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Hi guys...I know some of you are having issues with the iPhone app. A few comments below (I posted this on +Robert Scoble 's post, reposting as a new post):

- IOS5 is unsupported at this point.
- iPad/iPhone device support is coming soon.

1. It doesn't keep me logged in. Even though I had told it to. Oh, wait, now it is.
- We have not seen this issue so far. But we are going to do another round of testing on Authentication and iterate.

2. I don't see a way to upload a photo, like the Android app has. Nevermind, I found that, you have to click on the photos app where the camera icon is very small.
- Thanks for the feedback. We will take another look at our UI flows.

3. It frequently freezes on me.
- We discovered an issue where the App freezes when there are posts with tons of comments on it. We have a fix for it and its coming soon.

4. It has crashed twice so far. UPDATE: Six times.
- This may be related to the lack of IOS5 support. We are digging deep into other crash reports as we speak.

5. No way to share.
- That is a feature we are working on for both Android and iPhone. Coming soon.

Many thanks to our users' for their patience and support as we make things better.
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Please let it work with my wifi-only iPad 2. Please?
the interaction between google employees and the public is pretty impressive. thanks.
iOS 5 is beta. Of course they're going to have issues. Beta on beta. Only issue I see on 5 is crahes.
mine works fine on os 4.3.4 already uploaded photos and all :)
And the iOS application not available in Greece? Only in the US? What's the point?
Landscape mode would be great. But still liking the app without it. 
I really appreciate the update please let us know when a fix is applied :) but putting out a social app without a way to share is kind of odd.
The #1 feature in Google+ is that we can talk to the folks at Google and that you listen and respond.
Did you mean that the iPod Touch is currently unsupported?
Chris A
+Punit Soni Mentioning somebody in a post gives issues as well. Way too difficult to send a private post to someone or replying to a specific person on a post. Nothing happens when you type in + and the person's name
thank you!! PLEASE add a feature to block (or remove) an HUDDLE discussion!
+Antonio Tuzzi You should be able to do that by going to settings in the Huddle menu and selecting "who can message you." That is assuming it works anything like the Android app. Although that feature came in an update to the app so maybe it will take an update to the iOS app before that will be there.
I knew there was going to be quick responses from the devs which is why I love Google+ in the first place. 
Talk about immediate response... gotta like that! Thanks for the hard work g+ team
Been able to comment, update my status and post photos without too much trouble. Have had a couple of crashes on it though whilst playing around on it. 
Thanks! Keep up the good work!
Here, here to +Brian Hoch comment. Thanks for this.
It's great too see you on the front line Punit! Keep up the hustle. This is why I love google.
Is there any logical reason why a social network app is not available in all app stores?
Punit, it's staggering and fantastic to see you guys posting public comments on feedback for an app you only released hours ago! Wow. You rock! Pass the word.
+Sean Riley I've started an huddle discussion with a circle with about 50 friends, now is the total CAOS... :D hey but it's funny... :D
+Punit Soni Thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to seeing the app progress. A share link is top on my list followed by support for the iPad
Being able to post a link to share would also be very much appreciated. Not present on the browser phone interface either, I have really missed it.
Odd behavior when a post contains a YouTube video. The video still hovers on top of the comments, and tapping the video does not launch the video in YouTube, neither the iOS YouTube player or the safari mobile version. 
It works great for me! Bravo or releasing the iPhone app so quick! 
Claudio - the iPhone app is available in Canada now. I have it.
Two things so far (I'm using iOS 4.x).

1. The notifications shows that there have been responses to one of my posts, but the link takes me to a view of the post that doesn't show the comments. If I browse to the post via the streams then I can see the new comments.

2. It would be nice if there was a way from the stream view to select the circle I wish to filter by. I realise than this can be done by going to circles, then selecting a circle and finally by selecting posts but it is not very intuitive or user friendly.
Thanks for the update. Another useful feature would be alert digests. It's good to know that people are commenting on a post, but it becomes much less helpful at 1 alert per second.
+Punit Soni You made a mistake in your post. You wrote "iPad/iPhone device support is coming soon". I suppose it's "iPad/iPod Touch device support is coming soon"
:S Google + Doesn't support Ipod Touch We need it
Any chance of hangouts/video chat coming to iOS app? Would be a nice alternative to the Skype app :)
Hi +Punit Soni, Great work on getting the app through the app store. First issue I've found is there doesn't seem to be a way to share with an individual. Including a +user doen's seem to lookup and it appears on the web stream just as text instead of a highlighted user name.
Lorine, I have downloaded and installed it from the Canada store, just clicked on the link.
App still crashes on iOS 5 post update i don't know if that update was intended to fix it. 
Will photo sharing be coming to Huddle?
Couple more suggestions: Don't freeze the Dashboard button when posts are loading from your Stream view. If it all possible, cancel or load stream in the background?
It's entirely possible (likely) that I'm missing it in the app and/or the answer to my question in this thread, but I'm not seeing any way to +tag users in a post in the iPhone app interface (iOS 4.2.9)

