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Happy Monday! To help fight off any start-of-the-work-week blues, a new version of our Google+ iPhone app (v will be rolling out in the Appstore over the next few hours. Get it hot off the presses from:

Listen to our tech lead +Sharvil Nanavati talk about what’s new:
Google+ Update: iOS app release Aug. 8

More details are in our release notes:

As always, thank you for your feedback on the apps! We’ll keep working to make the Google+ experience awesome no matter what device you’re on.

PS: The app takes a few hours to roll out. So if you are having issues, check the version number (go to Homescreen, tap on gears icon) and ensure it is v1.0.2.1966.

+Anish Acharya
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It available on indonesia app store now. thanks!
It moved my g+ icon...looks like it deleted it, then installed on my last page of apps. Strange.
Thanks, Punit and the G+ mobile team. :) Downloading it now.
yes stephanie... it should work on ipod touch and ipad..
Seriously, when this app will be available worldwide?
Will try tonite on my iPad. On the Android app, are the +mentions picking up from Circles coming soon too? +Punit Soni
It works on iOS5??? OMG! A dream come true!!! I'll have a look.....
Danny, we always have reasons to exclude stuff :) And then to include them.
"Customize the main stream view to show streams from individual circles" Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)
+Punit Soni Will it be available in the Luxemburg App Store soon, too?
Love the new version. Even though you guys put a warning that not everything works on iOS 5 the newest version of g+ and iOS 5 beta 5 work great!
Now wish latitude was update to support g+ sharing for checkins
+Punit Soni It still does not install on the iPad (it does show up in the AppStore on my iPhone, but not on my iPad).
+Punit Soni I have downloaded the newest app (v, but it cannot run on iPad!
I'm curious to see what the Android tablet experience is shaping up to be.
Wow. +Robert Scoble just that excited response might have been worth this update ;)

Others... we are continuously rolling out in newer locations throughout the world...please bear with us.
is there an ipad version in the works - or a universal version to better use the ipad screen size?
+Marcus Watstein Which version are you using? My latest Maps update (5.8) secretly snuck this in :)

+Dirk Flachbart It might take time to roll out across the board? Are you seeing any errors when you install, or you just don't see it listed in the App Store yet?

+(name who I cannot mention since I don't know the characters) - what happens when you try to run the app?
I cannot use 2-step verification on this app.... When I switch app to get the verification code, it resets the G+ login window.
Did anybody use the iPad version? Not Run On iPad as An iPhone Version!
Worked great on my iPad using 2-step verification (code pulled from my android phone).
I can't wait until a proper iPad app is released. It works on my iPad but it's still just an iPhone app which gets scaled, but at least it installs. I had to go to Google+ on the browser and click that itunes link in order for it to show on the app store.
+Punit Soni Google+ for iOS should have the following features:
1. Mark a post as Favorite
2. Instant Upload
3. Edit comments
4. Privately reply to any post
5. Auto Rotation
ok, patience then Dirk, it should appear before long.

+Prateek Sangal looking into 2-step issues

+Adam Brandeis We'd love to do better tablet support, it's on our list of things we're looking into.
i found the 'hidden' feature: just press for a second the 'Circles' text on the stream to bring up the selection menue... :
+Sharif Shajib Ahammed (Apu) anyway there is another approach to favorite any post that should work for you, create a circle contain yourself in it, then share any interesting post to this circle. It works well for me. Thanks.
+Robin Norvell I'm looking forward to it- But the advancement of at least the iphone app on ipads are a step in the right direction.
Baby steps guys... It will keep getting better.
+Robin Norvell yes I am aware that maps version 5.7 and 5.8 for Android got that feature. Loved playing with it on my friends phones. But for those who have iOS on a iPhone, iPad, iPod touch only get a separate latitude app that is at version 2.1.2 and all it has for sharing options is public/With friends on latitude/private
Even the public doesn't post on G+ stream only on buzz.
See this photo for our check in options
+Punit Soni Stream view switching exactly as I thought it should have been done! You guys rock!
Hi +Punit Soni. Thanks to all the team for the new version. Performance is amazing.
For those who want a iPad version I would say wait. Facebook officially doesn't have one either. lol (hacks only work on that end)
Thanks again +Punit Soni and the G+ mobile team!!
It works like a charm on my iPod Touch. Thanks!
It's working and I was able to download, but it's not native iPad, taking advantage of the higher resolution screen. It's still just an iPhone app that I have to resize.
+Prateek Sangal, if you generate a code and it asks you to sign in again, you can still use the same code you just generated.
+Robin Norvell no problem Robin. Hope that new option does come otherwise I'm suggesting it. If you have any way to suggest to the Latitude mobile team. It would appreciate it.
not native ipad's a iphone only app still
looks faster and lighter than the initial version...
+Rowell Soto I figured I save you some hassle by sharing it. It's great to have extra security but sometimes it's inconvenience especially with new apps :)
Eureka!! Finally found the secret way: swipe left/right on the circle name within the stream, it will showed you the circle selection menu.

