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+Ken Norton pointed that we could see Microsoft from my office. Hmm...
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Your view could be worse, it could be Apple. ;o)
solution: Suction Cup Arrow Crossbow
Throw a book at him. A phone book :)
+Punit Soni I hope you do well with Motorola. Obviously I think Google+ is turning out well. My last moto device was the bionic and after a year of hype and a failed launch only to be immediately replaced by the razr, and left with a locked boot loader, it'll take major changes for me to go back. I'm happy I bought my nexus three months later.
Figures. I'm sure they can see you, Punit Soni. :)
Can you see an ICS update for Bionic from there? Please look carefully. My Bionic desperately needs it so I can disable all the VZW bloatware.
I wonder if you can fire a batline type grapple gun and zip line over? Give them a nice surprise? :-P
They'll send the Limo. :)
I want this feedback. We are doing our best to do the right thing. Bionic ICS is in my radar.
+1 on the bionic ics. Been a moto smart phone customer for over 10 years and I bought the bionic specifically because it was promoted at the time as going to get ics - and it had a removable battery (a requirement imho). Over a year later, a removable battery is still the only feature on my list it has...Moto, please honor your promise and get the ics update out!! I dread going to a non moto phone but...
Another +1 for the Bionic ICS update. Have been patiently waiting for what has been a painful few months as ICS is supposedly coming to my Bionic only to see other devices get ICS updates first then to discover my Bionic is not part of the unlocked bootloader program. Disappointing series of events which are accompanied by no discernible updates regarding ETA or rollout schedule from Motorola or Verizon.
While looking for the Bionic update, see if you can find the Atrix ICS update.  4 more weeks to find it.  I hope that you are able.  
PS - Why in the world are you doing away with the MOTO Support Forum Team?????  Those guys really kept us Moto owners happy!  BAD MOVE IMHO. 
Hope to see good things soon.  If you help, I will buy you lunch when you get to downtown Chicago,
I spoke with Verizon yesterday after a number of days when my phone was unusable because of data drops. They specifically said Moto was responsible for approving and getting the updates out. The Verizon bloatware is using almost half my available RAM, some of it isn't even supported by BTW anymore, yet I can't uninstall it, and can't disable it without ICS.

I don't want to root my phone until I'm post warranty, or use a leaked ICS build, but I'm getting desperate.
I'm nowhere near as upset with the late update for my Bionic as I am with the total lack of info about the delay from Moto. Did you know your official update schedule web page still shows 'early 3rd quarter' for the Bionic? But here we sit, waiting for the last, not the latest, software update for what we thought when we bought it was a flagship phone.
Punit Soni
Awesome.. i need to hear all this guys. I will try my best but the team has been going through a lot... and i just kicked off work. please be a bit more patient and we will do what we can to make you happy again.
Punit Soni
But do NOT stop adding me to threads where  you have complaints with how things are with Motorola devices.
Punit, Thanks for the responses and the desire to continue hearing feedback from us. Any chance you can give us Bionic owners a general sense of when the ICS update might be delivered? 
I love my bionic. Just wish it would have had the OS it should have had on launch day. Releasing a flagship device with 2 year old open source software was a HUGE mistake IMHO. Used to be you looked at the hardware requirements on software boxes to be sure your computer could run it. Moto kinda flipped that all upside down. LMFAO
Just give me one reason why the Motorola RAZR (international version) and please note! (international) and not Verizon version has an unlock bootloader? If it is what Verizon wants, fine by me but for goddsake unlock my bootloader and give me control over my own phone!

besides it doesn't need to take a whole f*cking year to release ICS for the razr, are you kidding me?!
PS. If you give me the reason why my bootloader is locked (and all the other Motorola devices) I can die happy.
Thank you, for your response. You have said more in a couple of comments than we Bionic owners have heard from either VZW or Motorola (not counting the non-answers and outright wrong information from customer service and technical story personnel.
Well lets stay connected.. there are. Lot of issues and they are not going away overnight. However we can wok together to fix them in due time.
I got an Atrix 4G, and I'm still waiting for ICS too. Actually the whole Atrix 4G community. It was planned for Q3, and Q4 just started, and we also learned that Motorola is firing more and more employees (But indeed this is mainly Google's fault). We're waiting for too long, many other devices have their ICS drivers released (Moto Defy/Droid2). The Optimus 2X has its ICS release, the Galaxy R too, so we all guess Nvidia is not the cause. So what is the cause ? Kernel dev ? Apps/API ? Or is it already done but simply not released (It already happened with some devices...) ? We can't have any answer, there's no transparency, the support and the company's Twitter are all useless, they only give us answers we already have, what they do is... Googling ?
Thanks for your interest in assisting! I think we all just want more information. No updates breeds rumors and gossip! For example, big joke on forums is that update will be next Tuesday!
I have had the Atrix 4g since it came out. I was extremely excited about the potential of webtop on the first dual core phone with 1gb of RAM. I even jumped ship from US Cellular (from which I had zero problems in 8 years) so that I could get this amazing phone. I bought the multimedia dock and the lapdock. But I have been continually disappointed by the lack of interest that motorola has for this phone. It was released with froyo when ginger bread was already out. By the time we got that ICS was a few months away, and IF (and I HOPE we do) get ICS, Jelly bean was released months ago. I'm terribly disappointed in how a "flagship" phone seems to be neglected or an after thought by everyone at motorola. If we never get ICS this will be my last motorola phone, having to wait this long and having to "rant" to get an update we should have had in the first month of ICS coming out; on someones google plus page is something we (there is a whole bunch of people on xda, atrix forums that think/feel like I do) shouldn't have to do. But if there is even a sliver of a chance my words wont fall on deaf ears I have to try.
Punit Soni
It will not fall on deaf ears. And we are working hard to fix this state of affairs. However large ships cant change directions overnight and this will take time. In the meantime we are on it as hard as we can. Thanks for your support.
+Punit Soni The particular webpage that shows Motorola's upgrade schedule can be found here:

That page has not been updated in over a month.

I realize that it is difficult to run a company, but I think I and many other Bionic owners would sincerely appreciate some sort of update as far as a release date goes.  Perhaps a month-week time frame?  Thank you for your time and efforts.  Best wishes to you as the new head of software at Moto Mobility.
Just seen all the posts regarding Bionic and Atrix (which I own myself). Punit, you are awesome for taking the time to read and reply to these concerns. Thanks =]
Yes Please Mr. Soni help and inform us about the ICS update to the Bionic as it is an awesome smartphone :). Like others have said they bought it with the understanding it was getting ICS - I know the Bionic was pushed back, because the RAZR update had issues and I (know) Moto doesn't want the same thing to happen to the Bionic (as the hardware is almost the same).

Like I said I got the Bionic and the lapdock and all the other goodies for the Bionic. So Verizon telling me they will replace my Bionic for a RAZR Maxx is a no go - My add-ons wouldn't work with that phone - Also why would I want to swap phones out the Bionic is Awesome and it has a removable battery and that is a + (hehe and we are on Google+)

I will keep this powerhouse of a phone until a Quad-Core and yes Please 2 or more GB of Ram :)

If Motorola Mobility/Google wants some help I will move from GA to work with y'all :) 
welll its nice to hear honest answers for a change im tired of the blame game just give us the truth not excuses were not children
I'm waiting the ics release for motorola atrix 4g

Thank you for listen us!
Del Wells
You're having a view of Microsoft is great. Maybe you can see former Motorola handset owners lining up to buy a Windows phone. I have a Bionic that I've had for almost a year now. Like many others, I am waiting for the promised "Early Q3" update to Ice Cream Sandwich. Working for software companies is difficult (been there, done that). Maybe in your new position, you can make more realistic delivery promises. Early Q3 has come and gone. Your autobot replies about ICS coming in Q3 sound hollow. I bet if you take a poll, you'll find few if any people that believe that date will be met.

It's about the feeling of being lied to. A responsible company might actually come out and say "Hi. We're Motorola, and we're human", followed by an apology and a form of compensation that doesn't obligate us to the carrier, or cost us money. Ignoring the user base leads to publicity & BBB complaints.

While I like the BIONIC, this has not been a fun experience. The next electronic device I consider purchasing will come from a company that if they can't meet a ship date, won't create a mini-Watergate with their silence or indifference.

I know you may not even read this, but I hope you do, and take it to heart.

The audience is listening. For now.

#bionic   #icecreamsandwich   #verizonwireless  
Agreed. I am going to look into this.
I spoke with Motorola technical support last week, and not only did they not know about a service bulletin regarding data drops on the Bionic (a VZW rep read me the bulletin before i was transferred to Motorola), they were clueless about upcoming updates, with one rep telling me we might not get ICS.

I also received an email later stating that they closed my problem as SOLVED, because I did not follow up with them after they recommended a hard reset to fix my problem. I was not aware I had to get back to them, and my reading in the support forums indicates that no recommended strategy effectively solves this problem.

That they would mark my problem solved, when clearly it falls under an existing service bulletin that indicates it is only fixed in an upcoming update, boggles my mind.
One last thing. we are quickly coming up on the one-year anniversary of the Bionic. That means the warranty is about to expire for those who bravely took the plunge and bought it when it premiered. They really need ICS sooner than later, because if that doesn't fix the data drop problem, they'll still have time to return the phone. Otherwise, they're out of luck and stuck with a bum phone for another year, or until they scrounge up several hundred dollars for a replacement.
We are on it. Thanks for ur patience.
Glad for the change in motos direction and way you guys are now listening. Here's to hoping you change enough to make us all (worldwide) an excellent pure nexus phone soon. A substantial phone with a spec that will last through a 18month contract and a phone without that plasticky feeling. All the best to moto
Is the Bionic ever going to get ICS? At this point I'm really doubtful. Figured after Moto was all done with the new RAZR hoopla, our patience would finally be rewarded, especially when it was clear that Moto is trying to garner back some of the goodwill it lost during the Sanjay Jha era. I'm am getting increasingly frustrated with my Bionic's performance under the current update. I could care less about JB or $100 incentives at this point - I need my phone to work reliably for the remainder of my contract. Isn't that what I paid for? 
Yes, and we are working to ensure that happens. 
To add a brief comment, Airplane mode shouldn't be a multi-daily requirement because of data drops.
So any truth to the rumor that Bionic will get ICS in the next day or so, to stem the tide of disgruntled customers jumping ship for iPhone 5?

We are now over a year since a phone debuted that was advertised as ICS-ready. I've had no fewer than half-dozen data drops on my train ride so far between Baltimore and Washington DC, two markets with mature, expanded 4GLTE coverage. And I'm only halfway home.
This comment is for the others who have responded here, because clearly our pleas for help and action have fallen on deaf ears.

So here we are, 2/3 of the way through September, and fast approaching the end of Q3. Still no ICS for Bionic.

Meanwhile a little-known, underpowered Samsung was recently got ICS, as well as an inexpensive USB memory stick. It seems all machines have, or are getting ICS, except the one advertised as "ICS Ready" and device that could "rule all machines".

All we get from +Verizon Wireless and Motorola are vague statements or links to horribly out-of-date information. Bionic owners want to know: will we get ICS by 30 Sept, and if not, why, and and if not, what are Motorola and +Verizon Wireless going to do for Bionic owners who have a phone that underperforms, isn't being upgraded as promised, and can't hold a data connection?

$100 off a phone (which I plan to buy at full-price to keep my unlimited data plan) doesn't cut it. And the flood of new RAZRs being released makes me very queezy about getting one of last year's RAZRs and having to endure this whole process again with Jelly Bean.

At the very least, unlock the Bionic bootloader so we can easily do what we need to do to get the performance and long-term usage out of this phone. Those who bravely took the plunge when Bionic was released are out of warranty anyway, so what's the big deal? Don't blame VZW for stopping this. HTC, most notably, has unlocked many (most?) of their phones.

Throw us a bone here. We may not be many in numbers compared to those buying Samsung or even RAZR phones, but I would wager that most Bionic owners, especially ones who care about having a phone that lives up to its promises, exert a lot of influence over the choice that family, friends, and coworkers make when choosing a phone.That adds up. We want to start recommending Motorola phones again.
We have a plan for Bionic. I am currently solidifying things to ensure we can publish it, commit and follow up. I think you guys have gotten a raw deal and we could do way better. But you are one of the top few things I worry about when I look at Upgrades.
I'm gratified to hear it. I'm guessing that you may not have time to look at the recent posts in the Owner's forum. The common thinking is if we don't get a soak test by tomorrow, the chances of meeting the Q3 timeframe look poor. I am wiling to give you some leeway beyond 9/30, but will you PLEASE update the forecast grid last updated July 30th? I wince every time I see it, as it is old and inaccurate info. Thank you again for your help...
yes. I will get on top of this.
Thank you for committing to work on the Bionic.  I think I'm not alone in saying that we're a bunch of people that are willing and wanting to be good and long-term (repeat) customers.  But this whole debacle with the Bionic leaves a bitter taste.  No information.  No trustable answers from VZW or Moto.  I'm frustrated enough to consider buying a different device, but feel like I have no real choices and not enough accurate information (oh, speculation abounds) to make a solid decision on a purchase.

Being a wireless customer shouldn't feel like needing a root canal.  Yet I somehow feel it's a necessary evil and that I have to be put up with crappy treatment and little to no respect as a customer.  Shouldn't being a wireless customer be an exciting experience that I'm happy not only keep, but also recommend to family and friends?
I am very glad google bought Motorola Mobility... I'm also glad to see you taking our frustrations seriously about this Droid Bionic. I have ICS running on this phone for over 2 months now. It works fine let the rest of the world enjoy it the way I have.
i am an early adopter of tech bought 2 bionics and there accessories pretty much all of them docks,ext.batteries  lapdocks i have invested some money in this product ... june it basically became useless and now were getting put on the back burner by everyone i guess the tried and true moto customers are not cared about all i hear is next month now there telling me a motorola tech support maybe oct. how are we to deal with this
this also make me very cautious about other google products i.e. google fiber coming here ive already signed up but im inclined t o put on the brakes because of this
Thank you Mr. Soni :) I know it's a big task becoming the head of Moto Mobility and yes I also know it take awhile to turn a ship around, You are not in a bass boat :)
Mr. Soni, I really want to say I am quite impressed with your responses here.  It is refreshing to many who have felt "in the dark" for so long.  We only see this side of the picture and its nice to know there is another side and that there is someone there trying to help complete it.  I think the Moto-Google combination has great potential for the future and I am excited to see it unfold.
The biggest issue is communication. If someone would just say publicly, we messed up, new plan is XYZ, it would calm a lot of folks down. I for one am not pleased that you are getting rid of Webtop 3.0. I have the Lapdock for the bionic and love it, but even the ICS builds have issues. I fear I just wasted my money on something that I know is/can be awesome. I use it for so much every day. Hopefully they continue to work on thr 2 bugs it has in ICS and I can use this phone for a very long time. Thank you for listening. If the phone wasn't a good phone, people wouldn't b so upset.
I don't miss matt on the bionic forums calling all of us with "creatively acquired solutions" thieves one single bit. How long has he been around geeks, really?
How are things for the Atrix 4g owners?  There are only a few more days left in Q3 and still nothing.  Everyday I am seeing AT&T announce upgrade for other phones from Samsung and Sony but still nothing from Moto.

This was supposedly the Flagship phone for Moto and AT&T when it came out.  It is still a very capable phone and I do not want to write it off yet.  I would really like to see another top end Moto/Google phone on AT&T before I leave my Atrix and so far I have not seen anything yet that entices me, at least from Moto.  Please give us something soon, Moto Nexus maybe????

Can you please give us an update on where the Atrix ICS update stands?  We just want some information, transparency.  

Thanks for listening and responding to your customers.  That is getting you some points.
I really don't think the demand for an unlocked moto nexus device has been adequately heard. So I want one! There. Thanks Punit, you really give me some hope :-)
I have a Bionic and a Droid Charge.  To be honest even though the Bionic is a superior phone I feel less frustrated with the Charge because I feel I got what I paid for without any lacking support.  I was never promised ICS nor did I buy a lapdock that will loose support for it.  I'll be honest its not the phone (Bionic) im frusterated with.  It's the raw deal we got...and are still getting.  I hope things will change soon.  TBH I feel a timely upgrade to JB on the Bionic would speak a lot to us as a way of making up for a year without ICS.   The $100 option if we don't get JB really isn't incentive to get another Motorola device with the experience we have had thus far.  
As a bionic owner nyself, I have to agree. This constant data drop on 4g is SO annoying. Where is ICS?
I've payed full price for the phone and lapdock and nither are worth what I've payed. 
I am one of plenty bionic users who are pumped to hear anything being worked on is great news for us.
Almost all of the ICS leaks for bionics have been solid RCs (trust me) why hasn't the trigger been pulled? Especially 6.7.244. I thought we were there when 244 fell off the QA servers the other day. But when it never hit staging and popped back up on QA in a few hours I was very annoyed. Point being made that there are a few hundred or thousand "bleeding edge" bionic users (power users and scripters mainly, actual "devs" have mostly abandoned us) that have a VERY real "finger on the pulse" of this situation, and most of us blame VZW a LOT more than moto.
I really do appreciate you reading these comments Mr. Soni.  I have to say that your responses have been more than what we have recieved in the past.  Thank you for listening and actually replying.  
More bionic issues here. When I call VZN they are clueless. The now exatly how much my bill is.

Tired of waiting for another update.
Never again will i choose verizon or motorola !
I think if Moto would just bite the bullet and put the FXZ files for each new software build online for download, the House of Bionic would take care of the users who really pay attention to their phone OS, and by filter down, many of the users who don't but are friends/family of those who do. Unless the people at Moto still have their fingers in their ears, eyes closed, and are going "Lalalalalala", they have to know there is an active Alpha test group out there. A group that actually is not only willing, but able to give tech support, unlike either VZW or Moto.

It is time for the Moto information stone wall to come down.

Yeah, i basically said the same thing you just said in the moto bionic forum and matt said we were all "thieves", thats why I haven't been back, how can you steal something that's open source, you use, you improve, you give back. Some gentleman lately of motorola's acquaintance (unsubtle hint hint), should explain this ethic to those jackbooted thugs.
I also bought the bionic and have had significant trouble, even returned  the one I had only to receive one that had most of the same problems that VZW told me to return it for.  I am still using that one since it did fix the rebooting issue.  Now many people have said that version .244 fixes most of issues and many have been using it for weeks now.  I had hoped that we might be this update officially as an OTA.  Of course we know that not everything will be fixed, just a few more in this release and maybe a few others in another.  The only way to improve is update and change.  
Dude, the Moto Forums are worthless. Matt seems MIA. Ordinary info like doing a cache wipe is treated like Top Secret because it uses 'hidden controls'. Anything useful in the way of tech info is against Forum policy. Even if it would be extremely helpful in running a stock, unrooted phone.

Couple that with a dearth of updates from Moto or news about our phone, and why bother? I drop in there about once a week out of habit but have given up on the place.

