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Droid users should be getting their update right now. Mostly rounds off the post launch SW update for our new devices.
Next up: Continue work on next round of updates, more SW experiences/app pushes.

Never a dull moment these days.
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+Hayden Coonan pop quiz: where are we going to launch Moto G from :)? Hint: check my previous posts.
Yeah saw that.. Will it get an update beyond what it ships with? 
I'm thinking it will get the same support and updates as the Moto X!
How have we done with any of the devices we have shipped in the new dispensation? I think we have been updating things regularly..
Moto X(US) = Moto G(Int'l), I guess the G stands for global 
Thanks +Punit Soni for the great communication. What's the plan for the 4.4 update any inside info on what device and time frame? :-) thanks for all the hard work from you and the team! The new moto is kicking ass! 
Haha haha haha... Mate.. I have the RAZR HD, the most recent phone shipped to the Australian market... It's still on the 4.1 it shipped with, your local office haven't replied to anything on any social media for months and no one has said a word about any updates... So no.. Outside the US, you've done very little to inspire loyalty! 
Now if there was a way to get that $100 back from my DE Moto X. Price cuts are great, but stink for those that adopt early! :)
+Jim Roberts i held off on getting for that reason but now it's hard not to pull the trigger on it haha 
Ok then I will find out what the plan is. Not sure which device you have and whether it was in the post Google era but send me a private note and I will find out what the deal is. You should at least be told if it will be updated, under planning or not.
Pm sent of course with hangouts :-) thanks again for taking moto above and beyond! 
Please...please release an update for my old Atrix 4G...I'm still shocked at what good hardware I've got compared to new phones.
Any official page, device change logs, or other info on the update you're referencing +Punit Soni? What Droid devices should see this rolling in?
Can't wait to see Kitkat and other updates on my Droid Mini. So far you guys have done a great job. :)
Love the transparency. And loving my Developer edition Verizon X :)
+Hayden Coonan ignoring your belligerent attitude for the moment, I'd like to point out that the RAZR HD is listed as "future plans coming soon" under Australia's update page, which is exactly the status of the HD in the US.
Well thank you. That seems pretty clear to me then.. For now while we plan things out.
Lol +Douglas Wake nice man i hope the hd gets the update soon especially since i am sure most of us are unlocked 
It's on 4.1. That's the plan for 4.4.. Given that absolutely nothing happened for 4.2 or 3, I'll believe that when it's downloading to my device.. 
+Punit Soni aside from whatever software goodies and projects you guys have cooked up for your next software pushes, about the only thing I'd add to the stock UI is a clear all button for the recents menu (cyanogen does this) and maybe the ability to add a few more toggles to the quick settings menu. 
+Hayden Coonan yep, and the US version of the RAZR HD is also still on 4.1. You're not getting any worse treatment than anyone else in the world who owns your phone. Besides, it's only a year old right now. And yes, it's probable that if an update is coming out for the RAZR HD it'll probably skip right to Kitkat.

Bottom line is cool your jets, mate.
+Punit Soni while I haven't been the biggest fan of Motorola's post-Google actions so far, as a gadget lover with fond memories of the brand I hope things continue to improve.

While I'm hesitant to make assumptions based on rumour, I do hope the Moto G ends up being more than just a cheap Moto X available overseas? There's a large portion of us who are willing to pay for a high end phone you know :)

Sadly it's too late for me, I went and switched to the iPhone 5s. No doubt I like it but I would have bought a Moto X if it were available in Australia.
I wanna ping some ideas to you when you get back from moto g. Mainly about touchless controls and streamlining some of its interactions with moto assist. Keep up the good work P!
+Punit Soni Will The Atrix 2 be getting KitKat update? since KitKat is welloptimized to run on 512MB of RAM also.
I know its up for a trade program...but what about the international version of Atrix 2(i am using it)
+mayur gatare usually if a phone has the trade in status on the upgrade screen it signifies that it has been excluded from future updates and that while it technically could handle the update it is to far along in it's life cycle to be worth the hassle. At least Moto does God faith on those devices and offers you $100 to trade up. So while it's not the answer you are looking for, name any other OEM that will at least acknowledge this and offer you a rebate.
+Victor Guzman No, we already have Moto X outside US, the only difference, talking about brasilian market as example, is that we haven't yet Moto Maker what probably will be available in next months. 
+Don Dudas : I agree with that...i have an international version of Atrix 2, from the India market, its up for trade program but not here in India.
And I am an happy customer of Motorola always :)
+Punit Soni The main thing holding me back at this point is triband LTE (Spark) support for Sprint. I've been super impressed with how +Motorola Mobility is supporting their devices across all carriers. I love the form factor, innovations, and that MotoMaker should soon make it to the other carriers.
+Punit Soni Thanks for the communication. Why does the new Droid MAXX update force us onto Maps 7? There are many of us who prefer Maps 6.14.1. The navigation is superior on the old version, in particular the ability to rapidly reroute while navigating. 
I read the +Punit Soni post on Droid, I look down at my Maxx charging at my Desktop (I still use a power house triple monitor desktop ... leave your work at home kids) and push update.. (update is currently being downloaded already) Technology.. its fast..
+Punit Soni What are the odds that the Maxx Developer Edition will get a price break, too?  Right now VZW's off-contract price for the Maxx is $150 less than Motorola's price for the Dev edition.  My understanding is that they're the exact same phone, but one has their IMEIs blocked in your bootloader unlock database.
+Punit Soni sorry to be off topic- but are you guys looking to update Assist so that it will work with the new Hangouts SMS integration? Is that something you can do, or is it something that needs to wait until KitKat, or is it just a one or the other thing?
+Punit Soni Assist should be moved to the Play Store, like Touchless Control and the camera app. Just saying...
+Punit Soni thanks for all the hard-work you have been doing. Love my Moto X and recommend it to anyone who asks. :-)
+Punit Soni Can you sneak over to Google and steal the new Google Experience Launcher and include it on the Moto X 4.4 update? Pretty Please?
+Punit Soni excellent work! Keep it up!