Thanks +Sharvil Nanavati
it works smooth and fast on the iPad. Great job, and I hope to see a native iPad app soon!
Finally this version works on iOS 5. Thanks. 
Is there a tentative timeline for native ipad app?
+Danny Tuppeny Thanks, it didn't show up when searching for Google, but your approach via 'Purchased / iPhone' worked!
+Kenny Lage You can hide 1:1 Huddles and leave group Huddles which helps you clean up your Huddle list view.

+David Collantes Thanks for the constructive feedback, we'll continue to look at ways to improve the UI.

+Adil Hindistan Nope, we just got this version working on iPads so please enjoy using it!
I guess the x2 support on the iPad is better than nothing. ;) Looking forward to a 'real' iPad app, though.
i don't see the google+ app in the app store for ipod touch, am i the only one?
downloaded the update, but in itunes, when I click on it in Apps section, it still shows up as version 1.0.1 - and flatly refuses to install on iPad 'not compatible with this update' ... ah well, maybe Apple's server is a bit slow to present the latest version, though, it is still odd
Awesome thanks. Robin, Punit and Sharvil, (and everyone else at Google) keep up the incredible work.
Use authenticator first then dble tap to get into G+ login screen then when it prompts for code type in. If you do it in reverse G+ then authenticate it will reset login process. Hope this helps
yay, now the update went live for real in the Swiss app store, downloaded, correct version, installs on iPad without a hitch, fun
The sorting of your circles list for stream management rocks including sticky on last stream viewed. Nice work. 
For anyone still crashing on iOS 5, even after updating, try uninstalling and doing a fresh install of the app. Fixed the Stream crashing for me!
If your iPad is jailbroken, then install FullForce from Cydia. This will make a lot of app store iPhone apps like Google+ work to some extent in native iPad mode, and this is far better than what 2X does. As a major example, FullForce has the app bring up the normal iPad keyboard instead of the iPhone one.

Many apps work very well with this, some get weird and unusable, so FullForce has settings in the Settings app so you can turn it on or off for each iPhone app installed on the iPad. When its turned on for an app, you just launch that app normally and see the magic happen.

I am using the new Google+ app on my iPad right now in FullForce mode and it is working well so far.
Thank you... I stopped using the older version, but now it looks great!
Punit, the +Mention is doing something odd.

When you hit + and start typing a name it doesn't grab everyone from your circles (I even let it sit for a while in case it needed to load) and when do select someone their email address comes up instead of their name.

Is that what it's supposed to be doing?
Please add a feature for checking my friend/ anybody s online in G+...both for mobile and desktop.
why you still release apps for Iphone ? lol
+Elliot Zahtz the latest was released last least on Italian Android Market
Still not available everywhere (not the update...tha app!!)... not in Greek app store and in other countries... Really can't understand this strategy....
Can you just build some Facebook integration in so I can stop logging into that site to see what my non G+ friends are up to?
Resharing is still a HUGE feature that is missing. =(
Awesome! Finally the app is usable on my iOS 5 device. Although the iPad support isn't native screen resolution how come?
Turns my iPad into a portrait only iPod Touch. Boy, native support is a frustrating wait. Why not be clear whether or not a proper G+ iPad app is coming?
thank you for iOS 5 support, and other various fixes
+ function does not work after updating today. The only name that comes up (over and over) is someone I deleted from my circles over a week ago.
Just discovered "Choose stream views" in Settings. Very nice addition!
After I updated my iPhone 3GS (iOS 4.3.5), when I tapped on the G+ icon, it briefly disappeared and reappeared, and the app didn't come up.

After I power cycled my phone, the app came up, but I had to re-enter my previously saved login credentials.

No more problems so far. This version is much faster!
+Punit Soni the IOS app is much more stable it seems, but when you are sending a message to a person directly by using + or @ it searches your local phone not your circle list whats up with that.
+Robert Edwards Yes, I notice that too. It searches the local phone directory instead of my circles (confused the heck out of me lol).
Thanks Guys, You made my morning, I was starting to resent android users, but now I can once again accept them as brothers form other mothers!
+Robert Edwards Actually, it seems that it searches both my circles and my phone. I guess I wasn't expecting that it will also search my phone (address book).
Great updates and well needed. Thanks Google for updating their mobile apps.
Just to mention the the little secret he talked about was to easily swipe the "circles incoming nearby" bars to get to the stream views settings.
Loving this version so far--especially the speed improvements ;). Thanks G+ Mobile Team!!!
Thanks for finally releasing it for the iPad. Alas, disappointed that iPad support is via the "2X" button. I'll still check it out to see if the app offers the functionality that the mobile browser version lacks -- why can't you just give the full web app experience on the iPad? We've got the space for most of it...
Love the enthusiasm! There are some funny posts here too :) What’d you guys think of Sharvil’s video?

