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Hi Guys...we have a new update for the Google+ Android app (v.1.0.5). Check out the video overview below, and grab the update when it’s available in Android Market for you. This can take a few hours, so please be patient :)

[video link: Google+ Update: Android App version 1.0.5]

You can see more details about the update in our release notes:

We’ll keep tracking our biggest requests for future updates, so don’t fret if your fave feature didn’t make this release:

Thanks for all of the great feedback! We’ll continue to make the Google+ for mobile experience awesome no matter what device you’re on, so be on the lookout for the next set of updates soon. Very soon ;)
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Awesome! Can't wait for the iPhone updates. :P
When will the Google+ iPhone app be updated to support iOS 5? It's currently the only app that I can't use at all with iOS 5.
Merge Gtalk and Huddle Please !!! We want a truly cross-platform bbm-like device like whatsapp but from Google !
Any news if/when a tablet optimized (honeycomb) version will be avaible?
Thanks and keep up the good work! :-)
Very nice! You guys fixed some of my major issues.
Hope it fixes the links not working directly from posts issue >grinz<
iPhone app iOS5 support? hint hint
I really like those videos release notes. It put faces on people who work to make our life easier, funnier and of course more social!
The iPhone app is getting dust in the face. When can we see similar functionality as Android. Keep up the good fight 
awesome. just keeps getting better.
We are working hard on the updates to the iPhone App. Its coming soon!
+mentions don't work so well. when typing +Matt none of my Google+ Matts come up, only the Matts from my phonebook.
Definitely coming along nicely but I don't think I'm alone when I say that a "retweet" function is necessary
I like how ye have changed +1 from red to was a pet peeve of mine!
Nice one on the reshared posts having the wrong profile pic. Android view reuse can be sneaky sometimes.....
Really happy for the update! Keep them coming!
+Punit Soni Great job on the app updates and well done on the video! it is great to see and hear you :)
Can we delete huddles yet?!
iOS 5 is still in beta. Apps can't add compatibly for it yet.
Still no reshare feature? I can't be expected to write all my own content can I?
Ack, since I'm near google my "nearby" is now clogged with reshares of this post from people not likely nearby!
Thank you for fixing rotation problem. It was really annoying.
Now I'm waiting for more Nearby improvement and maybe a Nearby layer in Google Maps, like it used to be with Buzz. We do need to see posts with geotags on a map.
Still taking up 8.41MB. Any chance of getting “Move to SD card” in an update soon?
this is awesome...but any news when we will be able to have hangouts on the app and also when we will be able to click on people's names so that we may add them to a circle?
Click on people's names or pictures and it should take you to their profile. You canadd them their to a circle.
This is awesome! Thanks for the update +Punit Soni! By the way, I understand that iOS 5 is still in beta, but I hope you can consider making the Google+ iOS app compatible with it. Downgrading my iPhone with iOS 5 to iOS 4.3.5 to fully enjoy Google+ app isn't an easy option.
Still can not re-share a post, still can not +1 comments. When are these features coming?
Huddle is really great, maybe 'send file' feature would be nice on next version. You rock, Sir!
+Giancarlo Viterbo, Apple doesn't allow iOS 5 compatible apps yet. Google couldn't add iOS 5 compatibility even if they wanted to.
So glad for any update...but why oh why oh why oh why can't there be resharing??? I never see this addressed. Facebook app is about 3 years old and still doesn't have it. Is it really that hard technically?
when gonna release globally ? particular in Malaysia ....
Thanks for answering my concern, +Tony Sharp. It's kinda frustrating that Streams isn't working well on the current build of the iOS app on iOS 5.
IOS5 support will come soon.