The Forums in general strike me as another exhibit of the old Moto not really caring about the next sale through customer loyalty. What the new Moto wants to do remains to be seen, but I have yet to see any bits of sunshine filtering through cracks in the wall.
The old moto didn't have to care. In most cases they were the only game in town.
Da H
Another Bionic post.  Got mine in Nov and the buzz was that we'd have ICS by feb or mar.  Seemed reasonable as it was basically done and it was natural that Moto would be working on the "flagship phone",  roll out our ICS soon, then work it into all the other downstream products until the new flagship came out in 8-12 months.  Specially when GB was having so many problems with data dropping.  I knew I was screwed when the Razr came out just a month later.  I knew I was screwed, blewed and tatoo's when it also didn't have ICS.  I knew they were not even close to ics.  I knew my flagship was a closeout throwaway soon to be discontinued.  I knew I paid the premium price to get a double core proc that may never activate.  I knew even though I paid for new 4g I was lucky to even have sporadic  3g connectivity.  I knew I should have just bought whatever was on sale and saved $300.  I should have known Moto was just blowing things out their ass trying to find someone to acquire them in a corporate buyout.
   Please don't take this wrong Mr. Soni.  I don't think any of us are yelling at you but we would like to use you as a megaphone to scream our heads off "through you" to the management.  Even there the new management may have had very little to do with what happened over the last year because of the sale of moto wireless.  However I do believe they can do a lot to get things moving faster.
Please PLEASE, do what you can.  Give lots more info.  Unlock the boot.  At this late point give us support for those that have jumped to ics early.  How about you release the current build OTA with a disclaimer of problems you have found and let us decide.    And please give us a date.  If it wasn't for being jerked around on this last time line I would have already done the ICS myself.
Thank You
Punit Soni, can you be any more specfic as to a timeline or a more detailed status of the ICS Bionic Update? We need something thats more than just "hold on we are working on it" please give us some mpre loving direct detailed feedback!!!!
Ditto. A 'loader tool would be a fair trade for having to learn to support our own phones. BTW, why can't android be a totally legit linux distro? Hire pat volkerding! Get us slackphone. If we're gonna be a community supported project give us our tools, the props we deserve, and promptly forget we're alive or push our update so we can get somebody excited about getting us an FXZ. I don't really care which. Just give us all or give us nothing but our tools and leave us alone. You guys already have the forget we're alive and leave us alone part wired.
Best of luck in your new venture! As a Bionic owner, I do feel that we have been neglected on more than one occasion but hearing your willingness to listen gives me hope that things can change. Be nice if we got a nice surprise to remind us Motorola cares.
Think how I feel, I've been using Motorola phones for 19 years(bag phone was first). I get the bionic and have such a sour taste after a year of the poor support for it that for the first time I will be going to another cellphone manufacturer. I order the new iPhone this week. I just feel cheated by Motorola and don't know if I could ever go back.
Again..I totally understand how you feel. And this should never happen. I am not going to throw out the argument "we just got here". We are taking responsibility for this. And we will engage with you, listen carefully to your concerns and most importantly, try to FIX things.
So we are doing that. My team knows to take your complaints seriously, we are working hard to update the Upgrades timeline pages to reflect the right data, and then we WILL stand next to those timings and will meet them. As far as what is in our control, we will be transparent and we will commit to your happiness. 
Keep the feedback coming. 
I don't think any user of any Moto phone would be that upset if you didn't hit a timeline schedule if you could just put out a little notice, "Hey, we hit such-and-such snag and we're having to update our propsed release date." Be it new hardware or software update.

We understand that leading-edge tech can have development problems.
please give a real answer on droid bionic update wait its coming (00/00/0000 or  junk it and start over this is really a problem for me its like moto/google/verizon its to much of a secret other theories are that its involved in a lawsuit for patent infringement none of which makes any sense please someone has the answer ?   
Punit, we heard the resounding pop when you extracted moto's cranium from it's posterior orifice. However we also know 2 things, razr m and atrix 4G are unrootable; and nobody has even suggested giving us any bootloader love. You're a user yourself. Would you accept unrootability and a permanently locked bootloader? Why don't you climb in here with us and use a bionic as your own primary phone until the issues are addressed? Hell, In addition to my 16GB I've got a pristine 8GB still on 905 at home, send me a razr for my wife to use and I'll send you mine temporarily.
I'm so sad :(  Not with Moto but with Verizon :(  all they want to do for my Bionic is to get me to leave my Alltel unlimited data plan - Well I guess I need to go up the road to Verizons Tower (1/2 mile from my house as the crow flies) and camp there for 24 to 48 hours and stream Netflix movies, Maybe that will get Verizon to listen to Motorola (they can't throttle me as I signed with Alltel and my plan can't change unless I upgrade and/or don't pay the bill)

Thank you Mr. Soni and Motorola Mobilty/Google
@Daniel Dlugos:  Nah.  Well, that may be part of it.  There's more to the story. [Edited to protect the stupid, apparently, though I'm not sure exactly why.  I appreciate leaks as much as the next guy, but I don't have sympathy for self-inflicted stupid career moves by putting info out on public forums for the world to see.  It's not exactly private info, there, guys.]

@ Punit:  Why not just lay down the law with VZW and declare the Bionic and RAZR lines are no longer DROID products? 

Bear with me here...Let me explain. 

The DROID moniker, at one time anyway, carried a promise that it would be a leading-edge product, among the first to receive OS updates and a premier level of service and/or attention.  These days, the DROID branding seems to mean nothing of the sort. 

Instead, I propose that Moto/Google declare all of these devices to be NEXUS products from this point forward, if not in name, then at least in terms of support given with all of the advantages that come with any other NEXUS device.  Same goes for any future products, except perhaps, those that are targetted at a budget price/market segment.  It makes zero sense why a NEXUS device that is really no different hardware-wise should get preferential treatment on the software front.  Maybe this means less new devices so that better support can be given to each one?  That would get my vote.  That approach seems to be working out fine for Apple...
(edit: +Punit Soni )
we really just want our update that was promised when we bought our phones ONE YEAR AGO now. We dont care about Flash, its dead anyways. We want ICS and we want JB after that, this phone is almost identical to the Razr and we get treated like the "ugly step child" we want answers and we want ICS. trust me my next phone will likely not by Moto, you lost a very loyal customer unless this debacle gets turned around ASAP
There's more to the story surrounding the latest leaked firmware.  The community has asked that I not reference where said info can be found in some kind of effort to protect their source.  It's interesting to note that they don't want the info here, but they're happy to post it in a publically viewable forum where you don't even need to register to read it. 

Amy, Patrick and others: If you want to protect this guy, then take your own advice and delete from your forum as well. [Edit: Seriously, guys and girls, you've got way too much incriminating detail in your thread.  You've only yourselves to blame if your source is sacked.]
Great. I feel like a kid caught between divorced parents. Each one's trying to screw the other over & I'm just collateral damage.

Sucks when your customers become collateral in some shitty business.
Thanks for regarding the update status for the Bionic. I've been waiting for this to happen and it's discouraging to hear little about it, especially after what is considered "Early Q3" has long been passed. I appreciate communication instead of complete silence. And thank you for admitting mistakes. That is something few companies do nowadays. 
Thanks. I really look forward to seeing ICS(+) on my Bionic.
After Investing so much in all the accessories, dock, laptop docks, it would be a shame to let  such a great device fall by the wayside. #GoTeamMoto 
I'm this close to paying full price for a Samsung gs3 simply because I can't get any positive updates for my bionic. I've been moto since the og Droid and I've had enough. Wish I were up for an upgrade. Going to cost me big now!
Why no skip straight to Jelly Bean for the Bionic, being Q3 is over
I am a Droid Bionic owner. I want the ICS update. Sadly when I look at CraigsList for Droid Bionic, I see people are selling them for due to purchasing an Apple product. The Bionic not only has hurt Motorola's image, but it is affecting the Android image. People are not only leaving Motorola Products, but leaving the entire OS.

I have owned numerous Motorola Products throughout the years (Original Droid, Droid X, Droid Bionic, wife owners the Razr Maxx). They are nice devices, but this whole Bionic issue has changed my view of Motorola. If they knew the Razr would be coming out just a few weeks after launch, they should NEVER have released the Bionic. A far better device than the Bionic and a frustrating issue for consumers. I felt like less of a customer and more of a joke to Motorola. "Ha, we got you to by our useless junk early and now we are going to release the real deal". The other problem is that people locked themselves into a two year agreement to get the Bionic and are still locked into those agreements to this day. I can't pay full retail for a new device, but I can't find satisfaction in a phone that I feel I was scammed into getting early with Motorola released hype, and then let down with another release RIGHT AFTER I make the purchase. 

I almost no longer want the Bionic, but instead want a new device from another manufacturer that wants long term customers, and treats them right so that they continue to purchase their products. I was a loyal Motorola customer, but now I will actually consider other manufacturers and OS's for my next purchase. 
Sir, you will get that ICS update. We are going to update the info page in a bit. Just ensuring we mean what we say, before we say it.
Was previously on an ICS leak but for unspecified reasons I needed to go back to gingerbread. This brought me back to when I first got the device and how truly excited I was. I'm now just going to wait  for the OTA but thanks for taking the time to respond to these posts'. I am now excited again for the first time in a long while
I cant say that I wont buy a tech device as soon as it comes out in the future, nor can I say I wont buy Motorola again. But I will NEVER buy a motorola product as a new release. I am only on my second BIONIC, but looks like I might need a third. Being locked in a contract for an unusable device just sucks.
Hello Punit, just another +1 with the  Motorola Droid Bionic.  I (as i'm sure hundred of others) have been checking the internet for weeks wondering when we will receive our update and still no luck.  I was visiting a site today and learned for the first time who you were and that you wanted feedback from us.  I think that in order to give the customers a little sense of peace, the first thing you should do is provide some type of time frame and leak some information to the media so more people can learn what is going on with their Bionic. Thanks and I wish you the best of luck.  
Brent Shipley, the RAZR is in NO WAY a "much better" device than the Bionic.  It is a minor incremental update if anything.  And if the Bionic hadn't been a choice, I wouldn't own a Moto device right now.  Nonremovable battery would have been a dealbreaker.
ian ray
@PunitSoni It is great to hear an official response in this matter, but we can all agree that actions speak louder than words. And Samsung's Galaxy S3 is pretty loud these days
One of the biggest gripes I've heard about Motorola and Android is not only the fragmentation, but also how long it takes for the OEM's (like Moto) to pass the update to the wireless companies (like Verizon) and then down to the there any way that the new Motorola can push the update directly to the consumer either via OTA or through some sort of "Central" application? I think this is one of the main reasons why people either stay clear of Android or jump ship to Apple - because they know that when Apple says there will be an update, there's no waiting for the phone companies to "approve" it. I think it would help BIG time if this was streamlined directly to the consumer.
Please help us bionic owners from seeing " your phone is up to date." Because its not. Its just a lousy way to start your morning....
It has been obvious from the start that the Bionic was only ever released for contractual reasons, as it was replaced nearly instantly by the RAZR (the phone we should have gotten) after the major delays. It is only fitting that its upgrade/update process would be a similarly fared debacle. I will not buy a Motorola product again. I don't think many people will. When the other Android manufacturers (Samsung) don't have these issues.
Thank you very much for taking the time to address this. Can you tell us if the update to jelly bean will be faster or if we will at least get it this year?
+Anthony Lamberto Not true. The RAZR while similarly specced has been updated to ICS as has the RAZR MAXX. That's the concern.
I've been using Motorola phones for the better part of a decade, but the Bionic has me really thinking twice about sticking with the company for my next phone purchase. At this point it's probably going to take more than "I'm sorry." to keep me around. Bionic users need something extra special for having to endure such poor customer service.
+Rob Kein i was only pointing out the similarity of the phones, nothing more. but true it is a concern
Hope at my atrix gets an update. Hell, even a leak would let the rom devs get to work and keep me entertained with my phone. I love it, but moto is as horrible as bioware in both communication and update (broken and untimely)
Just wish they would give ics to the droid 3 I heard it is possible to have it on there.  It is not much different than the Droid 4
+1 ICS for Bionic.  I understand you aren't personally responsible for the apathy and lack of integrity of your predecessors, but please know that we take Moto's statements (and lack thereof) very seriously.  At the very least, be brave enough to tell your users that you screwed up, and what you plan to do about it.
so can we get that update asap... we are foaming at the mouth so to speak for it
All my mobile phones in the past 10 years have been Motorola phones, but after how things have shaped with my Droid X then my X2 I feel it might be time for me to look elsewhere for my next phone. If there is no clear plan to support a phone a few months after it is released is disappointing. It is saddening to see that Droid X2 released June 2011 wouldnt be upgraded to ICS released in October 2011. As a customer I feel that I have been taken for a ride by Motorola. My device lacks support while I am still stuck in a contract with my wireless provider. Not everyone can afford buying a device at full retail price.

Whatever happened to 18 month support that was promised for Android devices. Does it mean we will just release security updates to prevent people from rooting. The only reason I would look to root my device is because I cannot trust the manufacturer to support my device. If Motorola believes it can release a handful of devices and hope that customers will buy them then you are wrong. Release one device may be a few variations with the same base hardware, but please support the device for its full life of the contract the people would be on when they buy the device when it is released. If Motorola cant do this please let us unlock are device and look else where to update it. At the end of the day we like to use the device that we paid for.
Thank you +Punit Soni !

With the demise of Webtop, I plan on keeping my Bionic for a long as possible. I'm glad to see that there are ears their listening to what we are saying.
+Rob Kein I have to disagree with you there.  The Motorola "Targa" was a planned release even before the original "Bionic" design was scrapped.  It was meant to be the OMAP4 device for those of us looking for a "traditional" slate form factor - meant to be a complementary member of the same family the RAZR/MAXX/D4 are a part of.  Here's a link to an article about it before the XT865 Bionic was even scrapped:

Do you really think Moto put all that work into a device just to meet contractual obligations, when it was a planned device to begin with?  The original Bionic was to be a Tegra 2 phone with 512MB of RAM and Android 2.2 - essentially, an LTE version of the Droid X2.
Another Bionic owner waiting for ICS. I've had great luck with this phone but will seriously consider other manufacturers if Motorola can't get ICS out soon.
Mr. Soni,

Thank you very much for your responses! Many if the hard feelings can be absolved with adequate communication!

I for one am very satisfied with my bionic purchase and the level of support we've received.

The single biggest thing that you could do to appease bionic owners such as myself, would be to ensure we get jellybean. Which after all the effort moto put in to "unifying" the builds between the RAZR line, d4, and the bionic, this should be pretty easily done
Come on man i ask the motorola support everyday and the tell me to be patient ive been patient for two months asking everyday and still nothing the tell me early quarter 3 it clearly not early quarter 3 no more ive been patiently waiting for two long i want Ice Cream Sandwich please :) Thank You
Let me trade in my bionic for a Razr Maxx HD and we'll call it even. I didn't get the "flagship" device I paid for last year. So how about letting me have the new one?
We need unlock-able boot loaders for ALL devices, not just developer editions.
Lot of words but still nothing for my bionic.
You want to win at this game, it's simple. Use the best of every technology available. Imagine a Razr Maxx (or something with the same chassis size but thinner bezel/larger screen) with a super amoled HD plus screen, top notch camera (8mp+ at f/2.0), 2gb ram, monster snapdragon pro (or exynos 5/omap 5). Global LTE, and CDMA/gsm coverage. Unlockable bootloaders and easy rooting for (for those who want them). Keep making accessories, but price them reasonably. Simple formula, you'll sell so many phones it will make your head spin. 

As for the Bionic, give us the tool to unlock the bootloader. That will solve 99% of the problems most are having (poor update schedule, bad radios, etc). 
When is the Moto xoom going to get replaced with today's Quadcore and hardware and still be google sponsored? And it is a nice view!
I think Motor is only half to blame for the ICS delay on the Bionic, let us not forget that VZW is the one who approves the updates before they are released. It is possible something else is going on here and Mr. Soni can't tell us. I would feel much better if the bootloader unlocker was made available for the bionic as more and more malware is being made for android. If we can get that, then I would feel much safer being able to keep my phone up to date.

I recommended that my family take advantage of the "Buy One, Get One Free" promotion for the DROID 3 last August. They came out with two DROID 3's and I bought myself a DROID Bionic on release date. These were our first smartphones. Motorola has given us nothing but a raw deal ever since. My friend is holding out for the RAZR MAXX HD but I am having a hard time recommending that he continue doing so considering my experience with Motorola. Hopefully you can turn things around. I really want to like Motorola again
You won't win this market with shoddy customer service.
Gonna add my voice to this. I have a Motorola Photon and it is still on Gingerbread. It was supposed to be updated in Q2 and then Q3. Why still no news?
I considered the Razr, but I chose the Bionic because the Razr did not have a removable battery. My previous phone was the Eris. Toward the end it was constantly freezing (at least once each day), and often the only solution was to pull the battery. Therefore I was concerned that a non-removable battery would be a problem. For the past few weeks I have regularly followed the online chatter about the Bionic upgrade, and I often check my About Phone menu to see if it is available.

I have noticed a problem over the past few months. I suspect it is due at least in part to Verizon, but I wonder if my Bionic may be part of the cause. I have been having data connectivity problems (requiring that I power off and on my phone about every day), and my GPS takes much longer to find my location (it used to work almost instantly). A factory reset did not fix the problem.
I've had a Bionic since it was released, and couldn't get a solid data connection for the first 4 months or so that I had it.  An update released then fixed that, but still no ICS, so I just ordered a Galaxy S3 the other day.  Between this, the problems I also had with a Droid 2 previously, and locked bootloaders, the Bionic I'm sorry is my last Motorola phone, and I'm not sure I would ever recommend one.  I know that a lot is to blame on Verizon too though.
+Ryan Luhring Did you even consider the fact that some of the "laundry list" items are simply NOT something Motorola can fix?  I understand that a big reason VZW keeps rejecting builds has to do with Flash.  The problem is, Adobe is no longer developing Flash for Android.  If the incompatibility is something that can ONLY be overcome by a Flash Player update, it would be impossible for Motorola to fix.  And Adobe's not going to fix it with an update, since they are done with the Android platform.  Sometimes, there can be a such thing as "unrealistic expectations".
Honestly it doesn't really bother me that my Bionic didn't have ICS..what really bothers me is the data drops that basically make the phone useless to me on 4g LTE (I have to use my wifi or manually switch to 3g)..I have unlimited data on VZW for a reason..when I hear people talking about rooting their phones to ICS and not having that problem anymore just frustrates me..looking over the previous comments, I'm thankful that you're taking the time and looking at our concerns and addressing them too.
+Punit Soni , thank you.

I've loved my Bionic since day one (1st one died a few days in on number 2). I am very excited to hear that you are getting the ICS update in order :)

I hope to remain a moto-head fanboi and this update will help me to stay.