Sidenote: I am really hoping you can beat HTC's KitKat deployment for their North American phones. I know you didn't want to give a timeframe but I just think it would be hilarious. 
Excellent work! Really loving this "new" Motorola. The update is fantastic. Includes Motorola Skip capabilities, but the app says it's not compatible on Google Play with Maxx. Also, I never heard back from +Michelle Gattuso regarding my camera issue on my device.
+Punit Soni off topic for here (kinda) but price adjust for Dev Edition Maxx as well? I want to support ALL Dev edition devices...
+Punit Soni THANK YOU for communicating directly with us Motorola fans. I love the open culture of your company and I hope that things continue on the current path.
+Punit Soni I am disappionted with the Keyboard update Google pushed to tge Moto X. Everything is a grayed out mess. Nothing stands out and keys have been moved. Are these the kind of changes we can expect from kitkat? I really hope not as the Moto X looks awesome in Holo Blue.
I noticed the change on my X, but I thought I was crazy, or not remembering right. Thanks for confimation! I also miss the holo blue. Googs made such a big deal of it with the release of ICS...
+Jordan Webb I know Google pushed it. And it's hard to use with the washed out colors and reduced long press key options. Motorola needs to push back about the poor design. Or put out a better keyboard.
^^^seems to me that the majority of users are very pleased with the update, including myself. Functionally, its exactly the same for me. Including long press.
The comments on Google play say differently.
Because happy people ALWAYS leave feedback..... 
+Jeff McLean you are entitled to your opinion. But you are wrong on the long press functionality. Google even mentions on Play that they changed it.

Glad you are happy. Myself and many others find it difficult to use and a definite downgrade from what we had before. 
Myself and others are happy. Like you said, its opinion.
+Punit Soni thanks for transparency and communication. I'm very happy with the SW update on my Droid Mini and hope continued tweaks to the camera occurs from user feedback. Simplicity of operation is great, but perhaps a few more setting adjustments might improve photos such as a way to lock exposure for recomposition of complex lighted scenes or to expose for the area that is chosen as a focus point. Otherwise, great job and looking forward to 4.4! 
Yes.. We hear you on that feature.
Was hoping to learn from others best way to rescue a MAXX bricked by this update - guess I was just one of the lucky ones :(

The firmware update completed and then all apps were "optimized", however the reboot that followed appears to have hung at the droid boot animation.  I initially thought this indicated additional background update activity so left the phone in that state overnight only to find it still there many hours later and nearly scalding (is my LiPo now all plated?).

My perhaps obvious suggestion - Backup any photos or other content before updating just in case drastic recovery methods are required.
Others having trouble with the same OTA update appear to be running modified firmware so this doesn't help me (never modded).

Fastboot "Recovery" produced a "No Command" error and before trying a "Factory" restore I thought I'd find a Droid Dr. to take a look - Apparently Verizon stores in this area have become 100% sales and shed the support staff in the last year or so.  The sales associate tried the same data-preserving options and then ordered a replacement phone.

I am now kind of missing the micro SD storage model.  I'm touring various droid developer forums looking for read-only / non-warranty voiding procedures to backup and/or browse flash storage over USB under Fastboot (if that's even possible), but would also welcome any suggestions from those following this thread.
Got my update for my droid Maxx, works great... Thank you 
Got the update on my RAZR HD yesteday, thanks +Punit Soni ! One question - any decision on the RAZR HD getting 4.3? I would love to take advantage of the auto awesome movie features!
Interesting thought.. I will pass on the feedback to the team.
ahh i accidentally deleted the post.... what i asked before was, "Hey punit, will there be any plans for ppl who customized with at&t at launch to change the back/accents if he/she pays $$? I have always wanted to get a wood back and to engrave, but those options was not available in the beginning. I think not only could this open doors to customization, but could be profitable from those who has already purchased moto's and wants to change colors/backs. Of course, changing backs/accents would have to be profitable.
My Moto X (telcel mexico) has not received any update and we still not able to downlod the camera app from the play store.... please help!!!
Avoid the 12.15.15 update at all costs.  My droid maxx was a great phone before this update.  Now the volume changes by itself...and worst of all the phone will shut down by itself.  Half the time I check my phone now it is powered off.  Called Verizon.  They offered me a used maxx or a iphone 5c.  They do not care!
Was my phone rooted? If u mean hacked or something then no...I don't know
how to do that stuff
Glad to see that the Razr HD is getting support but I'd love an update to at least 4.2. Only a year old device and it's 3 versions behind now
+Punit Soni, I wanted to post a quick follow-up -

+olivier meirhaeghe was quite generous in providing assistance which by itself a remarkable demonstration of the level of care and attention your team devotes to product delivery.  We didn't identify the root cause but did successfully correct the boot issue (userdata filesystem corruption possibly due to an interrupted update process).

Products reflect the quality of the teams producing them and it's easy to see why those produced by the Motorola Mobility group have such consistently high quality.
+Punit Soni there has been a significant negative impact on battery performance in my unit ever since this update came out for RAZR HD. Has there been similar feedback from others?
Not really. Try resetting?
+Punit Soni when is kitkat coming to International versions of moto x? We are super excited because of the really fast update in US versions
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