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I'm really excited to announce that the new version of Google+ for Android is available today! We worked closely with the Android team as they developed Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich,, so you'll see the same attention to beauty and simplicity in our new design.

Anyone running Froyo and higher can use the new Google+ app, so feel free to visit Android Market, and download this Halloween treat:

In the meantime, you can check out our new look by clicking into the photo album below. Let us know what you think about the new app!

Release notes:
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Just updated,wicked!!!
U will love the app.wecouldnt be more excited.
OOH! Nice!! Looks much better on my Honeycomb Xoom too!
My Market tells me i have an update but it doesn't allow me to update when i click on the details of the app i have two options - "Open" and "Uninstall"
Just give it time yo propagate ..or just uninstall and reinstall.
and just like that i went in to uninstall and the option to update was there. thanks.
Great update. Just keeps getting better. The photos section is much much better and reminds me of "just pictures" app (which i can now do away with). Amazing!
Widget for non ICS will be back soon...
Thanks, other than that it looks and performs great.
Great new look, simple but brilliant and so user friendly! Another big thumbs up to your team!
Great feedback. Its been a slog and the team has worked real hard. Happy to see first impressions are positive
+Punit Soni still no +1 in comments, but it works in mobile site. Please add that and the widget
Been using ICS leak since gapps came out but the color scheme is true bright. Can we get themes for a next version??
+Punit Soni Great work! The one big test for to see if Messenger messages will go through when you go from wifi to data or data to wifi. The bug has been, that when you disconnect from one of them, and connect to the other. You have to wait for a message to fail...then hit resend for it to go through
+Punit Soni Hey hey, in the new photo viewer (which is great, btw), you can't see the photo captions. I can't remember, wasn't I able to see them before? I'd very much like to.... Regardless, great job!
This looks very shiny, but I'm having difficulty getting it on to my phone. If I try to update from the Market app on my phone, it just gets stuck at the loading screen. If I update it through the Market web interface, I can no longer run Google+. If I uninstall it and attempt to reinstall, I get very similar behaviour from both platforms.

Hopefully this is an issue related to being in Europe, and it'll sort itself out in short order.
I was waiting for it! thanks! too bad I can't try it out right now, gotta wait for tomorrow morning...
This app version is much much slower posting both posts and comments :-(
Widget will be back soon.
Still keep having to scroll down long posts or comments.... Can't we just jump to last unread?
Fixed by rebooting: I updated to the new app, but now on 'Open' I get 'Complete Action using...No Application can perForm this action' on AOSP ROM 2.3.7
Thanks, +Miquel Rodríguez Telep That did it. Weird thing is, once you swipe to the next photo, you're back in captionless mode again. +Punit Soni Methinks it should stay in whatever mode you're currently in, no? I dunno. If I'm swiping through pics, reading captions, I don't want to have to swipe-click on each one, ya know? Still... it's purdy. Thanks!
Blackberry !!!!! Ahhhhhhhh !!!! Happy Halloween :)
+Punit Soni The new UI looks good. Yet to check out all the other functionalities newly introduced. So can one edit posts & comments now in this version?
+Punit Soni Thanks, the edit would be useful. Will check it out in some detail a little later in the day.
Just wait and see what Christmas will bring ;)
Great new look! Thanks for your hard work. Like the comments editing.

One thing: The notification LED doesn't work for the Messenger. Other than that it's much faster now.
+Punit Soni No love for the Nearby feed!
Top of my Nearby feed,... "Bored at the laundromat." from Oct 13th. I've read/reread that for 19 days now, and counting. :(
There is a "small" problem for those who doesn't have a lot of memory.
the application data keep growing and growing if you use the app...
It's still not available in Korea. In Korea, a growing number of facebook users, but google+ users are less. At first many Korean joined google+. But just now, because there isn't friend in google+, they return to facebook. Please open soon on the Korea android market.
Yes..we are acutely aware dogfood the Korea issue
The quality of the photos is now quite low now....why? Also any chance of getting an option to see photos in slideshow?
+Punit Soni How soon before we can select an image from a URL share like we can on desktop? Or start hangouts from mobile?
+Punit Soni I love the way you don't only post and then don't care about what people comments, you interact with us! :)
Great job on 2.1 G+ app. I would just change the "Post" button icon with something more understandable. And, please: take the widget back, soon - maybe with more sizes and contents.
The new update is awesome :-D
+Punit Soni I cannot preview animated pic ".gif" on the stream.
I would like to see "select text" by holding down on the text you wanna copy in the app as it's in the mobile site.
Did you guys remove "set as wallpaper" option?
I would also like to see the download option on the mobile app too.
Thank you Google Team :-)
Great update but it needs more work... Like.. Widget, Stream Widget, starting hangout from mobile, uploading video, what's hot and so on...
Great update. It would be nice if the widget background could be semitransparent.
I tried to open the app from the market (Open), but it says "Sorry, the requested item could not be found on this device and could not be lunched."
+Joongho Choe I thought the same thing. Korean people use Facebook more than Google+. Maybe, due to convenient.
I've been using it for a couple of weeks (Droid-Life released the .apk then), and it's awesome! I'm glad it's official now. Now I'm really impatient for the rest of ICS!
+Punit Soni how do we initiate a hangout from the mobile app or is there another app we must get. I would love to see that. No widget is fine I never use one.
All the features u are asking about (well most of them) are on the roadmap...
Does that new version eat all phone's resources as much as it used to do the previous version? Mine Motorola Milestone (an European version of Moto's Droid) was stumbled regularly with that sort of an app. :(
Any chance we will be able to copy images from the app to phone or tablet?
Can U guys create People App for android 2.3 just like in ICS
One bug i noticed: When i multitask (like following a link) in 1.0.8 i came back to the spot in the stream where i was, here i return to the start screen and have to scroll again :-( ! Please fix, thx!
I have one small request. Can we get an option to turn off the notice that we've muted a post? Having to clear the notification after every post is a pain in the patoot.
Great job! The new version is awesome!
+Punit Soni Wasn't expecting the re-design - amazing and faster too! Didnt see anyone call it out but the fact that you can now set up multiple stream "views" and turn off all circles stream view is the best feature yet (ps love the new look!) Suddenly the G+ app becomes much more useful to me now!
+Punit Soni Another thing I noticed is that, while working fine in 1.0.8, notifications are not displayed automatically here, only if i click on the update button in the notification screen, the grey 0 on the startscreen never changes. Also it used to sync (which could be seen in the account settings screen) when i started the app, now no sync takes place! Please fix, thx :-) !
Another bug I've noticed +Punit Soni