Have a great weekend!
+Punit Soni At this point it makes more sense to skip ICS and release Jelly Bean for the Bionic wouldn't you think?
+Punit Soni as skeptical as I am about Motorola I admire your enthusiasm to fix the broken links. My mother still uses my bionic so maybe she'll get some use from it. Maybe you'll be able to bring some transparency and sense to a company that has ignored and played its users for far too long! Thank you! PS don't overburden yourself by taking on all the work with one man!
+Punit Soni Wow, I just read the feed about the Bionic.  I had an HTC Thunderbolt and got this just cuz I heard that ICS was coming. Glad to hear you are behind this and making sure it gets done right. Oh and congrats at Motorolla.  Looking forward to great things you do.
It is obvious that the Bionic had problems from the start, Such as the 4g dropping out, serial rebooting and slow response.
Then,Verizon reduce the product return time from 30 days to 15?  Might I suggest to you, instead of wasting more time on a defective product, why not give us Bionic owners a $250 credit towards the purchase of a new Motorola phone of our choosing- with no strings attached .
$250 is over and above the $100 that Motorola has recently offered, but we were sold an over-hyped phone that both Verizon and  Motorola knew, in my opinion, was defective the day it was launched. Less than a month after it was introduced, out came the Razr. In February of this year, Verizon dropped the price to $99 -and discontinued. By May, it was free.
Thanks for bringing attention to the Bionic. Please provide a tool to unlock the bionic boot-loader and bring ICS to us.
Mike M
SO I have been stuck, Cannot upgrade without a 599 fee. I would love an upgrade to the Razr M and drop the Bionic. Punit, for the sake of customer satisfaction, how do I contact you and get a new Razr, then I can stop waiting for the ICS rollout and have solid connectivity. I love Droids but I'm getting tired of the wait, and basically Verizon will do nothing to address the issue for the last 5 months...
+Punit Soni I haven't any idea what drives Motorola management but customer satisfaction certainly isn't it. 

I'm done with Motorola at this point. Why?

* Learning a few short weeks after getting my Bionic that I should have purchased a RAZR instead. Nice. Good job unloading an inferior phone when you knew a much better phone was soon to be released.

* The 905 update to the bionic has caused many of us to have problems staying connected to 4G/LTE networks. What use is a Bionic without a consistent 4G/LTE connection?

* The slow update to ICS. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. With the continuing ICS fiasco, I have no faith in your ability to deliver jelly bean to this phone. Ever. A $100 rebate for a new phone? Why would I ever buy a phone from Motorola again?

Samsung is getting my money for a new phone. Hopefully I can dump the Bionic for enough money to buy a few accessories for it.
+tony adams because if you do some research, you will find that the ICS leaks FIX all of the Bionic's flaws.  Thus, it is NOT a flawed product.  It works fine with the proper OS.
pandering to the forums with an avatar apology isn't the same as "owning"  responsibility.   Did all you fanboys/girls think that you actually rec'd a response from  Vijay Sing or whomever is at the helm of Moto today rather than some lackey assigned that login:?

You're probably the same people that thought that "billg"answered your win 98 issues.
Here is a real simple solution to the Bionic issue - send a Razr M to ALL Bionic owners as an apology. Personally it makes me sick to my stomach that I wasted an upgrade on this brick... 

Some of us took a leap of faith with Motorola over a year ago and bought this thing.. and it hasn't been a very enjoyable experience thus far. 

Make it right. 
Punit, the only reason I will not have a Motorola is because of the locked bootloader. I would love a GSM Razr but for now I'm content with my GSM Galaxy Nexus because of the freedom it gives me. Please keep the bootloader unlocked I'm the future and you gain me as a customer once again.
Why not shock your customers...skip ICS and give us Jellybean, no bloatware, STOCK.  I'm not even excited to get ICS anymore...
First of all thanks for the open and honest communication Mr. Soni. I want to jump in to simply ask if you and your company can allow a way to let the bootloader on the RAZR to be unlocked? It would be great to finally get such a option available to us who want to have more freedom in how we use our RAZR smartphones. Many thanks in advance on this. Also to all of you Bionic folks waiting for ICS keep fighting the good fight. Trust me its worth the fight!
Yet another Bionic owner here...

I purchased my Bionic at full price on release day just over a year ago - after waiting over 6 months for it to finally be released. Then we got the slap in the face of the Droid RAZR a few months later (which I knew was coming, but wanted the Bionic due to the interchangeable battery). Those issues were compounded by the fact the RAZR got ICS months ago while we've been stuck on 905 which broke LTE functionality. What really annoys me is people who were in the soak for 905 gave feedback about the LTE issues, but it got pushed out anyway. Now it sounds like the release date promise for ICS on the Bionic is going to be missed - and we're stuck with broken phones until an update happens. 

I was an OG Droid user and had many Motorola phones before that (Q9H, RAZR, bag phones, etc.)... After the fiasco with the Bionic, I don't know if I'll be coming back. I appreciate the fact that this is now getting attention, because we really have gotten a raw deal with the Bionic - from the day it was announced.  As I'm sure you've noticed from the comments here, you've got a lot of unhappy customers - and Verizon won't do anything to address the issue.  That being said, I hope whatever you're announcing takes in to account just how bad the situation has been with the Bionic from the beginning. 
I almost never post on here but here goes. Why dont you guys only release a few android phones a year. 3 would be great kind of like a good better best . I understand it has to be a pain in the arse having to employ people to program updates for a whole slew of phones that are not that different from each other besides one or 2 things here and there. I happen to haveva droid razr and must say i do love it to death but then to only find out less than 2 months later that my phone would be 2nd rate yet again.... i would love to help pyou guys improve on this
I hear all this talk now- after owning this bionic for over a year... there have been so many disappointments from seeing the razer come out just weeks after buying the bionic the day it came out - dealing with the disappointment of the data connectivity issues.... I use to be a major fan of motorola phones this ordeal with the bionic has really been one big disappointment. I really hope I'm not a chump for holding out hope that there really will be an update to ics in my lifetime.
I just read a post done by Droid-Life about how you said Droid Bionic owners have "gotten a raw deal". As a Droid Bionic owner I have watched the days of early Q3 come and go and still no ICS I was angry. I am running a leak and it has issues that I want to see fixed in the coming update. But hearing how you just got here and that you are going to do something to fix it puts hope that my phone will get the OTA ICS update and maybe even JB. Thank you for all your hard work at Motorla Mobility.  
Atrix 4g ICS update please. Only a few days left before you guys break another promise.
I'm so over this crap after all this time... I've never had a device that has tried my patients as hard as this one has. But it worked, I don't even care anymore. Even if Moto pushes the update to ICS next week it still doesn't pay me back for all the garbage I've put up with for the past year. I bought this phone full price... lap dock full price... accessories... over a thousand dollars for something that just "never quite got there".
In my eyes, to make this right, you would definitely have to get us on stable JB and unlocked with functioning lap dock support. Or... a coupon for the next best Motorola device of my choice for being an unwilling participant in a failed Motorola experiment that took my money and gave me the finger.

All this talk about getting ICS doesn't give me back all my time trying to fix problems. It just gives me what they said I would have last year and it's WAY TOO LATE!!

I appreciate someone actually taking this serious now... but I would like to hear someone say "what can we do to make this right and keep you as the loyal Motorola customer you have been since 1991?" My answer wouldn't have anything to do with this piece of crap I'm stuck with.... give me a voucher... tell me your sorry... let me pick the device I want to move to in the coming months (it may not even be out yet, I don't know, I haven't looked at a Motorola phone this year... they make me sick)

Sorry... just venting... bionic has ruined everything I ever thought about Motorola
I cannot add much to what has already been said. I have the Motorola Atrix original. Had it since it was released. It is still a great phone and it has never ever given me a minute of trouble. The lapdock was cutting edge when it came out and I got that. Motorola does a good job with hardware but the updating is problematic. Perhaps releasing LESS phones would allow your programmers time to catch up with the updates. I know Motorola is in the business to make money it just seems like the hardware part of the company outpaced the software part. 9 days to go in Q3 for the update of the original Atrix, 5 of those days are weekdays. I will be happy if it comes out in Q3 but I'm not expecting it. Like the others how timely this is handled by Motorola will determine if I remain a Motorola owner. 
While I am one of the many that wants ICS on their device ASAP, I am very happy to see the feedback from Mr. Soni.  The massive fragmentation that is Android is pushing me away from the platform, much less recommending it to anyone else.  I swore off Apple a long time ago, but when I see reports that a fifth of their traffic on iOS devices is already on iOS 6 within a couple days of launch, I, as I am sure there many others will be considering other platforms when my time to upgrade comes w/ AT&T.  This problem is much bigger than just Moto, it's Google ultimately not taking care of business with the Android platform as a whole.
Screw ICS for Bionic. How about Jelly Bean? I have ran CM10 just fine on the Bionic. It runs smoother then the leaked .232 version of ICS. Although buggier the speed and quality is better. How about showing us Bionic owners some Jelly Bean love? I mean seriously you might as well at this point.... I think if Motorola can make the users wait for ICS then it would be worth waiting for the Jelly Bean upgrade instead of the ICS upgrade for the Bionic. I'd rather have Jelly Bean the heck with ics.
If ICS is not here on my Bionic (a phone that I used to love) by the time I have an upgrade credit, I will switch back to HTC phones.  Even with their "issues" they were better than this.  I have a VERY capable phone that is hindered by the software that motorola put on it.  I wish you would just make this phone what it really can be.  I don't root, I want my phone to be what was sold to me.
Where is the Atrix 4G ICS update? End of the Quarter is just 1 week away... doesn't disappoint us... we are waiting this for while...
I just bought a Razr Maxx because I was tired of running the leak ICS on my Bionic. I hope the update list gets new dates for everything. I hope I didn't just buy something that won't see Jellybean.
Mr Sonic
I got my Bionic on Day 1 with the promise that it was the flagship phone from Motorola. Please fulfil that promise with Ice Cream Sandwich. Better yet, Jelly Bean. I have been a loyal Motorola user for years, and I want to continue being loyal.
Hi Punit! I see that you are responding to all Droid Bionic owners about the update, and its great! But, im an Atrix 4G owner, and i will like to know about the update for the Atrix 4G! Its pretty clear now that the Atrix 4G won't receive ICS on Q3, as the schedule says. Do you also have plans for the Atrix 4G? Thanks a lot!
the bionic was supposed to be the future, 2 weeks after it was released it was old news because moto put all its chips down on the razr. thanks a lot. all of us that waited for 9 months for the bionic ordered it as soon as we could, then when yall released the razr the bionic fell off the grid. my bionic has ran like shit every since i got it and seems like every ota update makes it worse. the bionic was supposed to be one of the first moto devices that got ics but here we are still waiting. i've had my bionic for what a year now? at this point the only way i would keep a moto device is if yall give me a razr hd for free when they come out. screw a long awaited ics update to fix the problems, that wont fix the last year i have spent using a shitty bionic. i work in sales and my phone is extremely important so this long time moto user is shopping for a samsung or htc device. i hear they offer really good trade in deals. 
How about skipping the ICS upgrade altogether and jumping straight to Jellybean? I hate to say it but we bionic owners although loyal deserve that much. Keep up the good work, and learn from the past.
Thanks for listening to us +Punit Soni .  We Bionic owners are a patient bunch but it only goes so far.  I'm a a true Moto fan and its always my first choice.  
+Punit Soni can you publish what your plan for the bionic is yet? You seemed quite excited with your plan and in quite intrigued. I have enjoyed my bionic for a long time and would love to know what the future for bionic is. Thanks

+bryan burch I agree and this my third Droid phone and have always enjoyed them.
I sincerely hope things turn around for the Droid bionic as I have sadly had dropped calls, and (which I will be call techs about) nothing but white 4G and white 3g both with 1 to no bars. I thankfully it helps that my neighbor has WiFi or I wouldn't have data at all while at home and tech support tells me the nearest tower to me is 4 miles and one of your corporate offices is about 4 miles. Go figure. Please help. I when I signed on with Verizon 6 months ago, I left at&t after a week and a half because I thought this phone and Verizon was the best of the best. Please prove it true, I'm at my wits end. The I have had tech support help, simply card replaced and just recently went to Verizon and had a hard reset and it's still not much better. Thank you for listening.
As a bionic owner I was very pleased with your comments about the problems we have been facing. Thanks for your support. 
Mr. Soni: Im glad we are finally getting some type of feedback about the Bionic. However, where i feel rift about this is the phone has already passed the year mark and no ICS. Then other companies are releasing phones, of lower specs than the Bionic, with ICS already onboard. How? What? Makes no sense to me. Then in regards to JB. Moto says if your phone (released in 2011) isnt upgraded to JB then we (Moto) will give you a $100 to upgrade your phones. Ok fine nice gesture. However, if the Bionic is not in the plans for JB, some of us got in on the whole Grand Father clause for unlimited data with V! so basically to upgrade we have to leave that plan, now not later. also, not all of us are eligible for an upgrade anytime soon. so we are stuck with a phone until our upgrade period. You talk about WE (Bionic Owners) got a raw deal. How about making us a better deal to help with the issue. Dont get me wrong, Im glad WE are finally getting ICS, which is out dated due to JB being out. But isnt there anything Moto can do to sweeten the deal for US, since we happened to be on the short end of the stick?
I bought the Bionic on launch day. Nothing but problems with the Mobile Hotspot. Costco traded it out before the 90 days and still the same problem. I've been a loyal Moto customer since bag phone days and my last purchase was a Moto Xoom (until my Samsung Galaxy S3). I really didn't care about ICS but if that would have fixed it I would have been happy. All I wanted was a phone that worked as advertised. Sounds like ICS may have solved my problem. The bitter taste of Moto was too much to take. I went out and bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 at full price. I now have a Moto Bionic as a paper weight on my desk (great conversation piece but bad PR for Moto). My Samsung Galaxy S3 has works flawless in every way including the Mobile Hotspot feature.. BTW my Moto Xoom works just  fine. Moto Owners' Forum was no help.  I used to be a Moto "fanboy" but NO MORE.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.. Luckily I could afford to buy a new phone at full price. Not everyone can.. You're probably tired of reading these comments but I just had to vent since I feel "ripped off" by Moto... Instead of "Hello Moto" it's Bye Bye Moto..
Not tired at all. All this feedback is needed. You all need someone to talk to and I am here for you. And am reading every comment.
i hope you are better at the job than the last person but all i hear is talk not seeing any action please fix the bionic!
Do you got any dates for me for the ice cream sandwich For the Bionic
It's almost quarter 4 when will Ice Cream Sandwich come to the Bionic
"Sir, you will get that ICS update. We are going to update the info page in a bit."  Mr. Soni, you posted this earlier this afternoon, any update to the info page or timeline yet?
I had the original Droid, and waited long past upgrade time for a Bionic. I have been a good owner and held off rooting and playing with leaked releases, but the shadows grow long...

If your team could please just grease the wheels and get JellyBean into the Bionic, I would be more than happy to rub it into the faces of both my Girlfriend (Sam Gs3) and my CoWorker (rooted Sam GNex). Give us all a lovely gift, and give me the power to waggle my tongue at the Samsung devotees :-)
i just hope Mr. Soni and Moto can come up with something to help sweeten the deal and smooth things over. A lot of people have either left Moto or saying they are leaving Moto when they can upgrade their phones. Mr. Soni, I hope you and Moto are reading these statements here and on other forums. Hope you relaize this fiasco with the Bionic has left a horrible taste in Bionic owners' or former owners' mouth. I just say chalk it up and call it a day, with all this going on JB for the Bionic could be worse (if we get it at all) and allow US Bionic owners go to V! and switch out our phones with breaching our contracts for a newer Moto phone (if V! would be willing to work something out) or send in our phones to Moto for a newer phone in return. I know far fetched and greedy, but in my opinion and im sure a lot of others would agree something needs to happen to smooth things over. if not, then Moto could look to lose followers, fans, and customers.
Thank you I know motorola will do the right thing
bas sal
I am not sure if you are responsible for non-US regions as well but since you are interested in listening to customers and fixing things please have a look at the Xoom forum for non-US here
Ethan I
Make it easy on yourself, just give users the option to officially unlock their Bionics. This wait has been disappointing to say the least. Also, when are we getting jelly bean? 
I wasn't going to post here since everything has been said already but my experience with this phone has left me feeling like a jilted fool. I finally gave up hope and flashed one of the leaks. No more data drops, phone works like a champ. OTA should have dropped by now. I love moto and I want to believe that they're going to knock our socks off with some fantastic phones down the road but my next phone will probably be a Sammy or HTC and in a couple of years maybe I'll come back. Thank you Mr. Soni good luck to you sir. I'm pulling for you guys to get back on top of the mobile phone world where you belong.
First off, thanks for connecting with the community. I believe that this kind of active conversation is just what we need. Since customer service can only "forward" complaints, it's always a one-way conversation with them.
Secondly, I just want to say that I'm glad that Bionic ICS will be given higher priority now, it was among the first in line for the Q3 schedule, but please don't forget about ATRIX. ;)
+ian ray Yes, the S3 is beautiful. The full price AND another 2 year contract with a high ETF is pretty freaking UGLY. Just ask +Verizon Wireless
+Mike M Verizon wants you to just stay with them, sign over your paycheck and children (for customer service call centers) just so you can say you can play Angry Birds faster than on another carrier.
+Bobby steely If you're threatening anybody, it should be +Verizon Wireless If you get an HTC or Samsung or any other brand under VZW, you can count on slow updates, indifferent and incompetent customer service and a higher level of frustration.
+Shane Jamerson I wish I could be optimistic for you, but I have a BIONIC and am still being screwed by VZW. Good luck!
+Richard Shin Why the 28th? Are you leaving on a cruise or something? Why so arbitrary a date?
+Punit Soni arre punit-ae ! :D Im not here to ask for updates, as most of the Moto phones arent't really available in India. JUST SUGGESTIONS: I would like to point out (cuz finally moto is actually listening) , that we in India also need moto !! a HUGE market, of more than 60% youth !!  A rapidly growing smartphone market, and Samsung's cheap plastic is taking over that market. I love Android like maybe No other and I dont even need updates as much, there are custom ROMs out there (if anything, i need updates just to make the custom ROMs more perfect) ! without root, my phone is a waste, and the locked bootloaders does not help one bit ! )  And, somehow, samsung just doesnt seem do it !  Yeah, HTC's good, BUT, their battery sucks like hell, but yeah, they've started doing the right thing with their new sense 4.. And that's where moto comes in. Amazing build quality, Soon to be amazing software and support team (yeah, i can already visualize that) and the pioneers of mobile communications !!  i couldn't ask for more! But, as it turns out, motorola support is ZERO in India. Yeah sure, there are a few moto phones to be found here and there, but no one recommends it, and they are all the Low end ones. And far behind competition.  Everyone says the service is bad, no customer service, blah blah. SO, I just want to ask u to try and bring Moto Back to the Mobile phone Market in India, and do it in style ! :D ur home country after all ! :D Yeah sure, there is LG. Average hardware & Average software. I have an LG for now, but im waiting eagerly for some tasty motorola treats ! :D oh and one more tip: handle ur updates policy well, and u'll see that uve already WON over a HUGE Android Fan Base & Community ! :D Best of Luck to you and moto ! (; 

P.S. yeah, i love moto all the more now beacuse now Google = Motorola. (well, in a way at least) And Google is the love of my life. :D
I guess I'll jump in with the Bionic themed comments. 

Bought mine on launch day as well and was very happy with it, kind of still am, but not as much since the launch of the RAZR line a few weeks later and again with the RAZR saw the update to ICS already. I don't think I would have minded much if the Bionic was updated a week after, but here we are, approaching the end of Q3 with nothing. I just hope we see something soon and I'll like my Bionic again. 

At this point I am very much on the fence about buying another Motorola device. I had the Original Droid and loved it. Thought I was going to get the same kind of support and upgrade schedule (if not better) on the Bionic, but nothing.