Reshare will come soon too. We are only a month old :) Give us a bit of time please :)
That's awesome news, +Punit Soni ! Totally willing to wait if I know it's coming. Sorry to sound so impatient. I really do appreciate what you guys are doing and your responsiveness to the community.
I love the constant updates, thanks again. But I don't get why old posts of mine and others show up in my nearby stream? None of them have current comments or anything.
+bugabundo m - I too don't get the share posts with one person, I've been doing that since day one. I can only + people in my contacts too.
+Fred Lechuga Nearby seems to be broken a little. Last update to Android app also had fix for Nearby and it still isn't what you would expect. But give them time.
+Punit Soni on the android app when you look at comments and or reshare I try to click on the names of those who make interesting posts or comments so that I can add them to a circle...however their name does not appear as a link and thus i am not able to go to their around is to look them up and then add them to a circle but that requires doing a search for their name and finding the right person.
Update looks good, but PLEASE app2sd...there are still many of us Nexus One users out there and Google+, Google Music, Google Books, and Google Maps pretty much fills the phone's memory now.
Was able to push it out from Apps Market right after I saw your post. Thanks for the update!
nice improvements! i really like finding out about g+ on g+ with posts and videos from yourself and other googlers. keep up the good work.
Great work :) Now you can move on to enabling +1's on comments from mobile apps
The mobile app is becoming great...more coffee will make it awesome. You go man!
Nice to see updates! Thanks for all the hard work. Any chance when you leave the app and come back it will remember where you were?
Thanks for even more functionality :D 
+Kevin Shea to get rid of old huddles you just tap on the huddle to view it and then push the pup up menu button and select mute
This doesn't pertain to the original post, but can anyone tell me how to create the Google + icon with a personal pic? Thanks
+Punit Soni Just wondering if you can comment on plans for or status of a tablet specific app. The current application is not unusable but is definatley the best experience.
+Punit Soni still can't +mention someone in a comment, it still draws from my phone contacts, not circles
On Android, how do I share a post with others? I only seem to be able to comment.
Oh... and thanks for these latest updates. The app is definitely getting better. Keep it up. 
+John Waanders if you are talking about re-sharing a post from your stream, you still can't do that yet on the Android app, which is a little disappointing if you ask me
+Elliot Lipson Thanks. That is what I meant. Rather surprised it isn't there. I was sure I was just missing it.
+Elliot Lipson So why didn't your name highlight in my post from Android? Shouldn't that work? 
+Punit Soni Well, one thing I don't understand about G+ iOS app is that, why is it available only for iPhone and not for iPod touch 4 ?
As usual: lovely nonsensical error messages from Android Market. Almost as if Google is turning into the new Microsoft. 
So yeah, since my update, it keeps saying that my google connection has been lost when I have full 3g coverage
I dont think I could do +Punit Soni on a post. It was still pulling contacts from my phone, not the circles.
+John Waanders That is another thing that has problems on the Android app. It was supposed to be working in this update, but it looks like it only works from some places. From others, like comments, when you try to +mention someone, it pulls the names from your phone's contacts, not from google+
any plans for multiple account support?
Shawty, can u try a clean uninstall and reinstalll? we haven't gotten reports of.that..
Don't worry. We are patient and I think you did a wonderful job picking out the right things to work on.

Appreciate all your hard work. Sad that my prediction on your Sunday night post of Hangouts rolling out was wrong. Not so much that I need that feature but because I really wanted to have read your clues correctly. 
+Punit Soni The most important feature that I want in any Android app is the ability to move it to the SD card. I know in the past Google employees have stated that they are unwilling to do this with google maps and other apps as they "are part of the core experience of Android and wouldn't work without a sd card" or whatever. But I hope you are willing to do this with G+. What is much worse than apps not working when the sd card is removed is how my Nexus One stops syncing correctly with my google account and is always running into other memory related issues, and I effectively have a limit to the number of apps I can install. Please add this feature at your earliest convenience.