I have an app that tells me when apps are above a certain threshold, that of course kills the battery. Google+ is constantly being flagged as above threshold...using up about 60% of the cpu while I'm not even using the app.

+Punit Soni When editing a comment (see the one of me above) a + is not expanded with suggestions for usernames!
+Ryan Lestage I'll try that next time, yes! Edit: @Punit Soni
Does refresh stream work?
I have a folder for all my social apps, ever since the update, the icons for g+ and messenger just say loading. The still launch but it's a miniscule eyesore on my home screen.
Will us millions of blackberry users ever get this ???
This looks really great. But why is the video upload gnoe?
Thanks! For your kind answer and your great work:)
funny... i stop getting notified of posts in this thread... but it jumped up in my Stream :\
I'm glad for the update - it's much prettier. What I don't like is that it went from a 9MB app to a 26MB app on my Nexus One. If you have one of those phones, you know what I'm trying to say. The app is now more usable, but my phone is less.

Is this a secret ploy to move me to an ICS phone, +Punit Soni ? ;)
Love it. Thanks. I didn't read all 98 comments above yet. Can I start a hangout with my Android G+ app yet?
I believe you need 2.3+ to start a hangout I'm actually on 2.2
+Punit Soni I just went to check-in and I cannot find the option in the new version 2.1
U can't start a hangout...yet. u can join one
U can checkin by hitting compose and attaching a place.
+danilo pellegrinelli what's the issue with instant upload? It should work..
Ehi +Punit Soni but how long do we'll have to wait for restoring widget?!? It was an "immediately to use feature" , and now you've taken off making worse the user experience :( No understand for this, it gave me even problems on the istalling on Android 2.3.5 device
Can u go to settings andsee what the status ofinstant upload is?
still no +1 in comments...
and no copy and past in comments!!
Nearby stream stopped working on my device after this release. Stockholm, Sweden. I see only my omen posts.
+Punit Soni I've really come to like the app since you could port it ti SD - but with this new update, the memory issues are back: contacts (513 shown) have ballooned to 20 MB, and when I start the google+ app, it downloads and stores above 10 MB of data in Data (at which point I had to shut it off, because my phone went into Low Phone Memory denial and stopped working). Got a Nexus One , Android 2.3.4 (pure android).
+Punit Soni Had to downgrade to 1.0.8 since 2.1 ate all resources and made my LG P990 crash, losing all settings with it. Also notifications weren't working at all :-(! I'll test the next version!
Upgrading to the latest Android app from the market yielded an app that could not be opened, and all shortcuts to the app deleted. C'mon guys, surely you can afford a little QA.
Hmm, it seems that notifications are totally not working at the moment, didn't get one for your comment +matt bush
Working on next release...fixes coming soon
+Punit Soni Many thanks for the hard work of your team and you, it's appreciated :-) !
what happened to the "check in" feature on the Google+ app?
U can use compose a new post and attach a place to it. It will check u in there.
+Punit Soni Instant uploading of videos disappeared, can't delete photos from the photos section anymore (this was great for totally killing pics I didn't want on my phone or the cloud) and the established check-in's method was removed (yes, I know to check-in now). I used all of those features extensively, so that sort of sucks, but the real problem is that there was no mention of their removal/changes from any official channels. I love the new look and speed, but if an upgrade removes features or existing functionality, it should be reflected in the feature list or posts coming from the team (IMO). Same thing happened with Latitude's real-time updates a few versions ago. I love Google products, but I'm starting to get as cautious as I am excited about new updates and that was never the case before. I know it's generally bad salesmanship to highlight potential negatives, but I think customer trust trumps that anytime. Anyways, done bitching now. Thanks for all your hard work!
Hi... is there any good reason why the mobile app is not available in Luxembourg?
+Punit Soni Any idea when Video upload will return? If at all? That was one of the best features of the mobile app and made sharing so simple
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