Please get ICS, if not JB (i can only wish), pushed to the Bionic soon.
Mr. Soni-  I, like the others, appreciate your open forum to hear the concerns of Bionic owners.  I only have one question---when can you commit to provide us a target release date?  I understand that you might not have that answer today, but can we get an update by the end of next week?  That would be the end of the 3rd quarter.
+Punit Soni is there a reason the Bionic cant go straight to Jellybean? Im guessing because the team had hopefully started on an ICS build before its release. Can you shed any light on that?
Quite frankly, I simply do not believe the Bionic will receive ICS. I've seen nothing to make me believe this. All this talk about trying to fix things is BS. I was taught to be truthful when dealing with people, regardless of how painful that truth might be.

I've owned numerous Motorola phones, but never again. Never again, Motorola, never again.
Punit, Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to the comments above. I've been anxiously waitin for the ICS update for my Atrix 4g since the update schedule was announced. It seems as if my hopes that Motorola would stick to the scheduled rollout in Q3 will not come true. At the very least could you push the team to provide more timely updates to upgrade timelines. It would also be if Motorola would release the hardware drivers and kernel for the Atrix if you decide to cancel the update so the development community could provide versions of ICS and JB. Thank you for your willingness to listen and I look forward to the changes being made at Motorola.
Bought a Bionic because I liked Moto phones...  Still waiting for the update to ICS...  Phone cost a lot, the contract for it costs a lot month to month, and I still do not have ICS...  Please try and correct this sort of behavior as you move forward.  
Punit, im very glad to see this thread and your comments. I am a long time moto user (including the OG droid) who bought the bionic on day one. I was very happy with it until the update that caused frequent, and extremely frustrating, data drops. This is a major problem and should have been fixed long ago. Frankly, its embarrassing as a user. It has shaken my faith in Motorola products and played a big role in why I chose a nexus 7 tablet instead of a moto tablet.

I'm not going to say you've lost me as a customer forever, but I will say that I'm watching what happens now very closely.

I think the worst part about this bionic debacle has been the lack of communication. Most of us understand that things can and do go wrong, but until now we've been told almost nothing. Simple, honest communication will go a long way. Than you for comments and your time. If you can fix my data drops asap, I'll be a happy camper....
Mr. Soni, good to see someone who appears to give a hoot about the bionic crowd. That said, Q3 is pretty much in the books. 2 newer devices already have ics... and a new device just launched with it, and will see JB. But still we wait. I've been using Motor phones since the original Razor days. And after loving my Droid 1 I saw the Bionic's specs and the promise of ICS and the mention of unlocked bootloader and jumped. But here I am... a year later, no ics, no unlocked bootloader and a raw deal designed to lure us unlimited users off our plan. Its hard to grasp the fact that this is what brand loyalty has led to. Please just get us ICS. Its not like we are begging for something we werent promised. Im not leaning all on Moto for this mess either. VZW has done nothing but make it worse. So in closing get it together, get us our ICS, lets get an answer on Jellybean within a month and maybe my next phone will be moto..
If not, well the S3 will be cheap soon... unlocked bootloader, jb and all...

Regarding BIONIC, as I'm sure has been posted, many of us more impatient users have ICS on our BIONIC now - it has been stable for quite some time with the 'leaks' we have had access to. There have been several leaked releases since the most stable (232) and it has seemed so odd that it has taken this long to release it to the general public. I know for me and others like me, that has been much of the frustration - why does it take so long? Some speculate it's Verizon but it's never clear as to what the hangups are. (and please do not post to Mr. Soni's thread here about how some of us have ICS, etc - there are many places for you to get that information and that is not a topic for this discussion)

If you really want to impress us - skip ICS and push JB! 
Mr. Soni, 
With all due respect... Bionic owners have been hearing the "We'll announce it when we know for sure" line since pretty much day one. 
When the device was released with a bug laden system set we were told "we'll announce the update when we know for sure" 

The phone was released on 9/8/11 - and it wasn't until December that the update started pushing out.. and even that was buggy still. 

I have been a HUGE Motorola fanboy since my first V3 nearly 8 years ago. Since then I have only imagined myself with Moto devices. 
I went from the V3 to the V3m to a Q9c to the Original Droid to the DroidX and now the Bionic which has been a nightmare. 

I've been hearing the same line for a year "we'll announce it when we know for sure". Your predecessor told us the exact same thing. At this point the only thing I can say is SHOW ME, DON'T TELL ME. 

There are ICS builds for the Bionic floating out in the wild which appear to be stable... give us a real status report. Tell us FOR SURE if we're going to get Jelly Bean or not... there has been nothing concrete. Work with VZW to allow Bionic owners an early upgrade that wont affect their unlimited data status. 

Bionic owners took a HUGE leap of faith with this device and all we have gotten for the most part is lip service for a year... we need action at this point, not words. 
I feel so bad as a consumer when I bought this bionic phone after waiting for so long and I have yet to be able to leave 4g enabled because it just drops every time I decide to use it and it well not hold a solid connection. The phone is only a year old and still doesn't work fully. I have always bought motorola Droid phones but my next one may not be. I am tired of reading bionic forums from all over and hoping one day that I can actually use this phone. Ps.. I'm still unhappy that the razr released so soon and the bionic was suppose to be "worth the wait" is what the campaign at the time read for bionic.
+barry wireman what do you base your assumption on, that the Bionic will not get ICS?  Have you seen or heard about the leaked ICS builds?  Do you REALLY think Motorola has wasted months on building a decent ICS OS just to never release it?
I like to see that yall updated the software page and that it will now release in q4
Glad +Punit Soni is taking responsibility for +Motorola Mobility and their issues specifically relating to the Droid Bionic and ICS. I hope Moto will put their money where their mouth is. Set a firm ICS or JB deadline for Bionic and meet it, OR offer new devices FREE for those of us stuck with a Bionic! We are the red-headed stepchildren of Moto & VZW at this point, as far as I am concerned! Every single handset has passed us up, and we got screwed by weeks with the first gen Droid Razr coming out immediately after the Bionic! I thought this looked like a good device for 4G LTE. I have been disappointed, and I am on Bionic #2. The first one would not take OTA updates from VZW,  back in February of this year. Now like many others on here, I deal with data issues all the time. The phone cannot consistently lock into a 3G or 4G data signal. I can sit in one room of my house and not get data at all, move 10 feet and I have a strong signal with a data connection. That is a serious phone issue, not a tower issue. I just want this all to be fixed. The phone was late to roll out, because the first phone had issues with 4G. It is sad to say this, but I am hearing VZW EOLed the Bionic. If your Bionic dies or has issues, they are now sending RAZRs as replacements. That is all fine and dandy, except, then I have to buy more accessories, because the original phone didn't work, and I need a ruggedized case for my line of work. I ask that you make this situation right and COMMUNICATE with the users. We haven't gotten any communication at all about this device!
+James Villere I don't know where this stupid misconception comes from that the RAZR is so much better than the Bionic, and that all of us Bionic owners would jump at the chance to switch?  It's NOT and WE'RE not all anxious about jumping.  I'm not willing to give up my Bionic for a device with a fixed battery that doesn't even fit my hand as well as my Bionic does.
+Punit Soni for me the whole issue is that 50 years of love for, and memories of, motorola equipment has made it my knee jerk default choice. Some of my first memories are talking to my mom from my dad's moto business band and police band radios in his car in the 1960s. He was a small town doctor who would take me along when he went on house calls to elderly people and remote farm families in the area surrounding our town. He in turn had learned his love for motorola as a young man in the army in ww2 when most of our fathers or grandfathers (or great grandfathers) were saving the free world from ruin. Alas neither that class of men, nor that class of Motorola product are anywhere to be found in today's world. You give me genuine hope that at least the motorola product is coming back. I would also apologize on behalf of the community that has continued to dogpile you for specific dates and particulars when you have already pledged your commitment to our cause. You have promised us what we thought was a pipe dream, a phone designed by and for geeks with geeky features that can be turned off and on so that we may configure and relock these devices for our less technically minded friends and relatives. I know all can't be accomplished in the blink of an eye. I feel that now my desire to continue to own motorola products all my life as I have have thus far can be realized. A good ship, with an honorable captain, can hazard the most grave storms. Sail us into the sunlight. Thank you sir.
+Punit Soni I think you should make a bionic phone your primary phone for about a month or more and then you will really truly understand our frustration!
Brian... your finial words are golden. The ICS update has taken so long that now JB is being pushed to more dare i say " current" phones. And I think its because we still don't have ICS that makes this  hurt even more. I have to say that I've been an Moto fan from day one and have almost always had the latest Moto device out, however the Bionic will most likely be the last. To many broken promises and sub par accessories has Moto given us. And the worst thing is that I've lead my family into this same trap... Both my brothers, my dad, my wife and my mother all use Moto phones biased off my recommendation. So Moto and Punit Soni you'll be loosing a whole family unless you get this right. 
+Jarrod Hinson I think in a month many things will be very different. I suggested Mr. Soni get a bionic temporarily yesterday, even offered him my extra one (still on GB). I've got a feeling. The force is strong with this one.
Punit, thanks for listening to our concerns and getting the updated upgrade page posted. I am excited to see that the Atrix 4g will have further details coming soon and I hope soon means before the end of Q3. Thanks again.
+Anthony Lamberto I don't think I can tolerate this phone for another holiday season functioning so poorly. They are just going to push it out, delay delay delay... they hope we will just jump ship and shut up. +Punit Soni 
Oh great :(.  At this point I really wish Motorola would at least tell us if they are currently planning to develop JB for the Bionic.  Obviously things can change, but knowing they're currently planning it would at least make me feel a little safer about the long term prospects of my phone.

Even a comment from someone high up the food chain at Motorola saying "I'd like to see JB on the Bionic" would help.
There will be no more delays. We updated the page with what we think are timings we can commit to and meet. And my team will work super hard to ensure we meet them. You can hold me accountable for them.

Also note: We will review the status of upgrades and update this page on a monthly basis.
Hello Mr.Soni thanks for your attention, it's nice to know that someone in Motrola pay attention to the voice of the users. I am a user of the Atrix 4G, and as a fan of android am concerned as many of my friends in the community on XDA developers lack of update or news regarding the ICS upgrade, we are first and foremost passionate users seeking to maximize their phones, along with the best of Android and as such we would like a straight answer about it. Thank you very much for your attention
+Punit Soni it just got delayed to q4 so now you've bought your team 3+ more months so if you think December 31 is acceptable then wow. In 3 months this thread will be long forgotten especially when all the holiday phone options are releasing.
Great now I gotta wait 3 more months of having my 4g disconnect and reconnect every minute literally being unable to use data?  I've tried multiple Bionics too, they all do it! :(  Sad news to what I was expecting would be some good news this week.
I dont think Dec 31 is acceptable guys. Its going to be way earlier. 
The respect from the community would be massive if you released jelly bean, the phone would have instant gratification from the masses.
As another Bionic owner, I feel that most of our complaints have been heard, but I think what everyone really wants is a date. I see that you've updated your timeline to say Q4 ( Q4 is a large amount of time, and we've already been waiting long enough. Can you give us a better answer? Will we have it in October? November?

And, if you truly believe that we've gotten a raw deal, please give us a good deal on the RAZR Maxx HD or any other part of your new flagship line. I've always liked the quality of your phones, but the company - not just you - needs to show that they understand that they messed up with the Bionic.
I was a loyal BlackBerry owner for years and I finally decided to switch over to Android about this time last year. Unfortunately I settled on the Bionic. I thought I was buying a top of the line 4g phone, but the only way I can get any data stability is to leave it on CDMA.
I would love to get the ICS or JB updates, but please just make my phone work as originally advertised. I don't think that is asking too much.
Thank you.
I'm really disappointed in Motorola for the ice cream sandwich it said early quarter 3 now quarter 3 now quarter 4 what's up with that
Here's my issue with the entire thing.  It's no secret that people ARE running ICS on their Bionics, and experiences are thus far positive for the most part.  WHAT is the technical reason for the delay?  I think that is what a lot of us really want to know.  I don't mean this to be a discussion about the politics of a leaked OS, but we KNOW they are out there and work well.  So, from the standpoint of the informed consumer, many of us are completely confused as to what the hold up is.
Ok, I will hold you accountable if it's not "Way earlier" and this is how I will do it. The Bionic will be my last Motorola device if "Way earlier" does not come to pass. 

I fully expect this deadline to be missed just like every other deadline Motorola has promised. Remember "early Q3"? Well, Q3 is just about over. 

If Moto was serious about "Way earlier" you would list Early Q4 so there would be REAL accountability. A post on G+ wont be seen as accountable action. 
You guys using thr Droid Bionic should be quiet now, you guys are getting your update for sure. On the OTHER HAND, the ATRIX 4G is NOT CONFIRMED TO RECEIVE ITS UPDATE. Angry customer here. Im waiting for the next update on that chart, if Atrix 4G doesn't have its update confirmed, i will be selling my Atrix 4G, and getting a Galaxy Nexus, and i swear by God that i won't be buying another Motorola phone in my life. Even if the next Nexus is made by Motorola. Sorry for the rant but im very very upset about this.
Can you clarify what "Further plans coming soon" means for Atrix 4G customers?  I would either like to sell this phone now while it still has some value or hold on to it for at least six more months.  I need to know if we are going to get an ICS kernel and drivers first though.

I wish you the best at Motorola Punit but my next phone will most definitely be a Nexus device.
Give me a date if it's before December 31st
+adriano miguel mercado at least your phone works properly unlike our bionics on GB. we need ICS to make ours function properly... dont believe me google search that and you will see.
I understand that this doesn't help less tech savvy users, but is there any possibility to release the code/drivers/kernel as it's being developed as a "Beta" of sorts with no official support for the Bionic and Atrix?

Sony did this with their Xperia 2011 line up to appease the more vocal members with something to give them to until the official release. I mean, I just can't believe that following Sony's lead (out of all OEMs who would've thought) is not an option for this supposed New and Improved Motorola.

It seems to me like an acceptable stopgap measure until your work goes through the official certification channels. (Again, I'm not asking to prepare anything special, just share whatever work you currently have to help the community in the spirit of Google's open source policy)

Edit: the sort of Beta that Sony released was a very rough, not fully functioning build with no support to help developers, not a stable build like Moto soak tests usually are.
+Dave Russell.
" what do you base your assumption on, that the Bionic will not get ICS?"

Well, they just pushed it to Q4, which will be a solid year after the phone was released. This is pretty much the death knell for the Bionic. If Motorola thinks it's OK to push the update even further back (and that was only done with overwhelming backlash), then they will think nothing of just forgetting about the Bionic altogether. In terms of life span for phones, the Bionic is already outdated, so Motorola have no incentive to fix the problem. They really don't care if they lose your business. They know they have millions of suckers who will keep shelling out $199 for their phones for two year contracts.

I stand by my assertion. The Bionic will not see ICS.
Mr. Soni, 

Despite other users voicing anger over the timeline update to Q4, I appreciate you following up and getting that timeline updated. As a frustrated Bionic owner, I hope that the ICS update comes very early in Q4 as opposed to later.

I think the Bionic is a great phone, and actually prefer it over the Razr models. However, as it's been stated here multiple times, and you yourself have agreed, the Bionic has gotten a raw deal. For the data issues, to the non-communication issues, to the long delayed ICS update, it has not been an enjoyable ownership experience for what was marketed as a "flagship" device. I do think the phone has great potential though, and have heard that ICS makes the Bionic a far better phone. 

As a side note, I hope this phone is included in the promise to get 2011 devices up to Jelly Bean, as I certainly think the hardware is capable of handling it. 

Again though, thank you for your transparency and willingness to communicate with the customer base. It's much appreciated.
Another 3 months to come up with more excuses. I expected more from Motorola. I have been very patient, but my patience wears thin.
"There will be no more delays. We updated the page with what we think are timings we can commit to and meet."

Unacceptable, sir. Motorola has had a year to get this right, and they've simply ignored us. Too little, too late. And the $100 off a new Motorola phone is insulting to those of us who have been loyal Motorola customers.
Agree. Eeven if they give me $300 for a new phone, i wont be buying a Motorola phone again. Just not worth it. 
+Justin Woodman thank you for understanding that large ships don't change directions overnight. ICS will come to.Bionic and it will come in the timeline published .
Punit, please, what about the Atrix 4G?  The status is even more vague than before.
As Jelly Bean is already being pushed to even less powerful phones and as we have to wait even longer now, why not just move towards and focus on Jelly Bean for the Bionic. I mean, we've been waiting ALREADY and don't have ICS ANYHOW!?

Just a thought
Can we just get JB instead of ICS?
What's about the Atrix Mr. +Punit Soni  "Further plans coming soon" + Monthly update page = We have to wait for at least one more month just to know whether or not the ICS comes to Atrix while Atrix users should receive ICS update right now (end of Q3)? MOTOFAIL :|
+Punit Soni  I'm guessing you're still planning for Q3 but hedging a few days by reporting Q4 so that if it does soak next Friday, and start rollout a week from Monday (on 10-1) no one  can say "see, he's just another motorola corporate liar!", I fully believe it will come by mid October or November first by the latest, but you're totally aware of the possibility of painting yourself into an inescapable corner and are not about to chance it. Smart man.  You have my support 100% regardless until you teach me not to trust you, and I don't expect that in the least.  Bravo. Now, when can we talk about that bootloader?  (everybody's got their pet issues, root and boot are mine, learned when I was knee high to a linux boot disk) :-)
Dear Punit, 
It's hard to explain without bad words what I felt today saw the update of Motorola Upgrade News page. Hey, what's wrong with Atrix 4g to get the ICS? It has great CPU, GPU and RAM, the only reason I see that you guys failed to support one of your best products!!! 
Any thoughts about it?

Thanks, Pavel.
While I appreciate the effort, the end result is a phone that should have seen ICS in Q2 (before the RAZR) now is pushed back to Q4.  While I'm sure some of the blame lies with Verizon, the simple fact of the matter is this reflects poorly on Motorola.  As I said in my earlier post, this all started with a phone that was announced at CES in January and didn't finally ship until September...  Something tells me that holdup wasn't with Verizon. 

I guess the only way I'll be getting timely updates as promised is with a Nexus device.  I'll be sure to keep that in mind when replacing my Bionic.  So much for buying a "flagship" device with the Bionic... 
Yeah, he is just answering about the Droid Bionic, meanwhile Atrix 4G went from Confirmed to unconfirmed., and not a word about it.
Punit, be a man, answer us about the ATRIX 4G!
+Punit Soni Atrix 4G users feel cheated here, not just because of the   upgrade schedule, but also because of the fact that you're selectively answering the queries of customers here. Can you please provide a clear answer to the simple question: Will Atrix 4G get ICS or not? If yes, when? If No, why? Thanks.
One more voice for info about Atrix 4G.
ICS/JB update Yes or No.
If Yes, when?
If No, why?
Atrix 4G owner respectfully requesting confirmation of ICS update and when. The nVidia drivers and kernel/source code would be a massive step in restoring consumer confidence. 
If you guys were to release the kernel and drivers for the atrix 50% of these posts about that phone would go away,  We already have working 4.1.1 roms but we need an ICS kernel and drivers to get things like proper video acceleration and our camera working right. 
Totally agree. +Punit Soni is answering only to Droid Bionic owners here. Come on, please clarify whats te current status about the Atrix 4G ICS update.
I am answering what is sorted out. If it says plan coming soon, it's because we are still sorting out the plan .
Dear Motorola you just FAILED, when you say that atrix will be upgraded in Q3 and then you say that you dont even have plans it's a shame. you are BIG company not like supermarket near my house, you are responsible for your announcements.

