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Self Publishers of Google Plus
Helping Authors and Self Publishers Gain Authority and Sales!
Helping Authors and Self Publishers Gain Authority and Sales!

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We had an amazing time doing the copywriting class
about writing your book description to get more sales…

But we ran into a problem…

For some reason the mic on Don’s end was not working
and you could barely hear a thing he said.

Good news is we fixed it with some fancy audio editing
and now you can hear every word as clear as day!

Only thing is we had to upload a new video with the new
and improved audio here.


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Such cool #Google  features, timer especially useful for #authors  !
Makes Sense to Me :)

Take one multi-million dollar search engine that's taken over  years to build and perfect and is still a work in progress. Add an expensive laptop or desktop that's the culmination of decades of research and product development. Throw in one human being (cost? TBC). 

Now if you want to have an a handy egg-timer, play building a Lego version of your neighbourhood or find some web fonts, you can. The number speaker thingy is pretty cool though and Google sky is wow!

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Will Your Kids Buy Kindle Apps With Amazon Coins?

Amazon to mint their own coins.
What do you think of this idea?

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How to Give Your Kindle Book As a Gift!

'Tis the gift giving season! Whether you would like to simply brighten someone's day or give your Kindle book (or any other Amazon product) as a gift to a potential reviewer here's how:

How to Give Your Kindle Book as a Gift in Amazon

Full tutorial in print can be found here -

Wishing you a Merry Christmas ★★★★★★
+Shira Gal 

#publishingwithkindle   #amazonkindle #christmas #giftideas  

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Why Self Publishing With Amazon Kindle is Your Preferred Publishing Platform
Replay and recap of the +Google Plus For Business  Hangout Interview on Publishing With Kindle for Businesses

Watch or read about these super important topics that can benefit you, your business or your brand when*Publishing With Amazon Kindle*

Among the topics discussed:

- Why choose Amazon Kindle as your preferred publishing platform
- What you stand to gain as an Amazon Kindle published author
- The real power behind Amazon
- Decisions you need to make as a self publisher
- Using the Kindle Book Lending Library as part of your strategy

Thanks to +Chris Lang , +Kim Cooper and +Stuart O'Neill

Share with anyone interested in #selfpublishing and #kindlepublishing !

#publishingwithkindle #duru #shiragal #kindlemarketing #Amazonkindleexpert  

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Join the Shark Tank Sharks on Kindle... see what they are doing right and who dropped the ball...

#sharktank #publishingwithkindle #kindlepublishing

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Many authors struggle to get feedback and reviews for their books. This article shows you different opportunities to get feedback so that you can continue to improve your book to be the masterpiece you intended!
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