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A quick update for all you gamers out there: Over the past few weeks, we’ve added 5 new games to Google+:

- CityVille
- Global Warfare
- Mafia Wars 2
- Resort World
- Triple Town

With more than 20 games to choose from, you can spend your time fighting the walking dead in Zombie Lane, building your dream metropolis in CityVille, fighting those dreaded ninja bears in Triple Town, and much more.

We’re just getting started! We’ll continue to improve the gaming experience on Google+ and add to our family of games, so that you’ll always have more ways to entertain and challenge yourself and your friends.

In fact, why not try to beat +Sergey Brin 's score in Angry Birds ( or +Emily Rocke 's in Triple Town ( right now? Only a handful have managed to do so...

Click on to play these and other awesome games!
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I smashed Sergeys scores on most Angry bids levels. But 1 still eludes me.
Any chance the games will be coming to the mobile client Punit?
Maybe I'll be able to get my wife to spend more time here now that Cityville is here ;)
Its just who I am these days !
+Punit Soni Since I play Words with Friends on that 'other' social network, and my Droid, any insight on when we might see it in G+?
Tripletown is fun!! :) I like it too.

+Kimberly Shoemaker maybe I need to be there :)

Kevin, hard to predict future..but we are constantly trying to add more games!
If they will load properly, which right now they don't. Also, where do I find people who are playing these games? I would like to add friends who play.
+Punit Soni I would like see games like Trivial or Pictionary integrated with hangouts :D
+Brigitte Kephart which games dont load properly? Let us know and we will follow up. Also tell us what browser you are using.

You should be able to see more friend suggestions in Invite friends flow and on leaderboards. We are also working to make the post flow much more engaging.
Triple Town is the most ridiculously addictive game I've played in years.
How about battlestations? Any idea if it will come to g+?
We need Catan for G+. A hangout while playing a board game will work for connecting with friends who live far away!
I have sent the feedback replies. Right now, Dragon Age, Zombie Lane, and Dragon World?? I just tried to sign into and it wouldn't go...Resort world has just let me in. I had the same issue last night. Today i was playing for over 4 hours (shut up) until the pages wouldn't load for me. I don't think it's my computer.
If only the games page would LOAD! Two days of issues. :( Help!
Zombie Lane FTW. Neighbour me if you want to join the fun.
Adding my name to those wanting mobile versions. :)
It appears to be working now...both of the games. TY

And Travis, I think i have tried to add you to my friends...not sure that worked.
+Punit Soni i will let you know when i am going to come visit..i am thinking around the 7th of November..hey maybe we could make a Google+ Android Soccer Ball and have it designed with +1 and between each +1 have a different game logo!! And then you could have it put in the new Google Store!! XD
I tried Triple Town and Global Warfare right now. Colored squares keep spinning and no game loads. Problems on their servers, perhaps? Other games work (e.g., Bubble Island).
Meh. Not for me. Definitely not. Squares spinning forever. Tried two browsers just in case. Some games load, others have problems.
+Punit Soni Are there any future plans to integrate G+ games with Hangouts? +Josh Helton has a great point; a turn based game (like Catan) over a Hangout would really set Hangouts apart from other video conferencing tech and add a real time social layer to G+ Games.
Resort World is nice, and not Zynga. I think we can do without anymore Zynga games. There are enough of them here now.
No I want them to keep adding Zynga games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am officially uninterested until some form of Dominion is available. Or Magic. Either way. :)
Just FYI, +Punit Soni: from the games linked on the Google+ Games front page, this is what I got:

Ok: Angry Birds, Bubble Island, Mafia Wars 2, City of Wonder.

Infinite squares spinning: Bejeweled, Triple Town, Global Warfare, Monster World, Dragon Age.