You FAILED cuz u do not understand that u dissapointed ADVANCED users and you do not understand that people ask advice from advanced users which phone to buy and i will tell everyone NOT TO BUY MOTOROLA cuz MOTOROLA do not have SUPPORT at all. 

6 or 7 month we were waiting for ICS and now you say that you have no plans. SHAME ON YOU MOTOROLA.
There should be a lemon law for phones and a law that protects us consumers by banning the lemon devices.
I see. It is in fact unconfirmed? Which practically means that the probabilties of it getting Atrix went to almost 0%?
I don't think this answer is clear answer to clear questions we asking =)
Mike M
SO I once again ask; how do we Bionic users get a stable phone. Go to VZW and upgrade\pay some crazy price ? There should be a trade in for us users that are stuck in never never land. The phone currently is not stable nor do we have a fix to resolve the issue. ?

If I'm paying full price it will be for an Apple Iphone... I challenge Moto r to give us upgrades..
I totally feel like i have been tricked. I should have sold my phone when it still was worth some money.
+Punit Soni Appreciate your responses here. So do you mean to say that the ICS update for Atrix 4G is still under evaluation? Or the work is already in progress, but the release date is not clear? If it is the latter, we would have some peace of mind knowing the there is someone at Motorola working on the Atrix 4G upgrade. But if it is the former, then we would like to know what the status "In Development" meant for all these days in the Upgrade status page. And as the new upgrade page is supposed to be updated on a monthly basis, will the Atrix users get to know the fate of their phones only after a month? Or will the page be updated in the next few days? So many questions are there, but none of them are getting answered clearly. Really very very disappointed.
Appreciate the interactions. But you should be quick about "further plans". You know you can not last long by fooling customers. Does anyone dare to recommend a Moto phone to your friend?
I will say, I've never seen such a big man in any company personally answer questions from customers. You are one in a million. That does go along way..... Thanks
The main good thing about this phone is the large amount of extremely discounted accessories due to its failure. +1 for this crappy phone owner
Punit, another Bionic owner here. I'm in the annoyed group of owners that was promised a "flagship" device, only to be stood up by the Razr line. Believe me, as soon as I heard the name Razr, I knew things weren't going to pan out. I remember when the first razr phones were out, every sales guy I worked with had 1, much was the same when they were reintroduced. As you have already read, we just want to be treated like we were promised. We've taken a lot of crap from the Razr and S3 crowd, but stood firm. We love our phones. Please start treating us like you appreciate that. 
lots of that grinding would stop if they released some code...
Mr. Soni: The bottom line for we Bionic owners is that we've been allowed to sit for an interminable time with hardware that simply cannot function as designed (dual core) or with proper connectivity (data) with GB and the 905 update.  This condition was allowed to persist by your predecessors and their corporate partners, for the sake of manipulating us to new equipment or data plan choices. By now in your investigation, I'm confident you know this as fact.
Now we have someone at MM at least willing to communicate, and a big dog at that, but with the information on the update page and what you've offered in this thread, we have absolutely no more specificity than we did with your predecessors.  A lot of "I feel your pain", but practically NO "and here's how we are going to heal you."  Until that happens, most of us fail to be impressed or convinced.  
We got a raw deal? I think we knew that part. Want to un-raw it?  No more nebulous notifications on an update page that still bears the caveat header, "All dates subject to change". For an update (to make our phones WORK) that potentially could be 3rd generation by the time we receive it.  Truly sir, if you believe that another 3 month window is making a "commitment", there's more work to turn the ship than you might think.
Thanks for making the upgrade schedule even more cloudy! Now you cannot even give a time frame! Are you trying to make customers mad? If so, I think you are now seeing total success! Enjoy the postings of your new raving fans!
Soni: What i really dont understand is how people can make an ICS ROM for the Bionic and works perfectly fine, yet Motorola can't? In my honest opinion WE, Bionic users, got completely duped. There were delays in the release of the phone and when the phone finally did come out it wasnt too long before the Razr came out, which is now running ICS. WE all jumped on the Bionic as the flagship phone for Motorola as the 1st dual-core 4G LTE phone on V!. And now we have a phone that is almost considered the laughing stock, b/c phones being released after the supposed FLAGSHIP are being upgraded to ICS or being released with ICS, but lower specs than the Bionic. And honestly due to this phone and the misses on timeline for the ICS upgrade (early Q3, then we get Q3 and now we are told Q4) Moto will lose more customers. WE feel this phone was a rush jub just to get it out to the public. Some have already jumped and went to another phone (SGS3) or even completely left Android and went to Apple. I stand by what Ive said earlier I think there should be something given to Bionic users to help sweeten the deal and smooth things over. I think jsut getting the OS update will not be enough. It like telling someone I will give you a $1000 dollars in 3 mo. nad then at 3mo not give them the money and give another date. then finally give it to them. that person who has been waiting is gonna want more than jsut the money that was promised. Moto should come up with something to help smooth things over or customers will continue to walk.
Ron Lee
+Punit Soni

Any chance we will ever be able to buy unlocked Motorola phones directly from Google Play that will work with all of the US carriers. If verizon is going to force us to pay full retail price for a developer phone why does my FULL PRICE Motorola experience have to be LOCKED to verizon? Android is about openness and choice (customization), RIGHT? Why can't we have a truly open choice?

I have been trying to stay ahead of verizon's ever changing rules and I am getting tired of it. PLEASE, make it easy for me to quit having to try to stay one step ahead of them and be able to just walk away with a Motorola phone I LOVE. I know it can be done because the BIONIC developer community has already done it.
Thank you for taking on this project Mr Soni. The lack of information about the ICS Bionic update has been nothing short of hideous.
I was minutes away from rooting my phone, something I DID NOT want to do. Hopefully the "official" upgrade will happen sooner than

"ATRIX 4G (MB860) : Gingerbread (Android 2.3) rollout began in July 2011. Further plans coming soon."
What does it mean ? Are we getting ICS/JB or not ? Can you give us a solid answer ? We're bored of not getting any update !
better then seeing
ATRIX 4G MB860 Will remain on Gingerbread (Android 2.3)
Which is what im looking at now. Thanks bell/moto
Mr. Soni, 

Here is a simple YES or NO question for you. 
Will the Bionic get Jelly Bean? 
Yes or No? 

Any answer other than Yes or No is invalid. 
Hi Punit Soni, when will we have ICS/JB for ATRIX 4G? "further plans" is not of the datetime type
Motorola lack of caring concerning the Bionic, has made this the very last phone from Motorola that i will ever buy. I will take my business and refer others to Samsung from now on.

I bought the Bionic the day it came out, and watched as every other phone received better updates than mine, never again will i be left behind.
Since the last bionic update 4g has been so unreliable its not even worth using will ICS fix this and if so when the hell will we be getting it.
Dear Punit, it's better to support your devices to keep clients on Motorola, when will we have ICS for ATRIX 4G?
Mr. Soni, I welcome you to your new position at Motorola Mobility and must say I'm pleased with you and your staff's attention to the situation with regards the Bionic.

I followed the tortuous development of the Bionic with interest because I had owned the original Droid as did others in my family and soon would have upgrades available for two of them. I purchased mine on Launch Day and was delighted to discover that my region was provided 4G LTE service the following Monday! After spending a lot of time on several forums, including the Motorola Forum, I quickly learned how best to use the features of this Smart phone. I was invited to take part in two Soak Tests and had been a strong proponent of the Bionic (purchased one for my wife when her upgrade came up). During the Soak for the .905 update, I and many others reported drastically poorer data connectivity than when .902 was in use. This segment of the Soak received more negative comments than any other subject, by far, but Motorola decided it was necessary to proceed with the OTA despite our concerns.

Those with data connectivity problems have lived with the situation ever since and no doubt many of them took other available steps to make use of improvements provided by 'leaked' builds that appear to provide improvements. Personally I've decided to wait for an official release of ICS and your actions have been gratifying...involvement in this thread and seeing the the appearance of the revised ICS schedule, as examples.

I understand that Google has determined not to include Webtop 3.0 in Jelly Bean and beyond in order to focus on the approach taken by Google OS. That's fine, but for many Bionic owners, the Webtop 3.0 included in ICS and purchases of lap docks will mean reluctance to move on to Jelly Bean or abandoning costly accessories. Perhaps you could see if the decision to abandon Webtop could be postponed to newer OS upgrades AFTER Jelly Bean, since in all likelihood the Bionic won't see those future Upgrades. At least make it possible to cancel any nagging "An update is available' messages that prompt installation of Jelly Bean to those who decide to remain on ICS.

Once again, Welcome to our world and thank you in advance for your efforts to make things right for the Droid Faithfull!
I have moved on from the Bionic. I forced Verizon into giving me an early upgrade and I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy SIII. If I had been offered a buy back or direct trade in, I might have given the Razr Maxx HD a chance. If you want to make anything up to me, you blew it! I am certain that any and all remaining Bionic owners will continue to be surpassed by the the next big thing. Five Razrs in less than two years with no continued support for previous product holders, nice!
+Punit Soni thanks for connecting with Bionic owners and attempting to be accountable. Nice change for the modern corporate environment!
I could hire a ten year old to reply to G+ posts! Wag more, Bark less!
+Punit Soni, you go through about how you are going to fix the Bionic situation, and the the very next day you just push us back with out any sort of update or some concession on behalf of Motorola....I cannot get to an Apple store fast enough.
If you release the Razr HD/Maxx with a horrible camera like past Motorola phones with all these competitors showing of theirs and how great they are I WILL FREAKING go buy something else lol but no really I'll be terribly disappointed 
+Punit Soni A week before Q3 ends, the update Bionic owners have been waiting for is "rollout to begin in Q4" for ICS on the Bionic.  Disappointing.  How about a date?  Now, as long as a few people get it by December 31st, I guess you guys are covered?  By the end of Q4, should we be happy we're getting ICS?  Jelly Bean will be 4 months old by then, and who knows how close we'll be to the next release of Android by then, and we'll be getting ICS?  Just scrap ICS and get us JB in Q4.
I would just like to throw in my experience here, since you are someone who will actually LISTEN.  I like many other have had my Bionic since day 1, and honestly, I've loved all of this first year of it.  I have had very few issues that ever shook my faith, I'm not even pissed like many others about the ICS delay.  Why? because my phone has run perfectly, and any killing issues had updates rolled out in good time.  I have all faith that we will get the update, and I am glad that we have someone to talk to us as a person, rather than as a company behind a wall.  And I most certainly refuse to ever switch to the iPhone...ew..
I bought my Bionic a long time ago, expecting the ICS upgrade to follow within a few months. Now the new iPhone is out, maybe it's time to switch? I'm tired of turning my phone off and on and having to pull the battery because of poor data connectivity!!!
Hey, whats wrong with getting ICS for Atrix 4G? Give us kernel and drivers if Motorola is not so good to do it by itself.
I used to love my Atrix 4G, but after this experience of Motorola first telling us they didn't have to give us ICS because the phone was released before the Google i/O agreement, then having to wait months just to get a vague answer (not an update, just an answer) from Motorola, to then getting a vague window of an update release, to wait until that window is almost completely over and then revert all the way back to a vague answer?!? I'm sorry, but I cannot even begin to express my outrage, and what good would it do anyways? Motorola has not once made me feel like they value me as a customer so why would I believe that's going to change now? I guess I'll have to chalk this up as a lesson learned and never get stuck in a contract with a Motorola device again. Too bad too, because the phone had great potential, but it's useless without Motorola's support. 
other Devs already have it done, for free and in their own time. release the drivers and kernel for atrix 4g. esp considering you have cancelled the update in Canada.
I am REALLY REALLY disappointed that this got pushed back. Ever since the last update 4G has not worked reliably on any of our bionics or my family members bionics. Even my boss and his kids bionics are having trouble with 4G. That 7 different phones all of which the last firmware borked. What I want is ICS and a working 4G connection. I also want the following. 

GOOGLE Exchange EMAIL Client instead of the HORRIBLE moto email client. It is a complete joke.

Google Gallery I hate the moto gallery. Its junk. 

Standard google widgets. The moto widgets suck calendar comes to mind.

Oh and completely DUMP that stupid social network app. Its buggy, ugly and generally sucks.
That's it "Thanks for the feedback." That's all you can say? Pretty weak answer to the above responses if you ask me. Why don't you just bend us over a little more and give us the shaft. You didn't fix anything, or respond to anything, typical corporate answer.
With all of the delays is it even worth it for Motorola to waste time on an update for the Bionic? Why not just make the statement that its not happening and get it over with? Negative threads will die shortly there after, its the prolonging of the inevitable that continues the negative press. Mr. Soni, just save yourself some anguish and put it to bed.
Punit Can you at least say whether we will have ICS on Atrix 4g? or JB? I dont want to know the exact date only if some day will come. 
Since the original update for the Atrix was Q3 I'm gonna give them to the end of Q3 to come out with it.(before all this a support guy said before the end of the quarter) I'm gonna believe that the update to the update page was put out at last minute on a Friday to appease the masses. I have looked at the S III from ATT and think I can scrape together enough to get one. Punit Soni give us Atrix owners a firm date, something we can rely on (That's not just Q4) and I'll consider staying. Motorola and Google's reputation is hanging in the balance. 
hey i had a thought  if i give you 100.00 us dollars will you fix my bionic so it works
Hello Punit,
Welcome to the Motorola baot. I wish you all the best with this new job and hope that the initial storm that you've walked into will make you even wiser and better at making decisions for the company. The best way to learn is by doing, getting in deep and remembering all the important things that don't change. Important things that will keep you in the know and ahead. Important things like communication, dedication, integration and team effort.

Communication: it is important to communicate with your employees. Make sure you relay the right info to the right people. These people must be able to communicate as well, for they will relay the information on to others. Information will always be passed on if communicated correctly. Proper communication will minimize time used to spread the word, will aid in spreading the word out quickly and minimize any eventual misunderstandings.

Dedication: it is important to be dedicated in all the things that you do and be surrounded by those who are equally dedicated. Doing so will increase your chances of being successfull nominally and increase your strengths individually. Your strengths will be adaped by those that you communicate with, whether employees or customers, dedication is a strong tool that will not only take you far in life but will reach out to everyone you are connected to, directly or indirectly.

Integration: it is important to integrate with your surroundings. Failing to integrate will add a layer of complexity to your tasks, make them hard to understand and equally, if not harder, for your entourage to integrate with you. Be as open and informative as possible.

Team Effort: it is important to realize the importance of team effort when trying to accomplish something that you alone canot muster single handedly. Team effort will make the impossible possible. By-products of this is increased value, recognition and greater value.

These values are what make a strong company. Applying these same principals to the company products will generate loyalty and loyalty is acquired in return. Loyalty is the incentive customers need to return and invest. If loyalty is not the expected then loyalty canot be demanded.

You could use these fundamental values and build upon them by being open and accepting change. Communication is a good start, as is being exemplified here. Dedication would be the next step. Display dedication by meeting expectations but don't settle unless all expectations have been met and encore's have been added. Integrate with your peers and make it possible for your peers to integrate with you. This will show your openness to communicate, your dedication to please and your team spirit in an effort to be the best you can be.

Please communicate what your plans are or are going to be. A "what we're working on next" will remove any doubt as to what we can expect in terms of what software update and for which devices will be available. ETA is not important but

Dedication to stand by your word is. Be dedicated because we will then be dedicated to you.

Integrate with the community. Give us the means and tools needed to integrate with you as well. Give us a channel through which we can give back. Show Team Effort that is based on wanting to be successfull and building good relations.

Unlock our bootloaders, provide hardware drivers and let the community embrace your products and make them immortal. Only when wanting to have this status will you be able to rid yourself from the moto of old. To negate the importance of this will not bring you forwared on any level; industry, clientelle, product, ratings.

With the cluster that's been going on with the Bionic for over a year, and now more of the same old crap with yet more delays to try to make a smartphone work as a smartphone should, I would think some kind of damage control would be in order to try to retain Motorola customers that got duped with the Bionic. Maybe a trade in program for a new phone that actually works?
You think bionic got a raw deal? What about the Droid X2 and Droid 3 you guys completely cut us off. Those phones are capable of ICS and should have gotten it. I mean the HTC Thunderbolt got ICS... Just because Motorola didn't support those phones other then 3 months i'm done with Motorola phones. Each phone should be updated through out a year. You guys did it perfect with the Original Droid why not do that again ? Instead of throwing out phones and not supporting them..
So now we have a loose supposedly accurate window for the release of ics on the bionic and are still told that this wait is and has been unacceptable which is all well and good but I want to know what the plan is to make amends for that. I remain optimistic but still curious. Hope the change of leadership here results in marked chnage sooner rather than later. 
grateful that your trying to restore confidence by following through on the ICS.  I purchased my Bionic last year just after it came out.  It was the first phone i purchased that was a new entry. (I've always used motorola...since my sack phone in the early 90)  I usually would purchase the previous model as to avoid what did happen with the bionic with the razr.  I'm not ready to bail quite yet on the motorola brand...but am disappointed. thankful to you and your new team for the effort to resolve.
+Punit Soni  Atrix 4G is an awesome phone .. I have been using it for nearly 2 years now .. I can easily use it for another year .. GB 2.3.4 was a good build and you guys spoiled it with GB 2.3.6 .. If you cant do justice to quality and release  ICS on it then dont .. I totally understand not able to make something work in a tight time frame .. But you guys should have come clean with that but instead chose to promise and not deliver .. You spoiled your name after making such a good device .. Those guys to whom i reccomended Razr are going to murder me if you do the same thing with JB .. Given your track record i should flee
At this point I just want the 4G data connection issues fixed. My phone went from being useful to almost completely useless.
Adding insult to injury with the statement Raw Deal and then changing it to Q4. I don't care if Q4 is next Saturday, I'm done with Motorola forever after this. And anybody I meet and talk to will also know my feelings. I work for a major corporation and if we did this to customers we would be out of business. Weak, weak answers to the whole situation
I appreciate you looking into the Droid Bionic ICS upgrade. We have been waiting patiently. But the iPhone 5 is looking pretty good.
Punit do you have a comment about the many requests for kernel and driver code for phones such as Atrix4g and Photon, so that the XDA community can complete already existing and mostly functional 4.1.1 roms for these devices?
Rough way to start a new job, good luck to you though!
We need something to satisfy the emotions that we Bionic owners have because we feel we have been completely taken advantage of. I have a few ideas,
1. Publish an official list of phones to receive JB and make sure Bionic is on it.
2. Push JB to Bionic before the Razr phones. (Perhaps by the same amount of time we had before the Razr release)
3.Something more substantial than $100 rebate. 
+David Jessamine 
That's it "Thanks for the feedback." That's all you can say? Pretty weak answer to the above responses if you ask me.

