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Pulsarlube E
Compact & Economical

The Pulsarlube E is our smallest lubricator which can easily be installed in confined areas with limited accessibility. This eco-friendly product is recyclable.

Eco-friendly product where applicable parts can be disposed of separately.
Rated IP68 for dust-proof and protection against water damage.
Compact design is convenient for use in very confined spaces & Specially designed to endure high vibration.

Single-point lubricator. Pulsarlube E. IP68.


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Single point lubrication. Multi-point lubrication.

Pulsarlube is the most effective solution to lubricate your equipment.

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Case Study

Water treatment plants

Sewage treatment plant equipment is highly specialized machinery that is expensive to buy and repair. Regular maintenance coupled with consistent lubrication on important equipment such as water pumps, guides, chain, roller and sliding bearings is a simple and inexpensive proactive step that is guaranteed to prevent most problems. Pulsarlube automatic lubrication systems allow for vastly reduced labor and maintenance expenditure by enabling your equipment’s vital parts to be precisely lubricated at all times; ultimately reducing downtime.

Increase your bottom line with diverse products suitable for practically any application.

Pulsarlube M series

Averages a powerful 425 psi operating pressure
Powerful enough to lubricate up to 20 ft. away on a single lube line!
Cost effective solution capable of lubricating up to 8 lube points with a single unit
Simple to program with an easy to read LCD display

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T h e I n n o v a t i v e L e a d e r o f Au t oma t i c L u b r i c a t o r s

Pulsarlube Automatic Lubricators:
A Variety of Lubrication Solutions for Most Applications and Environments Pulsarlube lubricators demonstrate definitive advantages over the competition.

single point lubricator, multi-point lubricator

Pulsarlube is the most effective solution to lubricate your equipment.
Pulsarlube offers a variety of solutions that can significantly increase your bottom line.

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Pulsarlube method utilizes one or more single-point lubrication device(s) that would mount directly on systems,thus eliminating the need for labor-intensive and/or hazardous manual greasing, or expensive centralized lubrication systems.

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Benefit of Pulsarlube Single-Point lubrication devices:

* Our single -point lubrication units are easy to install and trouble free--- all you do at installation is set the timer and typically replace the units within one month to one year.

* The cost savings attributed to reduce maintenance and advantages of always having machinery operating at peak performance will be highly attractive to your customers.

* You can realize higher profit margins with these benefits when discussing the maintenance cost savings feature.

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Experience World Class Automatic Lubricator.

Pulsarlube E, Pulsarlube V - Gas Type Lubricator
Pulsarlube M - Electromechanical Lubricator
Pulsarlube EX - Electromechanical Lubricator for use in Hazardous Areas
Pulsarlube MS - Machine Synchronized Electromechanical Lubricator
Pulsarlube MSP - Machine Synchronized Externally Powered Electromechanical Lubricator
Pulsarlube PLC - Electromechanical Lubricator that Integrates with a PLC
Pulsarlube Mi - Synchronized Electromechanical Lubricator with a Vibration Sensor
Pulsarlube EO - Gas Type Oiler
Pulsarlube OL - Electromechanical Oiler
Pulsarlube S - Spring Type Lubricator
Automatic Lubricator.

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Advanced Performance & Smart Operation Pulsarlube V

The Pulsarlube V is an easy-to-program gas type lubricator which offers an informative LCD display.

>Features & Benefits

1) Certification
Certified CE, ATEX, UL for use in hazardous areas.

2) System
8-bit microprocessor controlled to ensure the most accurate dispensing rate.

3) Easy
Easy to reprogram at any time with a press of a button.

4) LCD
Easy to program with built-in LCD and simple button controls.

Single Point lubricator Pulsarlube V.

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Accessory for automatic single-point lubricator Service Packs


Pulsarlube M series, one of the latest electromechanical Automatic Lubricator, is developed to last through a long period of time in service. As a result, one of the most significant benefits of Pulsarlube M series is cumulated substantial savings over the cost of manual lubrication and use of disposable products (mostly traditional or conventional gas type SPL products), while providing assurance of the most achievable lubrication quality.

Pulsarlube M series Single Point Lubricator is designed to use a Replaceable Service Pack for each lubrication cycle set regardless of the length of period selected. It is critical that, when a lubrication cycle is over and service pack is replaced, the grease pouch and battery pack must always be changed together at the same time. This ensures the reliable operation and guaranteed performance of Pulsarlube M series.

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We Provide The Best Lubrication Solutions
For Your Machinery!

We support our customers’ maintenance and take responsibility for a better tomorrow.

Vision 2021
From Smart KLT to Global KLT!
KLT aims to become a global lubrication solution company by achieving our ‘SMART’ values.

Core Values
Smart Pulsarlube! Global Pulsarlube!

S - Superior quality & service
M - Multi product lines
A - Ambitious research & development
R - Respect to others & different values
T - Teamplay environment
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