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Love Waterloo. I was there for 2 years helping build Google Waterloo PM team and its a ridiculously talented place with some of the best mobile engineers anywhere.

+Steven Woods +Derek Phillips 
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What does this mean? Canadians will get customizable Moto X?
Moving closer to make a play for the scrapple??
I do work in Waterloo - but my Waterloo is in Sierra Leone !
So it's s/RIM/Motorola/g in Waterloo? Too soon?
+Punit Soni yes sir that I am. Edmonton Alberta. If you ever head this way hit me up. I'll take you to an Oilers game.
I believe the band ABBA did a song about this new office. 
Great opportunity to grab some young and veteran talent from Waterloo. Hoping they hire interns!
+Punit Soni Waterloo region is the hotbed for mobile technology in Canada. Now quick hire as many Ex-Blackberry employees as possible and continue supporting Canadian economy :D
All employees get 100$ towards a new phone...
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