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Universal Psychic Guild - Complete Understanding Comes From Expert Guidance!
Universal Psychic Guild - Complete Understanding Comes From Expert Guidance!

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July is very much about the difference between Cancer and Leo – which are both very different signs. However, Cancer is the sign of the mother while Leo is the sign of the father so they have more in common that you might think. August is actually going to be one of the most romantic months of the year and July will be a nice preview for sure. Just try to make it the month and don’t get overly emotional about anything or anyone with loved ones.

Read full article here:

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Today's Horoscope: July 18, 2017 - Find what anticipates you every single day as far of love, career and health with our Daily Horoscopes! Furthermore, carry on with your life however you see fit knowing things will unfurl.

#Aries: Don’t stop trying to do something today Aries. You can put all you have into something and get sick of it when it doesn’t happen quickly. Impatience is your number one enemy today.

#Taurus: Be careful that you don’t overdo it today and end up exhausting yourself over absolutely nothing. You have to save your energy for something or someone worthwhile.

#Gemini: There is nothing worse than feeling as if you let someone down- especially if that person was YOU. So don’t let that happen today twins. Stay on your course.

#Cancer: If you feel someone isn’t telling the truth, why do you feel that way Cancers? If it’s your intuition, listen to it and follow it through to the end. It never fails you.

#Leo: Be optimistic today that something is going to work out the way you want it to work out Leo's. When things fail it’s often because we doubted ourselves way too much.

#Virgo: Be careful that you don’t overshare today and end up wishing you had kept quiet about something or other. You’re a private sign and when you go against that, you often wish you hadn’t.

#Libra: Agree to disagree with someone today Librans. It really will be the easiest thing you can do and squash the beef - whatever beef it is you have with someone or something.

#Scorpio: Don’t let someone get to you today Scorpios. You’re made of stronger stuff than that, surely? Listen to whatever drivel they have to say and keep on keepin on.

#Sagittarius: Be open to some constructive criticism today Sags. Quite often it’s simply rubbish or it’s actually good criticism and it’s going to lead you on the right detour Sags.

#Capricorn: Avoid those people who always manage to throw a cosmic wrench in your plans today goats. You want to have fun, right? Why let someone spoil it for you?

#Aquarius: There is nothing worse than feeling trapped in a relationship or friendship you don’t want to be trapped in, is there? You’re more of a loner than other signs, so if someone is driving you mad...

#Pisces: Be careful that you don't over do it today and then end up wishing you had taken it a bit more carefully and slowly. Fools Rush in...

Other services by AstroGirl:
Weekly Horoscope:
Monthly Horoscope:
Love Horoscope:

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Astrogirl – Pisces – 17 July 2017, Weekly Horoscopes

Pisces: Your 6th house of health and well-being is on the cosmic map this week and with a New Moon in your 6th house this weekend, it’s time to take stock of how you live and look after yourself. Do you eat fairly well? Drink, smoke, etc. to a minimum? (cont...)

Watch Astrogirl here:

#WeeklyHoroscopes #zodiacsign #starsigns #astrologicalsign #horoscopes #Pisces #Piscesastrology #astrology

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Astrogirl – Cancer – 17 July 2017, Weekly Horoscopes

Cancer: You bid adieu to Mercury and the Sun this week - so happy birthday to those late Cancers/cuspers and now you can focus on your money and how you feel about your finances in general. (cont...)

Watch Astrogirl here:

#WeeklyHoroscopes #zodiacsign #starsigns #astrologicalsign #horoscopes #Cancer #Cancerastrology #astrology

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Astrogirl – Aries – 17 July 2017, Weekly Horoscopes

Aries: Fun, romance and doing what you want to do when you want to do it are all on your cosmic ‘to do’ list this week. With the Sun, Mercury and the weekend’s New Moon all shining in Leo, your fellow fire sign cousin, what more can you ask for? (cont...)

Watch Astrogirl here:

#WeeklyHoroscopes #zodiacsign #starsigns #astrologicalsign #horoscopes #Aries #Ariesastrology #astrology

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#TarotCard for the month of July #Temperance: The focus of this card is on...

All things that you thought you had completed, that is old friends, lovers, habits, desires, health, money, or business problems and situations that you thought you dealt with, will arise to test you. You may be experiencing situations that will stir up old wounds or deep seated problems and will feel that you have been caught off guard. You will be searching for answers or solutions to your problems and you will feel that if you continue down the path on your own, you will absolutely explode. You desire change so intensely that it will come, bringing the very thing you want.

Know more here ::

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Committed couples are encouraged to try our Compatibility Forecast Horoscope – 1 Year to enjoy the benefits of knowing what lies ahead of you and your partner. Learn about what your zodiac signs have predicted in your future.

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