BTW, this discussion is a good use case for G+. I found my way here via a share from someone in my Circles.
Thanks for addressing these issues so quickly. One additional question, what form is iPad support going to take? Will it be a true universal app or will it be an iPhone app that can be zoomed 2x?

For me, iPad support is the "killer app" for G+ vs. FB.
Few things I would like addressed/seen to..

1) change the keyboard layout in Huddle. Placing the send button in-between the delete and space key is a bad idea. And have sent many broken messages because of it.

2) while on Huddle, can we also have the option of hiding the keyboard when necessary or not in use? Ie. Tapping on the message section the keyboard slides down.

3) possible to edit and +1 individual posts?

thanks for addressing it....really looking forward to a much better mobile experice
6. My iPod Touch isn't an iPhone, no, but it is running iOS 4 and I do have Wifi... why can't I install it?
Bug? Photos from My Phone [iPhone 4 running 4.3.3(8J2)] just presents the loading circle. (I do have lots of photos(924) on my phone, is it trying to upload them? Or only new ones? I dunno) Perhaps a feature to set an iPhone folder for g+ uploads would help?
How can I tag a user in the iPhone app?
It seems that new comments on a post do not auto-refresh. That sucks, as I can't see a way to manually refresh other than going all the way to the top (especially bad for large posts!)...
My Huddles aren't updating correctly. I go into the huddles look at all of the messages, exit the app, go back into the app and the same Huddles i've already viewed (and muted) are displaying as 1 unread.
Is the app only available to US customers? I am in Canada and I don't see it in my app store? What's the deal? It does not appear in the app store on the iPhone. I read comments that Canadians can also download it but is it from the computer of the actual phone?
I don't see it at all when I visit that link... (iPad)
It seems the app is only available in the US, as far as my iTunes tells me. You'll be missing out on feedback from the rest of us! ;)
Thanks for sharing. I'm reading a lot of blaming to the app due to using it on iOS5 beta :-\
Having a problem. I get a popup of a new Huddle message. The app is closed out. So I swipe to unlock the phone. It takes me to the G+ home page for the app. But there is no notification for a new message. I then go to my "Huddles" and there are none there. I then close the G+ app out again. Open it back up and my new messages are there, along with all the previous ones. 
Jonas N
The app can be downloaded outside of US by following a direct link to it. It'll be searchable internationally soon, I guess. 
You also can't send a message to a singular person through the app. 
Shame about the iOS5 thing but hey, totally understand. Perks of being early adopter I suppose! ;)
No App on the UK App Store so far :-(
I've seen it mentioned above, but landscape typing and the ability to tag people are important.
+Punit Soni Isn't there a way to prevent installing on IOS5 by adding a constraint to the app's metadata? This will prevent people from installing it on said OS and then encountering undefined behavior.
Thanks for the quick update. Will the IPone version work with my IPAD 2?
I'm missing a way to +mention someone. If I know their name I can write +mailaddress but I don't know everyone's mail address. Could you add something there? Thanks. 
App crashes when I try to take a picture without fail. iPhone 4, latest 4.3 firmware, non jail-broken.
+Ian Waring did you try go to Categories -> Social Networking -> Sort on release date? I didn't find it in my Swedish app store either but found it that way. Must be a problem with the Apple search function and "+" or something.
Tried that, no Google App at all today so far.
Correction. App Store on my wife's iPhone can see it. App Store on my iPad 2 can't...
would like to see an option to 'pull down to refresh' within the comments section on any given post. currently the app doesnt refresh sometimes despite the notification that a new comment was posted. But love the app, and loving the Google+ experience so far.
The app was just released today and takes a while to propagate. If you go to the link manually from your device you can download it.
+Ian Waring The iPad app store won't bring it up because the app is ONLY available for the iPhone.
Will hangouts be coming to IOS version?
Hi, any plans for support for the 4th generation iPod touch?
First of love that there is an iPhone app for G+. Some issues The app is kinda buggy. Frequent freezes, tagging names show email, can't post a stream with a single person like the web forcing a circle
landscape mode please
cool :-) thanks for the Infos, I'm looking forward to the share function :-)))
I downloaded the app ( at the US store but I have not been able to log in. It kind of loops at a second log in screen and then the app gives me the following message:
The Internet connection appears to be offline (tried over WiFi and 3G and my iPhone´s iOS is 4.3.3).