Update is otherwise great and the improvements to huddles is excellent. Thank you.
+Punit Soni I cant update to v1.0.5. not available for HTC Desire T^T why?
I still cant install in that way. T^T
+punit soni google+ apps is just 2.84mb when install it takes around 8mb on my phone space. Its getting space full always... can we get option to move sd? (Nexus one)
My v1.0.2 can be moved
I have been trying to get my Android app working since July 4th without any luck. It just keeps flashing "Signing in" over and over. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, turned on wifi, turned off wifi, turned on gps, turned off gps. Nothing works.
What device? What os? Recommend manage apps, google+, clear data and retry.
That's pretty cool when the lead Product Manager actually answers a tech issue. 
+Punit Soni Thank you for the reply. It's a Droid 2. I just cleared the data and I get back to the option of choosing whether or not to allow an instant upload or not. Once I get past that it's back to a constant flashing of "Signing In". Os is Android 2.2
+Punit Soni Thank you very much for sharing your brain with all of the work you are doing for all of us! Thank you for your informative video update!
I'm with the others on the app2sd line, it's a necessity for many of us early android phone adopters as the first phones released with android had very limited on board storage :(
+Punit Soni Thanks for all the hard work, but please, put in a request to allow control of the font size in the android app! I just downloaded 1.0.5 and although the improvements are great, It still can be very hard to read outdoors or in active environments. Being able to select a larger font would be a boon to readability and a reduction of eye strain, specially on long posts or those with lots of comments. I've been putting this in through the feedback system steadily. Thanks!
Thanks for the update! Keep up the good work. 
please remove country restrictions.
+Ben Hanten, let's try to get to the bottom of your situation off-thread. Gotta get you back in action! P.S. "Ben's Brewing Co." -- love it.
+Punit Soni yes!! Links from posts work now! I could hug you!!
There is a Google+ Mobile Known Issues / Feature Requests page where you can report / vote on your Mobile G+ issues + ideas. On that page ( you'll currently find things like the ability to +1 a comment and re-share a post. Voting on feature requests and buggy issues there will actually help us prioritize what to work on next better than commenting on +Punit Soni's posts, believe it or not :) /via:
What!! ( that's true actually:) )
Will definitely use the Mobile G+ idea suggestion page, but one last suggestion here first. You should mention that page prominently in your update posts (with a link) so that people like me go there first.
+Kiran Pal thank you very much for pointing out the Google+ Known Issues page. My issue of "Better multiple accounts support" was already listed and I voted for it. +Punit Soni you are welcome to delete my earlier comment (and this one) if you want!
Oh darn it, not for iphone? Is there one coming out for that soon?
Can someone upload the apk file somewhere, because not everyone can install it from Market.
+Caramel Han it installed just fine on my HTC Inspire which is a Desire. Perhaps because you moved the first version to your SD card?
nnm rht
Notifications are broken. It notifies all topics over and over again after reading. Sorry, but this is annoying.
Hi, so why is it that this app is not available in my country? (Ecuador) I had to install it from outside the market
Wow now you know how President Obama feels....fix this fix that and do it NOW!! Sleep no sleep for you!
:) We will fix what we can as fast we one feels any holes in the product than we do.. but I think you guys are doing what you can do best: give feedback and we are thankful about that.
Still waiting for access to the app on my Viewsonic gTablet. I've sideloaded it, but I can't get the updates if you only put it into a market that doesn't allow my device to access anything.
And what's up with iDevice app, is it under development? cuz I sent lot of feed back
ohh!! there i find bug. i played this video and paused. when i click on other images in the same page.this video automatically plays!!! please fix!!
ohh!! there i find bug. i played this video and paused. when i click on other images in the same page.this video automatically plays!!! please fix!!
Looks like you are home. You could have done this video in your pajamas also ;)
ok, in huddles we can now hide old huddles, great and wondeful.. BUT.. if you create a new huddle with the same person it brings up the old huddle's content, now imagine a year from now... that is going to be a lot of old information to scroll to the bottom of. Why cant we just close them end them or delete them?
Will keep that feedback in mind 
+Punit Soni There is a need to add "SHARED CIRCLES" as well. I have also posted this feedback earlier. Today if my family needs to create a circle for siblings, parents etc then there is no way for me to create a circle and share it with them so that they also have access to the same circle. Each one has to create their own circle which is essentially the same. I am thinking of a GROUP which can be done by SHARED CIRCLE so that my parents, brothers etc are saved the hassle. GROUPS in facebook == SHARED CIRCLES in google+.
looks like Google+ Android app is not available in Turkey. Market itself only became available like 6 months ago in middle east. this is depressing.
Hi Punit, did you have a plan for blackberry ? I'm using Onyx. I think, I will nice if I can upload photo from my bb to G+
I'm using samsung galaxy tab 10.1, but can't find G+ apps for honeycomb 3.1
Still needs support for animated GIFs :)
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