In case you aren’t aware, we have a page for known issues and feature requests:
+Mentions pulling from phone contacts instead of from circles is a known issue, thx!
+Shiva, thanks for the feature requests.
+K.B. Burnfield +Keith Lavender +Rugger Ducky +Robert Edwards +shiva mirhosseini

Thanks for your continued support! The app will only keep getting better...
It's definitely not handling the '+' and '@' tagging very well. All I get is contacts from my phone or (and this seems odd), peoples email addresses... Then when they are tagged that way it just displays as asterisks...

Otherwise its doing very well...
It's not pulling (only) from my phone, that I'm sure of because several people showing up are definitely not people I know. 
+K.B. Burnfield Ditto... I just went through and did some test posts and it was almost random... Methinks we might have a minor security bug...
I don't know if any of the people have their profile to show their email address. 
+Punit Soni +Sharvil Nanavati Hi both, likely the mention in mobile only for people both to be in my contact and my circles. I try to mention people I circled in G+ but don't have in my contacts but I can't. I am using iOS
Kathi F
I have the same impression as +K.B. Burnfield. It was hard to tell at first because I have a lot of Gmail contacts from Buzz who are also here. But having attempted to mention various users on different days and been frustrated often enough, I'm now convinced that the very short lists of search results I'm getting when I start typing +… are mixed as to data source. The appearance is of random-sampling both circles and mail contacts, as +Charlie Hoover's comment suggests. I have also seen, both in my old Google app and in the G+ app, the response of populating the post or comment box with the selected user's e-mail address instead of their user name.
I'm not a programmer but it looks like a database query gone wrong...
After this update I can't use G+ for iOS anymore simply because I can't log in! Who thought it'll be a good idea to reset auth screen on app switch? It's basically impossible to log in if you've turned 2-factor authentication on!

And now, running authenticator first isn't a solution at all. And I won't use a permanent codes either. And you won't expect me to carry a second phone with me all the time, will you?

Oh, and you can't send a feedback from within the app before you log in. And there're no links to some kind of feedback form anywhere around web version or support forums or anywhere you would expect it. Even with the Support link in Apple App Store you have to dig quite a bit before you'll find something useful.
Thankyou for the official support for iPod Touch and iPad!
Now I don't have to keep using Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility to install it :D
Finally, downloaded the Google Plus on my iPod touch. The wait is over, time to have fun .
Still no share option? I really miss that one...
Found a most amusing bug. When my "incoming" stream is empty, the app suggests that I "add people to this circle". Isn't adding folks to your "incoming" circle an oxymoron?
+Kai Bojens I was just about to post the same problem.

"I cannot get signed back in since it signed me out not long after the update. I'm a trusted tester with the dual-authentication. Previously I could begin the login process, then when prompted for an auth code, close the app, open the authenticator, get my code, and open the app in time to punch in the 6 digits. Now when I open the app to enter the code, I am right back at the sign-in screen and have to reenter my username and password, so I can never successfully log in before my token code is expired. "
Kam Siu
come on +Punit Soni , let's see some real updates for Android!! Hangout video and Sparks!!!
Okay, at least it works on iPad now. What about a REAL iPad app? Anything forthcoming there?
I might get a little red in the face if I see a real iPad app before a Honeycomb app.
+Joost Geraets thanks for catching that, updating now!

For those with problems with two-step authentication, try any of the following:
- A simple workaround is to generate the code before signing into the app.
- Another is to use the same code that you just generated even if it asks you to sign in again (and write it down if necessary).
- A third option is to use your backup codes.

We'll work to make this experience better for you, of course!
When i first upgraded the iphone app, running the new upgraded version resulted in the app quitting immediately. Subsequent attempts to launch it resulted in the same thing.

Powering down my iphone completely then booting it again fixed the problem.

I'm running a standard AT&T iphone4, iOS 4.
Great to see an update!
A few things still not working:
1. Photos uploaded from the phone lose all of their EXIF data, date picture was taken is December 31, 1969 and location data is also removed.
2. Videos uploaded from desktop don't play in the app, even one taken from an iPhone then uploaded from the desktop won't play on iOS.
3. Notification badge remains unless you go to the Notifications screen on the app, even though you saw the post from the Stream.
4. When using the Mention with a "+" it shows a list of people but if they have multiple email addresses you can't tell unless you click on the name.
Native iPad app please, using a non-native iPad app on an iPad is a horrible experience.
Its all about incremental progress my friend.
I give up the @ and + feature just does not work giving g+ a break untill some of these key features are fixed.
any idea when an ios update will ship that will fix tagging?
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