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There are ways, and several of them in fact. IRC: Join us on EFNET, the channel is #psmania Email: We support this nifty technology! Get in touch at team (at) Pigeons:, P.O. Box 163, N-1319 Bekkestua, Norway Other kinds of birds: @TeamPSM, Facebook: PlaystationMania
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We come in peace. With that out of the way, let me give you a short intro on all things PSMania. We are a small team of writers who happen to enjoy the stuff that the line of Playstation products gives us. Games, services, trophies and other shiny items of interest. This here place is a way to tell the world about that, and at the same time invite other fans, critics, writers and contributors to be a part of said place. We are here to be happy, but not ignorant. We are here to inform and not mislead. We are here to share with you the joy of milk and cookies (if you're not lactose-intolerant).