Is this error due that I´m located in Mexico? Any international users having the same problem?
Pam F.
I just downloaded the app & was unable to log in either. It also loops on the second screen, but no error message. (my iOS is 4.3.3 as well).
''the internet connection appear to be offline'' i cant sign in?!! in Egypt iphone 4.3.3 any ideas???!!
even though it's not "iPad" compatible, I should be able to run the iPhone version just like I can every other iPhone app in the app store, but it's explicitly hidden from iPad's App Store, even on Google's Developer page. Why can't I install the iPhone version? I do it with Google's Voice app!
push doesn't seem to work on my iphone...not quite sure what's up with that.
All my family use gmail and dislike Facebook. I'm keen to start my mum on G+ when I give her an ipad2 in three weeks. Goes that give you enough time for an App? Great job. IPhone app is great. +1 vote on photo tagging. 
I'm hugely disappointed that it doesn't work on the iPod Touch. I've been very accustomed to any "non-phone" app for the iPhone working on the Touch. This app breaks that paradigm, won't even load when downloaded via iTunes. I've been excited about Google+, but this is a serious buzzkill. One chance to make a good first impression, and you failed.
Thanks, +Punit Soni, for replying to concerns so fast! The one feature I am missing is a setting to only share my location data with certain circles, even if I post to "Public" or "Extened Circles". Any chance for that?
iPod and iPad support will be coming very soon.
I see no reason that it shouldn't work on an iPod, why did you decide to not let iPods find it on the App Store?

and please, make it work with iOS 5! It kills me not being able to post :S
We had bugs to fix. iPod users will get a great experience in a few days.
Not available in the Dominican Republic store :/
Not available in the Lithuanian store :(
I installed the App on my jailbreaked IPod Touch via "Install0us" and it works right away! Same for IPad2, the App just works. So, why Google can't and the crackers can? Where is the problem?
Can't find it on the Mexican iPod App Store... yet I downloaded it from the Mexican iTunes App Store, but can't sync with this computer.
Ed Cook
An issue related to huddles. When I have the app open but as a background app, I get new huddle messages notifications but the message does not actually show up in the huddle within teh app. If I close out the app and open it back up they show up. This only happens if the notification came through.
I have the same issue as +Adriana Rodarte above. Has this been resolved? I have reinstalled the app a couple of times, deleted other google app from the phone etc... iPhone 3, iOS 4.3.4 - I am in Iceland now. Still cannot log in - app gives the error "The internet connection seems to be offline". :-(
No issues with my iPhone 4 (4.3.4), only missing features like:

- Can't re-share others interesting posts.
- Can't +1 others comments.
- Can only share with Circles, not just individuals.
- When I create new post thru phone it doesn't appear in Stream, appears on Desktop though.
+Issues I have noticed+ (iOS 4.3.4)
- Huddle with only 1 person -- No way to drop or cancel huddle?
- upload photos - no way to select a photo album. By default each photo creates a time stamped album which requires a lot of manual work using Picasa to move each photo and delete the time stamped album. A designated private 'Drop Box" would be ideal.
- filter of stream to desired Circles not available
- stream update is very slow compared to web mobile browser (i think you mentioned that a fix was inc)
- Circles/people >>Find "type name" - blue Search lights up but doesn't activate search. The user needs to click on the search string banner to get search to work. Not standard UI for iPhone (prob bug). Try search for "Tosh.0" and you will get a blank white page.
- Find people -- is there a way to flag that a person has been previously invited by you
- other items were already mentioned (update stream button on top bar), tagging posts, sharing posts,

Keep up the great work
many of thse fixes are coming.
+Punit Soni One tip you might want to implement is place in the 'description' of their app "***Coming Soon: iPad / iOS 5***", etc. This way all those negative reviews about non-ipad/ios5/ipod support would be 'mute'.
I don't folks read that stuff. I have been saying that for 3 days now :)
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