page I just get " Sorry we can't find that page", the motoX page is missing all images and the "register for updates" is completely unusable (missing text, images, and SSL warning because of insecure elements)!
Will follow up on the website guys. thanks.
Also, MotoMaker starts with ATT but will expand to others...
I set a cookie (Choose Motorolo Mobility), and now that page just keeps redirection and redirection in one big infinite loop :-(
We hate carrier exclusives... I hope you guys do better next time out. Until then, any word on the nexus 5???
its available on all carriers. And MotoMaker will soon expand too..
"With over 2,000 possibilities" --  some psychology researchers say that too many choices will make consumers anxious and unhappy.  Autonomy, good. Overwhelming choices, bad.
...but are any of them open-source hardware? That's mainly what I'm looking for.
Customization will expand to other channels :)
I don't care about the customizations, just hope we in eu can buy the motox play store edition soon!
+Punit Soni Can you tell me what the unique value proposition of this phone is (aside from customization)? It looks quite similar to the Droids announced recently, I thought the Moto X might have some significant differences, but for all intents and purposes, it looks roughly the same. Don't get me wrong, I'm compelled and would like one, but I have to pay full retail for my next device or I lose unlimited data on Verizon. I was really hoping this would be priced similarly to Nexus phones.
+Punit Soni I have been a Moto fan for years.. my first phone was a StarTac and I've carried a Moto since that day.  The fact Moto updated the Bionic really won my loyalty.

I eagerly waited for this phone - Today's announcement left me deflated, demoralized and utterly unenthusiastic.  There are so many things that could have made this phone a compelling device: Price Point off contract (FAIL), Bootloader (FAIL), Google Experience Device (FAIL), and Carrier Bloatware (FAIL).  A win on any of those would've enticed me. 

I don't want wood, I want freedom and/or a great price. Very disappointed.

I'm sorry. 
+Eric Wingrove Yeah I get a corporate discount, too, so I have unlimited Verizon LTE on my plan and I only pay $62/month. I'd really rather not leave for another carrier, I live in a rural area and Verizon has the best service around here. I wouldn't mind stepping down to a tiered data plan if it had 3 or 4GB, but 2GB just isn't enough
:) I was burned by the Photon, and swore not to buy another Motorola phone. Thanks for not tempting me. 

Looks like there will be a mini (G4 or One) in my future.
+Punit Soni you guys dropped the ball. Especiaply making the 32gb an att exclusive effectively screwing everyone else. Plus the price is insane for last years tech.

Don't care how smart the phone is. Phones are coming woth 1080p and 3gb ram and you're giving us a mid range device at a high end price that out the box is gimped to one carrier.

The new moto is a lot like the old moto and you're going down the path of htc and turning off users. Hell how are you launching with 4.2.2 when google owns moto?

Trying to gain a profit is fine but give users value besides a series of gimmicks and following greed by being exclusive to att. 
+Punit Soni Given all the leaks, I was hugely excited about purchasing this, and had my credit card ready in case it was available today. You guys managed to change my mind.  

1. Providing the best options on AT&T (the objectively worst carrier, ever) first.  I don't care how much money they shoveled at you for this, you're vague statements that other carriers will get it "later" means you have now lost at least one customer/evangelist.  I've been waiting for this phone's announcement, and I won't wait an indeterminate amount of time for a second announcement.  Now my decision is the Nexus 4 or Galaxy S4. 

