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It's *finally* possible to use TensorBoard in CoCalc!

#tensorflow #anaconda3 #cocalc
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How to fix UE Boom double up issues

I have these two UE Boom devices that fails to "double up" quite often nowadays. When I follow the sequence to double up and make them play music in stereo, it turned out that the UE Booms will connect with one another but the music will play out of only the first UE Boom. So, I had to figure out whether it was a problem with pulseaudio in Linux or whether it was a problem with the UE Boom devices. In pulseaudio, I noticed that the stream being sent to the devices was a stereo stream, and changing the volume of each (left/right) individual stream would in fact affect the audio output out of the only device it was playing from. So, pulseaudio was indeed sending a stereo stream, and it was the UE Boom that was at fault.

What fixed the issue for me was to factory reset the two UE Boom devices. In order to do so without using any app, here is what one needs to do:

1 Turn on both the UE Booms. For each UE Boom do the following: hold down the volume down button and the power button until it makes a sound. That will factory reset each device and the device will turn off.

2 Turn on the first UE Boom, and connect it to the computer.

3 Turn on the second UE Boom.

4 Then press the Volume Up and Bluetooth button on the first UE Boom to start the "double up" process.

5 Press the Bluetooth button on the second UE Boom twice.

6 The two UE Booms should pair and "double up" to play stereo streams once again.
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His memory is amazing.
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How to upgrade from digikam-4 to digikam-5 safely

Upgrading from digikam-4 to digikam-5 destroys, at least the sqlite, database of all images. This is because it is unable to parse the PATH in the database that is stored using "%2F" for "/". Here is how to get digikam-5 working (see ), and comment 23 in that bug report ( )

0. I am assuming you are upgrading from digikam-4 to digikam-5, and the database files were using sqlite.
1. Make sure you backup digikam4.db and thumbnails-digikam.db
2. Start digikam-5 and let it go through the welcome dialog and "forget" all the image information. I am using this step to make digikam create the digikamrc file with the correct path to images and database. Quit digikam.
3. Install sqlitebrowser.
4. Copy the backed up digikam4.db and thumbnails-digikam.db to the album folder.
5. Open digikam4.db using sqlitebrowser.
6. In sqlitebrowser, navigate to "Browse data", and double click on the "volumeid:?pat.." that shows up. Edit the path to replace all "%2F" with "/". Click "Ok". Then click on "Write Changes" and quit sqlitebrowser.
7. Open digikam again. This time it should show all the images and tags.
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My trial with KDE plasma 5:

The good:
+ looks good!
+ still amazingly customizable
+ nice, fluid, default animations

The bad:
- keyboard backlight stopped working
- Bluetooth mouse suddenly stopped working several times
- suspend and wakeup behavior changed: it doesn't wake up automatically on opening laptop lid
- unstable! It was running for three days straight, and in that while, plasma crashed several times, and finally kwin crashed.

The way I use my laptop is that I login once and continue running it that way for weeks. It gets suspended and woken up every day or every other day. Several applications remain open throughout these weeks in the meantime. However good looking and easy to use the new plasma desktop may be, I can't rely on it.

So, it is back to Enlightenment for me. Currently, I am using Enlightenment from git and it stays solid and crash free with my usage.

And here's a rant about lightdm + accountsservice. This new combination has again pushed user configuration settings from /etc to some other arcane location (/var/lib/...). To top it all, the new configurations don't work. Some developers need to get back to reality and stop fiddling around with Linux desktop internals, and strewing configuration files throughout the filesystem.
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Interesting summary by Peter Cameron of the Big Data & Discrete Mathematics Symposium at St. Andrews!
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