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We added the ability to migrate your iPhone contacts and calendar to the Moto X (from There is a long way to go, but its a start...
Hope folks who are transitioning from an iOS device find it useful.

More info here:,6720,8696
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This can be a big relief for people who don't have the patience to watch YouTube videos, read articles and try several apps before finding the best way to do this. Good work moto. One brick at a time. 
Long way to go.. :) thanks!
+Punit Soni Even though I am a Moto loyalist, this is awesome! Moto Migrate in my X was something needed for a very long time!!!
when will wood be available? I can't see the forest for the trees...
I dont quite understand what the big deal about that unicorn is :) I kind of like my phone the way it is :D
Thanks for the wishes guys. We have a long way to go to make Migrate super easy and awesome for all of you.
This is EXCELLENT news. A seamless transition is very much appreciated and useful. (I'm an iOS user)
Problem is... I don't think I would give up my 5s for a Moto x. 
Who's transitioning to Android? I don't know anyone who wants to downgrade to an Android.
Danny D
+Albert Peña Android is a million times better as long as the hardware is good too - Android sucked before 4.0 though, I'll give you that, and it sucks on less than 2gb ram and without a decent processor, whereas older versions of IOS on a single core and 512mb ram work nicely.
The way I see it this phone had definitely grabbed people's attention. How else to explain the iPhone fanbois coming in if they're not thinking about this phone?
Be honest, you know you want it. 
+Albert Peña I ''downgraded'' from an iPad mini to a Nexus 7 because IOS 7 has made it a piece of slow,buggy, garbage.
One step ahead of you my calendar on and contacts are stored in google on my iphone
@ Noah Jones let me correct you, you can not downgrade from a ipad mini to a nexus 7. That would be a upgrade. 
+fyahrasz burke I know it is I was just using his terminology which is why downgraded is in quotations
+Rabid Rotty  a truly misinformed person. 
Android stole Apples OS and put together a frankenstein version that still doesn't have native VVM, or email worth a crap. Anandtech shows the A7 64 bit processor out performs the new 800 chips in flagship android devices in 11 of 15 tests. Anandtech shows that 64 bit also is NOT a gimmick.
It won't be a gimmick when android releases it, that's how that goes. Samesung and every other vendor on android will be 64 bit in 6 months time. The flagship S4 lags worse than Crysis on a walmart eMachine. Even the Note 3 lags.
google it. 
On a side note. If I bought an android device today. It would be the Moto X. Samesung sucks. 
Come on, people! None of your opinions are the definitive opinion. They are all just opinions.
Side note: those help pages are kinda ugly (though well written)
+Michael Brown  you work in Apple, so the comment is understood :), but  doesn't Apple ban employees from participating in social media, especially anything related to competitors.
On a side note. If I bought an android device today. It would be the Moto X.   this could get you fired. Good luck.
Oh come on..let it be guys :) iOS is awesome, Moto X is awesome. Its all moving the world forward :)

BTW +Joshua Berk you are probably right.. Need to fix :)
Guys Michael Brown is actually obsess with android 
+Punit Soni Can you tell us if the Moto X will be available unlocked with all the customization options anytime in the near future? Because that would make the Moto X awesomer!
+Punit Soni Moto Maker appears to be marked as "Coming Soon" again on the website. Any chance there's an update going on to expand customization to other carriers??
Hey +Punit Soni congrats! This is great to hear. Also, any news on more carrier support for MotoMaker?
What about those iPhone users who bought a Moto X on a store, like me, since MM is not available around the world?
+Punit Soni  i feel like an inpatient ass just for asking, but is there any chance to get at least some hint if there is any chance to get a new motorola phone of any kind in europe before christmas?
i hope you sell trillions of device in the usa, so you can make a ton of money and use it to bring your stuff to the rest of the world. fast.
It's great to see them doing things to make the transition easier. When I switched from the iPhone to android I just had my contacts on my Mac (it was address book then) sync with Google and the they were automatically on my Android phone. Not particularly hard even for the most tech illiterate Mac user and I imagine it's just as easy on Windows but this is yet another barrier taken down and great for those who may not sync contacts with their PC. Now more iOS users just need to wake up from their living lie that is Apple. 
Too bad I don't want to!!
Yeah well, as you can't get hold of the motox outside of NA you've missed a load of sells, including me. I'm with iCloud, wanted to get the motox and in the end for bored of waiting for #Motorola to wake up. Went to the new iPhone instead. #fail
+Punit Soni Is SMS through Google Hangouts going to break the Motorola Connect functionality for us Moto X users?
Sorry a Motorola phone is out for me since Google didn't keep its promises of upgrading a number of Motorola phones to the latest version of Android last year. I will not trust a company that doesn't keep its word to its customers. 
Brian O
+Punit Soni Any truth to the rumor that the Moto X will be skipping 4.3 and going straight to 4.4?
 Argy: migrate is only applicable of transferring files from old phones to moto x now in your case since your iphone was stolen and the only way to retrieve your contacts is via icloud 
 Argy: and to transfer icloud contacts to moto x can only be done using motomaker
 Pavan Dharwadkar: Yea I get that. Why is the only way to transfer iCloud contacts is using motoMaker? It's functionality that screws over previous Moto X owners. Is your advice that I return my current, functioning Moto X and order a new one from MotoMaker?
 Argy: I know that it's senseless but that's the only way that we can transfer icloud contacts to a moto x phone
 Pavan Dharwadkar: So as a motorola representative, you are advising me to return my Moto X and repurchase the same phone so that I can download my contacts from iCloud?
 Argy: yes, repurchase the phone using motomaker
 Pavan Dharwadkar: Wow. Ok. That is going to be a royal pain in the ass and end up costing Motorola money. That's super interesting. Thanks

I'm wondering if this is actually the case or if I am mistaken here...I was linked to here from a CNet article describing iCloud migration. Can this actually be true??
We launched the feature within Motomaker first. It will be coming soon as a standalone experience. 
+Punit Soni With Hangouts soon handling SMS, will Motorola's Touchless Control be updated to handle Hangouts as well ad the stock Messaging app? 
+Eve Bills the device was sent to me from Moto. Do I have to buy something in order to transfer my data from iPhone? 
If you properly sync your contacts there is no issues using existing services. I synchronized my Win Mobile phone with Google when I had it which made no issue going to Android. Then exported and imported to iPhone using only their websites. Also did the same with Windows Phone and back to Android from both. Not rocket science.
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