I look at it this way: When was the last time a tech company admitted its screwup, and made an effort at amends. If you think releasing software is that easy, try having Verizon as your final approver of build releases. All it takes is ONE VZW 'engineer' to delay or cancel builds. Do you think Verizon cares if we get the update? They got our money, and 2 years of our life leashed to a shiny object. Hmmm... maybe we need 'smartphones' to make us smarter. Think it will work?
So whose fault is it that the last build wasn't approved? Everything I've read from folks who used it, praised it and said it fixes their problems. Verizon read me a Moto service bulletin that said a September update would fix the data issues. I'd be willing to wait for ICS, but what am I supposed to do in the meantime when my phone isn't operating reliably? If ICS arrives towards the end of 2012, I'll only be a couple months from being eligible for an upgrade, making the phone I bought for its capabilities and promises will have only loved up to that for a small fraction of the time in which I used it.

As somebody else mentioned previously, I think a RAZR Maxx HD would be a great way way of apologizing for the 'raw deal' we received we purchased a Bionic. I bought extra batteries, charger, card dock, and desktop dock (x2 because I bought for my partner also).
We made a significant investment in a device that started out with problems and hasn't lived up to anything we were told or promised about it. 
I also have the Atrix 4G, and like several others, have had lots of issues with WiFi connecting without having to manually scan for networks. I'm more interested in an update to fix that issue than any interface updates. I don't even want the ICS update if it will remove my ability to use it with my lap dock or my ability to plug it into an HDTV to show movies I've saved to a micro-sd card. But, if the ICS update can retain all of the accessory functionality, I'd love to upgrade to it since I'm getting used to the interface of Jelly Bean on a Nexus 7. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to address some of our concerns, but please also realize that the Atrix 4G going back to an unconfirmed status in the US is probably going to wind up being the next fire you'll have to put out.
This is all interesting but a month of threads and still nothing more than sympathy and some minimal rebate. I like the bionic but I am unhappy about the ICS thing and that the super duper RAZR came out shortly after I got the bionic. Since we now have to pay full price for our phone to keep Verizon from gouging us, I hope you have something big in mind.
Too little to late on the bionic ics update. The lack of commitment on motorolas end to push out the update was unreal. Moved on to samsung.
The Nexus will have Key Lime Pie before the Bionic gets ICS,  Punit, I beg you to prove me wrong!
+Darryl Defilippo At this this point, I don't care if Motorola promises us the new Jesus jumped up palamino rooty tooty fresh and fruity software update and free phones for life. The damage done is too great for Motorola ever to convince me to buy another phone from their inconsiderate company. Suffering with a phone that doesn't work with data for a year is something that can never be remedied. And you're correct, Mr. Punit, it does take time to turn a large ship around, but it doesn't take a year full of lies and broken promises.
Please tell me that posting a revised timeline that the upgrade is being pushed back again (to Q4) is not your resolve to this issue. If so, then you lost another customer at the end of my contract. I am only one person that can maybe influence only 5-10 people, but at least I will know that in good conscience that I am recommending a manufacturer and a device that has good support for the product and I don't have to say, it is a known issue and that update will be out within the next year.
+barry wireman I thought Apple had the Jesus phone. Point taken, I am VERY disappointed in the way things have panned out. I am, however, a new motorola customer who has had a better time with an out-of-date phone that drops data 30% of the time as opposed to the 6+ HTC phones I went through. IMHO, I prefer bad software as opposed to bad hardware; at least there is the option to go with a custom OS.
It definitely sounds like you guys decided not to update the Atrix 4G after all. I'm terribly disappointed with the updated schedule. ICS was already overdue for this device and it sounds like if we do get it, it won't be for another 3-6 months. That is ridiculous. My last motorola phone. I used to be a big fan. Not anymore.
+Bill Ballantyne I feel your pain, and no, I'm not channeling Bill Clinton. I have been in technology since DOS was a neat thing, and Windows were things to wash, and cellphones were just like in Wall Street 2, the Motorola (totally serious here) was a brick with a 4 inch antenna, and cell rates that were painful in 1992 even without smartphones (I was charged for long distance back then). I was also in the Valley (not SoCal) when Netscape went public, and Intel came out with a new CPU every six weeks. Imagine spending $1000 or more for a desktop, or $400 for the newest motherboard/CPU combo several times per year. I have bought smartphones since Treo 600. I have had myriad cell and smartphones (working 3.5 years at Verizon made it necessary) out of pocket. I've had every platform VZW has for a bit so I could understand it well enough so when Grandma came in with her Blackberry Storm (I still have scars from THAT nightmare) or iPhone, I could explain it to her. The 1st DROID? Wonderful, until it came to the first update to 2.1, let alone trying to get 2.2 on my DROID X. I have had many techie devices with accessories (standalone battery charger, anyone?), which became useless when the technology changed.

Don't expect to have Tech be an investment that will make you money, unless you have the 1st PC or Apple computer. Use tech. Love tech. Hate tech. If you're this pissed off and spending time on a forum, you love tech. This pattern will repeat with ANY technical item that can have an update (keep that old Toaster, or Hamilton Beach is next).

I have accessories for the BIONIC that I won't be able to use unless I change to a supported model for my Lapdock . If no, then these add-ons were part of my experience, and maybe I'll get them again on my next device, maybe not. The only tech I invest in is in the stock market. That's more of a gamble than Vegas, but phones? Not again. I'll have the phone and a case.
I (along with all of the nice folks) have a Bionic.  Right now, my phone is running leak .232 and runs very well, but I would love for it to be a "standard" build that runs well.  I buy Motorola phones because NO ONE builds a better radio!  I'm begging for some sort of fix, but I'd be happy with a developer Droid Maxx HD :D  (I'll even put in on it) or some nifty Google Glasses.....the ball is in your court
I am a Bionic owner and when it was announced in early 2011 all I can think was I gotta have that phone. Then came September and it finally came out I was happy to buy it after standing in line for 5 hrs waiting patiently. Then the Ics turn table hit thinking by the beginning of 2012 I'm gonna get some Ics on my phone, well its almost the end of September and here are!!! I've seen low end phones with less specs let me say that again " There are phones with less specs" getting Ics right out the box. I love my bionic phone but its seems with so less love from Motorola I've gather the fact it was something put together Moto didn't like it and release it into the wide with all the hype and said OK where done with it. Ics would be great but wouldn't it be better to go straight to Jelly Bean. By the time we do get Ics wouldn't it be like having Gingerbread I mean terms of technology stand point. Jelly Bean is the hot topic knowing that newer phones that start out with Ics by the end of the year will have Jelly Bean." Just a Thought of my 2 cents".
+barry wireman except you forget one thing.  Even if the Bionic is a year old, the support window is 18 months.  And ICS is coming soon.  I am not going to go into the reasons I believe this, however I am extremely active in the Android scene and I am 99.99999% sure you will see something real soon.
I am glad to hear someone up the food chain agree with our dissatisfaction.  I've owned/loved Moto phones for over a decade...starting with the T720 on a provider which hasn't existed in years.  

As an owner of the Bionic, it's been a challenge not to cut my losses and run.  I waited for such a long time for the "perfect phone" with a dual core processor, LTE, big screen, great camera, etc.  Well...I don't think I even need to go into details about GB's issues with connectivity, leaving LTE as an afterthought.  Simply enabling CDMA/LTE on the device means I will have data connectivity for maybe 2 minutes at a time and then without for 30 minutes.  The camera is beyond laggy, the processor isn't being fully utilized due to GB's sensationally awful way of dividing up tasks among multiple cores.  The pentile display leaves a lot to be desired, although it's the least of my woes.  Perhaps my chief complaint, though, is that I wasted my last subsidized upgrade on VZW (wanting to keep unlimited data) purchasing a phone I have regretted since day 1 and been promised a resolution for just as long.  

You'd think a $300 (on contract) device, which was supposedly a flagship of the carrier and manufacturer, would have been supported or REPLACED with another model if support wasn't feasible.  I would love for someone to clarify if this was a bad design, poor choice in hardware, etc.  I was so angered to see the RAZR series come out so quickly after I bought my device (but, of course, not quickly enough to trade the Bionic).  I tossed between the Galaxy Nexus and the Bionic.  My personal experience has shown Moto generally gets better signal strength and build quality always seemed top notch.  If only I chose more wisely.

I worked for VZW for several years in customer service, sales, ops, management....then moved over to AT&T.  But I always kept my VZW service...guess I grew attached to what I knew.  I now carry the Bionic with my primary phone number on it, and my AT&T device is the MOTO ATRIX far a better phone than the Bionic (thinner, faster, nicer screen, ICS, water resistant, etc...but poor battery life).  I still push Moto devices, especially to customers who are signal challenged in their homes, work, businesses, etc.  I feel like I stand up in the front lines every day making the recommendation to purchase/use Moto products (handsets, headsets, accys, etc) only to be let down time and time again by the empty promises made by carrier and manufacturer.

There are few things aside from a trade-up program to a new model that would repair the damage to Moto's reputation in my mind...I'd be happy to pay a bit and give my Bionic back to offset the costs of getting into a Maxx (or Maxx HD when available, of course)...but that's probably just a pipe dream!  Sure would be nice to not lose my unlimited data and feel like I got a solid device to work with for another couple years.

If Moto makes good on this I may continue the trend of recommending their products to my customers.  It just seems almost like it's too little too late at this point.  My next upgrade is coming up soon and there is a bevy of other devices to choose from which don't land on the 10 worst phones in history list.  Please prove me wrong and make this right, Moto.  It would be a relief to be proven wrong about how bad this phone is after all this time.
I just want to add my 2 Switched to verizon and was duped into getting the bionic instead of the nexus or the razr. God i regret that mistake. I am glad you commented on the "raw deal" we got.. but how do we know this shift of the ICS update to Q4 will not just be pushed to next year in the last week of the quarter as has been the way for the last few promised times? Its embarrassing to try and show a friend something on your phone.. only for the crap phone or crap OS to drop the "guaranteed coverage" i pay for. It happens more and more  lately. Im seriously thinking of saying screw verizon and motorola and going to another carrier and buying a S3.
Just give us ASOP android and drop all the crap moto "Enhancements". Aka moto email moto gallery moto blur even the non stock keyboard. I just want ASOP and only ASOP
If this helps currently the Bionic is my LAST Moto phone. I dumped it 4 weeks ago for a SIII. Show some kind of support for it and I may reconsider, its still sitting on my desk, but as of right now, I will never buy another moto phone again, this is after several OG droids, droid2 then bionic, all good phones but left out in the cold to rot away.
Mr. Soni - Thank you for reading these comments.  I like my Bionic. I like it's integration with the Web Dock too.  I cannot find any references to Web Dock 3.0 and its subsequent abandonment from the Bionic platform, but Motorola promised an update which has NEVER surfaced.  I kept quiet because and made no complaints because I expected this to be released as a part of ICS.  There is much functionality in the lapdock 500 that will never be realized.  Please use the full power vested in your capability to HOLD MOTOROLA to their lapdock 500 (Web Dock 3.0) commitment.  I remain committed to Motorola, but my faith is being shaken.  Thank you for reading my comments.

On an unrelated note, I too experience very frequent Data disconnects.
Thanks for nothing with my Bionic. I will not be returning to Motorola for a phone or any device in the future, despite the promises you've added here to the promises both Motorola and Verizon have made in the past.
Okay folks, put down the pitchforks pointed at Mr. Soni.  This is all my fault.  I jinxed the whole kabootle when I picked up my Bionic from Verizon on the first day of release.  The last time I did that, I bought the original Blackberry Storm.  

I somehow managed to make it through three and a half years with the Storm, so I think I'll be able to make it another year with my Bionic.  I'm one of the poor souls who even bought the lapdock, so I'm invested in this phone.

As a public service, I'll try to inform folks of my next phone upgrade, so that as informed buyers, you can avoid it.  Unfortunately for Motorola, I would still buy another one of their phones as long as it has a large screen, a fast processor and doesn't drop my calls.  

All I ask is that my Bionic gets its updates, and that those updates help my lapdock too.  The out of memory errors and crashing keep me from using it the way I'd really like to ... to the point where I'm sure I should have just bought a tablet instead.

Oh, and please, please, please -- take all this as a lesson learned.  I'm not saying I'd never buy another Motorola product again after this one, but if my next Motorola experience is as difficult as this one ...

... well, I don't want to be another Apple convert.  Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, ahem, I mean Mr. Soni ... you're my only hope.
Well, I do not get into the real technical stuff, but I am done with the Droid Bionic and Motorola labeled phones in general.  I had the original Droid and this one.  My last Motorola phone ever.  I was with some friends that were visiting from Austria with a really neat Sony phone and they upgraded to ICS when they were here in August and were showing me all the neat things their phone does, but not mine which got me reading these forums.  Promises, promises but no delivery.  Unfortunately, Verizon and Motorola have me trapped until the spring, then it will be off to some other maker who advertise the moon and deliver not much, just like Motorola.  Guess its their world we just pay to live in it.
Seriously. Q4, Google please fix motorola soon!
Whats up with the Razr and it not being included in the update list on Motorola's website. I thought we were promised the Jelly Bean update or $100? I would at least like a timeline as when to expect it seeing as the old Motorola pushed out a buggy ICS update that was never fixed! I love you motorola but lately its just been a love / hate relationship! Hopefully Google can save this sinking ship!
Mr. Soni first I commend you for comming forth and acknowledging The Bionic community. I also wish to thank Motorola for a very nice phone.  I have been running leak 232 till last week when I came back to GB in anticipation of ICS official release. Oh my what a step back into the dark ages.  ICS is such a wonderful OS.  I really can't wait for the official release.  Then today I look at the Motorola page and see Q4. AAAUGH no, my heart fill into the basement.  Well you did give us what we have wanted, an answer.  I sincerely hope that Motorola will keep this one. I hope beyond hope that the thing you can't say yet is jellybean.  I beg of you to keep talking to us and keeping us appraised of what is going on with our phones.  The silence from big red and the long silence from Motorola has made most of us a little paranoid.
+Kurt Scholtens WebTop 3.0 has been present and working in all of the ICS leaks that I have personally witnessed beyond the first few.  No reason to worry about WebTop when ICS is released.  It is even in the recent builds I've seen.  You should expect more of an "Android with tablet interface" experience with WebTop 3.0 as opposed to the "Desktop PC" experience of the earlier WebTop. 
Data dropped twice just trying to pull up this google plus page. I appreciate the improved communication but seriously...lte is basically useless right now.
I think the Bionic should be the first of your devices to receive the JB update. This would help a lot in making up for how the bionic and it's users have been treated.
This also will probably be my last moto device unless something is done soon. I love moto build quality but I will be going to samsung or htc next time.
This is sad this is my first smart phone and it happen to be the Droid Bionic now I am stuck with a 2 year contract and a very sour taste because my phone gets disconnected every 5 minutes :(
My experience with the original Droid prompted me to upgrade to the Bionic when it became available.  However, the locked/encrypted boot loader combined with the ENDLESS delays on ICS have pretty much clinched it for me... unless something earthshattering happens SOON, my next phone will be a Nexus phone, and most likely on T-Mobile. I've HAD it with the Verizon/Motorola combination.
Yeah me as well sorry but I no longer trust Motorola anymore as the other people have said the website still says Q3. I mean really tablets have the official ICS update and what are the sales on those like 3 or 4 that's pretty sad. I don't think I will ever buy from Motorola again. I mean the next software is out and we have yet to receive the first one. This is sad and I want to know what is being done to fix it. I have been a big Motorola fan for years but I am planning on switching to Samsung pretty soon if things do not start working out for the better. sorry but this is pretty lame...
ICS or Jelly Ben ON ATRIX NOW!
ICS or Jelly Ben ON ATRIX NOW!
ICS or Jelly Ben ON ATRIX NOW!
ICS or Jelly Ben ON ATRIX NOW!
ICS or Jelly Ben ON ATRIX NOW!ICS or Jelly Ben ON ATRIX NOW!
ICS or Jelly Ben ON ATRIX NOW!
ICS or Jelly Ben ON ATRIX NOW!
ICS or Jelly Ben ON ATRIX NOW!
Oh yeah and really Verizon is telling customers that the ICS is already out. After 3 hours on the phone with a supervisor over the data drops they just send me another broken phone thanks for nothing...
These OS updates should be a MAJOR focus for Motorola. The company that can figure out how to get them right will rule the market. That has to be clear.
The experience w/ my bionic taught me a valuable lesson
Don't get a phone on the day it is release and/or wait until it is confirmed that the bootloader is unlocked.
Punit Soni,

I just want to take the time to admire your courage in opening up your G+ as a personal direct comments/complaints/suggestions board. While so much remains unanswered or unclear, you have revealed more information in the past week or so than all prior "info" Motorola has stated in the past year! Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to us!

Looking forward to the now encouraging future of Motorola Mobility!!!
The Bionic was an unfortunate case of decent hardware being crippled by lousy software.  The big issue being they never moved GB beyond Android 2.3.4 thus far.  That isn't even a "current" version of GB.  It almost seems to have inherent incompatibilities with Moto's LTE chipset in some cases.  ICS fixes these issues, it almost seems like the OMAP4/Moto LTE chipset combination plays nicer with ICS.