If you need more info such as system details or things like this, feel free to contact me. I guess it is a server issue, not client, though.
Yeah I'd be starting to block some people to clear that up.
Google + team just launch one awesome feature soon, i really pissed up with facebook layout
Mafia Wars hasn't worked since the second day it was out... don't waste your time
It would be a great thing to add multi-player games, such as chess, pool, action games etc.
And yet there is still no description included under each game on what it's actually about....
Yes we will build info into game pages soon.
any chance they won't trick you into using up all your free gold on stupid decisions so that, in order for the game to be fun on the second day, too, you don't have to pay a bunch of money? Otherwise, I'm not sure how this makes the "what's hot on google +" list. Will probably not be using the games feature much anymore. Anyone else see it that way?
Whoaaa, was absolutely no expecting any response... thanks!! :-) Sorry if I came off a bit harsh >.<
While it is great to see new games arriving, I think priority should go to working some more on the gaming platform for G+. Currently there are no proper descriptions, screenshots and stuff to browse before choosing to play a game (and thus granting rights). Where is the easy access to information like how you can remove yourself from any game in case you find out that it isn't to your liking? And some games (like CityVille+) suffer from a message system that is not tied into the game, in effect forcing you to constantly log in and out of the game in order to play.

Again, I like having more games around. But if G+ is more of a hindrance than a way to enhance your gaming experience I'd rather enjoy those titles elsewhere in the net.
I can't believe so many people are willing to give up privacy for something as dumb as a online game.
You've got to figure out a way to get OnLive embedded into Google+.
+Punit Soni Still awaiting some of the promised updates (like for example Edit posts or comments) to the Mobile Android g+ app. :-)
Global Warfare does not load...Chrome
Why are the games not loading today?
What would really be nice would be if you added a panel to describe what the game is before we agree to give the developer permissions to our data so we can try it out. Most games I try, don't like, and then have to go and remove access to my account.
There's definitely a reliability problem in those games. Some load, some don't, etc. If system/location information would help, feel free to contact me.
We.will follow up on these issues soon.
Zombie Lane and Dragon Age is having issues loading again this evening. :(
Looking for more CityVille neighbours? Add me! :)
I think I'm getting withdrawal from mobile updates. Mobile search? A new g+ iPhone app? 
Question: is it possible to mute or exclude a circle from your stream?
ok..let me cook something up for next week ;)
You guys sure like to tease! Looking forward to it. 
+Punit Soni's happening again. I've known several people to have difficulties over the past week, including myself. WTH?
Great! keep improving G+!
Any idea on when will the games API be open?
When will the games start to load? This stinks!
U still having loading issues? Everything seems to work here...what games? +Navin Kadaba
Global Warfare, Edge World....I'm using google chrome as browser.
Will not load in IE8 either but i kinda figured that.
Crime City will not load at work or at home for the past day or so worked fine in these places before
Milanga I put you in my gamers circle but so far can't figure out how to invite you

Punit....the games come and go, not so frequently now though. Dragon Age seems to have a refresh issue on occassion.
monster world and resort world.. :) add me
is there any chance more games will be coming here> loved pet society on facebook be great to have it on here
when you are done with a game and your new friends from it though...then what ? You can delete the circle...but the notifications still come through from another game I don't even play anymore. I want out..
Hallo an alle,würde mich über mehr nachbarn in Resort world freuen !!
Ich suche immer noch Nachbarn für Zombie Lane!; Resort Word, City Ville (:
I am still looking für Zombie Lane ; City Ville,Resort Word neighbours (:
Add Me Neightbor !!!!!!!! CityVille
ADD me
- zombie lane
- city ville
- resort world
Add me
-Zombie lande (even tho it don't work here on google+)
-Resort world
-City ville
and me for Cityville / et moi pour cityVille, Tks, merci
Add me for Neightbor please !
Add me ( City Ville, Zombie Lane, Monsterword, Resort Word) Thx.. :-)
Add me COW and global warfare
Any Idea when new games will come out?
guten abend ich kan nicht miet meine tablet.andreut nich ins spil citiville spilen vie kan ich mitdem andreut tablete an spil rein .miet dem konpijoter in facebook kan ich den spil spilen .ichbin aber im reseizen und wiel mit dem andreut tablet andebn spil gecht nicht habe auch miet den facebook fesucht midem tablete es gecht auch da nicht viekan ich anden spiel aufladen oder den spilspilen
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