2. A ridiculously high price that requires a contract. Honestly, if it wasn't for #1, I'd overlook this too.  

Cozying up with AT&T is not a good way to rebrand yourself.  I hope you are watching the reaction to this mistake.
That website went crazy while loading in chrome.
It is pretty representative that when I click on Motorola Mobility it won't let me in. Ticking remember my selection was a bad idea as it put my browser into an infinite loop.
+Punit Soni the problem it seems it that a call to gives me/curl/chrome a http 301 (moved permanently) back, to "Location: /at", which could not be found on your servers. The 301 that comes back also has "Server: AkamaiGHost", if that is of any importance.
Is this still an issue? Will get someone to look at ir
Hao zi
Cool? Feathered edge effct on a hand holding MOTOX? The picture of SOL REPUBLIC makes me thought the slider is not loading right.
+Punit Soni why is it that Samsung keeps users posted on updates yet Motorola seems to not do so well in this area. Example the S4, S3, and note 2 was announced today to get android 4.3 in October. I'm waiting to see when my razr hd maxx is going to get 4.2.2 or higher so i can enjoy the customized lock screen and quick settings etc..
Motorola is silent on matters like this. I hope the new Motorola is not like that. And by New Motorola I mean the company not just the new phones released since Google bought Motorola.
We should post updates on our plans on this. I will talk to the team and we will get an update out on our Upgrades website.
+Punit Soni Thank you and that would be awesome :)  I have been wanting 4.2.2 or higher on my Razr HD MAXX for a while now just for the lock screen enhancements and quick settings panel.  Would be nice to see the plans.

When i seen the update on the Droid Ultra/Maxx I loved its vanilla look! However, I figured the update for my Razr HD would come well after the Droid Ultra/Maxx came out due to marketing reasons.  Would be harder to sell the Droid Ultra/Maxx if you can pick up a Razr HD Maxx with the same OS level as the Ultra/Maxx but at half the cost.  But i do hope its coming and man I hope it has the same stock Android look that the new Droid Ultra/Maxx has :)
+Punit Soni HTC just announced Android 4.2 for the Droid DNA on HTC and Samsung have announced updates to 4.2....Just a friendly reminder about the need for update info on Motorolas update page :)
Yes...absolutely :) we have that update scheduled.
+Punit Soni Its been a while now and still no upgrade info on the site.  I am reading now on droid-life that a leaked build of 4.3 has come out for the Galaxy S4 and Note 2 has been posted.  That means that Samsung is working on 4.3 for their phones.

When am I going to find out the status of 4.2.2 or 4.x for my Droid Razr HD MAXX?  
+Punit Soni is David the one responsible for the updates?  If so is he part of old Motorola?  Old Motorola wanted to keep us as members of the Mushroom Kingdom.  Meaning the old Moto felt that they did not need to keep their customers in the light.  If he is truly old Moto that might speak to why he has yet to get the updates out or notify customers of upcoming updates as its a former mindset issue.  I really do enjoy Motorola products (I own a Moto Razr flip phone, OG Droid, Droid Bionic, Motorola Barrage, Droid Razr HD, Droid Razr, and Xoom LTE) but I cannot be part of the Mushroom Kingdom for very much longer.  Please light a fire under someones rear so they can get an update schedule out so Moto isn't left behind in this aspect.
+Punit Soni HTC just released Android 4.3 for the One :/  I am only telling you this stuff because I honestly want to see Motorola change and i have seen so much positive change with devices and enthusiasm for the devices.  Motorola seems like a new company on that front.  As for the software updates though it seems to be the same ol' company.  I am hoping you, and Google, can change this.
We pushed an update to our SW within a month and half of launching it. That doesn't meet my bar of same ol'
To which phone? The Motorola X? Verizon still has not acknowledged the update exists. Besides I'm talking about an os update to the droid razr hd maxx and earlier. I am not talking about the flagship Moto X and a bug fix update.
Also there is a huge difference in the motivation to push out updates for phones your trying to currently sell that resolve potential sales impacting bugs like the camera and call issues than to update loyal customers with previous generation phones with the latest update. I'm not even asking for 4.3 all I want is 4.2.2 that's on the new Motorola phones.
Not bashing the company at all but I'm just concerned about the perceived lack of caring for the phones and the customers that own them, at the very least, one model behind the current one being sold. I can see not updating perhaps the old razr or bionic to 4.2.2 but the HD line were just sold but not a couple months ago...i got mine 6 months ago. They should have 4.2.2 as we all know the Razr HD line should run it fine. :)
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