This is why finally getting ICS is so important to a lot of us.
Nice to see some refreshing information come out on my poor phone - I still love the look and feel of the device, it is just so frustrating to watch so many devices go on to ICS and even JellyBean. I loved my DroidX and my Bionic - the only phones I could go sans protection and after a year still have a scratch free phone for that i will continue to buy Moto - if the 100.00 credit is actually held true. My fear is, like so much for this phone, the decision to release JB or give credit will be pushed back farther and farther. 
I bought the Droid Bionic the first week of its release. I was excited and initially dazzled by its performance. Flash forward approximately a year, and I have never felt more offended by how a company has treated me as a customer. Q4 for the ICS update now. Wow. Absolutely unbelievable. You say you feel for Bionic customers one day, and then add another insult to the heaping pile with another delay the following day. Comparing my phone to the RAZR, it is completely clear to me that I have been abandoned. I understand the masses that swear by their Apple products. It is called SUPPORT for the products that they sell. I have been lied to so often by Motorola that I am done listening.
+Daniel Almieda your spelling makes a mockery of your purpose. Dear God man! It's Jelly BEAN.
And now they change the date once again thanks for all the hard work on the devices that have no sales.
+Raymond Williams you cannot say Motorola hasn't worked hard on the Bionic.  There are about 9 leaked builds out there so far, maybe more.  Those are only the builds we know about.  Somebody certainly had to be working on them.  But a release also requires a carrier's approval before it can proceed.  I understand from reading around that Verizon keeps holding this up because of some issue with Adobe Flash Player not working well in fullscreen mode.  So you cannot really place the blame on Google/Motorola, they seem to be actively testing these builds and trying to get Verizon to approve them.
I dont care about flash AT ALL!!! Adobe Killed it it should stay dead. But honestly I dont think moto has been working hard enough. At least not on the right stuff. They should "cease" development of all the custom apps like email and gallery and just use the STOCK android stuff. That way they could use those resources to actually get the system stuff working.
Yeah I understand the issues with Verizon but also you have to think about it from the owners perspective. We have had the bionic for a year now and nothing and now Motorola is saying the only phones that are going to get and upgrade beyond the ICS is the razors so what are they gonna do for those that are locked into a contract with a phone thats barely a year old and very out of date?
It's pretty depressing that for several weeks, Motorola has promised Bionic owners a Q3 upgrade, and now you guys pushed it back to Q4 with no explanation. I have doubts about ever getting another Moto phone.
What about the Atrix 2?, US: "Further plans coming soon", Its released in INDIA-Released, LATIN AMERICA AND MEXICO-Sept 2012, ASIA-Q4?  Wow this is it for me.
Mr Soni, I know you have gotten a ton of questions pertaining to the Atrix 4G and it's ICS update. Just wanted to add my name to those that are curious what is happening with the update. Thanks so much for taking time to answer people on here!
Going through all the comments and reading up more on the $100 deal on the trade up. Really what about those locked into a contract with these phones. Ok if Motorola came out with a phone this month it would have a retail of around $699.99 and a $100 off of that is just not reasonable really we have to pick up the slack that you caused. The Samsung galaxy has everything that the razor don't and we don't even know when Motorola will be able to keep up with it. Thanks for actually listening to the problems but let's hear something besides feedback taken. Thanks
+Dave Russell Dave, all the builds they have tried should tell you that the Bionic is a bad Phone. It shouldn't have to take that many builds to get the update out, unless the phone is not very good. I mean they write software for all the other phones they have and this one has alot of builds out trying to get it working.
A lot of you folks (not nearly all but a significant number) only read what validates your current perceptions. If you would scroll up and find the post where I stated why I thought +Punit Soni had stated Q4. Did anyone notice that he +1ed that post himself? It's gonna be a lot sooner rather than later. You folks keep this accusing and denigrating up and I wouldn't blame +Punit Soni if he quit publicly interacting with us at all. Of course now everyone that doesn't know me will claim I'm some fictional supernumerary frpm googorola. LOL.
+Joseph Clark you haven't touched any of the builds have you? Just talking smooth out your ass to hear yourself spew. You sir are a fool. Take if from one who knows. You would have been thrilled with the debug builds, and we're 3 installable and 2 engineering mockups past those. Please. LOL.
+Joseph Clark I have literally tried most of these leaked builds on my own phone, and I assure you the phone is a fine piece of hardware.  The bugs have been minimal, nothing like what the RAZR owners experience, except for very early leaks.  It is Verizon 100%, they are being very stubborn about releasing ICS for the Bionic, for whatever reason.  Trust me, even on the very first ICS leak the Bionic is a pretty awesome device.  I would go as far as saying that the latest leak I've been messing with is the most stable phone OS I've ever had the pleasure of using.  In some ways, it almost feels like JellyBean.
+Patrick Robinson to be fair to +Joseph Clark, not everyone has tried the leaked builds, are comfortable with such things, or has even read extensively about them.  A person stuck on .905 in an area that is not what I call "905 friendly" would be very likely to assume the hardware is junk.  Something about LTE support has fundamentally changed with ICS, Gingerbread just didn't work all that well with it.  It worked well in my area, but many had big issues.
This may end up being the longest thread in history. good job.
Why ICS when Jelly Bean has been out and blows ICS out of the water. I really like my Bionic but I have to consider Samsung because I know it will be another year or never before we get jelly bean! Surprise us and drop the ICS plan. Very disappointed!
I purchased 2 Bionics, 2 Lapdocks,, 2 multimedia docks, 2 standard docks, 2 car docks, 2 of every kind of cable & connectors you can think of, 2 cases, etc., etc. When I walked out I had spent almost $2000. 3 Weeks later the Razr comes out & suddenly I am the bastard stepchild. My wife & I like our Bionics, but really felt dissed by Moto & VZW. I wanted to get the 8.2 XY board with my last upgrade before VZW stopped the discount but I said no, I got screwed on the Bionics with no updates.
Q4, really? My bionic has been left in the dust by phones that do not even have the processing power of the Bionic. I should not flash because it will void my warranty? I could just buy a cheaper phone that has ICS already. I could wait also till next year to renew my contract with Verizon. The rate of mobile advancements this year into next will be amazing. I just will not be purchasing another Motorola device. Thanks anyway.
Well, I have my Bionic running a leaked ICS build for a few months and I must say it is fantastic. The only problems I've had have been battery life and come to find out that was a faulty 3rd party app I had. That being said, I am ashamed of how Motorola is letting this play out, I have ICS because I know how to use my phone and computers, but, having seen how this is going, I have no hope of getting even a leaked build of JB let alone anything official, which is truly sad because this phone has so much potential. I am stuck with it for another year when my next 2 year upgrade comes, I'll probably grab a google nexus phone provided there's a new model by then, if not, I'm gonna investigate Samsung's offering, the SIII looks amazing so I can't wait to see what they can do in a year, provided Apple doesn't sue them out of existance.
You've put yourself on the clock. 90 days to be the hero to us forgotten Bionic owners or  be just another person to let us down.  I hope you pull it off, but I'm not overly optimistic. 
+Dave Russell the point I was trying to make was that +Joseph Clark was putting himself in the same position as people who demand a book they've never read be removed from their local library because "they know it's bad". But this was even worse because he hadn't even heard the rumors. I still think he's a moron. I'm not gonna say "jesus tastes like chicken" or "jesus's blood tastes like a bright impudent pinot noir" I've never tasted jesus.
Cutting through the BS, the message here is clear: don't purchase a Motorola smartphone unless you'll be happy with it "as is" over its usable lifetime.
+Patrick Robinson some people just have a hard time accepting that software can have such a profound effect on hardware.  Assuming they stick with the Bionic, they're in for quite the nice surprise.
I have a Photon.  We were promised ICS in Q3.  Then that moved to Q4.  Now that has moved to "Further plans coming soon"!!  This isn't a large ship changing direction slowly.  That is a company abandoning customers. I was so happy with getting JB on my Xoom.  But if you treat some customers really well and leave others hanging, what do you think will be remembered.

You have to communicate more!  And you have to start sticking to the commitments you make because you have NO cred right now.

Frankly you know you can't honor these commitments.  Your only saving throw is to unlock all the bootloaders and let the community bail you out where you are falling down,
+Punit Soni I am also a concerned and a very disappointed Droid Bionic owner. I won't go into the details of all the issues with this phone as I know that most of those issues have been covered in here. I will say that it is a "raw deal" and the fact that Moto and VZW support continues to state "the next update will fix those issues" is the standard answer to our complaints. I have 2 questions for you....What or how should Bionic owners handle this when our warranties are coming up on these devices with no fix as of yet? And when you stated that you have big things in mind but at the time couldn't not disclose what it was...were you referring to the updated ICS update schedule?
+Punit Soni ICS is a old news ! we want JB ! not long ago one of your vp said that every motorola phone will get a JB except some of them. Bionic is better be one of the ones that gets it. 
Forget it. I've done switched to iOS.
I genuinely do feel the pain of folks here. And we really do want to change things. Based on the four weeks I have been around, I can say that two things are going to happen in the future: we will make informed commitments and once we make them we will do everything we can to meet them. Second, we will as transparent as possible given the constraints that software pushes like these are complex and have many dependencies. We have a plan, according to that plan, Bionic is going to ICS soon. I will next dig into ATRIX and we will have updates/clarity soon. Now I also know no answer I give is going to assuage everyone and things cannot be made right overnight.
I also can't say I will be able to be as plugged into the community all the time because it just doesn't scale. But I hope you see that Motorola- Google really does care. Even if we are not able to make everyone happy all the time at least in the short term while things are still being fixed.
Punit, anyway we do need drivers and kernel for Atrix to get ICS/JB on it even if Motorola will decide do not bring ICS/JB to Atrix
+Punit Soni I think you are genuine in your intentions to gather feedback and correct mistakes here, so I thank you for that.  Majority of what I see here are comments are for Bionic and Atrix users, but I think there are quite a bit of us Photon 4G users on Sprint too that just aren't making enough noise even as our update timeline is pushed back indefinitely now.  Please do not forget about us waiting for our ICS update and unlocked bootloader for our Photon 4Gs.
No ICS for Atrix as promised is truly disappointing. I could go for a Samsung, you know, even Galaxy Ace has ICS update lately. 
+Punit Soni  Whats going to happen with the phones marked future plans will be announced?  Initially my phone, the photon was scheduled for Q4 and now it is set back to future plans. Ugh.  I love my moto, but this is really making me rethink the brand...
i have been waiting for a fix for my phones since june when your update messed them up ... as of now im done waiting im a 35 year pc tech me and my customer base and friends will never buy another piece of junk from you people enough is enough i dont like apple products but at least there stable and honest when there not unlike my experience with google / motorola
Thanks Punit. It seems like post-merger Motorola is headed in the right direction. It's encouraging. A little personal communication from moto-goog goes a LONG way for customers, so thanks. (I'm an Atrix user on Bell in Canada ...keep in mind they make us commit to a phone for 3 years up here!!). ...just saw that the page was updated to say my Atrix will remain on GB. This FLAGSHIP phone came out in late March 2011, GB came out in June(?) 2011. So this game-changer flagship phone was effectively supported for 3 months??! Did I mention I'm locked in with this phone for 3 YEARS? I'm sure you'll agree that's ridiculous. I appreciate the work you're doing, but moto definitely has an long uphill battle to regain the trust of many customers who have been burned, myself included. Good luck! 
. +Punit Soni  You know if possible can focus in 4.1 Jelly Bean and skip 4.0 ICS on high-end computers that remain as the ATRIX 2.3 Gingerbread?

Thanks for your attention
How about the ICS update for the Atrix 2? Is that on your radar as well?
Want to love moto. US company, great hardware. Just like Nokia to Finland. But it's hard when your device seems completely neglected. Just like maemo was dumped... twice! I installed a JB rom on a GS2 today and it took like an hour, and that was with 2 softbricks and no knowledge of odin or samsung phones. Wish moto could be that easy to use...
+Punit Soni hey, will there be any support for the Global Razr and Razr maxx? They're awesome now that they're on ICS, but will they be getting any further updates? Jelly Bean?
I just want ICS on my ATRIX 2 before the year is out. JellyBean would be even better though. I feel sorry for those Bionic users and their 'raw deal'
I have had my bionic since November of last year and after a sim card replacement and a device replacement it still fails to perform. Cannot use 4g at all, overheats, very poor battery life, add on top of that Verizon's piss poor customer service and denial of all problems with this device and I do believe that I've had enough of Motorola and Verizon. 
Bionic owner making an observation. Why push out one phone after another just to support the ones that are marketed the most? It must be hard to support 15 phones while making promises. Just focus on a couple powerhouse designs. It has to be easier on everyone.
Ly Ewi
I know the big issue for all Droid Bionic owners is the upgrade:)
But for this senior geek, it has always been the camera:( I had read that Motorola had been considering an OTA fix. Since the camera quality is like that of a 5.0, instead of the actual stated spec of 8.0 :(
Any chance of that happening?? :) Thank you
I would absolutely love a Photon Ics update, its one of very few phones you release on Sprint, yet those dont even get updated :(
Thank you! It does good to respond to us and let us know you're working on updating the Bionic as my patience was wearing thin. You genuinely seem to care for customers and that is rare :-)
Punit - thanks for your understanding! 

I bought my Droid one on launch day, I bought the Bionic also on launch day. I've also owned a few Startacs and a Moto Q windows phone.

While the Bionic has gotten better with each software release it is still hard to get over the feeling I got punked by Motorola... with the Razr so close on it's heals after multiple delays the Bionic should never have been launched. 

So I was frustrated, one that I ended up getting a phone that was already old within a few weeks, two I had to wait for so long for it to launch after the AT&T model and the CES in February, three and probably worst was the multiple signal issues that while they've gotten better with software update have not fully gone away.

Thanks for not forgetting that many other Moto faithful got a raw deal on this.
Mr. Soni, as a long-time fan of Motorola, I am greatly disappointed in the lack of support the Bionic has received. I am sympathetic to you in that you've inherited this mess, but this is your - and the entire new leadership team's - chance to make things right. With the latest news that the update will not be coming AGAIN for some time, the company is facing a wave of bad publicity and the disaffection of many of your customers. This isn't about just the Bionic; why should anyone have faith in any of Motorola's products after this? As some of the posters here have commented, they will no longer be purchasing your products, but instead switch to Samsung's, HTC's, or even Apple's. Your customers have been remarkably patient overall, but as these posts have shown, this is running out. Motorola is Google now, and Google is Motorola - why allow this embarrassment to continue? We are at the point where a simple update to ICS is insufficient in my opinion. For the sake of both companies, I urge you to fix this SOON, and perhaps consider compensation as well - it might prove to be a wise investment in customer loyalty and good PR.
What about the Photon 4g? I got this phone expecting to get ICS! Why are you neglecting the only good moto on Sprint (that isn't the Photon Q). I have been thoroughly disappointed with your lack of support and updates! I was expecting ICS in the 3rd quarter, then you switched it to the 4th quarter, now, who knows! I probably won't even see Jelly Bean!
Ramin R
+Punit Soni  Thank you for taking responsibility, answering questions  & I'm sorry for the clusterf**k you've inherited.  Ultimately, actions speak louder than words, at this time Moto/Google has a lot of making up to do to rectify this whole mess & make its customers content (not ecstatic).  Here are my recommendations which echo what everyone here has mentioned [while foaming at the mouth]:

1 - Release an actual timeline of update for ICS & JB..not Q3, Q4..this is way too vague
2 - Unlock the bootloader
3 - IMHO you should have a team working on this issue 24/7 and work on releasing JB very soon after have a lot of ground to make up
4 - offer a rebate, if not a rebate card at least some $$ for the Google play store to compensate & reward some of your loyal customers who are continuing to pay for 4G data while at the best getting 3G...THIS IS A COMPLETE JOKE AND EMBARRASSING
5 -  if there is more than a 1 week delay to getting ICS out, you guys need to work on a more minor update to fix the 4G data connection are you guys working on this ?
6 - You guys need to negotiate and work with VZ to get all future updates out sooner...look at all the business you guys drive over to should have more pull as mentioned previously, if Apple does it, why can't the powerhouse of Google/Moto ?

Good luck - we're all counting on you!! & counting the days!!
Mr. Soni - thanks again for putting yourself out there.  A thought on how you can help the situation for the Bionic owners...  Why not make sure the Bionic gets JB before the RAZR and later phones?  It was the first one out (on Verizon), so it only makes sense that it be the first to get JB - right? 

Food for thought... 
Hey Punti, thanx for all the work that you do.  I do feel that us Bionic owners have been trolled by Moto / Verizon, almost a year ago we've been promised an update that still has not showed up.  It's just being pushed further and further and further away.  Being frustrated with the data drops and all, I did install the .244 leak and now temping to install the .246 leak.  Ever since installing it, that phone got a new life basically.  Looks like all my issues have been resolved and the phone is still rock solid.  Not sure what is taking so long to push the OTA update.
Another delay with the bionic ics? I'm starting to dread being stuck with this phone until may '13....
While I'm willing to give most anyone the benefit of the doubt, Motorola has had that and then some.  This has been going on for nearly a year.  I think, as customers, we deserve to at least have a solid release date for the upgrade.  Whether we're using an Atrix, Atrix 2 or Droid Bionic, or whichever phone has been promised an upgrade.  After all, we spent our hard earned money on these devices and we pay our wireless bills every month.  If Motorola and the carriers spent less time finding new ways to screw their customers and more time delivering a quality product or service, this wouldn't even be an issue.
Also what is with all the phones with non replaceable batteries I WILL NOT buy a phone i can't replace the battery in.
Kudos for keeping this post open to comments. If I could make one suggestion it would be this; rapidly extend the scope and reach of the boot loader unlocking initiative. You're not going to loose out on new sales on older devices like the Defy, but you might gain the support of the community developing ROMs built off AOSP which will filter into the broader Android community, a simple quick win.
+Punit Soni So to clarify what your unveiling is for Bionic users is that you have updated and delayed ICS til Q4....correct?  Are you willing to stand by your product and also extend the warranties of these phones?  In dealing with technical support it seems that the answer to the questions/problems with these phones is "the next update will fix that?"   That appears to be a excuse to buy-time until the warranty is up.   I am repeating this because I am hoping to get a response directly from you on these questions.  Have lost confidence and patience in Motorola and to have to hear to be more patient is well....unacceptable.  Kind of like crying wolf too many times...
Too little too late. I will never buy another Motorola phone again. ICS delayed until Q4, Jelly Bean no where in sight. Locked bootloader.
Exactly my thoughts. What do we do if the update comes and our phones get worse or it starts eating through batteries as I've seen Motorola phones do in the past. Or better yet Verizon has so much bloat on the new update that the phones don't run properly. The data issues as we have heard before "will be fixed with the next update". And I was really excited to get the 905 update until I seen it actually made it quite worse in fact. I live within a mile radius of a 4glte tower and I drop connection at least 10 times a day if not more. Thanks again for listening but really bionic owners are kinda at the end of the rope here.
+Punit Soni Glad to hear where Motorola is headed now. This will definitely help in overcoming the trust deficit Motorola has gathered lately. I'd however like to point your attention towards support in markets other than USA. I understand that your new strategy includes geographically streamlining your operations but I can't gather why my XOOM Wi-Fi which I bought from India cannot be updated to Jelly Bean along with, or even remotely in the same time span as the US model. I mean Motorola doesn't have to work much on network compatibility too as it is just a Wi-Fi device, I guess. Just FYI, the ICS update came 6 months later in India than USA. Although it is my least intention and it will be entirely idiotic on my part to hold you responsible for this mess, here, I'm just trying to draw your attention towards a neglected segment of your loyal fan base. Hope you take note.
I bought my Bionic on launch. I've been very satisfied with it, especially considering my previous device was a Blackberry Storm. When I first heard rumors about the Bionic, I was ecstatic: A dual core device with 4G connectivity. These specs coupled with my unlimited data plan (grandfathered) started to make my mouth water. Delay after delay plagued the Bionic though. When I finally went to go pick it up, in September 2011, I was hoping that an ICS updated was only a couple of months down the line. Then the Droid Razr (a device I would much rather have) was released a month after the Bionic, which almost no hype or press, at least not as much for as long the Bionic. The RAZR slipped right under my RADAR. The RAZR has better specs than the Bionic, as well as a sleeker slimmer design. I felt a little dupped, when it was released a month after the Bionic, after all the hype surrounding it as being a killer phone.

Now, flash forward one year, the ICS update that has been promised for months now keeps getting pushed back, and other phones that came out after the Bionic that have Gingerbread, are being upgraded before it. I am a fairly patient person. The Bionic has been reliable, spare its short battery life. To be true, the only thing in ICS I'm looking forward to in the Bionic are the UI improvements, which are subtle (I am writing this on my Xoom with Jelly Bean). Most devices are still running Gingerbread, so my bet is that app developers will still be designing apps to compatible with it for a while yet; It won't lose support like Cupcake has.

Many phone news sites are asking Bionic owners to voice their opinions about what they feel Motorola should do to help their Bionic customers. Well, I don't consider myself to be a particularly greedy person. An extra rebate on my Motorola phone purchase would be nice. The only major concern I have is when I go to replace my phone. If Motorola could somehow convince Verizon (or other carries if the following applies) to allow current owners to keep their unlimited data plan. 4G is fast... very fast. I use about 10 GB of data each month on my Bionic, with the most I've used being about 30 GB in a single month. To say the least, I was rather disheartened when I found Net Neutrality was killed a few years ago, and carries only having capped data plans is one trend I would like to see go away very soon. I know that's probably an request that goes beyond the issue at hand, but if I had waited a month or two to get a RAZR, instead of a Bionic, I would've probably been a bit happier, and would hold on to that phone a bit longer so that I could keep my unlimited data. Now, what is likely to happen the next time I go to get a new phone, is that I will be forced to accept a data plan that is "compatible" with my device. Which is sort of a funny issue in itself. For the first few months I owned my Bionic, my Verizon bill stated that I was still under a Blackberry data plan. This nonsense of people being forced out of there unlimited data plans, even if they were to buy a phone outright, is ridiculous.
I think I am more curious as to why it is taking so long to update the Bionic. Is it something unique about the Bionic's hardware? Is it development process issue? Quality management/control?
One of the problems is that Moto has too many phones on the market trying to keep up with the competition and appealing to everyone.

Apple has a good model with one phone, albeit a new version every year or two.

Keeping up with several different phone models can and will stretch your developmental/research team. Unless you can meet the challenges to avoid the 'folly' that has become the Droid Bionic, then stick to one or two good phones.

Having the Droid Bionic has been a challenge to say the least. While I think it is a good phone and has promise, customer service has slipped to the way of self-service. The old mantra still holds true in business - it costs more money to win back disgruntled customers rather than keeping them happy in the first place.

Just like I moved from BB to a Motorola product, I intend to move on to a Samsung product....
Super Stoked to have someone in charge that is will to keep people as up to date as he can!!! Love my bionic hope it gets to feel the love some time soon!!!  Keep up the good work!
Customer Service:

Deliver as agreed
Practice good manners
Answer calls quickly
Minimize wait times
Follow up
Be totally honest and open
Make customers feel special
Get the first five seconds right
Make positive choices
Create great memories for customers
Make a difference
Give customers the benefit of the doubt
Be generous with customers
Celebrate with your customers
Go out of your way to help
Take the lead
Learn about customers
Listen to customers
Increase your product knowledge
Study world-class customer service
Take risks with your customers
Undertake good deeds
Make promises and keep them
Ron Lee
I know that this conversation is revolving around Motorola and software updates. I see a lot of people saying the BIONIC should get JB before the RAZR and such but I think it would be wrong to improve 1 customer groups satisfaction at the expense of another customer groups satisfaction. I think the update/upgrade process is bigger than just Motorola. I think since ANDROID has grown to encompass more than 50% of the smart phone market globally it is time to let the carriers know if Crapple (Apple) can control and mandate when how updates/upgrades will be distributed so will ANDROID (Google). There should be at least 1 software update/upgrade a year excluding unforeseen bug fixes. All phones should be able to receive at least 1 of the yearly updates (that will be part of what differentiates a low end phone from a flag ship phone) and manufactures should disclose on the packaging how many OS versions updates/upgrades a phone will be supported for. Carriers should not be allowed to discriminate against a phone being updated/upgraded to manipulate ANDROID (Google) customers into buying a new phone (those that can will anyways and those that can not should not be discriminated against). Nexus devices updates/upgrades should be the indicator of when updates/upgrades are coming. There should be a time frame set in motion at that point. Something like a 60, 90, 120 days or 6 months after Nexus devices are updated/upgraded manufactures phones that carriers sells are updated/upgraded within a month with the flag ship phones being the last of a carriers phones to receive the update/upgrade. That will encourage carriers to comply and not game the system at the expense of manufacture and more importantly ANDROID and Google's reputation.

Google can do this. I don't see the carriers pissing off over half of there customers and saying they will just not sell ANDROID devices. Nor do I see manufactures saying no we will find a new business. There will be carriers and manufactures that balk but there will also be those that will be more than happy to take the balkers paying customers.


Would you pass this on to Larry Page.
Chris a good example of the very poor customer service is this.  A few weeks back I emailed Moto support about the issues with my Bionic and a support person named "Denny" responded with the response that in the near future ICS will come out and that should solve the issues.  I have been hearing about "updates" coming out to solve these issues for a year now and continue to wait......a year!!   Come on Moto.   So after having continued issues I contacted Moto again 2 days ago.  I was emailed back and told to contact Moto by phone with a "Level 2" complaint.....I called yesterday and was"disconnected" on twice.  This is great customer service to say the least.  I feel that Motorola is laughing and saying look at all these fools that believed the hype of the Droid Bionic and now expect us to stand behind it.....haha.  It's too bad most of us paid $300 bucks and over $125 a month for a device that can't keep data/phone connectivity, is slower than a dial-up and VERY poor customer support to say the least.  
Excellent points,  at very least Motorola now being owned by Google should be in a position to do this.  Motorola's phone tracking software and added security could be merged into AOSP and let Google and their nexus software guys handle OTA's.  Oh and dont forget the option to unlock bootloaders and making source available.
Custom Developer support is just as important as customer support! Free us.
I am on my 4th Bionic phone (due to malfunction of the other three).
You would think I am a unhappy customer for this reason alone.  But, I am unhappy because of Verizon has not kept it's Bionic customers
informed on the ICS update.  Hopefully this could be as simple as a text message when news is available.  Absolutely no reason to keep customers "in the dark".  Although sometimes the truth hurts, it is always the best route when it comes to keeping customers! JMO.

If you want my business, it is simple.  Keep me informed. Be honest and treat me like you want to be treated!  Get ICS out for us Bionic owners, and add the Bionic to the Jelly Bean list of future receivers.

PS:  I have loaded the ICS Version .232 and it runs great on my
4th Bionic.
I hope it's early Q4 or I am out of here.
My Bionic will probably be my last Motorola Phone, delay after delay and no clear answers insight. All I have seen and heard are a bunch of empty promises. I bet we see Santa Claus before we see ICS and the only Jelly Bean we will see will be brought by the Easter Bunny. Just read a web piece that says Motorola feels our pain. Really, am I suppose to believe that? When people ask what phone I have it shouldn't feel like hiding my phone. At this point I am not sure what Motorola could do to fix my total lost of faith in them. ICS we were promised when I bought the phone. I still own it because I can't afford to replace it. We own 3 in my family and can not wait to get rid of them. I place mine under my pillow ever night hoping that the cell phone fairy with take it away and leave a refund. It's funny but I have more faith in the cell phone fairy then in Motorola.

would it really but that much harder for Motorola to skip the ICS upgrade and go right to JB? they have well working ICS leeks now.
Glad to see we have almost the maximum number of comments that can be posted here. At least there are still people hoping that Motorola can get something for them. Hope you guys can live up to our expectation. Appreciate your first move, though I am a bit sad about Atrix. +Punit Soni 
I am very disappointed with my overall experience from my bionic. I bought this the first week it came out and i feel like i've been had.It's had a multitude of software and hardware issues which i've had to deal with and now this newest delay of ics is just another thing to add to the list. Thanks.
I m sorry to say that after being a devout Motorola customer dating back to my very first pagers and cell phones, that the lack of support for my most recent DROID phones, the DROID X, and now this Bionic, that I have decided to stop buying Motorola devices. I feel the buy back program would only entrap me into submitting myself to another year of disappointments. Other companies offer $85.00 to trade in for one of their new models and seeing the speed at which they have provided support for their product line over the years I feel it would prove a better experience or me. I will miss the styling and excellent build quality that Motorola always delivers, however I cannot let that overshadow the lack of software support I have experienced for the past 3 years and over

$1500.00 spent.
I do hope that this new era of awareness benefits future customers, but sadly I won't be any part of it.
Thanks for your concerns, however too little, too late in my opinion.
Farewell Motorola! For the most part its been a great 22 years keeping connected with your wares in my pocket!

After blowing $300 and being screwed by Motorola with a Bionic that: 1) constantly drops data connections, 2) receives promises instead of ICS, 3) locks the ROM so I can't load ICS from anyone else without jumping through all kinds of hoops (amateurs can get ICS going but Moto can't), and more....

I've come to realize that (Motorola) == (Radio Shack + Some valuable patents).  Maybe Moto could expand its revenue stream with a line of radio-controlled toys.

There are too many other choices out there to allow myself to be left twisting in the wind again.

I'm not going to bet $300 on Motorola / Radio Shack again.
Serious question +Dave Russell, are you a Motorola employee? You seem to be doing an awful lot of cheerleading for a broken, currently useless, phone.
+barry wireman Nope, I am an informed consumer who did a bit of reading on the internet and chose to install the ICS leaks and enjoy my phone the way it was designed to be used.  I am also an active member of the Android community and like to keep people informed.  I took the risk of messing with the leaked OS, and now am reaping the rewards.  I didn't like .905 any more than the rest of you.
Just found this thread thanks to The Verge, and thought I'd throw discontent into the pile...
I've had nothing but headaches from my Xoom & Motorola customer support. It's been a year since ICS rolled out and the update just keeps slipping. Buying Motorola hardware was a mistake I won't make again.
I'm on the verge of leaving bionic for apple myself. I can easily attest to taking EASILY over 100 of your clients with me as I go too. Kick VZW in the balls and tell them your releasing the update no matter wtf they think. Apple does it. You can do it. Screw ICS, I want JB.

Waiting nearly a year to update these devices is ridiculous! What's sad is EVERY manufacturer is behind! Come the f*K on people.

I feel like I've been had. Just like sprint did to me when they said my market would be one of the first to get 4G...and it still doesn't have 4g.
P.S. Unlock the bootloader! I want to be able to record phone calls for godsake.
I've had no problems with my bionic after 905 update. It's been flawless. BUT: I still want ICS soon
+Greg Rogers even Apple has issues on Verizon, that's why the CDMA iPhone 4 was stuck on iOS 4.2.x until iOS 5 came out - other iPhone 4's were on iOS 4.3
+Chris Wood You had the same experience on 905 as I did, but 905 was a disaster during the soak test for many folks.  It should have never been approved.
+Punit Soni So is it true that ICS is scheduled to come out early October, and just briefly going to miss the Q3 deadline, which is why it was updated to Q4, even though it's coming out at the very beginning of Q4?
Why has the Atrix4g update been outright cancelled in Canada?
Just answer the question instead of beating around the bush and saying soon. You write volumes of words, but say nothing. Give everyone a date that they will get the ICS. That's all anyone wants, just a straight answer instead of Q4 which could be anytime within the next three months.

I for one have lost all respect for Motorols and am moving on with my 4-phones, but at least answer the question, "WHEN WILL I GET ICS "
Look, I understand changes take time and you've just come into this position recently, but Q4 before another update? I've had this phone since day 1 and it's been nothing short of a persistent headache. The phone has had data drops the entire time I've had it. The 902 update seemed to fix those, but they reared their ugly head again with 905. And now you tell me that I'm going to have to wait another 1, 2, or 3 months for an update to make my phone actually function properly again?

I need a solution sooner. I needed a solution 2 months ago. I use my phone daily for business and it's been downright unreliable when it comes to data connection. I contacted Verizon about the issue and their "solution" was to reboot the phone daily. That's the poorest excuse of a solution I've ever heard and it's been the general attitude regarding the phone since the RAZR came out. Verizon and Motorola have shown an utter lack of caring for the Bionic and Bionic owners ever since the release of the RAZR. Heck, Motorola even has the gall to try and get me to "upgrade to the DROID RAZR M" for full price via email.

I know you say you're going to "make things better," but I hope you understand giving us an expected, already late update isn't making things better. We deserve way more than that. How am I going to be compensated for the poor experience I've had the entire past year and up until the ICS upgrade comes? Even then, what about JB? I paid $300 for this phone on launch day and it's easily been one of the worst decisions of my tech history. Show me how you're going to make that better (and I don't think you can short of giving me a new phone). Saying that ICS is coming in "Q4" and "way before December 31st," is unacceptable. Give us an actual date and then stick to it or compensate us for missing it if you do. Enough of the talk, let's see some action.

Give me reasons beyond giving me ICS not to throw my phone against the wall. ICS may have been enough back in March or April. But it's not March or April. It's September and the update still isn't here. I don't think I'm alone in saying I need a lot more than ICS (or JB for that matter) to restore my confidence in Motorola or to actually enjoy this phone. My purchase of this phone was a vote of confidence in Motorola. That confidence is gone.
Why not just skip ICS at this point.  After a year it seems like you should already be done testing Jelly Bean on the Bionic.  I've already decided on a solution for myself.  When my warranty runs out next month on my Gingerbread phone, I will upgrade to Samsung.
Droid Bionic...such a hot topic just a few days ago...already forgotten...

Just as I suspected.
Da H
Bionic ICS, Any day now?
I take it you have an inside source for this info or are you just guessing?? .247 perhaps.
You know what? I honestly don't care if ICS ever arrives on the Droid Bionic, yeah I'm pissed off about it, but it's not worth it when they'll just turn around and outdate us Bionic Owners 3 months later with a newer flashier OS called 4.1 Jellybean. They honestly should just scrap the Bionic ICS and give us JB. We've already waited over a year for ICS, what's another 3-6 months for JB? And yes, we should all be compensated, we (Bionic Owners) deserve at least a public televised apology from Motorola/Google. Maybe making them pay for airtime for a commercial would let them know the pain we feel. Not only do we deserve an apology, but we should all get free upgrades into new phones without affecting our plans in any way, shape, or form? You really think a multi-billion dollar company is going to feel the sting of giving away maybe $100,000 worth of credits to all the Bionic Owners? As for me, this will be the last Motorola Device I ever purchase. If we don't have ICS by the end of this month, I'm honestly willing to dump my unlimited plan for iPhone 5. At least all their devices get the updates at the same time when promised.
This entire thread is an example of how the store unfolded.  How you dropped 3 phones, to support one, +Punit Soni.  We read, and where excited by there finally being a change.  You then decided that for the Bionic to get it's updated before the end of Q4, you had to drop another 3 phones on the floor.

"However we can wok together to fix them in due time."

You didn't work together.  As a matter of fact, what really happened is summed up with:

"I am answering what is sorted out. If it says plan coming soon, it's because we are still sorting out the plan ."

You where still sorting out the plan.  And then one week later, you decided that 3 of your consumers devices had to be sacrificed, so that one might get their upgrade before December.

Thanks for the open communication you promised.  To engage with us.  You haven't engaged with your consumers at all.  And it shows.  You wanted to claim that you didn't want to walk in and say that what happened before you wasn't your fault, nor your problem, but that's exactly what you did.  And you have now refused to even talk to us about it for over two months.

And you have the nerve to say that you can't win, that no matter what you did, you'd lose out either way.  So you turned your back on us.  You said you wanted to make the company proud.  Instead, you've just delivered more of the past.  You know, when the Bionic was released in the first place, Motorola said customers would be so happy, that moving forward, things would be great.

Gratz on getting the Bionic users happy.  The rest of us where then dropped on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.  Glad you could get them updates before December.  Too bad you had to leave many of the rest of us with the scraps and memories of what 'Open, transparent' communication looks like.
Hello to whom this may concern,

I was a big fan of all things Motorola, I was a day one adopter of the Bionic, my next phone will NOT be Motorola.

I heard of the Bionic back when it was rocking an nVidia processor. I waited.. waited on my upgrade so I can get a phone to "RULE ALL PHONES". It started to become more of a mythical creature.. no solid news and we were kept in the dark. Finally the device gets released a year after it gets announced and i go during my lunch time to go pick one up on the day that it got released. When I walked in the lady who helped me at Verizon asked me if i needed help and I said "BIONIC". She then asked me if i wanted to try it out, i said "no, i know i want the phone". I paid the full price. I walked away excited with this new phone. 1 month later Morotola announces a new better phone. That put a sour taste in my mouth. This phone to RULE ALL PHONES was now being ruled. When the phone was being sold Motorola said Ice Cream Sandwich was going to be added to it. What Motorola failed to add to that was *a year later. 

We waited for the update.. something that was a selling point for the phone. It continues to be pushed off while other phones are getting upgrades we get pushed off. Even the updates Motorola would give us were so vague that i had lost hope for the phone to even be updated. 

A year later the ICS update gets released for the phone. My phone rarely disconnected from the data line, now i see it more frequently. I ride the bus on a daily basis so i get lots of phone playing time.  Now it seems that we may get Jelly Bean on the Bionic but frankly its too late. I gave up on Morotola after it took a year to release ICS and they focused on making money rather than their customers. 

I had never had a bad experience with a Motorola product, hell I was even looking to implement an RFID solution at work with Motorola products. I specifically asked for Motorola products. I wanted Motorola products because I was certain that they would work as I had always experienced them. Now I feel I cannot rely on Motorola products as I once did. 

I am not saying my phone does not work because it does work. It does everything that I need to do with it, maybe not the most efficient but it does. I love the 4G/LTE capability. I like the amount of memory/storage. Its just we were told one thing and we got something else. If we had this phone without all these update issues I would have been a happy camper. Unfortunately this experience has tarnished my view of Motorola. I have had other cellphones to experience what I expect out of a company when i spend $300+ on their product. 

I know I am only one customer and it may not matter but I wanted to express how I felt about Motorola. 

To everyone reading this?  Notice the crickets coming on behalf of the person who 'wants to work so that 'we' can move forward'.  Be warned, a new phone released every couple of months?  Use your own logic.  How can your phone stay supported, when they are constantly going to be trying to keep the newest phone up to date?
I gave up looking for ICS upgrade info for my Atrix over summer, until now - there must be some news of a date for the upgrade I thought. Well no.

As someone said Motorola appears to be heading in the right direction (and on that note, thanks to Soni for actually taking the time to respond to people). Unfortunately, if my Atrix 4G does not receive at least an ICS update, then Motorola's future will be of no interest to me. This was my first Motorola device and, without that late ICS save, it will be my last. It was also my first Android device and it may well be my last. I am utterly underwhelmed by the fragmented ecosystem that Android is, and that Motorola seem to see Europe as second class citizens.

I find it remarkable that rather than upgrade a SMALL HANDFUL of more than capable devices, Motorola is happy to take yet more criticism of its customer support. I suspect unless they "FIX things" properly they will be a minor player in this market for many years.

Motorola told me a lie, and then and profited at my expense based on that lie.

Soni, please bring some sense to this and extend the ICS update to dual core phones. I want ICS on my Atrix
So far the only difference I see between the "New Motorola" and the old one is that the "Old Motorola" was bailing water with thimbles, the new one is drilling holes in the bottom of hull to let the water out. 

Face it, all this talk of things getting better is just that, talk. Instead of dealing with the issues, Motorola has taken it upon themselves to delete comments and block people from their FB page, even blocking AT&T employees. Yet the complaints persist and even continue to grow, and now there's even a growing number of complaints from Motorola's "golden goose", the Verizon customers. A company that ignores its past instead of learning from it, ignore's the present instead of dealing with it, has no future. 
Da H
Frankly I'm afraid to install jelly bean if they offer it.  I had to do quite a hack to get flash running on ics and still is spotty at best.  JB is supposed to entirely eliminate flash and its just ridiculous. IT doesnt matter a bit if its out dated is so many sites are still using it.  I know this is more an issue with adobe but it would be great if you could give us  a way to keep flash until its truly dead.
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